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Thread: Dr. Stone

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    Its funnier when you realize both have two people working on it which means both writers didn't need to bother straining their effort in drawing.
    Now, no manga would top Neverland's first stellar arc but as a whole Dr Stone easily wins against everything else.
    I guess part time majoring in physics and having written a legendary sports manga helps.

    Latest chapter:
    You would think dealing with a technologically advanced enemy is more difficult than a tribe run by an old guy but guess not.
    I was expecting Stanley, when he made an appearance to carry and fix the rushed pacing of the second half of this arc but guess not.
    Maybe the deliberate Yuzuriha and Taiju split was done on purpose and America would get invaded or something down the road, I don't know.
    Reaaally fast arc.

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    Default Re: Dr. Stone

    Yeah, this ending was so fast that I think I have to reread the last 3 chapters to properly understand the whole thing. I have been kind of just skimming through the pages but this has been a bit too complex for this kind of reading. Everything since the ending stages of the dogfight has been just boom boom boom, over. Don't really know what to make of it right now!

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    I really wonder what's the rush.. are they very eager to introduce a new villain?
    This could have easily been longer than what it was.
    So many things were flash forwarded and not explained very well too.
    But I think it will be nice if South America arc will link back up to this arc and drive to a larger climax that give sense to this rushed pace

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    El Dorado is actually the petrifaction city.

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    I really wonder what they are going to find. This format kills my memory, but what was the cause of the rain of petrification devices? Was it a misterious rain or just invaders? The Why Man tried to petrify earth with the device, was that directed at the big one in the Amazon, or any of the dinky little ones can envelop the whole planet? With how easy it got discharged I really doubt it.

    Thing is that while they barely beat Zeno, what can the series beat him in intensity, but leave still room for the math, rubber and alluminum cities to be hard as well?

    Zeno and Senku were the earliest possible human revival by their own efforts, as in the mental activity of insane counting allowed them to wake up early, the astronauts were the only ones spared by the beam by virtue of being in space, so for challenges we have:
    - The actual Medusa inventor/Why Man
    - People who got petrified but were in an ideal area where they could break free
    - People who were very lucky and there was an "special super alloy that for sure blocked the petrification beam"

    After the astronauts, who "solved" incest with 3 men and 3 women, anything more than that is just gravy.

    The issue with the later two, they would have to be hidden enough to not be found by the petrification faction, considering they found some folks in a dingy island, they would need to be super hidden to be safe.

    And one of them is Australia, I fully expect the land itself to be the barrier for that one, if not South America itself, Xeno, Senku and Luna don't seem to be equiped to deal with jungle virus that a bunch of first worlders, and a genetically issolated incest tribe could be exposed. The revived could have been vaccinated enough for some of the things that the amazon can throw at them, and without a big enough human population, excluding our current real world predicament, the barrier of animal -> human is not trivial to jump.

    The list of the spinned off crew is, per CCC's twitter: Senku, Kohaku, Ryusui, Francois, Chrome, Taiju, Tsukasa, Hyoga, Suika, Kaseki, Ukyo, Gen, Luna, Carlos, Max, Xeno

    Kohaku, Chrome, Suika and Kaiseki for sure aren't vaccinated, while Senku, Ryusui, Xeno, Ukyo and Luna for sure would have traveled enough to lower latitudes to require things like yellow fever vaccine.

    The rest of old world people would have regular vaccines, except maybe Tsukasa for his orphaned chilhood, can't remember Hyoga's past, is unknown if Carlos and Max were Luna's home escort or her everywhere escort, same with Francois, I don't know if they are japanesse to match them with the rest. Tsukasa and Gen were local celebrities, and Tsukasa but could have traveled in their circles. Taiju would have just regular vaccination, not a wide spectrum:


    A quick search for amazon recommended vaccines, none of these on the pediatric guide:
    For most Amazon destinations, Hepatitis A, Typhoid, and Yellow Fever vaccinations are recommended. Malaria preventatives are also recommended at many of the more remote lodges.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Forgot another possibility: Senku and Xeno awaited to awaken in spring, thing that doesn't exist in the equator and is the opposite date of the year in the sourthern hemisphere, another super scientis could be out there with a different starting time.
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    Ohh I could totally see someone using the virus as a base to start a cult in the south and play god or something.
    Anyway binge reading gave me a little fan theory that the petrification was meant to help humanity instead of end it but I'm sure it has been brought up several times.
    So I think instead of medusa size gadgets, there's probably larger devices that work the same way.
    I think it was implied to be "raining from the skies" so it could be enemies but it's up to intepretation. b

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    It for sure allowed the biosphere to heal from human activity, I think not even radiation from our nuclear reactors would stay for the thousand years, but I should check again.

    While the cost of human lives was brutal, and nothing actually catastrophic happened (cosmic ray bombardment, meteor level destruction, and the such) as the astronauts descendants would have lived it, I do wonder if it is a fair trade off .

    And now many of our human vices are product of an infrastructure that had to evolve over already rusted values and structures, the question of if they can create a better society that even if they Revive the wrong person, they can’t go and corrupt it, as the new normal is better for everyone including them, or that the structure is prepared to deal with bad faith actors.

    The other part of human vices come from the lack of empathy, and I wonder if corn city will break the ishigami rule of keeping the total population manageable to keep the people as people and not numbers.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Well, face negative consequences by breaking the rule, as they for sure have to break it to reach the 1m mark.
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    Default Re: Dr. Stone

    Radiation from our reactors and bombs is going to have a negative impact on the surface of our planet for billions of years. Without us, those radioactive elements would still be deep in the crust of the Earth, in their natural form, undergoing slow fissile decay. Instead, we’ve dug up those elements, condensed and purified them, and forced them to undergo critical and supercritical fission, creating byproducts which are even more radioactive and extremely hard to store and protect the environment from.

    Aside from that, though, yes. Much of the human impact on the planet would essentially vanish after a few thousand years if we were to suddenly disappear.
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    You are right, I must have seen just natural radioactive materials when I searched that back during the Buddha statue part.
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    Default Re: Dr. Stone

    Are those even real mathematical formulas?


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    Default Re: Dr. Stone

    Yes they are. The ones I recognize and that aren't covered are largely related to thermodynamics.

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    Is it just me or does Xeno always look inconsistent
    Like in one panel he looks sleep deprived with narrower eyes and then another he's like a bobblin baby face with huge eyes
    it has always bothered me

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    Default Re: Dr. Stone

    Xeno has baby face when he's relaxed and sleep deprived face when plotting. I have to say, I've been barely been able to follow the events since Xeno's abduction.
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    Yea it's been pretty confusing, but in the end I guess this is more refreshing than a long drawn out struggle in one location.

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