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Thread: General Square Enix Thread II

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    There's a lot of stuff that's surely going to be lost. Like Mr. Dolphin. And I have noooo idea how they'll handle the Cloud in a dress buisness. That's a super popular moment so they probably need to include it, but.. all the mini quests stuff around it like the hot tub of burly pornstache men and Cloud needing to do squats? That's going to be.... weird in photorealism.
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    Probably no missile-launching demon houses and weird half-man, half-Chopper monsters either. It just looks so very, very serious; and the original game covered plenty of serious ground, don't get me wrong, but filtering the fantastical story and characters through a fantastical lens made me more invested than if it had strived for "Gritty Photorealism". Again, like the Lion King.

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    Watch Square make all that stuff even more disturbing.

    Have you guys already forgotten about the infamous event at Shinra HQ that turned the plot upside down and gave people nightmares for days? With the level of realism games have today I expect that shit to be downright horrifying. Just look at the remake of RE2 for reference.
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    What did I just watch?

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