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Thread: Chapter 891: Believing in me

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    Quote Originally Posted by .access timeco. View Post
    I wonder who Katakuri voted for as his favorite sister...
    Voting is flawed by itself, mah boi doesn't do that.

    It was fun seeing the reaction over Pedo Sanji. Even more is when SHueisha doesn't give a shit and Oda has to go out and increase the record of the arc with most failures needed to be changed in the way of doing it.

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    knowledge about it can't be communicated to others
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    Default Re: Chapter 891: Believing in me

    With all of this buildup towards Katakuri getting knocked onto his back, I'm getting even more curious about what his reaction will be. Is it going to be similar to his doughnut freakout, or is it going to be even crazier?

    Also I've got to wonder how their fight is going to join in with the main Big Mom/Sunny/Cake plotline. They'll probably end at the same time, and I'm guessing one will affect the other somehow.
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