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    Default Hi

    I'm struggling to write something that doesn't look like a cheap copy of the thread below mine since I too have been lurking the forum for years but I have finally crawled out from under my rock to greet you all!

    Looking forward to more OP discussions!

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    Default Re: Hi

    Hello, welcome to AP. Glad to have you aboard, hope you continue to enjoy the forums. ^_^

    *Crawls back under own rock*
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    Default Re: Hi

    Hope you enjoy your time here! How's Whole Cake Island been treating you?

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    Default Re: Hi

    Thank you!
    I love Whole Cake! Wondering about how the story will progress is one of my favourite things about OP and this arc had (and still has) so many possible scenarios. And Oda's so good at surprising me I'm always impatient for the next chapters.
    Next one more than usual!

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    Default Re: Hi

    Yo, welcome to Arlong Park! Hope you're enjoying your time here so far, and continue to do so~

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    Default Re: Hi

    Welcome Hedron! To the land of opportunity

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    Default Re: Hi

    Former lurkers unite!

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    Default Re: Hi

    Thank you all!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Peerless_Donut View Post
    Former lurkers unite!
    Lol. I feel like there is still like a huge amount of lurkers that will join eventually

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    Default Re: Hi

    Wait 'til we get to Wano and watch even more crawl out from their domains. I'm looking forward to it!

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