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It's strange that this is the only item without a curse. I like Bestial Bloodlust, but I would be wary giving that ability to the Fighter while there is also a Barbarian in the party. Itís very similar to Reckless Attack and it doesnít cost a bonus action so the Barbarian might feel bad about it. 5 charges can get you through two fights most of the time, maybe even three, so this is basically always on unless you plan on having more fights per day.

Also, when you say that itís a free action to enter this frenzy, do you mean that player can then not interact with an object for free this turn? That is what I would classify as the free action, but I donít think thatís anywhere in the rules. Or do you mean that it doesnít cost anything at all to do this? Then I would word it similarly to the Fighterís Action Surge. ĎOn your turn, you can enter a frenzy (Ö). Once you have used this feature, you can't use it again until the start of your next turn.í

Or, considering that this weapon can only ever be attuned to Braxius anyway, why not tie it to Action Surge? Iím just spit-balling here: ĎWhenever you use your Action Surge (feature), you can enter a frenzy and mark a creature as the object of your bloodlust. Until that creature is incapacitated or 1 minute has passed, you add 2 to any attack roll you make against that creature, and every other creature adds 2 to attack rolls made against you.í
Or: ĎWhenever you use your Action Surge (feature), you can enter a frenzy and mark a creature as the object of your bloodlust. For 1 minute, you add 2 to any attack roll you make against that creature, and every other creature adds 2 to attack rolls made against you. When the marked creature is incapacitated, you may use a bonus action to mark another creature as long as you are still in a frenzy.í
This means that the Fighter can use this ability once per short rest, so possibly also in most fights. I donít know. Like I say, I like the concept as long as the Barbarian doesnít feel stepped on.

Now that I've written all this, I realize that the charges might be used for other abilities in the future...oh well.
So, as I understand it, the Barbarian's reckless attack doesn't require any sort of action/bonus action on his part, so I don't think that this feature is any better, really.

That said, I do really like the idea of tying it to the Fighter's Action Surge... Let me think on it a bit and I'll see what I can come up with.

The curse seems very harsh, especially because I donít feel like being able to cast Crusaderís Mantle once per day is all that powerful. I might be wrong. The first part of the curse depends on how you plan on ruling sleeping in heavy armor. Itís usually not that comfortable. Xanatharís Guide to Everything offers this optional rule: ďSleeping in light armor has no adverse effect on the wearer, but sleeping in medium or heavy armor makes it difficult to recover fully during a long rest. When you finish a long rest during which you slept in medium or heavy armor, you regain only one quarter of your spent Hit Dice (minimum of one die). If you have any levels of exhaustion, the rest doesnít reduce your exhaustion level."

The other part of the curse just seems way too wordy to me, especially because there will probably me a creature right next to the Paladin that has hit them with a Ďcrití. I would try to make it one streamlined effect. Maybe the first effect from the Confusion spell? On their next turn, roll a d8 and they run in a random direction? I think I would even let them attack first though (or during the move). Otherwise, thatís just a very feel bad moment doing nothing on that turn. I know thatís the point, but Iíd try to punish the player another way. This movement opens them up for opportunity attacks which sort of negates the crit-negation of the armor.
Yeah, the more I think about it, the less I like the insanity curse, too. I want the armor to negate crits, but for it to have some sort of drawback, like redirecting that crit damage somehow. That was the intent, anyway. The movement shouldn't really open them up to opportunity attacks, per say, unless they are coming from creatures that he can't see, since he is supposed to charge at and attack the nearest creature he can see. But you're right that it's quite wordy... I'll see if there's a simpler way for me to implement it.

I was also thinking that there'd be no real downsides to sleeping in the armor, since he'd be so used to it after wearing it for years. I'll probably add that to the description somehow.

I love these. Cool effect and cool visual. Once again, the curse effect
seem harsh to me, but I suppose there is a good chance a Barbarian will pass one of those two checks.
Yeah, I tried to give him two chances to overcome the curse each long rest. His con score will likely be quite high, and I think Barbarians have con save proficiency. Glad you like these! I had fun writing all of them, lol.

Kind of an odd combination of abilities. Iím not sure where the higher constitution comes from, but alright. The main ability (I would say), is somewhat situational. Itís great when thereís magical darkness, of course. But seeing through natural darkness doesnít really help all that much when a lot of enemies will have darkvision. Unless this Rogue is a ranged attacker, then he can go more than 60 feet away. In that case, I do like the ability.

I donít love the Con save afterwards though. Even one level of exhaustion is so crippling to a Rogue who relies a lot on their skill checks (including Stealth for hiding). And then when trying to get the Third Eye ability back, he may get unlucky and get a second level? Thatís a lot.

I would have him spend a certain amount of time blinded in order to get the ability back. Or maybe immediately after heís used it, he is blind for a while and can use it again afterwards (or the next day). Anything thatís not exhaustion please. I have bad memories of my own Arcane Trickster whose cursed weapon also made her pseudo-sleepwalk and wake up exhausted :P
You've convinced me to remove the drawback to using the third eye. Now he only has the long rest detrimental effect... but I'm not getting rid of that one! The player suggested it himself, and I relish having the opportunity to force the party's hand when he has to sleepwalk.

This one is just a whole lot of text and abilities. So much more than what the other items have. I would start smaller and add those abilities over time when the weapon levels up. Including the sentience, I think.
Yeah... I really want to keep the sentience, but I agree that there are probably too many spell options right now. I'll probably get rid of some before the game starts.

Lots of thoughts. Not sure how useful they are though. ;)
Very useful, indeed! I always appreciate your input, Huschel. :)