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Thread: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

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    Default Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    Hello everyone, this is my tea time, join me and some of your favorites kawaii girls in mini rants about a plethora of subjects...


    1. Be cute and polite with people in this place (and even, in life, who knows ?)
    2. Some of the rants in this thread are going to be NSFW/+18, when it happens, I will post a warning before the text.
    3. If you want to join the tea party, join with style, don't be shy.
    4. Any hate will NOT be tolerate in this party, if you want to fight me, seek me in PMs. <3
    5. No hate against waifus or kawaii girls in general, they are always welcome and make things cuter.
    6. Bring your own tea, biscuits or/and cakes, I already have the silverware and the trusty tea set.

    Well, here is my first mini rant, enjoy !!

    The social game, Part 1.
    You are in a room full of people, you do not know them and vice versa, suddenly the leader (let's use the teacher in this scenario) orders everyone to make a group, you see that everyone in the room has already formed a group and to your surprise, you stay alone, waiting for someone to call you to join their group.

    After the groups are formed, the teacher looks at you and says something like- "Wow, did you end up being alone? How could this have happened? Okay, let's see if I can put you in a group." This is the part I hate the most about this social mini game, now you're being forced to join a group that did not want you right from the start. Well, you try to get closer to this new group, but the feeling of "undesirable" is in the air, making you silent and "coy".

    Yes, you are in a group, but there is no synergy in it, you do not talk to them, they do not talk to you, so what is the reason ? To say that you are not a failure in social skills ? Maybe, but, how much can you fool them or even worst, yourself ? In the end, you are going to stay alone.

    Making the first move is viable, but, it can also hurt you, since there is always a chance that no one wants to join your group. All this leads to the ugly conclusion of "Why I am always alone ?" or "People hate me for .... ?". ideas in your mind. Another possibility is the fact that you might sound like a cocky person, and you don't want that image if you want to make friends or even, colleagues.

    I say, the best outcome is just stay in a forced group, at least you are going to get those grades.

    ~Thanks for reading~
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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    This series is not going to be daily, I will post whenever I can think about a subject. Anyway, here is my second rant, this time is about video games.

    ~Oh YEAH !!~

    Video Games: current thoughts.
    As a 90's kid, video game were part of my life, I say "were" in the past, because nowadays, they became boring, repetitive and just a pretext to induce competitive plays. Now I feel like I have to win everytime, because winning is the most important, a high score followed by a indecipherable name on a screen is what matters, bonus if you humiliated the oponent team with BMs or curses in the chat.

    Video games are supposed to make you happy, alone or with friends, the thrill of exploring new places in a game, finally defeating the final boss or even remember the good time you had while you were playing it for fun, not make you angry because you had to endure cancer/rape jokes from your team and the oponent team, all in the same time.

    Another thing, what is the deal with streaming ? Watch some unfunny person playing a game that you could be playing, watching him/her faking screams in pseudo scary moments or even making a strip tease for you while you donate large ammounts of money only to see the boobs. Really now, for me, streams are always boring, just because you have the right/most expensive equipment on the market, it doesn't means you are good or have talent to do it.

    Thankfully, there are still games you can play for fun, there are even new ones with the nostalgic vibes in them, the sad part is that, for some reason, the developers thinks that if you want to make a homage to old games, you have to make it super hard, so much that it will make you mad/frustrated after the 100000000th death.

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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    Well, you said no hating so if I bring in Ice Tea no one is allowed to hate on me.


    Not sure I can agree with you on the video game stuff, at least not all of it. For the part's I agree with, streamers/youtubers are hit or miss, and many of them can be hard to watch when they are playing scary games because it feels so forced and after a little bit that screaming can become annoying. However, there are plenty out there who don't do it much, and it can work when it is done. As for why people watch who they do it can be for a variety of reasons, but for many it comes down to they like the person talking during the game. The youtubers I watch tend to be funny and interesting and I want to see what kind of hijinks they get into, whether it's just one or a group of people playing off of each other.

    I can slightly agree with the whole games being geared towards being competitive. While not necessarily integral to the game many like to keep stats of deaths and other stuff to post online against other people, so I can see how that could make a competition. For example, I just beat RE7 on madhouse mode and at the end of the game it showed various stats which could make me invested to do better and if I was to look at leaderboard stuff online try to do better than others. That said I ignore those and just have fun playing the way I want to. Unfortunately multiplayer online games can be cancerous and there can be both good and bad experiences, which is why I never do that and only play games locally or if online I make sure it can be with my friends.

    Last, there are some games with a retro throwback that makes it very hard, but there are still those that you will die from time to time, but it's not out there to punish you completely. Shovel Knight is my best example, as you will die and have to learn from mistakes, but it's not trying to make things impossible where you will have to die 100's of times in one level to finally get past it. Meat Boy on the other hand takes the retro style and makes is extremely hard, but when you finally beat that level that has been plaguing you for the last hour it feels good.

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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    I see you are bringing class to this tea party, not bad. Do you want some cupcakes to accompany your ice tea ?

    Are they tasty ? As we are eating, let's continue the talk, shall we ?
    I can agree with you, some of the streamers have talent and can put quite a show, but, as it is live, it will eventualy have dead space during the game play, making it boring or somewhat unappealing to watch. Now, put a good editor to transform a 3 hours stream of a good streamer in to a 23 minutes of the best sections of the whole stream and there you have it, quality content.

    About the competitive part, do you think that challenge = fun ? Or do you think that challenge will just open the door for future frustration ? Sure, challenge is fundamental, but, what is important for a game ? Fun or frustration ? If it is frustration, then the game will have a high rate of satisfaction when beaten, a hollow feeling of satisfaction if you ask me.

    And last, those new games with retro vibes think that all the old games were hard, I mean, they were hard because when we play them we didn't knew much on how to play them. This happened to me a lot of times during my life, when I was a kid I played a lot of games, but I could not pass the first stage in a lot of them, I thought to myself, "WOW, this game is super hard", 5 years have passed and one day I found the CDs of the old games I used to play, when I played them again, I managed to pass all the stages in one run, they were easy.

    ~Thanks for joining in~

    ~There we go, now, we are going to serve some sweets~
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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    Cupcakes, one of the best things ever to be conceived on this world. I hope you don't mind me taking a bunch of these.

    I haven't watched too many streams, so I can't make too many comments. I can see if someone was playing themselves making a 3 hour long stream would be quite difficult, as at some point you need a break to collect your thoughts. The one stream I watched in full (at least, a stream that was then uploaded in full to youtube) was one with a group of people playing Super Mario RPG which was about 15 hours total between the 2 parts. In that the group could take turns commentating and for the most part it was fun to listen to and see certain sections. In the end though a youtube video is best, because you can break it up into more digestible sections and things can be added from time to time to add some spice.

    As far as challenge=fun, that can depend on the situation. Going back to RE7 I had fun playing on a harder difficulty because every mistake was mine that I made, and even if some parts took a bit longer it was fun seeing something familiar but different because of how they switched things up. Beating it on the difficulty made me satisfied in the end because everything was balanced pretty well. Another one was a game called God Hand, which I beat on hard mode despite dying well over 1000 times, because the gameplay for me was so fun. However, if games get unfair or have RNG as a huge factor then I don't find the more challenging difficulties fun. Fire Emblem I have to play on casual, because I can have a good run then suddenly a soldier dies due to RNG or a small mistake cost me. It is no longer fun when I have to be that meticulous in playing the game. So it's going to be a case by case basis and sometimes I will love a game so much that I will also handicap myself for some extra challenge.

    As for the last point, it becomes a case by case basis for me. Some games, like Super Metroid and Super Mario World aren't hard for me today like they were before, but sometimes can still present a challenge. However, playing the NES Mario games or Donkey Kong Country I still have a hard time beating those, and certain levels I can get stuck on for a good while. For the current retro style games, there are still a little bit of both. As with my previous examples, Shovel Knight gives some challenges but it's not terribly hard, but Super Meat Boy will make your blood boil at certain levels.

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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    No problem, as long as you keep being classy and keep the good manners, you can enjoy this tea time, of course, with good company and good chats.

    ~Oh my, I got distracted, lets go back to video game talk.~

    A stream of a group playing a dynamic game like Super Mario RPG or Mario Party, where there is always something about to happen is a great concept for a good stream, since the streamer will provide the viewers with immediate content and fluid commentary, leaving no space for silence or awkwardness moments.

    But I still like the idea of a well edited video, if the stream of a person playing Dark Souls got edited, only leaving the funny deaths/parts, it will make the stream more appealing/watchable, rather then watching death upon death or the streamer being stuck in a hard part for 2~5 hours straight. RE7 would fall on this criteria.

    Kudos for you to point God Hand, it was a great game, sure it was challenging, but it was still fun. Also, the concept on how you had to balance your fights making you deliberately take hits to make the game "easier" was a great approach at the time.

    About RNG, from what I can see, if you, the player can't define the outcome of a game or challenge by yourself thanks to your skills alone, it makes you feel underpowered, that you won or lost because of "luck".

    As for new games with retro vibes, I can watch a edited stream of Shovel Knight with no problem, but a Super Meat Boy stream ? Hell no, that would be super boring and monotonous to endure, even when edited.

    ~Now is time to serve the tea.~

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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    Another good day for tea and sweets, while we wait for tasty appetizers to get ready, let's talk about a new topic.

    ~Time for biscuits, I hope they are not that dry.~

    The nostalgia

    Right now, my current PC died, because of that, I am using my old PC, to my surprise, I found lots of old pictures/songs and also texts that I saved when I was younger, after going the memory lane, I remembered how happy I was back then and how (mostly) unhappy I am now. Or better yet, how easy it was for me to be happy when I was younger, of course I didn't have responsabilities, people I cared were alive and people who said that loved me was still here. Nowadays, I can only laught when I remember about old stuff, old stuff that made me happy back then.

    So I came to a thread of thought, it is healthy to stay in the nostalgia mind set ? If you ask me, well, people have strong ties with nostalgia because it was a simpler time, of course, I am talking about the good times that happened in the past. While the present looks mundane and boring for the most time, not all day is made of magic or a thrilling adventure, most of the days you buy milk at the grocery store and that is it, in the past we can select good moments and review them with good eyes.

    And the future, well, the future sucks :v HAHA, I know, I know, you have to do in the present to have future. I know this type of conversation, but the fact is that future = mystery and mystery = scary. So this is why I don't think about the future that much.

    So yeah, in the end of this rant, I came to a conclusion, there is no problem hugging the nostalgia world sometimes, as long as you live in the present and try to find new stuff that has a strong old vibe in it.

    Like "Wow, this reminds me of that old thing I used to love, but it has a new catch on it, I should check this out." type of shit.

    ~Good bye, I hope you enjoyed the biscuits, I made with <3.~
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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    Hand me the bunny and duck cookies, I feel like eating something adorable.

    Well looking back on the past is a good way to get through those slumps. Not everyday can be one that you find great and happy, and there are just those times you aren't able to look into the future or get yourself to do something that day. While I haven't necessarily had bad days in a while, there has been blocks of time where I can have a hard time just getting through the day out of sheer boredom. Another day at home where it's just the same stuff I have been doing all these other days and after a number of weeks that can be hard. A day to look back and think about some of the blasts from the pasts can be a good way to perk yourself up.

    As for the future, it's true that nothing is ever certain and that can be a scary thought. My work was quite good for a few years, but now I don't work as much due to the nature of the current offshore work I do. How long until I can find something more stable is unknown to me and that sucks. However, on the flip side looking back on those good work years it could've dropped at any time, and many things just suddenly happened that even the day before I never would have expected. I was able to travel to a number of places, my perspective on the world changed, and many adventures were had. So right now, today, nothing special really happened but tomorrow could bring something exciting, even if it is something small, and that one moment is what I look forward to. To see what the next day has to offer excites me so I look forward to the future despite the clouds that surround it.

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    Default Re: Tea time with Uggs & random kawaii girls

    Is so hot here, so hot that I am not going to serve tea, instead I am going to serve Ice Cream~~

    Let's talk while we wait for it to defrost.

    The technological race and the "waste" we left behind.
    Nowadays, technological "superiority" is available in a 1/1,5 year span, sure, each new technological device will have a valou of market and of course, if it is new and if is "famous", the price will be higher. Even so, people buy new stuff everyday, standing in queues for months to buy the newest superior gadget announced by the media, only to be in advantage against the others. (More like "I have and you don't" kinda of scene).

    The real question is, are you willing to spend money on a device that will be useless in 1, 1 year and half ? Well, what I am refering as "useless" ? For me, it is a device that there is no support to mainten its functionality or usability in the present.

    Back to the question, you have to see the cost/durability of the device, how much time I will have to enjoy this piece of recent tecnology before it gets obsolete ? And in counterpart how much it costs ? To me, this kills the enjoyement you would get by using the new thing because now, you have a deadline for your joy.

    If you buy the new version of a device you already had, what are you going to do with the old one you had ? Use it ? Regardless of the inferiority ? No, you are going to either A) Dispose of it or B) Give it to someone who does not have the device in the first place.

    I rather choose B, this way, you can recycle tecnology, making it reach new and undiscovered place, making tecnology present in the life of more people. Now, if this is good or bad, well, what do you think ?

    At least I still have some ice cream~

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