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    I think the obvious setup regarding Mirai is at the last chapter whether it be chapter 12 or hopefully hundreds of chapters later, Mirai is going to do her voiceover narrating the last chapter reminding the reader she wanted to be a housewife (which typically gets stereotyped as safe, not adventurous) and she'll laugh about it and say and how her new dream is to be an archaeologist (something stereotyped as adventurous and dangerous).

    TL;DR: the housewife stuff is just setup for the character arc turnaround

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    Agreed, I think that is so clearly the case. People these days are too quick to jump at anything that doesn't seem totally politically correct before letting it have the chance to breathe a bit and show what it's got beneath the surface. Don't judge a book by its cover, don't judge a story by its first chapter, I'd say. I like this chapter. It's not a romcom, nor a fighting/adventure, nor a sports manga. It's something a bit different, which makes me happy to read. Also, I really love history and archaeology and most people I met back in school acted like Mirai towards this subject. So yeah, the theme of this story makes me happy and I hope it develops in an interesting and fun direction, like Dr. Stone or Neverland have. I'm hopeful with this one!
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