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Thread: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

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    Default Re: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

    Quote Originally Posted by Green_vs_Red View Post

    Should've kept that 10,000 for Moore himself.

    Oh and Trump wants to ban bump stocks that apparently Obama purposefully made legal.
    Wit aide, this has been a mind boggling day. Trump has hired Bolton, passed an omnibus that gave Democrats the world, and attacked gun rights. If his goal is to turn everyone against him, I guess it's working?

    My only guess is he's still trying to build that "mentally unfit for trial" defense or whatever. Or he's an idiot in over his head. My mistake might be trying to make sense of Trump. It's a mistake I keep repeating.

    I was also massively thankful that this bill gave the CDC the right to research gun violence, but I feel that it looks better than it actually is. Baby steps I suppose.

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    Default Re: American Politics thread: No Nazis Allowed

    Alpha dog manly man Donald Trump bans transgender people from the military on a late friday night because he's totally not a coward.

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