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Thread: 825: ''Liar - Luffy and Sanji''

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephray View Post
    Yeah, the emotion for the Sanji stuff just isn’t anywhere near as potent as the Usopp stuff because his struggle isn’t such a big deal. You know Luffy can fight to get him out of it, whereas the Usopp divide was way deeper, and there were no clear villains to beat to get them out of it. The Robin stuff too was way more complicated because it stemmed from her long-lived depression and possible suicidal thoughts, and she legit left the crew (as did Usopp) to sacrifice herself (and the Sanji stuff treads a lot of similar ground, though not as strongly).
    That's why I think it was overplayed by Oda, as if it's mandatory that a character cries at a tough event every arc. I get Oda's signature but it doesn't need to be forced. Considering the anime emphasized and built up to this scene the most compared to Nami, Robin, Ussop and even Ace, you gotta give it to up to Toei for trying to maintain an audience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephray View Post
    And I don’t get why some of you are saying the anime has been kicking ass for tons of episodes. Maybe two? We’ve gotten like seven freaking episodes of Luffy running and fighting against nobodies filler. I personally have been exhausted by the anime and think it’s actually gotten worse, not better. But then the last two or three were good—the Brook rescue being a stand out chapter anyways.
    Before the "Luffy and Sanji" episodes we had in these two weeks, there were only #820, #821, #822 and #823 having extra scenes about Luffy fighting against Opera's brothers, not 7 episodes. Except for Episode #821 which was badly directed, all these episodes had a very good direction and animation above average, especially #820 and #823. In #820 there were also some of the best sakugas in this arc.

    All of the extra scenes didn't take long and they were just minor parts of these episodes, especially considering the actual lengths of these episodes. The actual length of every episode trends to be longer since last September. For example:

    #820 started at 3'44"
    #822 at 3'26"
    #823 at 3'30"
    #824 at 3'27"
    (I don't want to watch #821 again and I forgot the data.)

    Speaking of these extra fighting scenes themselves, they made the "Luffy and Sanji" storyline having more drama which wasn't a bad idea, and that's also one of the reasons why #824 was that emotional.
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