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Thread: Voting Thread

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    Default Voting Thread

    Okay, there's been a few tweaks by request and a few mistakes pointed out. Nothing since so this must be fine.

    This is the final ballot and no further alterations will be made.

    To vote, copy the entire ballot, remove everything except the categories you want to vote for, leave only the number of the candidate you wish to vote for, paste it into a Private Message, and send it to Ballot Box, who will be along directly.

    When you vote, it should look like:

    AAA. 1
    BBB. 2
    EEE. 3

    Only leave on the categories you want to vote it and have them single-spaced.

    Voting will be open until this Friday. So go to it.

    A. Best Thread
    1. One Piece celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2017
    2. Love and Loathe: Story Arc Edition
    3. Favorite Little Moments
    4. Bounties after Whole Cake Island
    5. Dragonball Discussion Kai: Last Time, on Dragonball Discussion Z.

    B. Worst Thread
    1. Warning: "MangaStream" is using mining script in their page
    2. Redon hospitalized in a coma - False alarm, he's okay!
    3. Chapter 890: Big Mom on Top of the Ship.

    C. Best Debate
    1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi discussion
    2. Was Pudding's breakdown sexist?
    3. Manga aren't allowed to last that long.
    4. Fujitora's role: is he that blind?

    D. Funniest Post
    1. The Great Wall of Salt/"So much negativity"
    2. Pennsylvania isn't fun enough to be Aquaman.
    3. Squard betrays Big Mom
    4. " Well, this thread just took a horrible turn!" (title by S.C.Amigo) [Post by Artemis]
    5. "Buggy the evil mastermind"

    E. Best Moment of the Board
    1. The salty tears of fans, when baking the new cake was finally introduced in the story.
    2. The reaction to the entirely of Nintendo's E3 Presentation.
    3. Love and Loathe: Springtime of Youth Edition

    Member Awards

    F. Most Memorable
    1. K. Kira XXIII
    2. Nilitch
    3. Razh
    4. Count Mario
    5. KageKageKing
    6. Miss Saturday

    G. Most Profoundly Quotable
    1. Zar
    2. Noqanky
    3. MiyamotoMusashi
    4. RomanceDawn

    H. Most Articulate Writer
    1. Ir-hr-rh
    2. K. Kira XXIII
    3. Count Mario
    4. Seafarer33
    5. Jabberwok
    6. Robby

    I. Most Intelligent
    1. Count Mario
    2. Monkey King
    3. Chrior
    4. Sereques
    5. Ubiq

    J. Most Dedicated
    1. Shift
    2. maxterdexter
    3. sandman
    4. Kaido King of the Beasts
    5. Screwtape
    6. sgamer82
    7. Noqanky
    8. BellasarioFaith
    9. Galaxy 9000

    K. Most Original
    1. KageKageKing
    2. Sereques
    3. Captain M
    4. seafarer33
    5. Miss Saturday

    L. Best New Member
    1. no swords style best style
    2. Blissed
    3. BattleFranky69
    4. Sirxxx
    5. Big Black Hole

    M. Favorite Moderator (Global or Section) or Administrator.

    N. Friendliest Member
    1. Femme
    2. Ekila
    3. BellasarioFaith
    4. CaptainUgly
    5. RomanceDawn
    6. No swords style best style
    7. minus

    O. Funniest Member
    1. Cyan D. Funk
    2. Ruin
    3. Wagomu
    4. Screwtape
    5. .access timeco.
    6. Purple Hermit
    7. le crystal
    8. Kaido King of the Beasts
    9. Ubiq

    P. Best Researcher
    1. Kaizou 10
    2. Sandman
    3. sgamer82
    4. BellasarioFaith
    5. YonkouProductions

    Q. Best Forum Gamer
    1. Galaxy 9000
    2. SkullJoke
    3. akagami7
    4. NateRich
    5. Kaido King of the Beasts
    6. Femme
    7. Huschel

    R. Pirate King
    1. Kaido King of the Beasts
    2. Count Mario
    3. Wagomu
    4. Shift
    5. Robby
    6. Razh

    S. Pirate Queen
    1. Femme
    2. Zar
    3. le crystal
    4. Katzztar
    5. Demon Rin
    6. Satsuki

    T. Best Artist
    1. Below Average
    2. CCC
    3. Roronoa Zacho
    4. Long John Silvers Rayleigh
    5. Hitosumami

    U. Best Avatar
    1. Shift's Carrot Jolly Roger.
    2. S.C. Amigo
    3. Kaido King of the Beasts
    4. Suburban Errorist
    5. onemoment
    6. Mrbits's Feelsguy Katakuri
    7. Purple Hermit
    8. Long John Silvers Rayleigh

    V. Best Signature
    1. Jabberwok
    2. sgamer82
    3. Femme

    Manga Related Awards

    W. One Piece - Best Moment
    1. Who is this Luffy??!
    2. Gastino is introduced.
    3. BIG NEWS Morgan.
    4. Katakuri shows off his wonderful chompers.
    5. Jinbei quitting the Big Mom Pirates
    6. Bloody Party
    7. Jinbe riding the green room.
    8. The Straw Hats repel Big Mom (basically all of chapter 890)
    9. Katakuri showcasing he can do everything Luffy can but better.
    10. Capone's plan (basically chapter 868)
    11. Damn it Luffy, WAKE UP!!

    X. One Piece - Worst Moment
    1. You're the kindest person of them all, like no one ever was, because your mom overdosed some meds during pregnancy.
    2. Judge is a disgrace.
    3. Pudding's characterization is shattered by a superficial compliment and a flimsy backstory.
    4. A guard sleeping in Sanji's bed
    5. Luffy goes nuts
    6. Katakuri skewering helpless chefs.
    7. Bruleé chilling for Luffy to snag her up in the mirror world
    8. Bigmom is dying--- let's bake her a cake !
    9. Luffy vs. Dogtooth

    Y. Most "Super" Moment of Super
    1. 18 punching through Ribrianne's head
    2. Monaka defeats Hit
    3. Buu is asleep again. Let's bring Freeza!
    4. Super Sayian Blue Baseball
    5. Goku Ultra instinct vs Kefla
    6. In general, Toppo the Justice Dabbing Grandpa
    7. Roshi's actually given some screen time to beat the shit out of Univese 4
    8. Android 17 interupts transformation sequence of Ribrianne and friends and gets lectured about it

    Z. Most Heroic Moment - Professional League
    1. Metal Bat vs. Garou
    2. Faced with King's infinite combo, the only means of resistance Saitama could muster were... just these words
    3. Puri Puri Prisoner in prison.
    4. Most Heroic Moment - Professional League: King lectures Saitama about what the pinnacle of heroism means
    5. Licenseless Rider Hero speech

    AA. Most Heroic Moment - Amateur League
    1. United States of SMASH
    2. Twice's monologue
    3. Aizawa fights all of Shigaraki's minions to save his students
    4. Mirio's sheer badassery versus Overhaul and Co.
    5. Deku Full Cowl 100%
    6. Icy Hot and Wind Bison against Gang Orca.
    7. Absolute Madman Deku defeats Muscular with a 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash to save a brat child.
    8. Bakugo's second fight/confession session with Deku.
    9. Bakugo vs Todoroki at the UA Sports Festival
    10. All Might send Nomu flying by punching him more than he can absorb Plus Ultra style

    BB. Best Series
    1. Made in Abyss
    2. Dr. Stone
    3. Land of the Lustrous / Houseki no Kuni
    4. Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
    5. Kingdom
    6. Promised Neverland
    7. Gintama
    8. Hajime no Ippo
    9. Delicious in Dungeon (Dungeon Meshi)
    10. Goblin Slayer

    CC. Worst Series
    1. Neo Yokio
    2. King's Game
    3. Shougeki no Soma
    4. Terra Formars
    5. Hunter x Hunter
    6. Tokyo Ghoul
    7. Fairy Tail

    General Discussion Awards

    DD. Movie of the Year - Best
    1. The Greatest Showman
    2. The Last Jedi
    3. Get Out
    4. The Big Sick
    5. War for the Planet of the Apes
    6. The Shape of Water
    7. Dunkirk
    8. Thor Ragnarok
    9. Blade Runner 2049
    10. Baby Driver
    11. The Post
    12. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
    13. Wonder Woman
    14. Bright
    15. Spider-Man Homecoming
    16. Logan

    EE. Movie of the Year - Worst
    1. The Emoji Movie
    2. The Last Jedi
    3. Despicable Me 3
    4. Justice League
    5. Boss Bay
    6. Fifty Shades Darker
    7. Geostorm
    8. Death Note
    9. Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2
    10. Book of Henry
    11. Power Ranges
    12. Alien Covenant
    13. Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

    FF. Animated Film of the Year
    1. The Night is Short, Walk on Girl
    2. A Silent Voice
    3. The Lego Batman
    4. Coco
    5. Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie
    6. The Breadwinner
    7. Captain Underpants
    8. Loving Vincent

    GG. Best Game of the Year
    1. Persona 5
    2. BoTW
    3. Sonic Manic
    4. Yakuza 0
    5. Super Mario Odyssey
    6. Cuphead
    7. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle
    8. DanganRonpa V3
    9. Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
    10. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
    11. Star Fox 2
    12. Nier Automata
    13. Nioh
    14. A Hat in Time
    15. Resident Evil 7 Bio-hazard
    16. Tekken 7
    17. PUBGs

    HH. Worst Game of the Year
    1. Sonic Forces
    2. Danganropa V3
    3. Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon
    4. Star Wars Battlefront II
    5. Mass Effect Andromeda
    6. Road Rage
    7. Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

    II. Best Forum Game
    1. One Piece Survivor 7: Tot Land by Galaxy9000
    2. Crazy Cavendish's Capriciously Camp Candescent Cabana Aka Mafia 55 By Cavendish
    3. One Piece Survivor 8: All-Stars by Kitsune Inferno
    4. One Piece Big Brother 5: The jive, live! by Kaibo, King of Beats

    JJ. Best Fancreation (Art/Writings/AMV)
    1. "CCC's Shigaraki Tomura sculpture
    2. Kaido's Eastern Dragon Mythical Zoan Hybrid Form by Roronoa Zacho
    3. Woodman Fusion Collab.

    Bonus Categories

    KK. 2nd Annual C. Yasutora Sado Award for Outstanding Achievements in the Field of Mediocrity
    1. Rock Lee
    2. Humanity in Dragon Ball
    3. Hyuga Neji
    4. Uchiha Itachi
    5. Sai
    6. Yamato
    7. Goten
    8. Gohan
    9. Nappa
    10. Tenten
    11. Jiren

    MM. All Time Least Awful Fairy Tail Moment
    1. Loke is revealed to be one of those constelations things and gives his key to Lucy
    2. Water Park Visit
    3. The fanservice
    4. Lucy breaks the Aquarius Key

    NN. All Time Worst Fairy Tail Moment
    1. The "shocking" moment during the Grand Magic Games is Sting falling to his knees and giving up when faced with Fairy Tail's members (#FairyTailWinsLUL)
    2. Virgin Reveal Magic.
    3. The fanservice
    4. A naked Erza pees herself in fear on-screen, reaffirming her identity as a strong female character
    5. Chapter 1, for fooling thousands into thinking the series had some modicum of quality
    6. Mavis being pregnant and everything about that, even if her and Zeref were like 2 years apart..
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    Yo, let's have them.

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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    1. Sonic Manic

    I should have noticed this. But I don't care, it's not gonna win lol.

    "Life's not about finding out which card is yours, but finding out which cards you're not."

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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    Ain't Manic one of Sonic's twins?


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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    Ain't Manic one of Sonic's twins?
    You mean triplets in the non-canon Sonic Underground cartoon? Yes. The other one is a pink female hedgehog named Sonia.

    "Life's not about finding out which card is yours, but finding out which cards you're not."

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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Count Mario View Post
    You mean triplets in the non-canon Sonic Underground cartoon? Yes. The other one is a pink female hedgehog named Sonia.
    It's funny because if you take the parts that compose Sonic's name that are So and nic, you get Nia and Ma that composes Mania.



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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    Why is the ballot secret ? Can't we all properly beat each other's brains out like adults ?
    « At this instant, Byron was horseriding in front of us, and my lady could not, of all day, forget his appearance. I decided then not to hand this letter from Goethe to Byron, so much I was afraid of being cuckold. I regret it.
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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    I'm going to close the voting period tomorrow evening. So send those ballots in if you want to be counted.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    Voting is now closed and counting to begin.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    Do we know the average amount of people who vote ?
    Like in the past years, how many people voted for these Awards ?
    « At this instant, Byron was horseriding in front of us, and my lady could not, of all day, forget his appearance. I decided then not to hand this letter from Goethe to Byron, so much I was afraid of being cuckold. I regret it.
    --Arthur Schopenhauer

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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    No one knows, Nilicht.

    No one. Knows.


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    Default Re: Voting Thread

    I do and that's enough.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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