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Thread: Chapter 894: 12:05 AM

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    Quote Originally Posted by S.C. Amigo View Post
    The only person who doesn't have a Dead or Alive bounty is currently Sanji. Also, if memory serves correct, when Robin gave herself up, the idea was to take her to Marine HQ to execute her.
    I could see that, or her being erased from history like the guys who ended up joining Blackbeard, rotting away in Impel Down despite the incredible danger they posed and now are running free (the Marines' stupidity is absolutely killingme.) Which, again, puts them at risk of having their dirty little secret exposed, and her falling into the wrong hands if the bounty hunter can see how valuable she would be to, say, a Yonkou crew. A child as precocious as Robin would be very likely to know exactly who would benefit from her knowledge. Even if not them, Crocodile clearly knew she could tell him the location of Pluton by reading it off a Poneglyph. Who in the entire universe of One Piece woudln't pay a trillion berries to get their hands on that weapon, or the key to finding it? There is just no way they should have taken that risk with her. Ensuring she could be killed on sight and her body brought back, secrets securely buried with her, would have been the best move for them, hands-down. Besides, they had the perfect excuse for it, that whole cover story about her powers being dangerous and out of control, nobody would want to risk getting too close before taking her down, ergo they'd never be in earshot to hear her try to bargain for her life. Nobody in the Marines exhibits higher thinking. Sad.

    Quote Originally Posted by desa View Post
    People have to go all the way to end of the new world to realize how important the stones are. So 90% of the crews wouldn't see the point and 5% of the 10 left are stuck in the New world. You had the fact that she is a child and everyone from Ohora was marked for death and I think the bounty she got was more than decent for a girl alone on South blue. Right now her bounty doesn't make sense but back then it did.
    If it was just the Raftel location stones, sure, but Crocodile knew about another valuable one, and he can't possibly be the only one. So even in Paradise rather than the New World, she'd have been a huge asset to anyone who even tangentially knew about the Poneglyphs. But you're right, her bounty now makes ZERO sense given how close she is to piecing everything together and opening the way to Raftel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pRopaaNS View Post
    Different people are prone to interpreting things they read differently, because they're well, different. Worse if a story mashes storm of ideas together, because at this point it's no longer about interpreting a story correctly, but about making delibarate effort to make some sense of it, let alone finding the right interpretation intended by author. Surely you think you're right and have your perspective, as everyone does. But it stays within you only, if you can't articulate/manifest your perspective in way that other people can understand.
    I just pointed out that, man... had to do it, because i get why Arlong Park exists, i'm here to have fun and debate, but it's hard to do it, and never found such hardships before xD.

    It's funny that this three users:

    Quote Originally Posted by Z0R0 View Post
    Kind of ironic with the amount of spelling and grammar mistakes laden in this post alone
    Quote Originally Posted by Sick_Fool View Post
    We can only hope to achieve your high level of IQ.

    Christ, this really nails it. You're an absolute joke.
    Quote Originally Posted by O baba View Post
    dont worry, myself I gave up writting in this forum for the same reason as you... but I still read comment from time to time, your s are always brilliant and I agree completly with you... is not because you got some dumb reaction that no one get you, keep on the good job !
    Understood that i was saying that i've a high IQ, when i never said that, and just put jokes to my point... not saying it's wrong, cause everybody is here to have fun, and precisely O baba made me laugh xD Still it proves my point somehow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post
    "Yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man."

    You have to be some insane level of narcissistic to come into a public forum that is accessible by people with hundreds of individual life experiences/perspectives, and get pissy when you can't force them to agree with your single opinion. The point of this thread/forum/whatever isn't to instruct anyone--you're looking for a thread on installing a patio light fixture on a home depot forum to get that. But on this one, you just state your opinion, and other people state theirs, and sometimes people who agree with your opinions will let you know, and some people who have competing opinions might let you know that, too; and if the two of you decide, you can go back and forth defending your opinion and considering the merits of the competing opinion.

    At no point, in that process, is anyone required to agree with you; on anything. And you're not required to change your opinion by anyone either. So why are you so mad?

    Also, if you explain your opinion to 20 different people, and 20 different people don't get it, what's the common denominator in those 20 scenarios? Maybe start looking there...
    Are you outside Greg's legion?

    Joking xD
    I never intent to people to sympathize with me, cause strictly speaking, i'm not interested in people that i don't know. Just being here to read theories at most from those guys, and when talking about a topic, just realized many times that people can't follow the thread of what i'm saying D:

    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    That would be amazing because we wouldn't have to handle you anymore.
    Hey, if you're AP spokesman... why don't you have a red star?

    I never said that i would stop reading Hanta, Stone or Nanatsu You will see me again, even if i drop this shit.

    Nothing exists; even if something exists, nothing can be known about it. Even if something can be known about it,
    knowledge about it can't be communicated to others
    . Even if it can be communicated, it cannot be understood.

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    Default Re: Chapter 894: 12:05 AM

    Quote Originally Posted by Shobu Yoruichi View Post
    I just pointed out that, man... had to do it, because i get why Arlong Park exists, i'm here to have fun and debate, but it's hard to do it, and never found such hardships before xD.
    And I just pointed out that the problem is you poorly articulating your points, not lack of intelligence of readers.

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