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Thread: One Piece World Seeker (PS4, Open World(?), 2018)

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    Anyone who's curious, Law was great. Most of his combat is short range sword attacks, long ranged attacks where he's just teleporting rocks/crates into enemies (often stunning normal mooks), or you can grab a charged ability to use his Countershock move. He's fun, very fast and smooth combat. He's maybe a little less "powerful" than Zoro, but still nothing that makes combat feel boring or awkward like Sabo's "heat up" mechanic (sorry Sabo, you're the worst of the characters).

    His travel gimmick is full teleportation. You just press R1 (or hold it if you need to be more accurate) and you'll go where your cursor is aimed at (as long as it's land). I thought it'd be jankier, but it's actually pretty easy to get used to and use. It might be the most fun short-distance traveling/climbing gimmick of the 4 characters. You can also point it at enemies to instantly appear next to them, which if they're not aggro yet makes for fun stealth take-downs. Law essentially instantly beats Sabo at being the best stealth character with this ability alone.

    Law does have a "Room" meter that acts as stamina for how much you can teleport/use certain techniques, but dump your early points into boosting it's recovery speed and usage reduction and it's super negligible. I spam teleport all the time. Law does sacrifice having a dash ability (can only guard), but that's a fine sacrifice for teleport spamming.

    Story-wise, Law is either commenting to himself in typical Law form or being himself but also a cool Big Bro Law to the new dlc boy Roule. Roule starts as a typical annoying tag along boy, wanting to map out the sky islands that are part of prison island. Law humors him and takes him along, has to save the clumsy boy a few times, but their relationship gets pretty enjoyable to watch. Get a little from Crocodile and Aokiji throughout the story, but Kizaru becomes the main threat leading through. While I was initially sad they gave it to Kizaru again after he had such a big part in Zoro's dlc, he actually works out really good in this one too, so meh.

    Biggest downside? The new area added is pretty small, just 1 ring-shaped sky island. Was definitely hoping for more additions to the largely empty sky island area. Even Sabo's caves probably end up amounting to a bigger new area than Law's, but it does at least have a nice final battle area.

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    Thanks for the read, im looking forward to try the dlc.

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    Thanks for the overview. I'm excited to try him out.

    Do you think we could see more characters as dlc or do you think this is it?

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    I finally finished the extra episodes. World Seeker has been a really good experience. I loved the skill system and the way Sabo, Law and Zoro actually had different styles even in explorations (Zoro able to jump over the walls, Law teleporting, Sabo flying in mera mera mode, etc). The storyline is superfine, really movie-like, and the dlc episodes even covered a few plothole of the main game. I'll surely keep playing to max their skills, but I hope we'll get a new game sooner or later. 10/10

    About the storyline, I already liked Redfield in the previous game, but Isaac here is really too much good in his interactions with standard characters.
    Quote Originally Posted by rayleigh92 View Post
    Carrot sneaked on the Sunny when they left Zou, not asking or requesting anyone. IF Carrot is going to join, I expect something like that, with the crew ready to leave Wano, all of them beginning to party for new nakama Yamato and then "wha-t?! Carrot is near Luffy

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    Default Re: One Piece World Seeker (PS4, Open World(?), 2018)

    Unfortunately i don't think we'll get any original One Piece games in a while. Probably 3D arena fighters and more rehash stories (hopefully not as phoned in as Pirate Warriors 4).

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    Just played and completed the game for the last week and I really feel the need to let off some steam. One thing in advance, if you by any chance like that game then this is at no point meant to disrespect you. If anything I'm jealous of any person being able to have any fun with this but I hope you don't mind me rambling about how frustrated I am with the game. Now let's begin shall we.

    I don't know even where to start. I mean it's an anime game so of course I don't expect wonders. But then again if it is to just have simple fun with One Piece characters then not much is needed to have me a happy customer. Just have some decent gameplay and let me actually play in one way or another in places that get me "oh my god, I'm actually playing the scene from the manga/anime". That's why I loved Pirates Carnival on the PS2. It was a party game but it had so many memorable OP moments turned into actually party games. That's why Round the Land on the PS2 is to this day my favorite OP game. It's a very simple 2D Jump & Run game which again didn't need much to be fun. The story was pretty much non-existant and it was very simple gameplay. But people who did this seemed to get One Piece and make simple game about it. That's why I loved Unlimited World Red because while it didn't control as fluid as the Pirate Warrior series (which is a whole different can of worms) it had a bit sense of adventure and I really liked the environments. Again the story didn't matter much to me but it was fun and a good first installment on which you can actually could have expanded on in a second game. Unfortunally we didn't get any second game of any of those three I listed. No, instead we got this.

    First of all, I the story is nothing spectacular. As I said previously I don't care much about story but if they put up a label like "Written by Eiichiro Oda" then I expect a bit more. That is not to say that it is bad. It's just not spectacular. My main gripe with the story is not itself but the fact that actually any effort, like asking the man himself to take part in this has been put into this. The focus should have been put into many other things.

    One of those things should be the characters, both playable and npc. Playing only as Luffy in the main game (not counting DLC) is an abosolute no-go both for One Piece and a friggin RPG. Like do the makes of this game actually have any comprehension of video game RPGs? Second is the NPCs which oh my god let's face it, it's only Jeanne if we're talking about meaningful characters. She is EVERYWHERE and I mean that literal. No matter where you go with Luffy, whenever you start a conversation Jeanne is already there. Like what the actual hell? If I imagine this in any game not just RPGs but a game where you have something like quest givers to encounter the same character literally everywhere in every mission it would be considered lame game design. But here it get's pass because it's an anime game? No, even for an anime game you should have some sort of standards. Just imagine playing the Witcher 3 and you only have Danelion as a questgiver and he appears litereally everywhere in the world. To hell with that! And then there's the enemy NPC which is always the same character templates reused over and over again. I mean it's ok when you fight random mooks but if you're in a pre-battle dialog with no name pirates and it's the same face you've punched a dozen times before than it's just annoying.

    Next up the traversal which OH MY GOD IS IT BAD! Swinging across the world is so much not fun it's had to put into words. Part of this is because the controls are terrible. It's not difficult to swing from one tree to the next respectively from one building to the next but it's very clunky and ruins the fun of a good swinging flow. I mean just compare this to Marvel's Spiderman, which was a blast to swing through. I kid you not, I never used the fast travel in that game unless for the five times I needed it for my platinum trophy because it was so much fun to traverse through Spiderman's New York. Here in this game I always and I mean ALWAYS used the fast travel system because the the traversal is terrible and I just wanted to get on with it. If I'm constantly stuck on the loading screen for fasttravel something is wrong with the game design. Also on the same note, the gliding in this game was terrible. I feel like the makes wanted to steal from the gliding in the Arkham games but couldn't pull it off well.

    The next problem with this game is the world. It's so empty and uninspired that I had a hard time to actually memorize the topography of the map because it was lifeless. I mean I know we had Steel City which is the big town with tall buildings which obviously was there to show a diversity of areas but it was such a bad experience going through that area because someone had the brilliant idea to put snipers in that level that insta hit you when you swing through the city. What the actuall hell? Like honestly why would you put this in the game at all. Imagine the Spiderman or Batman games have snipers that insta hit you whenever you do what the games are made for. It would be terrible. I thought that at some point there would be an upgrade to help deal with that but nope, it's just what you have to deal with it. Who actually thougth this was a good idea?

    And there's also the lazyness in production value. Like no voice acting during gameplay dialog? Are you for real? I mean honestly. Also I have already forgotton if the main story had it too but in the DLC you had situation when you finish an objective with Zoro, Sabo or Law in which let's say you open a door, the screen suddenly turns black and then you hear the door opening only then for you to see the opened door. They literally did the black screen thing a couple of times in this gime. You know when you actually play a game with an objective in mind and you finally clear it in order to see your reward being a cutscene or something similar to show you what you've been going through those obstacles the screen friggin' turns black? Unbelievable.

    I'm sure that's even more things that I'm forgetting right now but I think I've already rambled enough. The thing is that I think that in the core this game does not have a bad foundation. But it's so bare bones that it would need a lot more to be build upon. It needs more playable characters (like with Round the Land and Unlimited World Red) that have different skills that enable different approaches and support replayability. It needs definitely more different kinds of quests (including different quest givers, different opponents and different tasks), a far more lively world, actual voice acting, no black screens and actual sense of adventure. The only good thing I can say about this game is that it's not buggy. Again if you expand on the foundations then there can be a good game here. But so far it looks like something designed by an intern. I would applaud if that was actually the case. But since that's not the case the game is nothing more than pathetic to me.

    Well that's the end of my rant guys. Sorry but I really had to let it out somewhere.

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