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Thread: What Anime Are You Watching?

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    Rewatched Serial Experiments Lain.
    It was my favorite back on my late teens-early 20's, watched it on its entirety a good number of times back then but then it must have passed around 15 years since last time I watched it. I am always afraid of revisiting oooold favorites and ruining the illusion, in this particular case I was half expecting the series to come out as too edgy, but I was very happy to see myself enjoying the hell out of it again.

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    Almost finished with Futari Wa Precure. It was pretty cool closer to the beginning of the series and I'm still somewhat enjoying it but it's a lot more repetitive than even Doremi, which I'd watched a little before it. I didn't mind the repetition in how the episodes went for a little bit but the last 15-20 episodes or so it started to wear on me. That and the mascot characters are annoying as hell.

    To break up the monotony of that show I watched Liz and the Blue Bird today. And man, that movie just has a depressive, and oppressive, feel to it. A lot of the reviews I read for it criticized it for being too slow and I can see that but I never really lost interest in it while watching. The art's good too but I kind of prefer Hibike's art in the anime to what they went with for the movie. The soundtrack was really really good too. The scene where some of the characters were talking about college while Mizore is playing the piano was one of my favorites. I also enjoyed the way they sometimes cut to showing the fairy tale that the piece they're practicing is based on. Interested in watching the Hibike sequel movie when that's available to watch outside of theatres.

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    I'm currently watching Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. I've been liking it and it's first opening it's one of my favorites.

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    I don't know if I'm doing this right, since I don't plan to finish the show, but there's "How Heavy are the Dumbbells you lift." Saw the first episode, then suddenly I saw someone upload a dub on youtube. This thing premiered in July, so how the heck did a workout-themed anime get a dub this quick? What puts this at the top of the list?

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