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    Default Instagram

    Last night I stumbled onto an Arlong Park profile... featuring nothing but Clash of Clans screenshots. K... That made me wonder if there are any of my fellow members with interesting profiles there. Couldn't find any thread like that.

    My profile consists of sunsets, clouds, fitness and some other random stuff.
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    Being in the Navy, most of my photos from last year's deployment are on Instagram.

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    I post (stolen) memes on mine. I followed an NFL team a few days ago and afterwards I've been getting followed by fan/merch pages left and right...but they seem to like the memes so I haven't kicked them off


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    I used to post a mix of selfies and photos/videos I took of whatever. Then I started going all me-me-me mode... when I noticed the last 5 posts were either selfies or pictures someone took of me - and that I already had 3 other queued -, I deactivated it because I was turning into one of those people.

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