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Thread: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

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    Default VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Hey, everyone. As you may know, I try to provide comparisons each week between the original Mangastream scanlations of the latest chapters released on Thursdays vs Stephen's higher-quality translations that VIZ subscribers can find in the weekly issues of Shonen Jump released the following Monday (and are eventually included in the VIZ English volumes of One Piece upon publication). This is done so that those who are unable to get VIZ subscriptions can still get clarification, if needed, on the decent but occasionally-confusing translations of Mangastream.

    Originally, I posted each of these on their corresponding chapter threads, but since I've had a few requests to compile all of them into one thread for easy reference, here they are. From now on, when I write these up each week, I'll put them in both the chapter thread so they can be useful in the short-term, and here for quick access in the long-term.

    If anybody has a miscellaneous translation question from an old chapter, feel free to post it here, and hopefully either I or somebody else here with a VIZ subscription can clear it up for you. My personal stock of VIZ chapters goes back as far as Chapter 806, although I'm sure others here have much further back than that. Please note that this is just for "how was this name/phrase/whatever translated?" comparison/reference questions; if you have VIZ-specific questions, or even if you'd like to ask Stephen about his translation choices, go to the VIZ Media thread here.

    Hope this is helpful!

    Volume 82 (Chapters 817-827)
    817: Raizo of the Mist
    • The cover page, with the "One Piece Film: Gold" poster, does say "special art drawn by Oda" (the poster itself) rather than "written by Oda" (which implied the entire movie) like it said on MS. I think a few others may have mentioned this already.
    • VIZ also had it as "Kogetsu" last time but "Kozuki" this time for the name of Momo's clan. Same kanji, just a different reading for the second one. The kanji, 月, by itself is pronounced "tsuki", meaning "moon", but when you combine it with other kanji, it can change pronunciation; sometimes just a slight change from "tsuki" to "zuki", as is the latter case here (like how "tori" can become "-dori", hoshi can be "-boshi", "hana" can be "-ppana", etc. when combined with other kanji), or other times using the totally alternate "getsu" (like how, sometimes, "mizu" (water) becomes "sui", "naka" (inside, middle) becomes "chuu", or "me" (eye) becomes "gan", etc. when you mix them with other kanji). I guess Oda-sensei or his editors just changed the way you pronounce the name from the entirely alternate "getsu" reading to the slightly-changed "zuki", for unknown reasons, but it still means the same thing. /End Japanese lesson.
    • VIZ's version specifically implies that something's wrong with Momo's dad; Momo's line to Inu and Neko when he tells them to stop fighting is "Especially if the reason for your quarrel is Father!" in MS, but it's "Especially if what happened to Father is the cause!" in VIZ.
    • It's made pretty clear that Momo isn't just hearing Raizo's voice. He says, "The closer we get to the whale, the louder the 'voice' I hear", with "voice" in quotation marks.
    • The Naruto references are consistent, but changed to match the English versions; Raizo specifically calls his cloning technique "Shadow Clone Jutsu" (English anime's name for the technique), and the requests he gets use "Fire/Water/Earth Element" and "Doppelganger", which are used by the VIZ English manga of Naruto.

    1 - Cat Viper mentions "And it's only been a few months since then." Is he implying that the Samurai have been on the run for several months?

    2 - Zoro asks Raizou to hide in the ceiling and get stabbed by a spear? What is that a reference to?

    3 - The voice Momo is hearing is the Poneglyph most likely. Anyone else taking this as confirmation that we have 4 people who could hear the voice of all things? Roger, Luffy, Momo, Momo's dad.

    matamune just messaged me about the first question, too. Yeah, Cat Viper's line from VIZ is less vague than Mangastream's; he says
    "And it's only been a few months since then. I suppose the liveliness of those folks has been a blessing to him..." I'm guessing maybe he's talking about it being a few months since something happened to Oden (Momonosuke's dad), and that the Straw Hats' liveliness has been a good thing for Momo. In that case, yeah, I'd guess whatever happened with Oden happened a few months ago and the samurai group fled after that.

    For the second question, someone made this post on Oro Jackson that sounded like a great explanation:

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Monster_Trio
    Guys, I solved the mystery of Zoro's strange call to Raizou "Hide in the ceiling and get pierced by a spear"!
    I already found the phrase strange when I first read it, because it was too specific just to be random talk.
    So I did some research and found that it relates to the Ninja called Kubo Uemon, whose story is told in the Bansenshukai,
    an historic japanese book about the Ninja and their ways, often called "The Bible of Ninjutsu".

    In there is a story about this ninja. In short, he had the mission to infiltrate a certain family's house, and manages to sneak himself in, and hid on the loft. But, at night, when he decided to move, someone was still awake and heard him. Then this person woke the master, who took a spear and stabbed it through the bamboo ceiling at where the sound came from. The spear hit Kubo's forehead, but he immediately grasped and wiped it claen with his sleeve before it was pulled back. The master concluded that what he hit couldn't be alive, as there was no blood on the spear's neck, and thus there was no threat. After everyone went back to sleep, Kubo Uemon came down and stabbed all the residents to death.
    But, he retained a scar from the spear. This is especially interesting, because Raizou also seems to have a scar on the same place.
    Look at his forehead:

    Interesting to find out what kind of books out Goda reads in his free time
    And he even takes the time to include references in his manga.
    He's putting so much thought into One Piece and that's what we love him for!
    But it's not like pop culture references are new to him

    We'll see if Raizou's scar has a special meaning or backstory, too
    Looking forward to the next chapters!

    Hope you enjoyed this (long) bit of background interpretation
    Credits to Oro Jackson member The_Monster_Trio for the above quote.

    For the third question, I think yes. We know Luffy and Roger can, and this chapter heavily implied the same for Momo and Oden.

    818: Inside the Whale
    • In MS, Nami says that a sea chart was drawn on the poneglyph. In VIZ, she says she can "make a naval map" with the information that's on the poneglyph, increasing the importance of having a good mapmaker/navigator like her.
    • The fourth road poneglyph, in the first translation, was said to be "lost." Mangastream says "whereabouts are unknown", which is more vague. VIZ says it's in an "unknown spot". Pretty similar, but you could take it a little differently. The first translation sounds like "something happened to it and now nobody knows where it is, could be lost forever", but the third is more like "Nobody's found it yet" (as in, no one knows where it was put in the first place). Mangastream's translation could be taken either way. To me, this implies that it's almost certainly not gone forever, but just well-hidden, and so far no one (as far as we know) has managed to find that hiding place. (Like Raftel itself, actually.)
    • VIZ doesn't say anything about "copies already floating around out there." (MS page 11) It just says "Just make a simple print of the message." The "simple print" is probably the equivalent of the "fish prints" mentioned in Mangastream, but it's interesting that MS implies (with both Neko and Usopp's dialogue on that page) that the Straw Hats can steal an already-existing copy, but VIZ's same dialogue states that they're going to make a copy. If VIZ's version is correct, it's much less likely that the Straw Hats will randomly find an already-existing copy of the fourth poneglyph (since any copies are in the hands of people who made and kept them for themselves), and will instead have to actually find where it is (which, granted, I'm sure most of us were hoping would happen anyway).
    • The flashback-speech-bubble about Oden soup (final panel of MS page 15) sounded like it was being said by an enemy (Kaido or the shogun?) in MS, but in VIZ's version, Oden himself was making the soup joke. The words are "I am Oden! I was born to boil!" Which just makes him sound even cooler, IMO.
    • Mangastream's version already clarified this (I thought), but since people are still debating it: the VIZ version also confirms that Oden was killed by the shogun of Wano AND Kaido, i.e. they're two separate people.
    • Also, this doesn't have to do with VIZ specifically, but I noticed some comments about Raftel being surrounded by "four other islands" that show its location: if you look at the theoretical picture drawn in the chapter, some of the "X"s are in the water, meaning that the road poneglyphs don't necessarily indicate a group of four islands; it's more like four different geographic coordinates. Which makes it even more important to have all four poneglyphs, since it's harder to be exact about the locations when some of them are in the middle of the ocean, and also makes it harder to simply sail around randomly between locations hoping to find it.
    819: Momonosuke, Heir to the Kozuki Clan
    • MS page 9. Basically, on that page, Inuarashi's like "All it took was one of Kaido's squads to leave Zou looking like this", and Franky replied, "Yeah, but that's cuz he played dirty and used that weapon." Inu's reply to that (last panel of his on that page) doesn't quite fit in MS: "We may be able to come to terms with losing to the underhanded tactics of a cowardly enemy." In VIZ, he points out (in reply to Franky) "There's no such thing as being disqualified for fighting dirty in war," and Franky's bubble next to it acknowledges "Right." That makes a little more sense.
    • Not really sure what to make of it, but the flashback speech bubbles at the bottom of page 12 are a little different. I guess VIZ's version sounds more encouraging, but either way, it's hard to tell who's talking to Momo. MS version: "Momonosuke! You will never be able to learn about it in its entirety. This is the real world!" VIZ: "Gaze out upon it! That is the world...Momonosuke!"
    • The dialogue in the middle panels of page 16: instead of using "faith in" Momo/Law/etc., VIZ uses "pact". Inuarashi: "And thus the pact is formed". Law: "And what about our pact, Straw Hat?" Luffy: "Huh? You don't mind, right?" Law: "I don't, but still!" So yeah, it also confirms that Law wasn't actually opposed to helping the samurai at all.
    • Like the first translation, the alliance actually is supposed to have four names--"Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai"-- so the "ninja" is a separate category from the "samurai".
    • Zoro: "In that case, I'm worth...two thousand." Nami: "Sure you are".
    820: Dog and Cat Have a History
    Okay, so this week's Manstream Translations were kind of confusing in some places. Let's see if VIZ helps.
    • "We accompanied Lord Oden as his retainers, everywhere he went. So we also rode on Whitebeard's Moby Dick for a time."
    • Here's something interesting: on MS page 6, Inu just says in the top left panel "Therefore, when our lord was later scouted out by Roger, we accompanied him." VIZ version: "It was from there that Roger scouted Lord Oden, and we accompanied him, of course." I.e. According to VIZ, Roger actually recruited Oden from Whitebeard and his crew.
    • Also, in the next panel, Inu says that Oden was the one who was a kid/apprentice at the time like Shanks and Buggy. (MS implies he was talking about himself and Neko there.)
    • VIZ's translation of Inu's words to Nami: "If you are curious to see where the Log leads you, you are free to follow it. There is a point where all three needles point you to the same location! However, on your travels, you have already begun the next adventure. [...] Normally, it is when you reach the Log's end that you come to a realization about the mystery of the ancient writing on the poneglyphs, and the civilization that birthed them, and the existence of Raftel, the final, unseen island! From that point, Roger started his adventure anew. Crocus was a crewmate of the Pirate King--one of those who knew all. He would not lie about that that unless he disliked you. Are you the navigator? You have a firm head on those shoulders! Don't worry. You are not on the wrong path! Continue on your way!" (I thought the "unseen" was interesting, so I bolded it. MS uses "lost". Does "unseen" just mean no one else has been there, or that it literally can't be seen from a distance/is hidden somehow?)
    • Hmm, this one's kinda interesting. Momo's words corresponding to MS page 12 are, in the VIZ version, "I met Roger's crew as well, but my memory is hazy. I was too young" So maybe he was just kidding? That seems to take away from the "he met Ace and thought he was Roger" idea. Although Usopp does still say, "Who are you getting him confused with?!" I guess he still could have met Ace and his Spade Pirates.
    • The clash between Marco and the Whitebeard Pirates vs. the Blackbeard Pirates is called the "Grudge War." ("Ferocious battle" isn't used at all in VIZ.) "Marco's group was obliterated."
    • Minor point: Nami says "Let's go back to the ship", so it sounds like Luffy's group is indeed taking the Thousand Sunny.
    • Neko says, "Zunisha's trumpeting", rather than crying (which made it ambiguous as the whether he could hear her "voice" or not. This doesn't imply anything like that.)
    So the Whitebeard remnants didn't even put up a fight. They were obliterated. That means that the Blackbeards beat the living crap out of Whitebeard's old crew. MS was a little vague as you pointed out. Good to hear the Blackbeards are definitely on that level now.
    Oh, uh, they actually did put up a fight. Sorry if that was confusing; if the VIZ version says basically the same thing as the Mangastream version in given places, I don't usually write it down. I'll just include the VIZ version of that whole conversation this time:

    : Marco and the other remnants of the Whitebeard Pirates clashed with Teach and his Blackbeard Pirates one year ago in what the world calls the Grudge War. After that, the commander and his folks just up and disappeared.
    Neko: But if Marco is still alive, then I got an idea of where he might be now!
    Luffy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! They fought with Blackbeard?
    Robin: They did. It was quite a large battle, with each side bringing in plenty of help. In the end, Marco's group was obliterated. It was only after this major confrontation that Blackbeard was first included among the list of the Four Emperors!
    Luffy: So that's the story! Damn that Blackbeard!
    821: Understood
    • Mangastream, pg 6 used "If that is indeed you", which was a bit confusing. VIZ uses, "If you're there", which I think makes more sense.
    • Mangastream pg 13 said "Zou committed a crime", so there was speculation as to whether it was the island/kingdom of Zou or the elephant. VIZ clarifies, "The elephant committed a crime."
    • VIZ doesn't say anything about "all eternity" or "end of time", either. Momo's/Zunisha's words are: "Long ago, the elephant committed a crime, and ever since, it has only been allowed to walk. It must continue following its orders. Therefore...Therefore, I just need permission this once!"
    • Maybe noteworthy, on the first panel of the last page (MS 21), Luffy says, in MS, "How crazy is it that Zou is on our side now?" In VIZ, it sounds more like he's questioning it: "Wouldn't that be crazy if Zou was on our side?" May not mean anything, but I noticed it.
    • As someone pointed out earlier, Apoo didn't actually say "Kaido-sama" ("Lord Kaido"); he said "Kaido-san" (where VIZ just uses "Kaido"). Mistranslation by MS. VIZ also him state Jack was "abruptly" cut off.
    • The whole "Kid's leg" thing: it's still hard to see the actual pattern on the pants, but I'm like 99% sure that those are, indeed, somebody's leg and boot. Still can't tell who it actually it for sure, but you're probably not supposed to be able to. There are also some dark spots on the floor behind the bars that showed up better in VIZ. (Blood?)
    822: Descending the Elephant
    • Mangastream made it sound like Kin'emon didn't know what Transponder Snails are (since he said "I have heard tales that, outside Wano, you use snails to communicate"), which didn't make sense seeing as he's seen and used them before (such as in Dressrosa). However, in VIZ, he just says "I know that foreign lands have those mollusks," so he's really just acknowledging that others use them and clearly does know what they are.
    • The "worst savior ever" line from Pekoms was pretty funny, but VIZ uses "Of all the guys to owe my life to, it had to be you!"
    • An interesting one: Usopp says in Mangastream that he managed to "put almost all of [the Weatherian devices] in there, save for one. The magic wand you told me about on Sabaody...I couldn't really wrap my head around it", and Nami's flashback bubble said "It's a magic wand!" This made it sound like she gave him a wand that he couldn't figure out how to include. VIZ phrases it: "I implemented all of the Weatheria devices that you gave to me. The only thing is, I don't know what you meant on Sabaody when you said you wanted a magic wand, so that'll...depend on you?" (The "depend on you" part is in his speech bubble in the next panel, instead of "What have I unleashed?"), and Nami says "Just like a magic wand", so I think she was really saying that there was something else she wanted the Clima-Tact to be able to do, rather than another device she wanted Usopp to include.
    • Zoro's line is "I'll have some of the samurai following my lead in no time!" So yeah, typical Zoro.
    823: The World is Restless
    looking forward to your good work as usual!well,the part about baltigo being shrouded in mystery definitely needs clarification.
    also i was a little confused by the violet panel.lady-in-waiting?
    first of all thanks for the effort.
    there are 3 things i want to ask about, 1# shirahoshi's conversation with her brothers.
    2# when pedro was taking about carrot strength.
    3# the headline in the paper about the Rve army.
    • Got one right off the bat in the cover story. Mangastream just says "still hasn't returned" to Boin, leaving it ambiguous as to whether it's taking him long to get back or he's going somewhere else. VIZ says "Not going back to the Bowin Islands yet".
    • The Queen of Goa's VIZ name: "Sally Isntoinette". I'm guessing it's a pun, but what? She does say "isn't" four times in her one speech bubble, so maybe her name is a joke on that. "Isn't-oinette" instead of "Antoinette", or something. Not really sure.
    • "Fifty nations" instead of "over 50 countries". Could be nothing, but if it's exactly 50, does that mean that there's a limit and they have to pick which 50 can come?
    • VIZ says literally opposite of what MS page 11 says about Sai/Chinjao and the Reverie; the dude with the long mustache says "they" won't make it in time for the Reverie in MS, but that "we" will in VIZ.
    • Fun trivia that MS missed: in VIZ, Kureha uses her catchphrase. "Aren'tcha happy?"
    • @sggupta: Viola says Rebecca can go as her "attendant."
    • @ W A M: The conversation between Shirahoshi and her brothers says pretty much the same thing in both versions, just slightly different wording. Was there something about it in particular you wanted to know?
    • I like the VIZ version of the list of what Carrot brought with her. "I brought lunch (carrot), juice (carrot), snack (carrot)..." Hahaha.
    • @ W A M: Pedro just says "Well...she is a good fighter."
    • @ Both: Pedro with the headline: "Real big headline today. 'Long-Rumored Mystery Location Discovered After Decades. Baltigo, HQ of the Revolutionary Army, Already in Utter Ruins!'"
    Isntoinette doesn't really roll from the tongue.
    Could you tell me what exactly Mansherry is saying?
    Right? I originally thought it was supposed to sound kinda like "Nantucket" or something, but I'm guessing it's really "nan to ka"-nette, and was translated to "Isntoinette" to keep the joke similar. Nantokanette definitely sounds cooler, though.

    Mansherry just says "It's very exciting" instead of "I bet you're excited."
    824: Playing Pirates
    • VIZ name for the chapter: "Playing Pirates"
    • I saw some confusion about Nami's line on the bottom right panel of the first page, where she says "Why is it that all of your siblings are crazy, dangerous people?!" with some wondering if it should have said "family members" instead of "siblings" and Dragon was meant to be included there. Actually, she says "What kind of trio of siblings are you?!"
    • Also, Nami's top bubble in the next panel (responding to Luffy's talk about Dragon) is kind of funny. Instead of "Huh? Of course!" she says "Like...yeah?" Haha, that sounds kinda weird.
    • Mangastream pg 6: Brook saying "the picture doesn't do his presence justice" implies that he may have met Dragon, but it's really not as much of an implication in VIZ. He just says "Well, a picture's not the same as seeing someone in real life."
    • If it wasn't already obvious, the "You need to help, too!" "I'm half-dead!" is indeed between someone (probably Nami) and Pekoms, since he actually gives his signature roar in there.
    • Quite a bit of Bariete's dialogue with Wanda was confusing in Mangastream (page 10). Here's VIZ's version: "I ape-ologize, Wanda! Maybe I could have told someone and stopped her, but Carrot had already packed up her stuff, and..." *Wanda cuts him off, and after she points out the bribe*: "B-but Carrot didn't want to betray you, Wanda!"
    • It looks like Kaido has his own "signature laugh" that wasn't included in MS: "Worororo".
    • His dialogue when talking about Luffy and Law: "Straw Hat Luffy! Trafalgar Law! I know what they call your generation! Little whelps proud of wiping out mere Warlords of the Sea, but you must realize that you've messed with my business! Worororo...hey, I bet you [Kid] can warn those idiots in your generation! 'Run away while you can. All we were doing was playing pirates!'"
    • The entire conversation between Sanji/Tamago/Vito says basically the same thing in both versions, just worded a little differently. Mangastream is still using "Purin", but VIZ uses "Pudding".
    Thank you Bellisario. Can you also let us know about the Blackbeard-CP0 thing this chapter?
    Sure, no problem. The top panel of the page where CP is mentioned, Nami says "By the time the Navy and Cipher Pol arrived, the Blackbeard Pirates had already leveled the settlement to the ground." On the last panel on that same page, Pedro's lines are "It says Blackbeard clashed briefly with Cipher Pol briefly before fleeing. But there was no info about fatalities in the article." It never actually says which Cipher Pol unit was fighting the Blackbeard Pirates. CP-Aegis 0 seems like the logical guess, but it's technically not confirmed.
    825: Comic Strip
    • The VIZ name for the chapter is just "Comic Strip."
    • Similarly, it shortens the newspaper name to WEJ ("World Economic Journal") instead of "WE Times".
    • Clarification that, instead of Sora/robot/seagull just being called "seafaring heroes", Sora is a "naval hero" (which may have already been obvious).
    • The introduction box for Gotti in MS just calls him a "killer". In VIZ, it's "hit man."
    • If it wasn't already clear, Lola/lookalike-Lola was indeed talking about Bege when she said that "Father" will get killed if anything happens to Sanji. In VIZ she calls him "Godfather", the regular name used for Bege.
    • Sanji's line about lookalike-Lola in MS was "In any case, they really do look similar...." VIZ is close but not entirely the same: "I swear, there's somethin' real familiar about..." which I think makes it a little more clear what he's talking about.
    • Nami's "He's got some freakish constitution" line about Luffy is translated as "His vitality is tops among all humanity." She also sounded more like she was questioning Luffy's resistance to the poison skin ("Maybe he has some powerful resistance to it?") instead of specifically bring up his poison immunity.
    • On the last page, Mangastream says "I assume you lot are the Straw Hat crew", but VIZ specifically says "We identify this as the ship of the Straw Hat crew."
    826: 0 and 4
    • Twice in the chapter, the Vinsmokes say they've "lost their way" in MS, but they say they've "missed [Sanji]" ("missed" here as in "failed to run into each other") in VIZ.
    • Reiju's VIZ description of Yonji: "I'm afraid my little brother is a heartless, unsympathetic creep."
    • A couple of minor semantics stuff: their crew calls her "Lady Reiju" instead of "Miss Reiju", and Pekoms states that Germa "uses science to fight" in VIZ, rather than just "advanced technology."
    • Brook describes the Vinsmokes in MS as "a clan that, long ago, ruled all of North Blue with an iron fist", whereas in VIZ, he says "a noble family that conquered North Blue with military might ages ago."
    • Bottom middle panel of MS page 12 (stating that the Vinsmoke name was synonymous with "evil"): it seems like Brook is talking in MS (using "their name" and "them"), but in VIZ it's either Reiju or Yonji speaking (uses "our name" and "we").
    • Since I saw people asking about this: Reiju's VIZ description of Germa not having a country: "Germa is a nation without land. We own no territory, but we have the right to attend the Reverie."
    • Instead of Reiju saying "[Sanji] left us", she says "we were separated" at a very young age.
    • Pekoms, instead of saying he "has his reasons" to travel with the Straw Hats, is more specific and says he "has his own business to conduct."
    • Not sure if it means anything, but Aladdin asks Jimbei "What's the plan?" instead of "What are your orders?", which sounds a bit less sinister to me.
    827: Totland
    • After beating Brook up, Nami says "I'll step on you" instead of "I went easy on you." Not a big deal, but kind of a random difference.
    • Mangastream page 8: when Pekoms is talking about Totland as Big Mom's dream utopia about a place where everyone can live together, in MS, he says "and by that, I mean literally all the races", making it ambiguous as to whether she wants all the races or whether she has all of the them living there. VIZ clears this up: "It has everything in this world!"
    • In the following panel: the Totland island leaders are referred to as "ministers" instead of "chancellors." Also, in MS, the name "Totland" is stated to be written in kanji as "Land of Ten Thousand." VIZ's version is that it's "Totland" as in short for "Total of All Lands."
    • Instead of Pekoms saying he'll stay on the ship because his "face would be too easily recognized", he says that it's because he's "got sway around here."
    • VIZ: Consumption of private property = snackalism, haha.
    • The carpet's name is "Rabian" instead of "Labiyan".
    • Pedro's VIZ words to the Mink guy who recognized him are much shorter, just "I'm sight-seeing. Don't tell anyone."
    • Instead of the strawberry jam being "made from" someone's blood, VIZ instead says "Is it strawberry jam? Or someone's blood?" (Big Mom, such a sweet lady, still says "Either one is fine.")
    • The line about the sacrifice: "A demonic sacrifice for our sweet pastime."
    What about the introduction box of Purin?
    Calls her "Cafe Caramel Owner." And, of course, also introduces Nitro the Jelly and Rabian the Carpet.
    Volume 83 (Chapters 828-838)
    828: 1 and 2
    • Mangastream page 7: Pudding states in the first panel, in the MS version, that "I guess this isn't what you'd call a consensual marriage"; however, in VIZ, the line is "I should have known it wasn't consensual."
    • In the next panel, Pudding sounds like she's more openly against the arranged marriages than MS made it sound. She says that Big Mom is "selfish" instead of "bullheaded and stubborn." Also, the confusing last speech bubble in that panel (where it was confusing as to who was talking, with the "Don't! Why don't you just run away!"), is actually being spoken by Pudding as well. She says, "We can only submit or run away."
    • The sister of Pudding's who ran away to find her own love is clarified to be an older sister.
    • Some slight differences/clarifications in Pudding describing Sanji: "His eyes are hearts", "we have similar interests" (instead of "hobbies"), "I hear his legs are black, but he's very strong and dependable." Responses: Luffy says, "Yup, you know him! [...] That's him, all right! He's a great guy!" Chopper: "That's not what they mean by Black Leg."
    • Pudding in VIZ: "Listen, at this point, I think...I can still forget about Sanji!" And then, in her last panel on the next page, "I was stunned at how wonderful he was. I thought it was a dream."
    • Her response to Sanji wanting to go back to his friends: "And that wasn't a one-sided feeling! Sure enough, you have risked your lives to come to Totland to get him! I find the thought of being married to someone who regrets it very painful, even if it was Mama's orders! I can't take him away from you all."
    • Then, about meeting up with them at Whole Cake, "Let's meet up tomorrow [...] I'll make sure to bring Sanji with me! [...] I'm her own daughter. Don't worry about me. You're in enemy territory. Focus on your own safety instead! You're the ones with the true mutual love! It's a shame, I suppose, but maybe my next suitor will be even more wonderful than him. ♥"
    • Yes, Luffy really does refer to Pekoms as "Pekoms" instead of "Pekomamushi/Lion Viper".
    • The dude with the gun specifically states that Germa killed his wife/kids/country in VIZ, which was more ambiguous in MS.
    • Sanji's brother (probably Ichiji) about him in VIZ: "I really want to see him again." (Instead of "I can't wait to see him.")
    829: Emperor of the Sea, Charlotte Linlin
    • I was wondering how they'd translate that punny (in Japanese) Sanji/san-ji (three o'clock) joke. As usual, it's more awkward in English; Nami says "Starboard, Luffy! Three o'clock, to the right!" and Luffy responds with "Exactly, Chopper and Carrot! We're going right to Sanji!"
    • The "grape colored sea" is described in VIZ: "There's an island of flowing juice around here," (in MS, it was "Some islands in these parts have rivers of juice that flow out directly into the sea.") Since this implies that there's "a" juice river instead of "several", does this mean that the island that Carrot saw with the grape-colored water is where Big Mom/Jimbei are now?
    • Big Mom's "illness" is referred to instead as a "condition."
    • Mangastream uses "casualties" continue to rise, which can refer those dead and injured. VIZ explicitly states "The number of dead continue to rise."
    • Instead of calling it an "eating disorder", VIZ uses "hunger pangs."
    • Muscat in MS=Moscato in VIZ. "Muscat" is a type of grape used for wine-making; "Moscato" is an actual wine made from such grapes.
    • It's stated that Big Mom will take your life span away if you "get scared", rather than just "cower."
    • That one weird MS bubble (page 13 MS) where it says "Save me, Mama! I can't stop anymore!" is translated by VIZ as "Have mercy, Mama! I won't try to stop you!"
    • In the past, VIZ has always used "Jimbei" where MS used "Jinbe." Expectedly, though the name was written as "Jinbe" in the English letters in MS, VIZ changed those to "Jimbei" to keep it consistent.
    • Jimbei is stated to have "captured" the cream puffs rather than just "tracked them down."
    • Big Mom's final panel is worded, "You'd better not be trying to leave me!"
    830: A Man You Can Bet On
    • When talking about how he wants to join Luffy, in VIZ, he phrases his last bubble on the first page as "Doing so will ensure that my voyage wins true freedom for the Fishman race!" (Doesn't say anything specifically about a fight for it like in MS.)
    • Aladdin's response on the next page: "You've told us plenty about Luffy in these past two years. I've always thought that if you felt that strongly about him, it was best for you to follow your heart."
    • When telling Jimbei to live how he wants, the VIZ dialogue from his crew sounds a bit more focused on him being "free." "That's right! Be free, Jimbei! We want you to live your own life now!" I like this phrasing, since freedom is, of course, something that Luffy himself values very highly.
    • Similar to last week with Jimbei, the name in the big block letters is changed to spell "Aladdin" from "Aladine" as it was in MS and presumably the raw. Again, probably for consistency's sake.
    • Praline asks "What was that?! Did I hear you worrying about me just now?" instead of "My oh my, shouldn't you be worrying about lil ol' me?"
    • She also doesn't say anything about "I thought our relationship was better than that" in VIZ. Just says (in that same speech bubble) "What's the big idea?! You can't let me in on your little secret?!" And after Aladdin responds to her with "Of course not," instead of adding "I'm sure I'll be able to negotiate with her!", he says "I was going to tell you!"
    • Interestingly, the original version of MS (when it came out Thursday) switched from using "Master Muscat" to "Sir Moscato" like VIZ did. Since then, they've gone in the middle and are now using "Sir Muscat."
    • Rather than Big Mom's vague stuff about "child" and "parent" from MS when talking about Jimbei leaving she specifically mentions it in context of "parent and child cups" (like the ones that came up during the Grand Fleet formation) in VIZ.
    • A couple of differences when explaining Pedro's story: Carrot states that Pedro and Pekoms were "pirates together", Pedro states that "we" ended up with bounties; Pedro was only with Pekoms "and his group" part-way. Pedro states that it's "for [their] ears only" (rather than the "I'm only telling you this because . . ." from MS), and says he was looking for "a" poneglyph. Pedro suffered "a devastating defeat" there. Carrot responds with "Oh, I see" instead of "I had no idea", and Nami specifically asks why Pedro came since the place must have bad memories for him.
    • Nami just says that the cape is, "the only weak point in the security net" instead of "[she's] heard" that security "doesn't make their rounds."
    ^ I'd also like to add that Aladdin is still labeled as a fishman, rather than a merman, in VIZ. This will probably get fixed for the volume version
    Ps: Can you clarify from VIZ what Mont D'Or said to those dark figures about "not leaving a anything"?
    The line in the Viz version is "Got that?! Every last second!!"

    Which doesn't add a lot of clarity, but reads a lot easier as a snippet of conversation than what Mangastream did
    831: Adventure in the Mysterious Forest
    • Both VIZ and Mangastream say that this is Brook's first time riding the sub, but didn't he ride it with Luffy and Robin at the very beginning of the Sabaody arc?
    • In MS, Pedro says that he'll "require Brook's assistance in [his] journey"; however, in VIZ, he worries that he'll "be a burden on Brook's mission." So basically one version sounds like it's Brook's mission whereas the other says it's Pedro's. Also in VIZ, Brook says "we" will prove useful instead of "I".
    • Instead of asking Pedro if he wants him to steer in deeper waters, Brook states that he "hopes [they] have the depth to travel that far".
    • In MS, Luffy yells at the crocodile by asking if they're not good enough to eat. In VIZ, he yells "What did you think you were chomping on?!", clearly having thought that the crocodile was trying to eat them when he ate the bridge.
    • There's a more obvious implication that Nami may have accidentally offended Chopper and Carrot, since her sweat-drop panel has her say "Er, I didn't mean--!! Yeah, but..."
    • Chopper specifically states that Luffy's "scars and accessories" are on the opposite sides, instead of just "features and details".
    • Nami tells Chopper and Carrot not to "split up" instead of just "don't go".
    • The forest says that it'll "play with them, play them to death" instead of "play the game of death."
    832: Germa Kingdom
    • Not a huge difference, but instead of "Whose food will they end up as?" it's phrased in VIZ as "Whose prey are they?"
    • When Luffy asks "What happened to Sanji?", Nami's reply in VIZ is "Even he is under suspicion! All we know is that he looked just like Sanji!"
    • Brulée's laugh is spelled "Wi wi wi wi". Also, she doesn't specifically say she wants to slice their faces; she just says, "Beauty like this makes me want...to tear it to shreds!"
    • After Brulée tells the Straw Hats that she's been with them all along, she just says "Running and running and unable to escape!" I'm assuming she's still saying the same thing she was in MS (which was "No matter how much you run, you'll never be able to escape these woods!"), but I found the difference a little jarring.
    • The lake behind Big Mom's castle is spelled "Lake Aprico" in VIZ.
    • VIZ specifies that the portrait that MS calls the "Four Nation Coup" (called "The Conquest of Four Nations" here) was an event "in which [they] vanquished four kings of the North Blue all at once."
    • Also, instead of Reiju saying "Nothing's wrong with a man brandishing his fame and power!" (implying that she was talking about the portrait), she instead follows up her statement of saying that her father wants Germa to rule over the North again by saying "What's wrong with that? Men are inevitably drawn to strength and glory..."
    • VIZ just calls his father "Vinsmoke Judge," and "Generalissimo" instead of "Commander".
    • Interestingly, Sanji does admit he has a father (Zeff, obviously) in VIZ: "I have a father...but's it's not you!!!"
    Bellisario, could you post Sanji and Reiju dialogue about Pudding? In MS translation it was implied that Sanji indeed met Pudding, I am curious if the VIZ version is the same.
    Sure. In that panel, Sanji says (in response to Reiju telling him he could live a life of luxury as a royal), "Why bring this up now? I'm not getting married!!!" and Reiju answers, "But isn't Pudding just so sweet? I really like her." So yeah, VIZ also seems to imply that Sanji really has met her.
    833: Vinsmoke Judge
    • In the VIZ version, the different words that were used to describe Sanji ("good-for-nothing", "black sheep", "dud") are replaced with "failure."
    • Sanji tells Judge in VIZ that he's here to protect the lives of his "people", instead of "crew" as Mangastream used, so this presumably includes everyone that Pekoms named as being in danger by his refusal (the SHs, the Baratie workers, and the Kamabakka Kingdom residents).
    • In the middle of MS page 15 (where Judge is bearing down on Sanji with Garuda), one of the onlookers just says, "The Commander's flung himself toward Sanji!", but in VIZ, he says, "It's the Generalissimo's Body-Blow Style!", so apparently this is a specific style of fighting that Judge is known for using.
    • In the next panel, Sanji just says, "Huh, what irony." In VIZ, he's a little more specific: "Ironically enough, this is my forte." (Apparently talking about said Body-Blow Style type of fighting.)
    • Sanji's monologue after his "Can I ask...one thing?" is directed at himself rather than at his father the way it was in MS: "Is a birth father really that special? You don't have a single good memory of him, do you? You had a very tough time of it . . . [thinking] You have nothing...but hatred."
    • When Sanji is telling Reiju that he just wants the tea party to be over so he can leave, instead of just saying "Then I can leave this entire mess behind me," it's "That'll be the end of Big Mom's invitation curse."
    • Quite a bit of Judge's dialogue to Sanji on the second-to-last page is a little different. His response to Sanji: "A sensible if not predictable statement," is instead "Precisely. I'm glad to see you understand." Then, starting with the next panel, it goes to: "As long as you understand, I am satisfied. I'd been hoping to keep this under the radar....I want Big Mom's help, but she demands a family connection. Yes, it's just marriage, but I do not relish the thought of sending my valuable sons to that madwoman's layer. And then I remembered...that years ago, I had a failure. You are my sacrifice, Sanji. I have not changed my opinion in the least...I do not think of you as my son!!"
    834: My Dream
    • One small but kind of interesting thing I noticed: in MS, they comment that Jimbei "turned his back on Big Mom" but in VIZ, they say that he "betrayed us." So the citizens of Totland see themselves as Big Mom's people enough that leaving her equates to betraying all of them, apparently?
    • Also, since I saw people asking about it here: not too much difference between the townspeople's descriptions of the news article in the MS and VIZ versions. VIZ says "Then he goes in and boldly claims, 'I want out!' And when he hears the price, he wilts and withdraws his request!"
    • Probably means the same thing, but instead of "Prior engagement that I must tend to immediately", Pudding says "I just have a little errand to run!"
    • When asked if he knows Pedro, Tamago's answer is a bit more straightforward: "We have a past." Also, instead of saying he knows "where we might find" him, he instead knows "what he might do."
    • Bege's baby's name is spelled "Pez" in VIZ, which actually fits with the naming theme of his mother's family. (Pez candies.)
    • Instead of the "that was pretty deep . . . waxing poetic" line, Bege says "It's like a painting."
    • The dialogue between them about Bege shooting Pekoms, "This is the fate you chose. I gave you your chance, Pekoms." And when he gives his last words, Pekoms says "You don't realize what you're gettin' into with Mama!!!"
    • When Caesar is thinking to himself after Big Mom gives him the lab, instead of saying that he needs to "come up with something that even the brightest minds over the past few centuries have failed to accomplish", he notes that "All of humanity could research for centuries and never succeed at this!"
    • VIZ doesn't translate Perospero's speech habits to "Lickity-lick" and such; it's kept as "Perorin".
    • Luffy wonders "how many dozens of times [he] has to see [the juice guy's] face," states that he "found some more" and is glad he found more, and Juice Guy just says "There's more of them now." Not sure what to make of it, but maybe he knows more about what's going on here than the MS version let on?
    835: Kingdom of Soul
    • Even just the cover of this week's Shonen Jump is a bit different. There aren't nearly as many chibi characters on the VIZ version of the cover, and the other guy who was on Luffy's right looking down at the table isn't even there.
    • VIZ chapter name is "Kingdom of Soul".
    • Luffy doesn't say, "This means you guys didn't just multiply for fun!" and likewise Nami doesn't say anything about Luffy "reaching new heights of idiocy." The dialogue in that panel is: Luffy says, "Well, you guys were the ones who multiplied!" and Nami responds with, "We can't multiply! Well, we did, but--"
    • When Brulée tells them that Big Mom knows of her presence, instead of the part about "The only reason I'm here is because Mama ordered it," she states "We're all after you now on Mama's orders!", so she's not just talking about herself.
    • In the VIZ version, Brulée refers to Chopper's Monster Point as a "trick": "...you can do this trick, too?!" and calls Big Mom a "collector of freaks".
    • In the following to panels, the "Come out, come out, wherever you are~ little girl!" in MS seemed to imply that Nami escaped from the living creatures in the woods by hiding from them, but in VIZ it says, "Wait up, you! Come back, little girl!" implying instead that she outran them, which better fits with what she says throughout the rest of the chapter.
    • Rather than Nami saying she stumbled around in the dark (which could imply that the woods themselves were dark), she says she ran around until it got dark. So I'm guessing it's nighttime now again?
    • Instead of Luffy telling the Guy in the Ground, "We don't have time for that!" he says "This is important, man!"
    • Guy in the Ground doesn't say that Nami's "not so much" (referring to her being strong); instead, after saying that Luffy looks tough, he asks Nami, "But are you?"
    • Luffy noting in VIZ about the trees/flowers/etc, instead of the bubble where he "beat the living crap out of them and they stopped harassing me", he says, "I knocked a bunch of them out, and then they calmed down!"
    • Guy-in-Ground doesn't say anything about the souls "settling" into things at any point in VIZ; he just says, "That means all sorts of things take on a life of their own!" and then says about the trees and such, "That's how these guys started walking and talking like that. They're called 'homies,'" and that "animals can be personified too."
    • Nami doesn't ask why Guy-in-Ground "buried himself here", but instead asks why he's "stuck here."

    836: Lola's Vivre Card
    • Lola from the flashback in VIZ says she and Nami are "like sisters" rather than "officially sworn sisters."
    • The tree's (Kingbaum's) habit of adding "-ju" as a suffix is translated to English as tree-related puns. ("Exactree" instead of "exactly," "atree" in place of "agree", etc.)
    • That dialogue about Pound being Cracker's father, which was phrased a bit oddly in MS ("Well then, let this fact sink in! I mean, I could very well be your father!" "Perhaps you were my original, but you're not mine now!") is much clearer in VIZ, clarifying that Pound could be like a father to him: "But, like, think about it! Technically, I could be considered your father, Cracker!" "Formerly! But not anymore."
    • An interesting difference Luffy: after Cracker asks him if he saved Pound out of sympathy, Luffy's original MS response was admonishing Cracker for treating someone he's known for so long like that. In VIZ, though, he says, "When you see someone dozens of times, you can't help but get a bit attached!" So he's saying instead that he has an attachment to Pound (after seeing him "dozens of times" running around in the woods), not that Cracker should.
    • The Homies don't say anything about "as long as it's that direction", it won't be a problem; just, "Who, them? No prob!"
    • Instead of Pound asking about the vivre card ("What is this?!"), Nami's actually just showing it to him. ("See this?")
    837: Luffy vs. Cracker the General
    • As usual, Mangastream crams a lot more words into some of the speech bubbles (like Brulée's speech to Nami) than VIZ does. Since there seemed to be quite a few questions about it, I'll just include the whole thing:
    But I understand! You just got scared, didn't you?! Wi wi wi...Worst Generation?! Big whoop! So you had your fun on the first half of the Grand Line. Well, I've seen countless faces of despair from lesser crew members like you, who were all so certain that their captain would be the one to claim the Pirate King's mantle! Many of them have wandered into Mama's domain these past two years! Captain Kidd! "Roar of the Sea" Apoo! Bege the Gangster! Urouge the Mad Monk!

    Aside from Bege, who wisely recognized his danger and joined our forces, they were all tossed out like the lightweights they are, without even catching a glimpse or hearing a word from Mama! The only one who managed to get anywhere was Urouge! The impertinent boy managed to topple one of our generals! Not long ago, they were the Sweet 4, wi wi wi! But that was as far as he got! Mama was so furious she sent Cracker to crush him! There is no escape! I'm sure he's breathing his last breath somewhere or other!

    Listen to me! This is where you hit a brick wall in the New World! Fight the Four Emperors?! You must be dreaming! You'll never see Mama! Infiltrate the tea party?! Stop the wedding?! Take back your comrade?! All a dream within a dream! You will never even hope to catch sight of Mama's face! You will die in this forest! Now come into my Mirro-World! I'll have plenty of time to rip up your face and body there...
    • Brulée, before correcting herself, calls him "Father Pound" instead of "Stepfather Pound" in VIZ, although he technically is her stepfather.
    • When Pound says Brulée will show up again, he says that she can appear "from anywhere with a mirror", instead of "anywhere there's a mirror." That could be taken to mean the exact same thing, but it also could mean that, thanks to her mirror, she can appear anywhere.
    • Instead of Nami apologizing for dragging Pound into their mess, she says "Sorry you had to go through that, Pound!" Pound replies with, "It's fine...after all, my own ex-wife said I could be killed..."
    • The panel where some of the sweets are panicking and the others are calming them down says, "Oh crap! Master's Cracker's poppin' off!" "Hey! Don't get so spread apart that you forget your Seducing Woods duties!"
    • Luffy doesn't say that Cracker's Armament Haki is "harder than anything [he's] come across" in VIZ, but that it's simply "too hard."
    • Similar to above, Cracker's speech to Luffy in VIZ:
    If you think of Vinsmoke Sanji as your comrade, then let him go. He is the prince of a mighty nation. His status is far greater than yours! He will have a proud wife and live here with his every desire catered to! You selfishly claim that you will "take back" your friend, rather than allowing him to be happy?! When his annoying former captain gets to him, that proud prince will no doubt say, "Begone from my sight, you miserable, inferior pirate!"
    • Rather than telling Cracker not to "put words in Sanji's mouth", Luffy just says, "Don't insult Sanji!" for that part.
    838: Chobro
    • Instead of "Bropper", the name of this chapter/Carrot's nickname for Chopper is "Chobro."
    • The whole "You seem genuinely perplexed" line wasn't in VIZ at all. Cracker's lines there are, "Who am I, you ask? I'm pretty sure I already introduced myself as Cracker the General."
    • Similarly, he doesn't say anything about manipulating "in ways you could never imagine." Those panels say, "I can produce and manipulate an infinite number of biscuits! I just craft the outline with crushed biscuit dust. Just set your mind to it, and...look, it's the face of a hardened warrior! Biscuits change their form depending on the era and the creator!"
    • Luffy's attack name in VIZ is "Gum Gum Kong Organ Gun".
    • Chopper doesn't say anything about "you must show me respect". He just says, "I've got a great idea, so from this point onward, call me Big Brother Chopper!"
    • Brook sounded kind of uncertain about their infiltration effort in MS, adding, "but..." at the end, so Pedro tells him "worry not." In VIZ, though, he remarks that it appears to have been successful, and Pedro agrees.
    • Instead of a "meet and greet of sorts" with the Vinsmokes, it's just said to be "a meeting."
    • In VIZ, Big Mom wonders if Luffy and co are all talk, "just like the others" (which wasn't stated explicitly in MS). Instead of pests, she calls them "mold spores", lol.
    • Yonji says he can't wait to see his Ichiji and Niji "face off" with Sanji, rather than just "Sanji's face when he sees them", so he's clearly hoping they'll fight, too.
    • That whole awkward "We stand in awe and are left speechless" bubble of MS just says in VIZ, "I can't believe they wrapped up the long war of Broc Collie!"
    Volume 84 (Chapters 839-848)
    839: I Owe You My Life!
    • VIZ name of the chapter is "I Owe You My Life!"
    • In MS, Judge says that "they" came to Germa to help once they could no longer acquire weapons; however, in VIZ, he clarifies that "The side that could no longer acquire weapons sought our strength in its place. Rather than sticking to the policy of suppression."
    • Reiju's words following that are a little different as well: "Halfhearted kindness only leads to more suffering. This is the perfect example."
    • Judge's comments about the Reverie in VIZ sound like he's been expecting to lose Reverie privileges for a while now. He says "For we are still a member state of the World Government," and then when Reiju or whoever remarks that the Reverie is this year, Judge states, "And yet I suspect that, this time, at long last, they will be revoking our right to attend. But keep this in mind. The power we will gain from this move is absolute! It will bring change to Germa!"
    • The "hold your head high" that Niji says to Sanji is only in MS.
    • VIZ clarifies that Niji didn't actually even eat Cosette's dish; he didn't know if he disliked it or not. He said it "looks nasty, it's all sticky and gross" and called it "disgusting-looking food," but said absolutely nothing about the taste. Which manages to make his whole tantrum even worse.
    • About the dish on the floor, Sanji's panel with him holding the meat just says, "And this meat is fine confit. I assume it was picked because you're exalted guests," and then the next panel, "This is a heavy-duty dish to make in one day." (Nothing about preparing the dish since before sunrise.)
    • Ichiji's panel in MS was "Royals are meant to act like royals!" In VIZ, it's "Royalty operates by its own set of rules!" And Judge adds, "Indeed. And your mistakes have only grown deeper."
    • Tamago's flashback dialogue is a little different: "Both the Straw Hats and Sanji himself will mount le résistance against this marriage. Just in case, you may have ce bracelet and knowledge of his secret weakness."
    • Apparently the lunch with Big Mom and Pudding is at Big Mom's place. Instead of the "make yourself presentable" panel, Judge says, "Prepare to leave for her castle."
    • Sanji's words about Cosette sound in VIZ like thinks it could be more than one of his siblings who beat her up, and not necessarily just Niji: "Hey, wake up! Damn! They waited till I wasn't around! What did she do to deserve this?! They beat a woman unconscious?! I've never seen such wretched cowardice!" And Yonji clarifies for him (though of course he could be lying) that Niji's the one who did it: "You wanna see Niji? He's your culprit."
    • Also, Yonji's words about the Clone Room are fairly different: "Aren't you curious? We were never allowed in here as kids."
    840: The Iron Mask
    • Yonji doesn't say the part about "Back when were were but a glint in his eye." Instead, it's just "In his younger days." (About Judge.) And while MS used "lineage factor" as the name for Vegapunk's discovery, VIZ calls it "bloodline elements."
    • Yonji's words in his first panel of MS page 7 (talking about the WG arresting Vegapunk): the VIZ version is, "The World Government felt threatened by this and arrested Vegapunk! The research team disbanded. Or should I say...they were absorbed by the Government." Somewhat different from the MS version. Also, the "clone pawns" are called "clone soldiers" here.
    • In the panel after he uses Stealth, where he grabs Sanji, Niji's words to Sanji in VIZ are about Cosette, contrary to the implication by MS that he was referring to Zeff. His words are, "What's going on here? Have you taken a liking to that kitchen maid?" And then, after he beats Sanji, says about her, "If I'd known that, I wouldn't have smashed her face." Also, Ichiji doesn't call her a cripple here; he just says she can be Sanji's personal servant "if you don't mind her being seriously wounded."
    • VIZ specifically notes that the books Sanji has when feeing the mouse are Noland the Liar (continuity nod to the Jaya arc), which is the one he's actually reading, and a book about Devil Fruits (continuity nod to Thriller Bark, where he told Absalom he read that once), which is the one sitting next to him.
    • Judge's words about the Vinsmoke mother: "Your mother is dead! Stop chasing her shadow!"
    • Reiju's words to Sanji: "Of course I had to laugh along with them. If I try to stop them, they'll pick on me too! Nobody wants that."
    • In VIZ, Judge specifically says Sanji died in an "unthinkable shipwreck" rather than just an accident.
    • All the kids seem to have more doubts about Sanji actually being dead. Niji wonders, "Is he really dead?" And Ichiji replies, "Dunno. Who really cares about him anyway?" This also creates a greater dissonance between his words and Reiju's subtly worried face in the next panel.

    841: To the East Blue
    • MS implies that it's always the same guy who brings Sanji food every day. ("I wonder where that guy keeps carrying . . ."). VIZ says no such thing, just wondering where these fancy meals they put together every day are going. Similarly, VIZ does not explicitly mention a mistress, merely implying it, and there's no suggestion at he may have had one in the past. The suggestions in that panel are all a little different: "'Perhaps he's harboring a foreign dignitary...' 'Or housing some pretty young woman.' 'I heard there are screams coming from the basement.'"
    • I guess it's not that different, but instead of "I love you all more than anything!", Judge exclaims "My beloved children!"
    • In the flashback panel where the cook talks to Sanji (the one after Sanji cuts his finger), the cook's words are pretty different; instead of saying that Sanji should leave because a royal shouldn't be spending time in a kitchen, he says that Judge didn't want him to let Sanji in: "His Majesty has ordered me to keep you out of the kitchen!"
    • The Queen's words to Epony: "I know what you tried to do, but please stop. Bring me what Sanji cooked for me!" (Makes a lot more sense.)
    • After the Queen eats the food and says it's yummy, and Sanji responds with "Really?!", the following bubble in MS ("Huhh?!") seems to be a shocked response from Epony. In VIZ, though, it's the Queen reaffirming it with with, "Yes!"
    • When Reiju talks to Sanji while patching him up, her words seem to imply that their brothers lacking empathy is part of what makes them so perfect to Judge. "The other three are Father's ideal soldiers. They have no emotions like sympathy or pity or sadness. They successfully augmented my body too...but that's one area where I'm different from them." Also, when Sanji tells her he wants to be a cook, she says, "I asked you not to tell me these things!"
    • "Kotzia" is called "Kojia".
    • Judge saying that he couldn't bring himself to kill Sanji: "I suppose I am fallibly human as well. Too soft and sentimental to dispose of my own son myself--even a failure like you."
    • When Reiju talks to Sanji about why he came back in the present day: "All you had to do was abandon your boss from a restaurant you used to work at, and all of this would have been settled! So why did you come back? Why return to a place...that you never wanted to remember...? Sanji..."
    842: The Power of a Full Stomach
    • VIZ chapter name: "The Power of a Full Stomach".
    • On the first page, when Cracker is talking to Kingbaum, the first speech bubble in the panel with just Crackers sounds in MS like it's Cracker talking ("Is that somehow meant to justify the fact that you're still following her orders?!"), but it's actually Kingbaum: "Don't you cedar? In a way, we're following Mama's orders!"
    • MS page 7 (when Luffy eats more biscuit soldiers): The panel as the now-damp soldiers charge towards Luffy has Cracker saying, "Shoot, he's just gonna devour them again!", while VIZ just says, "Oh crap! Oh craaap!" Then, in the next panel, when Luffy exasperatedly eats more biscuits, he says, "Fine! I'm coming, Sanji! I don't even care anymore!" (presumably referring to eating more biscuits despite being full), with the response being, "Aaah! What wanton gluttony!"
    • When Reiju puts the mask on Sanji's face, his MS response implies that he's agreeing with Reiju about it stinging. In VIZ, he instead comments that it's chilly. Then, in the panel where is face returns to normal, instead of the speech bubble implied to be Sanji calming down/being surprised, it's Reiju asking, "How is it now?"
    • When Reiju states that the Charlotte family members never marry into another family to take their name, but that Sanji can be happy if they like him, his original response was an ambiguous, "You..." In the translation, it's a more-clear "How dare you..."
    • The speech bubble as Sanji's brief flashback starts (a "Quit yer yammerin'!" from Zeff) is actually the other chefs, implied to be chanting: "Women, women, women!"
    • The bubble where Luffy says, "Give it a rest already!" instead says, "Don't get...so full of yourselves!" (The irony.)
    • In the panel where Cracker starts to charge Luffy to pierce his belly, the second bubble, "I'm going to end this...before you get any more funny ideas!" is left ambiguous as to who's saying it. In the official, it's clearly Luffy replying to Cracker: "No! I'm ending this now!"
    • Luffy's Tankman is called "Stuffed Version" instead of "Full Version."
    Quote Originally Posted by Rivaille View Post
    Did Nami refers Cracker as the right-hand man of Big Mom?
    Huh. I thought I included the bullet point for that one in there, but guess I must have deleted it by accident or something. But actually, no. Instead of "You think you're hot stuff just because you're a Yonko's right hand man" for the first part of that bubble, she says "You may be an Emperor's...something or other". (The second part of that bubble is pretty much the same in both versions, though.)
    Quote Originally Posted by Long John Silvers Rayleigh View Post
    What about the whole " ill cut your balls off and ill slit my throat part"
    That part is...more or less exactly the same, actually. "But if you ever set foot off the path of a proper man...then I'll cut off your balls and slit my own throat!" The reasoning he gives for it (where he talks about being a parent) is "Because that's how a parent owns up to his own mistake!"

    So take note, all you parents out there. If your sons fuck up badly as men someday, here's how you take care of it.
    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    Do Zeff still talks about the universe before the dinosaurs?
    It's slightly different, but more or less has the same message. "It's been the rule since the age of the dinosaurs."
    843: Vinsmoke Sanji
    • Opera's "-fa" speech trait is translated as a "thick" voice. ("fwom" for "from" and "Straw Ha' Luffy'sh" for "Straw Hat Luffy's")
    • In MS, Pound just apologizes for "not having more faith in [them] earlier". In VIZ, he more specifically apologizes for "running away and leaving [them] behind". Nami responds to his assumption about losing with, "Well, that's really rude of you, Pound!"
    • Oddly, in VIZ, Luffy doesn't say anything about burning calories faster in Gear Fourth (though it's almost certainly true). He just replies to Nami with "Gear Four uses a lot of energy."
    • Linlin, rather than Cracker, is the one who's stated to be vengeful about Snack's defeat: "Cracker's forces blotted out the seas with their numbers, and Linlin's rage of vengeance summoned a storm!"
    • In VIZ, Luffy's words after Pound tells them about Linlin's powers clarifies that he's angry right now, rather than just talking about his tempers. "Let her be mad...huff huff...I'm the one who's mad right now." And then, his words about Sanji: "I mean, what's Sanji doing? He just leaves a letter and vanishes on us without even giving a reason why!"
    • The second bubble in the last panel with Nami and Pound (asking what time it is, and saying they need to stop the Vinsmokes from reaching the castle) appears in MS (and the panel itself) to be spoken by Nami, but in VIZ, it's spoken by Pound.
    • When briefly talking in the mirror with Chopper, he mentions Brook's team in the official version, instead of just "we". ("If all goes well, both you and Brook's team will be--") And instead of saying it "turned back into a normal mirror", Nami says, "It's just mirror pieces again!"
    • Yonji's reaction to seeing Luffy is "What?! He crossed her territory to get here?!"
    • The cat pun about the coach they're in: The "Calicoach".
    • Some of Luffy's words to Sanji when he's chattering away are different, and there aren't pieces cut off: "Originally I was just gonna come get you myself, but it was a bit much for me alone. So Zoro's group is heading for Wano now, while we've got Nami, Chopper, and Brook. And also, because they wouldn't take no for an answer..." (Yes, VIZ does not say that Zoro's group is "already in" Wano.)
    • Sanji's words about the letter (and after): "Stop taking that letter seriously! I'm not going back!" And when Yonji says he wants to help, Sanji just responds with telling him not to get involved, and then "I'll drive him off!"
    • Luffy's response to Sanji's speech is "Hell no! What are you talking about?! This makes no sense!"
    Is the japanese ambiguous with who he mentions driving off?
    Mmm, not really, it's still pretty clear he's talking about driving off Luffy.
    Thanks, but could you write the whole translation for the Sanji's speech? There are some theories flying around based on his choice of words, so it would help a lot :)
    Sure. He says:
    Quote Originally Posted by Vinsmoke Sanji
    "Get lost, you miserable, inferior pirates! My name is Vinsmoke Sanji. And I am a prince of the Germa Kingdom! Forgive me for hiding this from you! If I had told you, it would only have made you self-concious. The difference in status between us is obvious. Here I have all the money, soldiers, and servants I can use! If my choice is between returning to you and your chuckleheaded crewmates, and living in luxury here with Big Mom's beautiful daughter as my wife, which do you think will make me happier? There's no comparison! Stop taking that letter seriously! I'm not going back! I'm amazed you actually came all this way. Poor sap... Just go...whatever your name is."

    844: Luffy vs. Sanji
    • Sanji's speech to Luffy asking what he means by "drive [him] off" has its differences:
    Quote Originally Posted by Vinsmoke Sanji
    "Get lost. What other meaning do you need?! I don't know what got into your head, but I appreciate that you came all this way to see me. Here's the thing, though. If you really care about me, aren't you going about this all backward? Aligning myself with the rich and powerful Big Mom Pirates can bring me much more happiness than sticking around with your tiny, poor crew. If I'm being honest, I don't even know if you have what it takes to be King of the Pirates. It's just common sense. If you want to win the race, you have to choose the right horse."
    • When Luffy asks if Sanji has been lying to him, Sanji's words in reply (as he activates Diable Jambe) are also a little different: "Yeah, that's right! I've been looking down on you on the inside. I realize it's probably hard to accept reality when it comes so suddenly. So I'll beat it into you instead. Put up your fists!"
    • After kicking Luffy around a little, instead of the "Go...and don't come back" that he says in MS, VIZ has him repeat, "Put up your fists."
    • When Luffy refuses to fight Sanji and also refuses to disappear, Sanji replies with, "You always insist on getting your own way!"
    • Luffy shuts down Nami's protests (which say basically the same thing in both versions) with "Enough, Nami! Don't interfere...this is a duel." and Sanji answers with "You call this a duel?" (MS was "Whatever happens here, I'm fine with it." "You're fine with it?!")
    • As Mangastream noted, in the original Japanese, Nami dropped the "-kun" honorific that she usually uses with Sanji after he was done beating up Luffy. Obviously, this sadly does not carry over into the VIZ English version. Her words to him are "Hang on! Sanji! *Slap* Goodbye. Sorry for overstepping our bounds."
    • Yonji's words after Nami slaps Sanji: "Whoa! That chick is brutal! Awesome!" (Instead of "She's the fiery type! I'm so into that!")
    • Luffy's words to Sanji as he drives off also have several differences:
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey D. Luffy
    "Wait, Sanji! What do you mean, 'inferior pirates'?! You know you don't mean that! Stop lying! Do you really think you can drive me off like this?! Don't be stupid! You can kick me all you want, but you're the one feeling the pain!"
    (Nami interjects with, "Why would he do this, Luffy?! What reason could he have to..." and Luffy replies with "Shut up!")
    "This voyage...isn't over yet! I'll be waiting right here! And if you don't come back, I'll just sit here and starve! I mean, you're the cook for my ship! I won't eat anyone's food but yours anymore! I'll just stand here and starve, out in the rain and the snow, waiting for you to come back! Come back, Sanji! Without your help, I can't become the King of the Pirates!"
    845: Forces of Rage
    • VIZ name of the chapter: "Forces of Rage".
    • When Nami is talking to Luffy about him waiting there, MS has a pair of bubbles that say, "If you stay out in the open like, the enemies might...But Sanji..." making it unclear whether it's Nami talking still in both of them, or Luffy in the second one. VIZ makes it clearer that it's still Nami: "So if you wait, enemies will come...but I don't think Sanji..."
    • Both versions do have a chapter title drop on the page that shows the Germa carriage from behind. In MS, it's "Clear the way! The enraged army is coming through!" VIZ: "Make way, make way! The forces of rage are passing through!"
    • The nicknames/descriptions of Bobbin and the others are a bit different: "I don't believe this! There's Bobbin the Disposer, Amande the Mad Moiselle and Montd'or the Secretary! Can you imagine the total bounty of that crowd?!"
    • VIZ handles the mizuame pun thusly: "It's raining. No, wait...it's syrup! So it's...'drizzling'?"
    • After Dolce and Dragée refuse to get a knife for Anana, the third child says something completely different in the two versions. In MS, it sounds like he agrees with his siblings: "Yeah, Mama, don't encourage such psychotic behavior like that!" But in VIZ, he's questioning their words: "They shouldn't use those wicked words, should they Mama?"
    • The dialogue between Big Mom and Judge is a bit different, too:
    Linlin: Welcome, Germa 66! So sorry about the wait! We had a little problem! But it's all sorted now. Oh, but I've heard all the rumors! Your son is a cook--the perfect match for my Pudding! Of course, he could be anything, for all I care. It's a political marriage! As long as my interests and yours align, all is well, Judge! Haaa ha ha ha!
    Judge: Indeed...but there is nothing better than our children being happy! To a fine wedding tomorrow!
    Linlin: Of course! I'll drink to that!
    • Pudding is still talking about Sanji potentially escaping in the present tense, so she's still willing to help him with that: "If it's about the invitation, I can take the blame! I'm her daughter--I'll be fine! Just don't appear at the ceremony, or it's all over!" (Also, once again mentions that she'll be fine because she's Big Mom's daughter in this version. Foreshadowing?)
    • Sanji also mentions wanting Big Mom to let his friends go in the present tense: "And in return, I want Big Mom to let my people go. They're going after our crew at this very moment!"
    • The last two bubbles of Pudding's speech clarifies, "You've never actually once said that you were even going to marry me!" (The "but here I am just assuming" part isn't there at all.)
    • Otherwise, though, Sanji's and Pudding's dialogue to each other is pretty similar between the two versions.
    846: Tamago Security

    • The VIZ name of the chapter is "Tamago Security".
    • Amande's "famed blade" Shirauo is called "Icefish" here.
    • In Mangastream, Opera goes on about the "sweetness" of his fresh cream, stating he'll burn Luffy by adding more sweetness to it. In VIZ, he just notes that the sugar in it will burn him: "That'fh the powah of sweet cream for ya! Once that cream sweepfh right ovah yah, the sugah's bound ta burn ya flesh right off tha bonesh!"
    • After Nami declares that Lola is her friend who gave her the vivre card, the response is "Hmph! We'll see about that..." (in the bubble that says "It seems..." in MS).
    • Big Mom's reply to Sanji after she acquiesces to his request: "See, as long as you play by my rules, you'll find I'm very understanding! I'll let your current companions in the Straw Hat crew leave this island alive. You've got yourself a deal!" (Everything after that is more or less the same in both versions, though I can provide the whole thing if someone wants it.)
    • Tamago refers to the "text" (singular) on the stones: "Scattered throughout the world, there is a text on stone tablets that has survived unbroken for hundreds of years!" He also doesn't say that they have to bring the nine poneglyphs to Raftel, just follow them there: "By assembling and following them to the final island, Raftel, le stones will begin to speak the truth of the world!"
    • When Jimbei says in the tiny flashback panel that he brought the poneglyph, Wadatsumi says "I helped too!" in MS, but "He found me too." in VIZ.
    • The way Tamago says "Poneglyph Thief" in MS makes it sound like some sort of title. In VIZ, he just says that Pedro showed up five years ago to steal the poneglyph, with no such title implied. Also, Tamago states that the Four Emperors "fight over [the Road Poneglyphs'] possession" rather than "steal them" from each other, and calls the Road poneglyph Big Mom's "most valuable clue" rather than her "trump card".
    • Pedro's words have some differences: "Things are looking desperate--the security's impossible to breach! There's no waning of the guard, even throughout the night! Did all of our hopes vanish in the moment that Tamago learned of my presence?! I was at least hoping that we could perform our part of the mission smoothly while Luffy's group was waylaid..."
    • As are some of Brook's: "But coming back here later would no doubt prove extremely difficult! In fact, the harder we try to get here, the higher the chance of an all-out battle. It will be impossible for everyone to reach this location together!"
    847: Luffy and Big Mom
    • The bubbles that say "ribbit" in MS say "grek" in VIZ.
    • Rather than simply "a whole new world" within books, Big Mom says you can find an "infinite array of worlds".
    • Judge makes a pun when talking about the lack of giants in the VIZ version, saying that they're a group "that would stand out above the rest". And instead of Big Mom saying "You probably just missed 'em" (which sounds like some BS), she says, "Probably just a coincidence that you haven't seen one yet."
    • In MS, Big Mom says that there's beautiful weather, but in VIZ, she says to the Vinsmokes, "Hope you have a lovely afternoon...despite the weather!", implying that it's bad (perhaps still raining). Maybe in MS it was implying that she finds that stormy weather to be beautiful, but if that's the case, it didn't come across that way in VIZ.
    • Big Mom's reply to the soldier's gushing over Germa 66: "Oh, shut yer mouth! Don't be a dummy, that stupid comic strip has rotted yer brains. Image isn't everything. It's what's inside that counts!"
    • Perospero' words about Luffy and Nami are "I like the looks on those faces!" (rather than "I love how bad these kids look"), and "Why, my little candy, you look so sweet!" (instead of "How sweet...a little candy girl!")
    • Big Mom's words in the panel with her kids watching and laughing are different, especially the first part of the bubble: "You're an arrogant squirt if you think you deserve an audience with me! I don't need to get involved to have you killed."
    • Big Mom's threat for if Luffy robs her of her delight doesn't talk about "seeing hell" in VIZ; just "You're really going to regret it!"
    • When talking about the Tamate Box, rather than saying she's "fallen in love with it", Big Mom instead says "I happen to love treasure chests!", so she's instead saying she just loves those in general.
    • Instead of Nami saying "Don't tell her about Pudding!", she just says, "Forget about..."
    • For once, there's more words in a VIZ bubble instead of MS: rather than "She truly has no idea how I feel!", Big Mom notes instead, "This is as sure an example of a parent and child not seeing eye to eye as there ever was!"
    • The last panel of Lola flashbacks is pretty different, with Lola saying in those two bubbles, "This is just between us, okay? Since you and I are like sisters."
    • In VIZ, as well as a friend to Lola, Big Mom calls Nami by her Marine nickname, "Nami the Cat Burglar", adding "You're going to tell me where she is." (Nothing said about "later on", implying that Big Mom may want the answer right now.)
    • Also, Luffy's speech to Big Mom has some differences: "This is a stupid story, Big Mom! It was Lola who didn't get married, and it's you who failed to become King of the Pirates! Here I am, picking another fight with you! I'm not backing down just because you're one of the Four Emperors! I'm going to take Sanji back, and at the end of the day, we're gonna win!"
    • Sanji's words thinking about his friends: "Please, everyone...please...pull back and leave safely..."
    • Instead of "Pedro! So you're really here!", Tamago says, "Aha! Pedro! I knew you would infiltrer the castle!"
    848: Goodbye

    • In VIZ, Anglaise getting the word a bit wrong is more obvious than it was in MS: He says "ninfilnator" before Galette corrects him to "infiltrator".
    • Interestingly, Sanji's initial words in his room make it sound like he's still considering running away. Instead of "Get it together, man!", he says, "No, I can't!" and then, "I made a deal with Big Mom! She's gonna let the gang go! And if I just get married, I can save the Baratie too!"
    • Instead of "a bomb", Pedro is just said to have "explosives".
    • Rather than the third floor of "ambaum", Tamago states Pedro's on the third floor of "the red-bean baum cake". He also says "Pedro, you conniver!" instead of "Damned Pedro, going all out on us".
    • In MS, Smoothie notes that the second intruder "took us by surprise", which could imply that he ambushed them. In VIZ, she says the infiltrator "slipped past us", clarifying that Brook snuck in behind their backs. And instead of "this was my mistake", she says "We got sloppy!"
    • Tamago's last speech bubble to Smoothie (in response to her asking if she can kill him) has some differences, too. "If it's who I think it is, he is 'le bones'! One of the freaks Mama desires! So...half-kill only!" MS states that Smoothie described him as being all bones while VIZ implies that Tamago is just guessing that, and VIZ clarifies that they can beat Brook half to death as long as he doesn't actually die.
    • As usual, MS says more stuff than VIZ. Where it has the whole bubble saying "Pedro's done a fine job . . .", VIZ just has "Brilliant work, Pedro!" And his words after introducing himself as Soul King: "Your lazy, slapped-on little souls cannot stay on their feet in the presence of my soul scream!"
    • Pudding uses both Luffy's and Nami's names in VIZ, so Opera instead repeats "Luffy and Nami?" Also, Pudding's bubble that originally just said "They..." in MS says "So...they got you." in VIZ, and their reply to her apology is just "Oh, Pudding..." (without the "It's okay!").
    • Pudding's got an added "I wanted to let you know that" Sanji proposed to her, and her stuff she says before assuring them that she won't marry Sanji is, "I know he's just being considerate of me. My presence here is causing pain to everyone..." Further implying she's planning on running away, perhaps?
    Volume 85 (Chapters 849-858)
    849: Chobro in the Land of Mirrors
    • As with previous SJ covers, VIZ significantly trimmed this one down; not nearly as many characters are on the front dressed up as Straw Hats. (Besides Luffy himself, there's just one each of Zoro, Brook, and Chopper, and two Sanjis.)
    • VIZ name of the chapter is "Chobro in the Land of Mirrors".
    • Where Brulee is saying, "This is going to make the perfect stew!" she instead says, "Ooh, we're serving some fine wild game today!"
    • VIZ's name for the Noble Croc: "Aristrocroc".
    • VIZ doesn't appear to have bothered translating the servant's "-nas" quirk into anything. The pun he makes in the original about "-nas/nasu" isn't made into a joke at all here; he just says "If you're feeling hungry, I could bring you a meal..."
    • Big Mom's angry shouting when she's barging into the Treasure Vault is just "Who dares to interfere with my fun?! Who could be so foolish?!"
    850: A Ray of Light
    • VIZ name for the chapter is "A Ray of Light".
    • In the panel where Chopper and Carrot are being pulled by Diesel and looking around at the mirrors, they say, "Maybe it's farther ahead?" instead of "Where are they?", and Diesel's reply when asked if he knows is "You wish I did! Dammit!" (As I'm sure you'd expect, there's not actually nearly as much profanity in this chapter as VIZ threw in there.)
    • When Sanji states he's going for a walk (and gives a title drop to the chapter name): "You bet. I'm going to bask in my only ray of light remaining."
    • Interestingly, Big Mom's words to Pekoms after he states that Pedro is like a brother to him are less harsh in the official version. Instead of "Quit sobbing like a baby, Pekoms!", she says, "Aww, don't cry, Pekoms." Seems like she's scolding him in the MS version, but being more comforting in the VIZ version.
    • Tamago's attack is called "Legs Benedict" (where it was "Legg Benedict" in MS).
    • Pudding states in VIZ that she's "Mama's 'favorite'", rather than "one of [her] 'favorites'". She also follows the part about her acting with, "Doing all those favors and bowing and scraping got so annoying!", making it ambiguous who she's talking about (whereas, in MS, she was talking about Big Mom's pampering of her being what she was getting sick of.)
    • Reiju's words to Pudding: "What a sweetheart you turned out to be." And Pudding replies with something very different from the scanlations: "See, it's that sarcastic and uncooperative side of you that we don't need."
    851: Dog End
    • VIZ name of the chapter is "Dog End".
    • After Pudding's started making faces to imitate Sanji, in MS Pudding asks why Reiju isn't saying anything, but in VIZ, she asks why Reiju isn't looking at her.
    • Pudding's words about Sanji's proposal: "Then he pulled me close, and managed to squeak out the words, 'You are my salvation! Let's get married!'" (In other words, more accurate to what he actually did say.) Then her words after that: "Have you ever heard of such a miserable proposal?! Oh, it was so funny! Who in their right mind would ever get married to a disgraceful failure like you?!"
    • Big Mom, instead of asking Brook why he stands again, asks why he's still on his feet.
    • Brook's words to Big Mom:
    Quote Originally Posted by Brook, Chapter 851
    "That's right! The thing about Sanji is...he's very kind-hearted. So I knew that he would not return to us. No matter what trap it is you've set up for him! His kindness knows no bounds! Once he's made up his mind to sacrifice himself for someone, he will not change his ways! And our captain, meanwhile, is a man who always trusts in his own beliefs when he acts! So whatever happens will be decided by them!
    <After Big Mom asks if he has nothing better to do than copy a stone> Not quite! I am doing it so that if, in the worst-case scenario, Sanji does not return with us, he will not need to kick himself for bringing us here, because we will have gained something tremendous for our trouble!
    Big Mom: Ma ma ma ma! That worst-case scenario you envision is rather tame! Sanji not returning?! That's the worst thing you can imagine?! Nobody dies?! Everyone might die!
    Brook: Young lady, what kind of idiot draws up plans with the expectation of dying?
    • Brûlée says that "the mirrors" know what they're reflecting, rather than "we". Chopper and Carrot then call out to them in a Snow White reference in the VIZ version: "Mirrors, mirrors in this hall! Which of you leads past the castle wall?!"
    • Pudding's fruit is also called "Memo-Memo Fruit" in VIZ (MS shortened it to "Mem Mem").
    • After Pudding messes with Reiju's memories, she says that the memories of her "have been cut" (which is what we saw) instead of "I'll have to trim [them] out" from the original, which sounded a little weird considering we just saw her do it.
    • Nami's response about being shot with a crossbow is "What?! What do you mean?! Don't do that--it'll kill me!" Also, instead of telling her to quit being so difficult, Luffy and Opera tell her to stop being selfish.
    • Jimbei's response to being told he's not allowed in the castle: "Oh, don't be difficult. There's battles and chaos all over."
    852: Germa's Failure

    • The doctor states that he's going to be in the medical office on the 4th floor, not another infirmary there. Also, after the chess soldier thanks the doctor, he tells him to be careful not to fall asleep, instead of to just be careful.
    • Reiju says "my leg" (singular), and after saying the stuff about the soldiers yelling about an infiltrator, instead of "And I got caught up in all of that?" she says, "And then...I got attacked, I suppose?" Sanji then notes about this, "Doesn't add up, does it? Feels strangely piecemeal? That's because your memories were replaced. I'll tell you what really happened."
    • While in MS Nami notes Jimbei's "unfinished business" and Jimbei notes he "just took care of it", in VIZ she instead refers to it as his "position to uphold" and Jimbei instead states that they "just saw [him] abandon it."
    • Reiju's response after Sanji notes they'll kill her too if she lets things play out: "Really? You're worried about me? This is the problem with lasting impressions. I do one tiny favor for you, and you imagine you owe me some great debt over the years. Well, stop that."
    • The mom is called "Sora" instead of "Sola", is clarified to have taken "pills" (plural) where MS just said "drug", and instead of Judge demanding, "What the hell are you doing?!", he says "What have you done?!"
    • Instead of "As if medicine could change the blueprints . . ." (which sounded weird, making it sound like he was talking about Sora's pills), the guy with Judge says, "Have no fear, we can change the blueprints of the human body with chemicals!"
    • Rather than Sora saying Sanji's the "best kid" in the world (which seems a little insensitive to say with her little daughter right there), she says he's the "sweetest boy" in the world.
    • Reiju's words about Sanji: "Of course you're not a failure. Mother gave her life in resistance to protect you and the emotions you were born with. That's what you stand for, Sanji!"
    • In MS, Reiju notes that their father and brothers deserve to die, that they're a bunch of murderers. In VIZ, she includes herself in this as well, saying "we're" a band of murderers. Sanji's subsequent words about Reiju dying with them are a little different: "But why you? Why do you have to die?!"
    853: Not Here
    • It's a pretty subtle difference, but in MS, Brook noted to himself, "Pudding is a three-eyes?" which seems to imply that he knows of the three-eyed tribe and thus is basically saying, 'Pudding's a member of them?' In VIZ, he thinks "Pudding has three eyes?" which could be him surprised that Pudding has a third eye at all, not necessarily recognizing her tribe.
    • Pudding's thoughts to herself about Brook being captured seemed to raise a fair number of suspicions. Here, she says, "So that skeleton man got in here. Well...at least they caught him." Personally, I think this line sounds slightly less shady than the original one.
    • Like with "Tamago" to "egg", VIZ doesn't translate the names into "chick" and "chicken" (presumably because they're names), so they're calling him "Viscount Hiyoko" and "Count Niwatori". (Kind of funny how they did translate "Inuarashi" and "Nekomamushi" back in Zou, then, though). However, in the bubble where they're saying "he goes from baron to viscount to count", they do translate all three words, likely to explain the meanings to readers who don't know Japanese.
    • Where Carrot says "You're amazing, Pedro! ♥" in MS, she says "That's the kind of quick thinking I knew you could do, Pedro! ♥" in VIZ.
    • Pedro's words about Carrot's drawing: instead of "What sort of art style is that?!", it's "Why are they so beautful?!"
    • Instead of "Minister-class backup", the call is specifically for "all Ministers".
    • Luffy's weird-sounding line from MS after he said he's glad Sanji wasn't tricked, "Everything besides that's already been done," is clarified to be "I've done everything else I can!"
    • Another one with a very small word difference that could be significant: in MS, Sanji says "There's no going back now, Luffy..." Ambiguous, but could more be taken to mean that Sanji might not come back to the crew. In VIZ, it's "There's no turning back now, Luffy..." which is still ambiguous, but doesn't seem to imply him leaving the crew quite as much.
    854: What are You Doing?
    • VIZ's name for the chapter is "What are You Doing?"
    • In the Mangastream version, the soldiers shout, "It's Boss Jinbe! Wait a sec...Jinbe is staging a mutiny!" as if they only just realized it mid-sentence. However, in the VIZ version, they say "Boss Jimbei is...er, I mean...Jimbei is staging a mutiny!", so they were really just correcting themselves from calling him "Boss".
    • In MS, Big Mom says she doesn't yet want to put Brook in the "museum"; in VIZ, she says "the book", confirming that she means the Prison Library. Also, the former has the question of if they's going to kill the SHs "like that", which doesn't really say much, but the latter asks if they'll kill them "in there", as in, they were going to be murdered inside of their book cell.
    • After Big Mom tells Pudding, "You're my precious little bride", the original scanlation had her say "If one of these fights goes south and you get taken out, we're going to have a real problem," but she's a bit more specific in the official translation: "I don't want them to come back at you and cause a disaster." Because of the phrasing of both versions, Pudding's original reply "Thanks for the consideration" may or may not have sounded slightly sarcastic, but the official, "Thanks for your concern, Mama" does sound more genuine.
    • When BM's talking about Pudding shooting Sanji, her dialogue about the "single/one shot" is a little different: "You'll get one shot--Finish him off with it!" Also, instead of "bare-handed" for the Vinsmokes, she says they'll be "unarmed".

    855: Glurrgle!!!
    • Jaimini's Box Link: https://jaiminisbox.com/reader/series/one-piece-2/
    • VIZ goes with translating the stomach grumbling onomatopoeia as "Glurrgle!!!" for the chapter name.
    • MS originally got Bobbin's bounty wrong at the time the chapter came out, but they've since corrected it. All three sources now have the correct bounty of 105.5 million Berries.
    • In MS, after putting the other soldiers to sleep, Bobbin just states that he will "fix this". Both VIZ and Jaimini's Box have him use "dispose of" the trouble.
    • When commenting on Brook being asleep in Big Mom's arms, both MS and Jaimini's state something about being amazed and impressed that he can sleep at all here. VIZ instead says, "And look, he's passed out too, the lazy bum!"
    • When commenting on Big Mom not noticing they took Brook away, MS and Jaimini's add on "probably", VIZ uses "I think." Also, where the two scanlation sites use "Challenge" #, VIZ uses "Attempt" #, which is most likely a less accurate translation, but arguably makes more sense.
    • While stating that, by putting Brûlée in the mirror, they can come and go, MS says they can do so "by touching her". Neither Jaimini's nor VIZ says this, just saying that they can come and go through the mirror freely.
    • In MS, when Sanji reaches the battlefield, the second bubble says "I guess they came here to find you", implying it's Sanji who's thinking it. However, the other two have them from the same perspective in both: Jaimini's says, "Look for 'Straw Hat.' Looks like we're going to have to kill him." VIZ has, "It looks like they're heading out to find and vanquish Straw Hat."
    • Both scanlation sites state that a full-blown war would be unavoidable if they tried to steal a poneglyph "again". The official translation instead notes it'd be an all out pirate war if they had attempted it "on any other occasion".

    856: Liar
    • MS notes that Pekoms nearly met his doom through "a certain plot that he was a part of", making it sound like he was involved in conspiring in said plot. Jaimini's could go either way, saying he was "caught up in a scheme". VIZ definitely makes it sound like he wasn't involved on purpose at all, saying "There was a conspiratorial plot that nearly succeeded in having him fed to the sharks."
    • It's minor, but while the scanlations used "a gunshot" (singular), the official translation uses "gunshots" (plural). Could Bobbin have been shot more than once?
    • MS has the barmaids asking the Vinsmokes if they're human, but in the other two translations, they ask if they're monsters. Also, in both scanlations, Niji refers to Nami like some kind of object (calling her "it" in Mangastream and "that" in Jaimini's Box), but just says about her in VIZ, "Maybe we can negotiate a trade tomorrow."
    • More of a darkly funny side note: when the brothers are toasting to Sanji, all three versions have them first call him a failure. For the second comment, MS uses "dud", Jaimini's uses "good-for-nothing", and VIZ uses..."usefully useless brother". XD
    • MS has Mont D'or say over the radio to the soldiers not to let the Vinsmokes contact anyone (as in, do it themselves). The other two versions both have him instead instructing not to let anyone else contact them.
    • Jaimini's Box notes that, when Sanji calls his meal a "failure", he uses the same term his brothers used to call him the same thing. VIZ does not include the "failure" comment at all, just saying "I'm sure it's terrible."
    • When Sanji's remembering the crew, after Luffy calls out to him for food, the second bubble in that panel in MS ("Hurry up and cook us something!") and VIZ ("Get cooking already!") are ambiguous as to whether it's also Luffy saying it cheerfully, or Zoro saying it irritably. Jaimini's makes it very clear it's Zoro talking. ("Hurry up and make it already! Bastard.")
    857: Rook
    • In Mangastream, Sanji's shock seemed to be at Jimbei's very presence: "Jinbe showed up?!" In both VIZ and Jaimini's Box, he seems more surprised by what Jimbei did when he showed up: "Jimbei did that?!"
    • As a comedic aside: when Luffy compliments the mirror group's success (he says "You guys really are the best!" in MS, "As expected of you guys!" in Jaimini's, and "I knew you guys could do it!" in VIZ) and they get all flattered, Brook, being the super-polite guy he is, uses a more mild embarrassed "insult" for Luffy than the other two; Chopper and Carrot use "bastard" in both scanlations while Brook uses "dunderhead" in MS and "silly man" in Jaimini's, while the former two use "jerk" and Brook uses "silly-billy" in VIZ. This repeats when they're crying about Sanji coming back: where Chopper and Carrot use "dummy", Brook uses "simpleton" in MS, and "dumb-dumb" in VIZ.
    • The part where Nami says she's going to bring Sanji back even if she has to drag him is translated as "I'll definitely get you to return, Sanji-kun!" by Jaimini's, and as "And we are not leaving without you on board, Sanji! Got that?!" by the official translation. When Sanji responds by taking this as a marriage proposal, both scanlations have Luffy comment about feeling relieved, while the official translation has him say "All right...I'm convinced you're okay now."
    • In MS, when talking about how Bege got his "Gang" epithet, MS just has Jinbe call him a "loose cannon", but he's more-specifically referred to as a "hitman" in Jaimini's and a "muscle man" in VIZ. About him going after the heads of rival groups, VIZ clarifies that he "took them on alone", in addition to all three versions stating he only went after the leaders.
    • Luffy says he'll never forgive Bege in both scanlations; he notes "That Bege guy's gonna get it!" in the official translation.
    • In MS, Jimbei states he did "quite a bit of thinking on how you all should act from here", as in, emphasizing that he made a plan for them. In VIZ, he states he "tried to anticipate how you would act", as in, emphasizing that this plan was made based on what he guessed Luffy would decide to do. (Jaimini's Box says he "thought about what you would do now", which could be taken either way but leans more towards VIZ's translation.) Based on this and Jimbei commenting that he knew Luffy would agree, this seems to emphasize, even further than MS did, how well Jimbei knows Luffy.
    • For some reason, MS has Jimbei address Sanji first when asking them to ally with Bege, but Jaimini's and VIZ both have him address Luffy first. (A minor point, but I did see a couple of people mention it...)
    • Bege states in MS that he'll take out Luffy if the latter "does anything to piss [Bege] off"; in Jaimini's, he says he'll eliminate him if they "don't like [the way Straw Hat moves]"; in VIZ, he'll snuff him out if Luffy "tries any funny stuff".
    • Also, as a side note: VIZ doesn't have those editor's notes, but a few people commented about the ones in MS saying "'Gang' is gonna give Luffy an offer he can't refuse!" The usually-more-accurate Jaimini's Box translated it as "'Gang' leaves no freedom of choice!"
    858: Meeting
    • I found Streusen's song to be easier to understand in the official translation than in either scanlation. It also rhymes in the official: "A life of fluff, of zest and zeal / Let me tell you, that life's not real! / The hard knock life is salt and strain / and tablespoons of tears of pain! / But after all that strife and ache / you all deserve a nice, sweet cake."
    • In the Mangastream version, Pekoms says "There's definitely something weird going on," which doesn't necessarily mean the Sun Pirates themselves are what's weird. However, in both other translations, he is clearly talking about the Sun Pirates themselves: in Jaimini's box, he notes "Aren't you acting pretty weird?" and in VIZ, asks "Why are you actin' so dodgy?" Also, what Pekoms described being carried is a little different in each. Jaimini's is non-committal, just saying "lugging stuff around". MS uses "packages and cargo". VIZ uses "luggage an' stuff".
    • For the scene where Vito's speech quirk confuses Luffy and Sanji, VIZ translates it as, "No need to panic. Your fellolelows are relelolaxing at their leloleisure." (The reply is "Um, can you repeat that?!")
    • Chiffon's words about her wounds not healing are a little different in VIZ: "Every time we met, she would beat and abuse me for years and years. The scars were constant." (And this makes the implication heavier for more than just physical scars/wounds, too.)
    • Brook's and Luffy's words to each other are a a bit different between the various versions. In MS, Brook calls the baths "paradise", and says "I almost can't leave!" (As in, he wants to stay in the bath.) Jaimini's, however, after calling it paradise, says "But I'm not going there yet!" (It's a little hard to tell what this means, but seems to imply that he's not going into the meeting room just yet?) VIZ makes it clearer with "It felt like I was going to heaven...well, not today, I say!" Also, MS has Luffy kind of scolding Brook for acting all relaxed like he just had a battle (which, in fact he did), but both Jaimini's and VIZ have him basically agreeing, and saying it's kinda like that relaxed feeling after a battle.
    • In both scanlations, Bege refers to the Straw Hats as "a pain in the ass", which isn't clear whether Bege sees them as pests just in terms of their plan for this wedding, or in general as competition. Official translation suggests the former, calling them "unwanted intruders". Furthermore, when agrees with Sanji's analysis that he can't kill him, Bege just says he'll have to spare "you", leaving it ambiguous as to whether he means only Sanji, or the whole crew by extension. In the official version, though, he says "You're the one man I can't kill", which only confirms that he's ruled out killing Sanji, not necessarily anybody else.
    • Nami's and Sanji's comments about Caesar being obvious were, in the scanlations, ambiguous as to whether they were exasperated with just Chopper for only realizing now, or for Luffy and Chopper for taking this long to realize. Official version has Nami say "Oh, Chopper", and Sanji adding "He's been here the whole time, man," clarifying that it's the former.
    • In MS, Bege states that he was handed "this" (the heart) when he took over guarding Caesar. Neither Jaimini's nor VIZ mentions the heart at all, instead both saying that Bege asked to take over as guard and they agreed without question.
    • In both scanlations, Bege just says he has a plan. In VIZ, he says he's "arranged" one, "in exacting detail".
      Quote Originally Posted by Elektrik Dynomite View Post
      I also noticed Bege's line in MS on the final page when he replies to Luffy wanting to punch him is "That's fine. I don't care."
      While in Viz, its "No Vito, let him do it" which is in response to Gotti wanting to attack Luffy.
      So it completely changes what Capone was saying from being fine with Luffy hitting him, to actually being fine with Gotti attacking Luffy as a response for threatening him
    Volume 86 (Chapter 859-869)
    859: Emperor Assassination Plan

    • As a rather unrelated side note, the VIZ thumbnail for this chapter (which usually has a clip from the previous week's chapter, unless there's a color spread) had the picture of Nami in the bathtub from last week, because of course.
    • Whereas the Mangastream and Jaimini's Box scanlations have Sanji (and later Bege) refer to Big Mom as an "iron balloon" (and I'm guessing that's the actual translations of those characters), the official VIZ translation uses "blimp made of steel".
    • Again, Vito's speech quirk is put right into his words in the VIZ version; when talking about how creating a 5-second window will be difficult, a couple of his words become "difficulelolt" and "Generalelo".
    • In MS, Chiffon calls Caesar "Gas-tiny" instead of Gastino; in Jaimini's Box, she uses "Gas-boy"; in VIZ, it's "Gas-hiko", which was the original Japanese (meaning "Gas-boy") that was apparently left untranslated here.
    • Amusingly, in the official version, there's an extra gag that the scanlations didn't have: in the panel after Bege was speaking in a baby voice to Pez, when he re-addresses the group and starts explaining how they've been under Big Mom's umbrella for a year, he first says "umbrella" still in the baby voice ("umbwella") before correcting himself. He then does it again in the next major panel (showing Pez sleeping in-between), saying "nappens" instead of "happens" before again correcting himself.
    • MS and VIZ both have Bege describe that Big Mom doesn't take damage when "sinking ships" (as in, sinking other people's), but Jaimini's Box says "when her ship sinks" (as in, other people damaging her ship). Also, MS had Bege say "eating direct gun- or cannonfire", which, given that Big Mom is a big eater, could perhaps be taken literally. Neither of the other two say that, with Jaimini's saying she's "hit by" it and VIZ saying she's "taking" it.
    • In MS, the name of the benefactor (who seems to be named after the caramel sweets) is spelled Mother "Caramel", the actual spelling of the sweet name; however, both Jaimini's and VIZ spell it as Mother "Carmel" (the way many people actually pronounce that word, without the second "a"), which (as Jaimini's noted in a TN) might be a reference to the Carmelites in Japan, who are known for selling sweets.
    • Quite a few MS problems when talking about Mother Carmel and the photo: Bege calls the picture of her one of Big Mom's weaknesses in MS, but it's referred to as her one/only weakness in VIZ and Jaimini's; MS also rather-misleadingly has Chiffon say that "she apparently ran away", whereas the latter two translations say that she "went missing"; and the former says that "someone touched" the photo, but the latter two say a servant/waiter accidentally dropped it.
    • The official translation also has Chiffon say that Big Mom's face turned "pale" (the scanlations say it turned blue), and all versions describe the noise she made differently: MS says "a piercing, almost alien sound", Jaimini's calls it "a weird, ear-splitting shriek", and VIZ says "a tremendous scream like I've never heard before". Furthermore, MS has it described as "similar to a violent fit", but Jaimini's and VIZ both state that it's different from the fits she has due to her hunger pangs.
    • The scanlations have Bege call Luffy reliable/dependable after he agrees to break the picture; in the official, he says "Your confidence is inspiring."
    • The cheese used for the celebration in Cheese Town, to go with the beer, is specified to be "brie supreme" in the official translation. Also, the conglomerate arriving has a different name in all the versions; it's "Rufeld" in MS, "Lufeld" in Jaimini's, and "Du Feld" in VIZ.
    • A minor point, but the scanlations say that it's a "peaceful day" (as in, a nice, calm day), but the official translation says "a day of peace" (implying peace between different groups).
    • Ichiji saying "Oh, by the way" in MS after Judge comments that Reiju's not in her room makes it sound like he's about to say something else, but in both Jaimini's and VIZ, he says "Now that you mention it..." as in, noticing that Reiju's not there once Judge brought it up.
    860: 10:00 Start
    • VIZ name of the chapter: "10:00 Start".
    • When Jimbei is talking about Big Mom's punishment of sacrificing others along with him, he calls the punishment "draconian" in Mangastream, "absurd" in Jaimini's Box, and "unreasonable and dishonorable" in VIZ.
    • When Aladine is explaining how they're prepared to escape as Jimbei told them, MS is a bit more confusing when he follows that up with "We will do what we can to ensure you can be free", as if he's continuing the previous sentence and implying that they can help Jimbei by doing so. However, in both Jaimini's and VIZ, Aladine follows it up with "But, Jimbei, we want to help you become free!" (as in, saying something more like 'we could run like you're telling us, but that'll just help us and we want to help you.') Jimbei replies with "I know that!" and Aladine counters, "No you don't! I know you're planning to go out in a blaze of glory with them!"
    • The scanlations weren't totally clear whom Niji was talking to with his line about "not interfering with the adults". VIZ clarifies that he was talking to Yonji: "Give a grown woman her privacy, you dolt."
    • The pig-themed carriage (which is simply called the "pig-carriage" by MS) is called the "carri-pig" by Jaimini's, while VIZ (similar to the previous cat-carriage of the Vinsmokes) gives it a punny name: "porkswagon".
    • Official translation stuff for the newly introduced characters:
    -This week confirms that the Du Feld spelling VIZ used last week is correct. The official translation uses the exact same titles for him as Jaimini's Box: Loan Shark King, "God of Fortune" Du Feld.
    -Title for Stussy is a combo of MS's and Jaimini's: Queen of the Pleasure District.
    -Drug Peclo is the Major Undertaker.
    -Morgans is pretty much the same. President of the World Economic Journal, "Big News" Morgans.
    -Giberson is the Warehouse Kingpin. Both scanlations use "The Concealer" as his moniker, but VIZ uses "The Hider".
    -Like Jaimini's, Umit is called the Shipping King. Moniker is "Deep-Sea Currents." Rather than saying four times "Indeed" (MS) or "Mhm" (Jaimini's), he says "Ship-a-dip-dip!"
    -Like MS, Jigra is called an Organ Dealer.
    • Perospero incorporates speech tics and puns into his speech in the official translation where it was not included in the scanlations (not sure if it was in the raw or not): he says he'll "prepare-rorin" a shortcut, says they should move "lickety-split", and states that they're the "final guests, perorin!"
    • As you may have guessed, VIZ does not go with the "Dogtooth" translation that MS chose, but keeps it as "Katakuri" like Jaimini's. "Dogtooth violet" is one meaning of the word, but another (which, given the food theme naming, is the more likely intended meaning here) is "potato starch" (that is apparently actually made with said violets?).
    • Also, Katakuri states in MS that two of Bege's men would have been shot dead, but in both of the other translations, they were merely shot (not necessarily fatally).
    861: Veteran Actor
    • The scanlations make it sound like Vito was reassured by having the Straw Hats and co. as allies (Mangastream is a little ambiguous, with "It was nice havin' these guys one our side", while Jaimini's Box says "I thought that I would feel reassured with the allies we have"), but the official translation makes it sound more like Vito is lamenting that all the Charlotte members he just named made good allies, and having them as enemies will be difficult ("They were handy to have at our backs as allies")
    • Jamini's Box sees Morgans call Big Mom "Mamiga" (Mama + amiga, as noted by the TN); MS completely ignored this. VIZ doesn't go with the pun here, simply having him call her "amiga".
    • Naturally, the "loose lips sink ships" thing from MS doesn't show up in the official translation (or in Jaimini's); VIZ instead says "Leaks of information are an unpredictable source of peril."
    • When Sanji is offering to kiss Pudding on the forehead instead, MS adds in a part about "or somewhere else, maybe", which could be taken...weirdly . But in both Jaimini's and VIZ, he only mentions the forehead.
    • In Jaimini's, Pudding mentally calls Sanji a "perverted kappa" (with the TN explaining what a kappa is), while MS altogether ignores this word. VIZ basically uses an English equivalent with "perverted clown".
    • On the last page, a woman (Stussy?) comments "beautiful!", but it's ambiguous as to whether she means the ceremony or something else. The official version instead puts it as "She's gorgeous!", meaning Pudding.
    • In the very last panel on the MS version, Bege comments that Sanji's "getting way too into his acting role," making it sound like he thinks Sanji is doing a bad job/messing it up and knows that it might not be entirely acting. Jamini's and especially VIZ, though, show that he is impressed with Sanji and really does think his "acting" is just very good: "Man, this guy's sellin' it! What an actor!"
    862: Cerebral
    • The name of the chapter is "Cerebral."
    • As before, the song rhymes, at least for most of it, in the VIZ version: "There are times when love is tough / and there are times where love is rough / but after all your tests and trials / you'll finally walk down the aisle / come rain or come spears, don't let that hand go!"
    • For some reason, Mangastream had Big Mom call the Head Chef "Streusel." Jaimini's Box and VIZ use the correct name, "Streusen", though Jaimini's misspells it.
    • Reiju's thoughts about the Vinsmokes being surrounded by the Charlotte siblings are a little different in each version. In MS, she notes that their seats are open and easy to hit; Jaimini's has her think that the Charlottes don't seem like easy opponents; and in VIZ, she notes that they (the Vinsmokes) are "in a very convenient spot to be attacked".
    • In the scene with Sanji and Pudding standing at the altar where the priest begins the vows, in both scanlations, the part about "in sickness and in health, for richer, for poorer" appears in the top three speech bubbles; in the official, it appears in the bottom two instead, with the top three saying instead "Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold".
    • In the panel after Big Mom thinks to herself that Pudding is too slow, there's a bubble that says, in MS, "My third eye!", as though it's Pudding thinking about it. However, both Jaimini's and VIZ instead say "Three-eyes!", implying that it's actually Pudding remembering someone calling her that.
    863: The Honorable
    • VIZ chapter name: "The Honorable"
    • After Sanji notes that "it will be decided in an instant", both of the scanlations have him say "I'm counting on you, Luffy!" (so that probably is the more exact translation). However, I actually like the slight change that the official translation did: "You can do it, Luffy!"
    • Both of the scanlations also have Big Mom say "Straw Hat Luffy?! That bastard!", but in the official she says, "Straw Hat Luffy?! Are you kidding me?!"
    • In Mangastream, one of Streusen's workers tells him to run for it because Big Mom's acting "quite dangerously". Jaimini's Box and VIZ are slightly different, with the former saying "weird" and the latter using "strange".
    • Morgans's words about Soul Pocus (since I saw a couple of people curious about it): "That's her Soul Pocus! Whatta scoop! She's going to take their lifespan! She's speaking directly to the human soul's fixation on its own life! If they fear death even for an instant... There! See?!" Also, the speech bubble after that (where we don't really know who's saying it) says "This is crazy!" in MS and "Don't screw with me!" in JB, and reads "This isn't funny!" in VIZ (which sounds, more than the scanlations, like it could be from someone else talking to Morgans?).
    • In MS, when Big Mom is looking for the real Luffy, there's a "sun bubble" that says "Monkey D. Luffy! I remember you!" as though she's currently thinking it to herself. However, in Jaimini's it says "I'll remember you", and in VIZ it reads "I will remember that name", so she's clearly actually recalling her words to Luffy in the past, as the start of the flashback words that continue into the next page.
    • Bege's thoughts are also a little different in each version, rather like with Morgans. VIZ version: "Idiot! It's a diversion! Does she really think she's going to get an answer?! And of course he's not gonna come straight for her!"
    • Though it might be an extra addition, the official translation shows that Vito is the one who responds to Bege, since he notes that they're ready to "lelo-launch" at any time.
    • Big Mom's words after Katakuri attacks Luffy are also a little different in VIZ: "Do you think you're helping, Katakuri?! You're my son--you don't get to call the shots!"
    • Both of the scanlations have Jimbei use the "ocean current lifter" move with the kanji for black tea (as noted in translator's notes). The official translation calls it "Tea Current Shoulder Throw" (instead of "sea current"). Also, Katakuri's following line about analyzing him confused some people; in VIZ, it's easier to understand, saying "Don't explain my powers to them", so he was clearly seeing into the future where Jimbei does exactly that on the next page.
    • Big Mom's words to Jimbei in VIZ more closely resemble those from JB than from MS: "Wait. You decided not to leave me earlier...yet now you're sticking up for the cake wrecker?! Shall I take this as rebellion?!"
    • VIZ interestingly foreshadows the twist about Jimbei not losing any lifespan with his words to Big Mom: "If you promise not to harm anyone aside from me, I will offer you as much of my life as you can take!"
    • Big Mom says to Jimbei in MS "Make your move, fool!", but in both JB and VIZ, says "You've got a deal!"
    • As Big Mom starts to attack Jimbei, both of the scanlations have Luffy comment "she's coming!" or some such, but the official version uses "Hey, what a cheap shot!"

    864: The Vinsmoke Massacre Plot
    • VIZ name of the chapter has elements of both Mangastream and Jaimini's Box: "The Vinsmoke Massacre Plot".
    • Also, the VIZ title for the cover story: "The Beautiful Pirates beautifully sail the beautiful seas."
    • Judge's MS comment about how "They went whole hog on this" is, as you could probably guess, an MS-only comment. Jaimini's says "What incredible nuisances!", while VIZ says, "What kind of interruption is this?! They've stormed the wedding to take Sanji back!"
    • Big Mom says "my poor cake" in the official version.
    • Pudding's response to when Sanji asks if she's even fooled herself: "Sh-shut up! What would you know..."
    • Official English name of Daifuku's DF power: "Puff-Puff Fruit". Like Jaimini's says, Oven's is the "Heat-Heat Fruit".
    • In MS, Peclo comments "So the bride was trying to..." and JB says "The bride is...", with both scanlations implying that they were shocked that Pudding tried to kill Sanji. However, the official translation instead says "Whoa! He smacked the bride!", shocked instead about Daifuku hitting Pudding.
    • The official makes it clear that the "Magi" and "Giren" were part of the same attack: the former is translated as "Genie-uine..." (genuine), and the latter as "...Rage Split!", making the English attack name "Genie-uine Rage Split".
    • MS has Judge (?) shout "Get your weapons, boys!" which is completely different context from the other two translations; VIZ says "Why do you all have weapons?!" (JB is something similar), followed by someone else yelling "A battle's started! Watch out!" (again, similar to JB, and different from MS, which says "The fight has started! It's going down!", implying that whoever was shouting that knew the fight would be happening).
    • Perospero's words to Judge about the massacre: "Isn't this something?! Kuh kuh kuh. I've never seen such a miserably pathetic assassination. Why, it's almost just wanton cruelty! Perorin! Isn't it, Judge?! Kuh kuh kuh! What's with that look on your face?!"
    • Both scanlations have Perospero say to Judge that they can consider themselves saved by Big Mom's rage barometer maxing out, which doesn't seem to make much sense given that it allows the Charlottes to kill the Vinsmokes. In the official, though, he just says "In a sense, we're lucky", in which "we" could mean either the Charlottes or everybody (since they don't have to hear the scream).
    • Carrot's mispronunciation of "Invisible Symphonia" is "Inbibidal...symfo?"
    • All the translations of Bege's last words in the chapter are a little different. VIZ says, "You can see a bit into the future. That's all. But that ain't some special privilege. Everyone has an equal right to change the future!"

    865: Hey, Mother
    • In Mangastream, Cavendish is describing something that happened when he "was a young boy". While that does seem to match the picture in his thought-bubble, Jaimini's Box just uses "in the past" while VIZ uses "years ago".
    • In the MS bubble where Caesar is thinking "So then what's the hold-up?", while it basically has the same message, that's an MS-exclusive; JB and VIZ both say "And yet--!" there.
    • In part of Reiju's thoughts, both scanlations say "I'm saved/I've been saved!", so I'm guessing that's probably the actual translation of the original words there. However, the official translation fills that in a little more, saying "I feel like my heart has been redeemed at last!"
    • Similarly, when Katakuri's mochi is rushing towards Luffy, both scanlations have Luffy shout "You bastard!", so again, I'm sure that's what the original Japanese actually said, too. However, the official has him say "You want this?!", referring to the picture in his hands.
    • Bege's one-liner as he and his men prepare to shoot Big Mom is different in each version. MS uses "Time for a dirt nap!" (which I'm reasonably certain is not a literal translation, lol), JB says "Ciao" (which fits their Mafia theme), and VIZ goes for "See you in hell" (which, again, is probably a loose translation, but it's pretty fun).
    • In the official, Big Mom's words when thinking about Mother Carmel included "Nobody...will hear me out" (in the places where the scanlations say "nobody will listen to me"), and the final line of panels say "Where did you go? Why did you just up and vanish?"

    866: Natural Born Destroyer
    • Mangastream has Linlin say "Are Mommy and the others going somewhere?", making it sound like she's talking to the pair of people with her about her mother. Both Jaimini's Box and VIZ make it clear that the woman there is her mother, as Linlin is directly addressing her as "Mama" (and in VIZ, she also calls the man there "Papa").
    • MS has Linlin's father telling her mother, "Quit crying already!", which makes him seem pretty insensitive. However, both JB and VIZ instead say "Don't cry yet". What's more, MS mentions "casualties", implying that Linlin has killed people at age 5, whereas the other two translations use "destruction" (JB) and "damage" (VIZ). In fact, Linlin's father in general sounds less harsh in the VIZ version: "Don't cry yet, my dear! After all the damage she caused, exile was a merciful sentence! She was just too much for us."
    • All three translations describe Dorry and Brogy disappearing slightly differently: MS just uses "It's a legend", JB says "Or so the legend goes", and VIZ states "They passed into legend".
    • Both scanlations have Carmel promising, "I will lead/guide them!" (as in, the giants), whereas the official translation has her say "I will show you the way!" (as in, everyone present), and says "you" again in the next part in a place where the scanlations didn't use any pronouns at all: "I can guide you to a brighter world . . ."
    • MS calls her orphanage the "Lamb's House", while JB uses "Sheep's House". VIZ names it "House of Lambs".
    • The line from the one kid about "They dumped you here like a load of garbage" is another MS-ism. Both JB and VIZ just say she was abandoned. Later, the line about Linlin giving the bear "a spanky" is another one; the latter two translations use "hit/smacked him".
    • When Linlin is crying after accidentally killing the bear, she is saying "Why" in MS, "How weird" in JB, and "It doesn't make sense" in VIZ.
    • Both Jaimini's and VIZ clarify that Eyri (the one whom Linlin tried to smack a mosquito off of) is one of the Giants, which MS did not specify.
    • In both scanlations, after asking everyone to forgive Linlin, Carmel calls her "a kind girl". The official version has her say "She only means well!"
    • The official translation also has Oimo refer to himself in the third person.
    • MS has another giant tell Hajrudin "Fight with yourself!", with the implication of 'I'm not gonna spar with you, do it yourself'. However, the other two translations use "Your true opponent is yourself" (or something similar in JB's case), as a way to tell him he needs further discipline. Also, the two former Giant leaders call him by his full name, Hajrudin, in MS, but use the nickname "Rydin" for him instead in the other two versions. (Or maybe that's the name of the trainer? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
    • The names of said former Giant leaders are also a bit different in each version. For the first one, he is called "Yorle Fallbeard" by MS, "Waterfallbeard Jorl" by JB, and "Beardfall Jorul" by VIZ. The second guy is named "Yarle Mountbeard" by MS, "Mountainbeard Jarl" by JB, and "Beardhill Jarul" by VIZ. (So in other words, MS messed up the order of the surnames and given names, and VIZ swapped the order of the two words that make up their surnames.)
    • MS just has them say that they've come to call on the children "of the village". In JB and VIZ, they explicitly say they're inviting the children from the House of Lambs.
    • After proclaiming that they're celebrating the birth of Prince Loki, MS also names three others: Rold, Gold, and Balg. Jaimini's rolls all three into one: a lord born in the village, "Goldberg". VIZ, meanwhile, has two names, like Sandman said above: "Rodo" and "Goldberg".
    • The name of the young Giant girl who was explaining traditions to Linlin is different in all versions, too: "Gerth" in MS, "Gelz" in JB, and "Gerd" in VIZ.
    867: Happy Birthday
    • Both scanlations call the first spell Mother Carmel uses "Gevurah". The official translation uses "Geburts". Then, for the next one (which may be part of the same spell, not sure), Mangastream uses "Tsaalk", Jaimini's Box uses "Stark", and VIZ, "Tag".
    • Both scanlations also have Pandora greet Mother Carmel with "Yes, Mother" while the official uses "Hi, Mother!"
    • The MS translation has Carmel say the Sun God "made all right,", JB = "oversees everything", and VIZ, "calmed the disaster."
    • MS comments that Mother Carmel's smile "never once faltered". JB and VIZ say that her smile grew even warmer/brighter.
    • The lines about the reputation of the House of Lambs and the children's foster parents is a bit different in the official: "To the rest of the world, the House of Lambs was a place where the pious Mother would miraculously reform problem children until they were ready for a good home."
    • Carmel's line about "All you CP types care about is providing protection to the Tenryuubito" in MS seems to be referring to her previous statement of Linlin being an Admiral/Fleet Admiral, but in JB and VIZ, she's instead saying that, if Linlin were to be a Cipher Pol member, she'd provide the greatest protection that the Celestial Dragons could ever want.
    • Also in MS, Carmel states that she pulled a fast one on the Marines, but in JB and VIZ, she more-or-less states that she and the Navy together set up an act [for the rest of the world] (saying "the Navy and I arranged that little stunt" in the official).
    • Again, MS-mistake, they say Mother Carmel recruited John Giant for the Navy. JB and VIZ clarify that it's really "Jun Giant".
    • Both MS and VIZ have Carmel stating that orphans make good spies, due to having no family history and thus no strings attached, but JB instead has her say that she's the perfect intelligence worker, who can't stand those orphans.
    • After all three translations have Carmel announce that selling Linlin is her last deal, JB and VIZ have her add that she'll have [Cipher Pol] pay up.
    • Carmel is called "Mountain Witch" in the scanlations, and "Mountain Hag" in the official.
    • The official translation also has Linlin mispronounce "croquembouche", saying it as "croka-boosh".
    868: KX Launcher
    • On the first page, Mangastream states "unbeknownst to even Big Mom herself, there were some that saw the incident unfold", which seems to say that Linlin didn't realize other people had witnessed the event. However, both Jaimini's Box and VIZ make it clear that the line is supposed to say that Big Mom doesn't know what happened on that day Carmel and the kids disappeared. (The VIZ line is, "Even Big Mom herself does not know the full truth of it.")
    • Also, MS states that the warrior of Elbaf who witnessed the event was there because he "cared a great deal about the Lamb's House, and was dropping by for a visit". However, JB and VIZ both say (in VIZ's words, but JB was similar) that he "was worried about the House of Lambs, and came to check in on them".
    • I'll also clarify that MS was the only one of the three that switched to calling her "Rinrin". JB and VIZ both stick with "Linlin". Not sure whether her poster was a typo, or her intro box in ch.829.
    • The descriptions of Streusen vary between all three versions: MS calls him a "chef and former, ruined pirate", JB uses "chef of a collapsed pirate crew", and VIZ says "failed piratical cook".
    • In both of the scanlations, Big Mom's words in the flashback bubble have her saying to Carmel "Everyone is getting in my way", but the official translation says "They're all trying to stop me."
    • Both scanlations say something about "eye-to-eye" (MS saying "can live eye-to-eye", JB says "be able to see eye-to-eye"), which makes it sound like Carmel was speaking figuratively but little Linlin took it literally. However, the official translation muddies that a bit, by having Carmel say "is at the same eye level", which sounds like she herself also meant it more literally, or if not, at least worded it more confusingly.
    • The MS line about young Linlin being "more dangerous than Cipher Pol" is MS-exclusive. JB and VIZ both instead say that Cipher Pol has reported that she's dangerous.
    • MS also has Bege use "Rook: Ein Grosser Vater (A Big Father)", and then shout "Big Father!" again, which seemed weird. However, JB uses "Rook: In Voller Grösse" (which the T/N notes means "Full Size Rook") for the first part, and VIZ backs this up with simply having Bege say "Full-Scale Rook" in English.
    869: Castling
    • While both of the scanlations call the chapter "Under Seige", the official translation's name for it is "Castling". Possibly as a pun referencing the chess move involving the King and the Rook?
    • Instead of just referring to the castle as "Big Father" the way the scanlations do, the official version calls it "The Bigfather".
    • Mangastream does not provide any T/N or subtitles for the theme song that's apparently in the background as the Vinsmokes suit up. However, Jaimini's Box does, clarifying that there are sound effects in a T/N, and VIZ subtitles them as well.
    • Niji's subtitle in the original (kept in the scanlations) was "Dengeki ("lightning") Blue", unlike the others whose full names are in English. In the official translation, it's changed to be all-English as well (as expected), into "Electric Blue".
    • In MS, Perospero states "Betrayal stings" after Bege tries to shoot Big Mom and he blocks it with the Candy Wall. However, in both JB and VIZ, he states, "Ah, that hurt"/"Ah, that one hurt", seemingly more like he means that Bege's cannon assault hurt him.
    • Katakuri's words to Brûlée in the official translation make it even more clear that he's blaming her for her role in the plan: "You let them use you for everything, Brûlée."
    • Mangastream also randomly throws in "You bastards" a couple of places where JB and VIZ don't have it, including when Perospero tells Bege he'll get what's coming to him for helping Germa, and when Big Mom is yelling for those inside the castle to show themselves.
    Volume 87 (Chapters 870-879)
    870: Parting
    • The Mangastream name for the chapter is "Farewell"; however, both Jaimini's Box and VIZ use "Parting".
    • In the scanlations, Chiffon asks Big Mom to forgive/spare them and overlook what they did. The official translation has her ask Big Mom, "Please, just let us go, I beg of you!"
    • Mangastream has Big Mom tell Chiffon and co. not to think they'll live to eat breakfast tomorrow. JB and VIZ both say "snacks" instead, but phrase the sentence differently; JB says "Don't think that you'll be able to eat snacks tomorrow!", while in VIZ, her words are "You won't be getting any snacks tomorrow, that's for sure!"
    • MS had a typo where Amande(?) says that, if Big Mom destroys the castle/kills Bege, "We'll all be thrown out of here!" Naturally, JB and VIZ get it right, as she's talking about those inside the castle.
    • Both scanlations have Smoothie comment that they've been underestimated, while the official translation says "What disrespect. They thought they could walk all over us." All three versions do have her say something about making an example of them, though they're all phrased a bit differently. The scanlations say "string/hang them up", but the official says "wring them out" (which is her power).
    • In MS, Luffy exclaims that he'll go out and beat "'em all" to a pulp (as in, everybody), but both JB and VIZ have him say he'll "send her flying" (JB) / "smash her" (VIZ), as in just Big Mom herself.
    • Bege's words after taking more hits are a little different in each version: in MS, he says he's "in pieces" and "won't let" the Straw Hat crew be "the onlys ones makin' it big". In JB, the words are that the SH group are "the only ones succeeding" while the Firetanks "fail miserably" and that he "can't live this down". Finally, VIZ phrases it that Bege's "plans are in utter ruin" while the SHs' "are a rousing success", and "[Bege doesn't] like it, not one bit."
    • In the official version, when Bege is declaring that the people he cares about are still here, his words are, "But...I do care about my men! And the wife and son that I love!"
    • MS has Sanji refer to Zeff as his boss, but in both JB and VIZ, he calls Zeff his father instead. Furthermore, MS has Sanji demand that Judge "admit it", and "tell" Sanji he's not his father. JB instead has him demand that Judge "accept it", and VIZ uses "admit it" as well, but then both just have him shout outright that Judge isn't his father (rather than that part about "tell me you're not").
    • Also, both scanlations have him tell Judge not to show his face around "us" (as in, Sanji and his friends, I'd assume), but in the official translation, he just says "me".
    • When Sanji stops Luffy from following the rest of the Vinsmokes, in MS he says that that's their way of "dealing with things" (which is rather vague). In JB, he says "That's their resolve", and in VIZ, it's "This is their means of making amends."
    • In the scanlations, Ichiji refers to "the weak ones" in general, but in the official, he's specifically talking about Reiju: "It's her fault for being weak!" Also, both scanlations have Reiju saying that Ichiji's words are "not cute" and saying she won't be done in so easily, while the official has her call him "a horrid brother" and add, "Fine, forget about me. I can handle myself!"
    871: You Can Do It, Caesar!
    • Mangastream calls the chapter "Go, Caesar!"; however, Jaimini's Box and VIZ both name it "You Can Do It, Caesar!"
    • As you might expect, Caesar's line of "Farewell, cruel world!" after Perospero puts up the Candy Wall is an MS fabrication. And his line later (after they break through it) about not going "up to those pearly gates" is an exaggeration: JB and VIZ both have him say "I refuse to die here, dammit!" (or similar in JB's case)
    • Vito's fanboying over the Vinsmokes breaking the Candy Wall is even more obvious in the official version, where he says, "Yeah, baby! They broke through the Candy Wall! Love that Germa!"
    • After Stussy shoots Du Feld with her Flying Finger Pistol, MS has her call him "my dumb, dead friend". Neither other translation has her say anything about him being dead (though since this is One Piece, he may still be alive regardless): she instead calls him "dummy" in JB and "you fool" in VIZ, with a "♥" after it in both versions that MS left out.
    • Stussy's words to Morgans after he asks to still get the scoop on the Tamate Box's contents are a little different; in the scanlations, she says it's okay as long as he just takes pictures, and calls him an "information manipulator", but in the official, her reply to his request is "As long as you keep your feathers off of it. You really do know how to play the game...as any good spin doctor would." Also, Morgans says that he'll sue Stussy for calling him that in the scanlations, but in the official, he just replies "That's defamation! I'm a newsman!"
    • Both scanlations also have Big Mom say "You told me on Fishman Island, didn't you, Straw Hat?!" but the official expands it a little to say "I remember what you did, Straw Hat! What you dared to say to me at Fishman Island!"
    • I personally wasn't completely sure what Judge was trying to say at some parts of his monologue to Big Mom, so I'll just transcribe it here: "But our dream has already ended! In the wake of a dream of just 66 days, our ancestors were left as wandering ghosts unable to set foot on their homeland! And now I have disgraced their memory! To think that I entrusted you with the soul of three centuries of longing...I despise myself!" Also, it's worth noting that, for that last sentence, JB had something similar ("I can only hate myself for that!"), MS once again said something different. ("Curse you, foul villain!")
    • Another weird MS line, after Caesar tells the Brûlée image of him to get out of the way, the next words are "Me?! You can't mean me!" which is worded kinda clumsily and makes it hard to tell who's talking. JB and VIZ both make it clear that it's still Caesar, reacting in surprise at seeing his reflection: "Are you me?! No, you can't be me!"
    872: Thick and Fluffy
    • Each version of the chapter uses a different first word in the chapter title: Mangastream calls it "Soft and Fluffy", Jaimini's Box uses "Gooey and Fluffy", and VIZ uses "Thick and Fluffy".
    • In the flashback, when Neptune asks the Minister of the Right if there's a chance the bomb won't explode, the Minister's response in MS ("No, my king! Positive thinking!") makes it sound like he's saying "no, there's no chance of that, that's just wishful thinking". However, JB and VIZ both have the Minister encouraging that positive thinking, with the VIZ version being, "Erm...it's good to think positive, your majesty!"
    • The room that the scanlations call "Einbaum" (German for "dugout", as JB notes) is called the "Red Bean Baum" room in the official translation.
    • In the official version, Caesar's reaction after Bege says "It's perfect!" isn't much different, but I chuckled at the wording of it: Caesar says "Who in the why did what now?!"
    • As the castle is falling and the townspeople are panicking, MS has someone say "Even if we ran, there's no one here to save us!" With JB and VIZ, however, they're saying that running away won't work: JB says "Even running away won't save us!", and VIZ, "No one's fast enough to run away in time!"
    • Streusen's song again rhymes in the official version: "The only thing is pain and strife / There is no thick and fluffy life". Also, while the scanlations showed that the name of Streusen's technique was in German in the original version, the official translation alters it to a punny English name: "Gourmetamorphosis".
    • As the now-transformed chateau is falling and the citizens are yelling "It's all over!", the one citizen who says "Here it comes!" in MS and "We're done for!" in JB instead shouts "Oh, the humanity!" in VIZ.
    • After Caesar has his heart back and shouts back at them that they'll never cross paths again, he doesn't call out Nami specifically in the official version like he does in the scanlations; he just says "So long, suckers and suckettes!"
    • After Bege nails the sign down, Sanji's words in all three versions are different, though MS is the most different ("Quit it with the stupid gags!"). JB instead has him say "Don't do something so unnecessary and then leave!", while in VIZ it's "Is this sign really necessary?!"
    873: Recipe for Disaster

    • On the original cover of the magazine, several characters from other SJ series were also holding the pirate hat symbol thing. On the VIZ cover version (which frequently simplifies them), only Luffy is shown.
    • The punny name of the chapter is different for each version. Mangastream calls it "In a Sweet Bind", Jaimini's Box is "Trapped Like Sweets in a Cage", and VIZ's is "Recipe for Disaster".
    • Count Niwatori's words about Bege differ a little bit in each version as well: In MS, he states "And here I was, believing in your strength like an idiot!"; JB has "And I even thought highly about your ability-noir!", and VIZ says "To think that I actually put le trust in you!"
    • Both of the scanlations suggest that, if anyone on the roof were responsible for the explosion, they'd be suicidal. However, the official version actually says "If they did that, it was suicidal. They were up on the roof with us!", implying that he was talking about a specific group of people.
    • The two scanlations, when talking about Jimbei's actions and the Sun Pirates fleeing, seemed to be saying two very different things. (MS says that Jimbei took back his request to leave long enough for them to escape, while JB says that Jimbei requested to leave in front of Big Mom on purpose to that her flying into a rage would signal them to leave.) The official version is closer to the MS version, but the MS version's first sentence is a little weird:
    MS Version: "Mama's state of mind was clear. Jinbe told them what was going on, and temporarily postponed his defection to allow his friends to escape."
    JB Version: "It's clear that Jinbe withdrew from the crew in front of Mama, so that she would fly into a fiery rage, signaling to his crew for them to run."
    VIZ Version: "He knew that Mama's rage would spread, so he took back his request to leave temporarily, in order to give his comrades time to escape."

    • The scanlations just have the townspeople commenting about Big Mom's eating disorder, "I can't believe she's having another attack so soon!" or similar, but in the official version, they explicitly say that this short interval between them doesn't not happen: "She's never had her fits on such a short interval like this!"
    • MS has Perospero say that they "saved some extra cake", more vague than JB and VIZ specifically stating that "There was a backup cake".
    • Also, after Big Mom leaves and Perospero notes that he's dead when Big Mom comes back, Smoothie for some reason says "I've bought time". The line is supposed to be referring to Perospero's stunt, and is more correct in the other versions: "But we managed to earn some time."/"But that did buy us some time." Also, where the scanlations had Perospero saying that he'll be dead once Big Mom comes back, it's left ambiguous who's saying those speech bubbles between Smoothie and Perospero, and is commenting that they'll all be done for when she comes back.
    • The special ingredients that the BMP stole from other countries are given a different name in each version: "illusion" ingredients in MS, "mythical" ingredients in JB, and "legendary" ingredients in VIZ.
    • The speech bubble after Perospero comments that Big Mom didn't get to eat the cake is implied to also be spoken by him in MS ("Which means, our order this time around,"), but in JB and VIZ, it's implied to be Smoothie replying ("...Then, this time's "sweet theme" is?!"/"Then...what will her order be?!").
    • Pudding's comment about the wedding cake being chocolate chiffon was different in each version, too. In MS, she says "The wedding cake itself was a chocolate chiffon cake" (as in, the one that got destroyed); JB says "The wedding cake this time will be a chocolate chiffon cake" (as in, the new one they're going to make); VIZ goes with "This wedding cake was supposed to be a chocolate chiffon cake" (presumably, also the destroyed one?)
    • Pudding also says about Chiffon in the MS version, "Oh, I'll tell her a thing or two" rather than the lines about making Chiffon listen to her in the JB and VIZ versions. Furthermore, she also states in MS that Sanji "insulted" her, rather than "disgraced/humiliated" her in JB and VIZ respectively.
    • Like in previous chapters, the "-jyuu" that Kingbaum put at the end of his sentences that was kept in the scanlations is changed to tree puns in the official the first time, he says his wounds are "acornizing" (agonizing), and the second time he calls the Straw Hat group a "thorn in [his] side". Also, Lady Tree calls him "Kin-chan" in the original, and this is changed to "Kingy" in the official translation.
    874: Kingbaum

    Results of the VIZ poll:
    1. Luffy (8,762)
    2. Zoro (8,323)
    3. Sanji (5,455)
    4. Brook (3,836)
    5. Law (2,687)
    6. Nami (1,989)
    7. Robin (1,380)
    8. Ace (1,294)
    9. Shanks (1,251)
    10. Usopp (1,206)
    11. Carrot (999)
    12. Jimbei (916)
    13. Doflamingo (755)
    14. Blackbeard (754)
    15. Sabo (696)
    16. Crocodile (561)
    17. Marco (528)
    18. Chopper (518)
    19. Franky (501)
    20. Hawkins (497)
    • The name of Big Mom's first attack in each version is different: Mangastream calls it "Foreign Threat", Jaimini's Box uses "Nation's Might", and VIZ goes with "Ikoku Sovereignty".
    • Kingbaum refers to Lady Tree as his "tree-ancee", lol.
    • Pedro comments, in both scanlations, "She's like a demon", not making it clear if he means Nami or Big Mom. The official translation clarifies he's referring to Nami, as his line there says "She's like a slave driver".
    • In the scanlations, Luffy comments that Zeus is "just a cloud"; in the official, he calls him a "boring cloud". Also, when Nami makes Zeus the offer for it to be her servant, his response is "What should I do?" in the scanlations but "Oh man, that's so tempting!" in the official.
    • Luffy's description of the forest is different in each version ("mischievous" in MS, "troublesome" in JB, "annoying" in VIZ).
    • Kingbaum says "Even I" can't resist Big Mom's orders in the scanlations, but says "we" cannot disobey her orders in the official version.
    • The status report on Bege in MS is just that they'll "catch up to him eventually", which is pretty uncertain about whether they will or not. The other two versions aren't quite as uncertain, saying they've "almost caught up to him" in JB and that they'll "catch up to him soon" in VIZ.
    • MS and VIZ have Mont D'or saying that he'll "get in touch later"/soon with Brulee. In JB, he says he'll contact "the pursuers". Also, in the former two versions, he is telling Chocolate, Cheese, and Nuts to watch the SW coast; in JB, he seems to be telling them that battleships from other ("various") islands are watching the SW coast.
    • As JB notes, in the original Japanese version, Bege starts to call Pudding "Pudding-san" before correcting himself to just "Pudding". In both the MS and VIZ version, this is translated as Bege starting to call her "Miss Pudding" before just switching to "Pudding".
    875: A Woman's Honor

    • Brook's words about the shark sub in the official translation are a bit different from the scanlations, saying "Takes the shine off of getting to the sub safely!"
    • After Chopper clarifies that the "mermaid" he saw is actually a merman, Brook responds with "Come on" in the Mangastream version, which sounds a little weird. He says "Oh" in Jaimini's Box and "Oh, never mind then" in VIZ. Then, when Chopper says "Look over there" to indicate where the merman is, Brook gives a terse "Whatever" in MS, but instead it's "There's no need" in JB and "I've lost interest already" in VIZ.
    • MS just has Luffy state that the wedding cake "was really good". JB and VIZ both clarify that it's one of the best cakes he's ever had, with VIZ's words being "But it's gonna be hard to find another cake as good as that one!"
    • MS also has Luffy yell at Prometheus for burning "these trees", implying he means all the trees in the woods. However, JB and VIZ show that he specifically meant Kingbaum, with Luffy saying in VIZ, "You're gonna get it for burning that tree guy!"
    • JB notes that, when Jimbei uses his Murasame attack, it uses different characters than the previous times he used it (this time meaning "Rain Shower" instead of "School of Sharks"). MS just went with "Passing Shower". Sadly, VIZ does not give a clarification here, just calling the attack "Murasame" once more.
    • Chopper's and Brook's reactions after Nami's huge attack with Zeus are a little different in each version: Both of the scanlations have Brook saying that "they should be/everything's fine", while in the official he says "Um...I certainly hope..." In MS, Chopper says "Luffy, I mean" (?), in JB he says "Luffy, everyone!", while in the official version he continues Brook's thought by saying "...they're all right...".
    • Brook's reply after Perospero offers to let them all go is a bit different in each one as well: "I refuse" in MS, "There's no need for that" in JB, and "No thank you" in VIZ.
    • Chiffon just says they haven't "baked together" in ages in MS, but JB and VIZ clarify that they haven't "made a cake together".
    • Chiffon's reaction to Pudding's sudden mood swing in VIZ is pretty interesting. In MS she just says "What the-?!" and in JB it's "That's what you meant?!" (see T/N), but in VIZ, she says "Wait, which one are you?!", which much more heavily indicates split personality than the scanlations did. Whether that's on purpose or a mistake, I suppose we'll find out next chapter.
    876: Pudding Coincidentally Appears!
    • VIZ wording of the chapter's name is identical to Mangastream's: "Pudding Coincidentally Appears!"
    • In the MS version, when Jimbei hears Big Mom's footsteps, he says "Impossible. There's no--", making it seem like he believed she would be defeated by that blast and is being proven wrong. JB, however, says "As I thought, it was impossible.", which instead suggests that he believed that attack wouldn't be enough to defeat her. VIZ version concurs with JB: "I figured it wouldn't be enough..."
    • When stating "I know you have it!" about the cake, she addresses the crew as a whole in MS ("You Straw Hats!"), but just Luffy specifically in JB and VIZ ("Straw Hat!")
    • Luffy's and Pudding's wording (about wanting to "go" (as in, go at it)) and her "Hear me out, dang it!" are MS-isms. In both JB and VIZ, Luffy asks her if she wants to "fight", and after she says no, her words are "Just listen to me!"
    • MS also says "Big Mom's about to break through the surface!" when the image clearly shows that she's standing on solid ground now. JB says that she "made it out" and VIZ says that she's "up on her feet". Additionally, Pudding in MS says "I'd never help you in a million years!" while she doesn't specifically mention herself in JB or VIZ, saying "Nobody will help you" in the former and "You'll never survive" in the latter.
    • Evil Pudding's words about Sanji staying with her sound like more of a "come be evil with me!" invitation in the official version; instead of "Come here", she says "So come with me, Sanji!", and then, "Stand at my side and savor the living hell that is watching Mama slaughter your friends!"
    • For some reason in the official translation, Chiffon says "Make the one cake that can possibly stop Mama...and then we'll let you go!", as if she's speaking on behalf of the BMP, even though she's not actually part of them.
    • When switching from Evil Pudding to Good Pudding, she adds a "-san" to Sanji's name in the original Japanese and the JB version. MS and VIZ both have her call him "dear" instead, since they don't use honorfics. JB also has the crew silently commenting on how Pudding's "way of speaking the opposite of what's on her mind is amazing!", while MS and VIZ both say "Her emotions are flip-flopping like crazy!"
    • Chiffon tells the rest of the group "Just try to avoid her!" while they make the cake, but in both JB and VIZ, she tells them they'll have to "hold out".
    • Pudding just tells Team Luffy that they're going the wrong way in MS, but more specifically that they're heading for a wall in JB and VIZ.
    • As JB notes, Pudding's "Memory Fill" technique was written with kanji for "Memory Thread". The official translation neatly combines the two by calling it "Memory Filament".
    • Pudding demands to know what Sanji's doing on Rabian with them. In MS, his reply is a vague "Well, you just..", while in JB and VIZ he says he's been there "for a while" (JB) / "all along" (VIZ).
    • Sanji states that the Sunny's "been damaged" in MS, which is rather misleading; he says it's "under attack" in JB and VIZ.
    • When the scanlations are having Chiffon say to Sanji that there won't be time to turn back, the official translation wording is "We're not turning back! Are you okay with that?!" Sanji's wording about the cake is that it'll "knock Big Mom's lights out!"
    877: Bittersweet
    • The VIZ name of the chapter is "Bittersweet".
    • The name of Sai's fiancée--spelled Uholicia in Mangastream and Uhorishia in Jaimini's Box--is instead spelled "Ooklicia" in VIZ.
    • When Perospero is asking Brook and Chopper how they thought they could steal the ship back, his wording in MS is "What merry train of thought led you to believe", and in JB it's "What kind of wishful thinking were you clinging to". VIZ's version is "What kind of mushy brains are in your head".
    • JB notes that, when Perospero says "underestimating" in the original Japanese version, he uses the same pronunciation as "licking". The MS and VIZ versions ignore this altogether; MS says "You must have thought me sweeter than I am!", and in VIZ it's "Your eyes were hungrier than your stomachs!"
    • JB also noted, at the beginning of the chapter, that the Japanese word for "sweet" ("amai") can also refer to naïvety or easiness, which is presumably what Perospero is referring to when he says "It's quite fitting for you naïve lot." Since that double meaning naturally doesn't work in English, the MS version went with with "Perfect for a bunch of sugary pushovers like you two.", while VIZ turns it into a reference to a line from a Christmas poem in English: "Now you'll match the visions of sugarplums dancing in your heads."
    • MS, naturally, is the only version that has Jimbei's "Coup de...whatchamacallit?!" JB and VIZ both just say "A Coup de...what?!"
    • The official translation makes a mistake with Pedro's words to Carrot about helping set sail, having him say "Help me set sail!" despite the fact that Pedro is not getting on the ship, whereas both scanlations get it right that Carrot is helping the rest of the SHs with setting sail.
    • The official version also has Jimbei say to the candy-fied Chopper and Brook, "It would be a bitter escape indeed if you died in the attempt!" Perhaps that's where the "bitter" in the "Bittersweet" title comes from?
    • The scanlations both call Perospero's attack he uses to trap the ship in candy "Candy Web", but the official version uses "Candy Wave".
    • Pedro's "Good riddance" before setting off the bombs is another MS-ism. He says "Farewell!" in JB and "So long!" in VIZ.
    878: Commander Pedro of the Mink Guardians
    • Big Mom calls Pedro a "true man"/"fine man" in the scanlations, but says "I like you" in the official translation. She also tells him in the scans to "try and survive", but says "Enjoy your life!" in the official.
    • Perospero calls the name "Nox Pirates" a "depressing" name in Mangastream, "half-assed" name in Jaimini's Box, and "a negative connotation to choose" in VIZ. Also, Roger's words to Pedro about everyone getting their chance (which Pedro later repeated to Carrot) are different in each: "their time to shine" in MS, "their turn" in JB, and "their moment" in VIZ.
    • When Pedro is talking the dawning of the world, he explicitly calls it what the "Masters" (as in, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi) were waiting for in MS, but JB uses the more open-to-interpretation "they" . VIZ is also more open, saying "the men I look up to" (so very likely including Roger as well).
    • Jimbei says "What crazy...Pedro!" in MS, which sounds kinda weird. JB has him say "What a foolish thing to do, Pedro!" and in VIZ, it's "What have you done, Pedro?!" MS also has the soldiers on the ships call Perospero "the firstborn", as if confirming he's the oldest child overall, but JB and VIZ both have him referred to as simply "the eldest son", as we already knew.
    • The scans have Jimbei say "You guys!" when the candy melts off Chopper and Brook, but it's "You can breathe!" in the official. Both of the scans also have Luffy say that they wouldn't "be able to face Pedro" if they waste the moment, but instead just that they'll "throw away his sacrifice" in VIZ.
    • The scans also have Shishilion say that Carrot will become a good swordswoman "under" him (as in, trained by him). The official translation took the "under" differently, and has him say that Carrot "works for" him.
    879: Big Mom's Sweet 3 General, Katakuri
    • The bubble where Jimbei says "And we knew that full well, coming in" in Mangastream instead, in both Jaimini's Box and VIZ, has him talking about how Pedro was "determined to sacrifice himself whenever necessary".
    • Both of the scanlations have Perospero say that he lost his right arm from Pedro's explosion; in the official version, however, he says he lost his right hand.
    • Napoleon's reply to Perospero in MS ("In my country, heinous criminals don't actually have much of a future, so...") makes it sound like he's from a different country than Big Mom's, which doesn't really make sense. This isn't the case for JB and VIZ, though. VIZ says "It is a grievous crime in this land. They have no future.", and JB is something quite similar.
    • After Katakuri starts pummeling Luffy with lots of mochi arms, a mook chides Katakuri "That's not fair!", whereas in JB and VIZ, he simply calls Katakuri/his actions "ruthless"/"brutal".
    Volume 88 (Chapters 880-889)
    880: Zero Escape
    • All three versions have slightly different translations for the chapter title. Mangastream calls it "No Way Out", Jaimini's Box's name for it is "Chance of Escape: '0%'", and VIZ's is "Zero Escape"
    • When Sanji is gushing over Pudding in her chef outfit, he starts it off with just "Whoa!" in the MS version, and "uwoooooh!" in JB, but in the VIZ version, he says "Awooga!"
    • Furthermore, the chefs call him "Mr. Husband" in both of the scanlations, but just "you lucky fellow" in the official translation. Both scanlations also talk about Streusen's "hidden flavors" (making it plural), while the official version talks about his "secret ingredient" (making it singular).
    • Tsun-Pudding states in the MS version that she'll "strangle" Sanji if he tries to "order me around as a husband"; in JB, she says she'll "make [him] stop breathing" if he starts "acting like a husband"; and in VIZ, she says she'll "stomp the breath from [his] lungs" if he tries to "play hubby-hubby with me".
    • In the official translation, Chiffon's specialty cake seems to be officially named her "Ascending-to-Heaven Fluffy Chiffon Cake". Also, while both scanlations have Sanji promising to show everyone else his "attack cooking" (MS)/"offensive cooking" (JB), in the official version, he silents says "Show me some aggressive cooking!"
    • In MS and VIZ, Katakuri states that Luffy thought that his brave stand had saved his crew, while in JB, he states that he thought Luffy might have been able to protect his crew with all his vigor.
    881: Wave Room
    • When Carrot is apologizing to Pedro, she says in the official version, "after you gave yourself up to keep us alive!"
    • In the scanlations, when one person says "Hurry", the reply is "Okay"/"Yes", but in the official version, it's "I am!"
    • When Brook is telling Jimbei that he's secured the sail, he says to Jimbei "You're crazy!" in the Mangastream version. In Jaimini's Box, he says "it's too reckless" to do this, and in VIZ, he says "This is madness, sir!" Also, what he considers to be madness is slightly different in each version; in MS, he tells Jimbei that he can't "control this entire ship with just that one sail"; in JB, it's that he's reckless "to handle a ship's sails by [him]self"; and in VIZ, he can't "control an entire sail alone".
    • MS has Nami freaking out at Jimbei's response by saying "You're going to steer the ship?!", which is a pretty strange thing for her to be freaked about. JB is a little clearer: "Why are we going to whirl around in circles?!", but VIZ is the most clear of all about what she's trying to say: "Why are you turning us around?!"
    • In the scanlations, Jimbei just says that Fishmen children in general love playing in the wave room/it's the perfect playground for them. However, in the official version, this is specifically related to him: "When I was a boy, we Fish-Men found it the perfect place to play."
    • In MS, Jimbei says that the ship is invincible "with the right steering". However, JB and VIZ both make it clear what Jimbei's position on the ship will be, saying it's invincible "with a good helmsman".
    882: Beyond the Emperor's Expectations
    • Katakuri's words about death in the official VIZ translation: "Nobody decides to die because they want to. Most death is unexpected and unwanted."
    • In the Mangastream version, Brûlée states that Katakuri has never once "fallen", in addition to saying he's undefeated, which seems rather confusing because that's basically saying the same thing. However, Jaimini's Box and VIZ make it clear that she's actually saying that his back has never once touched the ground in his life.
    • The three descriptions that Brûlée gives about Katakuri are also different in each version. She calls him "gallant, calm-headed, and powerful" in MS, "dignified, calm, and strong" in JB, and "proud, cold, and powerful" in VIZ.
    • MS calls Katakuri's attack "Mochi Pounding", with a TN stating that the kanji reads "Mochi Thrust". JB and VIZ both simply use "Mochi Thrust" as the name.
    • His words after introducing his spear are a little different in each version, though MS and VIZ are the most similar to each other; in MS, he says "Tell me which parts of your body you don't need anymore. I'll tear them off." and VIZ is "Tell me the least important parts in order, and I will gouge them off of you!" JB goes with "Actually, I'll take your body parts in order! I'll start by gouging your eyes out!"
    • Tamago says in JB version "My condolences", where he says "I feel your pain" in MS and VIZ; also, in MS, he calls Pedro a "mentor" to Pekoms, but a "big brother" (aniki) in JB and "frère in spirit" in VIZ ("frère" is, of course, French for "brother").
    • The official translation doesn't do the random French words at the end of sentences that the original Japanese does (instead usually replacing one of the words in the sentence with a French word instead of English), but in one of Tamago's lines, he instead says "Perhaps we have been overcooking--er, overlooking this Straw Hat Luffy's potential!"
    • Mont D'or then inexplicably replies to this in the MS version with "Yeah right. Pirates are no big deal" despite, y'know, being part of a pirate crew. JB and VIZ have a more accurate translation about how Luffy is not on their level.
    • The scanlations have Mont D'or saying about Germa "They should curse their stars for having run afoul of us!" (MS) or "Their luck ended the moment they started targeting us!" (JB), painting Germa as the aggressors. The official translation, however, has him say "Sucks for you that you caught our eye, Germa!", instead making the BGM the aggressors.
    883: Merienda
    • In the scanlations, Katakuri says he was starting to get "a little peeved" (Mangastream)/"irritated" (Jaimini's Box). In the official translation, he says he's been "a bit on edge".
    • In MS, Katakuri says he "missed" his merienda by 40 minutes, as if implying it won't happen, while in JB and VIZ he simply says that it's "40 minutes late." Also, in the official version, his dialogue calls it a "merienda afternoon snack"--redundant, as he's saying the same thing twice, but likely just added to explain what it is to viewers, since the official version doesn't have the TN to explain it the way that both scanlations do.
    • When the pastry chefs are talking about Katakuri after he's entered his house-thing to eat, the MS version has them call him a "delicate soul"--pretty different from JB (which calls him "a prudent man") and VIZ (where he's called "a particular man").
    • After the pastry chefs ask Luffy how he got out from under all the mochi, in the MS version, Luffy's next line is "I freakin' hate eating mochi!", as if he'd just ignored the question or hadn't heard it. This whole thing is an MS-ism, as JB and VIZ both have him clearly answer their question with "I ate the mochi, that's how!" (the JB version doesn't have those last two words), where he also doesn't say anything about hating it.
    • MS also rather inexplicably has a speech bubble that's being said by Luffy (the tail is pointing right at him) talking about Luffy instead, by saying "He's burnt off his fat!" Both JB and VIZ do make it clear that Luffy is the one talking here, where he says "There, I'm skinny again!"
    • Katakuri's words about eating donuts in the official version (which also contains a pun, haha): "The ease with which you can eat a donut! The forbidden fruit, the sinfulness, the...donuttiness of it all! Now this is true bliss! Thank you, donuts!"
    • Katakuri's name for his mochi attack he uses on the chefs is different in each version. In MS it's "Block Mochi", in JB it's "Square Mochi", and in VIZ it's "Edged Mochi".
    • Katakuri says in MS, "There are things that surpass Armament", which would seem to indicate that he knocked Luffy back with something else. JB and VIZ, though, clarify that he was saying that there are tiers to Armament Haki: his words in JB are "I've got the upper hand in Color of Armament, too!", while in VIZ, it's "There are even levels to the Color of Armament!"
    • His last attack of the chapter against Luffy is called "Raindrop Mochi" in the scanlations, but "Rainfall Mochi" in the official version.
    884: Who is That?
    • The scanlations both call the chapter simply "Who". The official translation for it is "Who is That?"
    • Mangastream has Luffy call Katakuri's defense "Armored defense", noting in a TN that it's written differently from Armament Haki. However, it's really supposed to be "Armament defense", which is what both Jaimini's Box and VIZ use for it.
    • Katakuri calls his attack "Peerless Donuts" in the scanlations, but "Unstoppable Donuts" in the official version. Luffy then comments on it in MS, "That's just mochi!"; however, the other two translations show that Luffy's observing that it isn't mochi, saying "It's not mochi?!" in JB and "Hey, those aren't mochi!" in VIZ.
    • In the scanlations, whoever's speaking says "I think" Pound is Big Mom's 25th husband. In the official version, the speaker instead notes that "he says" he's her 25th husband. Also, in the MS version, Pound says he wants to "talk to her for a bit"; in JB, he wants to "exchange just a few words" with her; the VIZ version is "just say one thing to her".
    • Charlotte Oven is the Minister of Browning in MS, the Minister of Browned Food in JB, and the Minister of Baking in VIZ.
    • Pound randomly addresses Oven as "my dear Oven" in MS, which is an MS-ism. He just calls him Oven in JB and VIZ.
    • After people are commenting that there is "steam coming off of Lady Pudding", someone asks "Who put her in the oven?!", and the reply to that is "I'm not baking!", seeming to suggest that Pudding herself said this last line.
    • Praline's song in the official translation: "Come sing a song with me ♥ my little sluggy dears / Stop working, let the music fill your ears / Security? Shmecurity! Reports? No time! But singing? That's divine! ♥ / Working is no way to spend ♥ / your very hard-earned weekend! ♥"
    885: I'm Brûlée!
    • The official translation name of the chapter is "I'm Brûlée!", rather than "It's Brûlée!" like the scanlations call it.
    • In Mangastream, Katakuri says to Luffy that he's not soft enough "to just let that slide". VIZ and Jaimini's Box are more clear, where JB has him say it'd be "naive of me to just let you go!", and in VIZ, he comments he's not soft enough to "let you get away!"
    • MS also has Katakuri wonder, in regards to Brûlée, why "she" was sitting there, as if talking to himself. He says "you" in both JB and VIZ.
    • When Big Mom is screaming about not having cake, in MS, she says "Wedding This Ain't Cake!" In JB, it's "Wedding This Isn't It!" and VIZ is "Wedding Not Cake!"
    • In MS, Luffy comments that he hopes Nami and the others escaped safely. In JB, he said he hopes this (as in, Big Mom being present with him on Nuts Island) means they got away safely. In VIZ, his words are "I guess I should assume that the rest of the gang got away safely."
    • MS also inexplicably has Nami call Big Mom "Mama", while JB and VIZ correctly have her use "Big Mom". Both scanlations also have Nami use a hell-related analogy to describe Big Mom's pursuit of them (she says "until hell freezes over" in MS and "like the scorn of hell itself" in JB), while in the official translation she says "we'll be chased by Big Mom's fury to the ends of the sea".
    • Another MS-ism is when the chefs remark that another chef "looks like he's achieved Nirvana". JB and VIZ instead state that he has "bliss on his face".
    • The official translation makes it clear that, in the same panel where Sanji tells Pudding not to try it because they can't afford to lose her, the next two speech bubbles (one squeeing at the idea of putting the cream on the cake, the second one replying "Do you want to die, man?!") make it more clear that it's the chefs talking to each other again who are saying this.
    • MS also has Sanji incorrectly say that it's "a few minutes before 6:05", which of course one is highly unlikely to say. JB and VIZ both have the correct time listed, "five minutes until 6 o'clock".
    886: Way of Life
    • Jaimini's Box indicated that, in the original Japanese version, the chapter name came from a line from Bege and contained a word that spoken in baby-talk (to Pez). The VIZ name of the chapter just calls it "Way of Life" to exclude the baby talk, but the full line from Bege still has it ("Dis is your daddy's way of life!")
    • In Mangastream, in- between Oven's two speech bubbles where he says to take the cake to the harbor and that Chiffon's crime of rebellion is heavy, there's another bubble that says "Hah!", making it unclear who's speaking. JB and VIZ both instead say "Yes, sir!" there, clarifying that the speakers are responding to Oven's command. (This same thing also happens again later in the chapter, when the ships in BM's fleet are flanking Bege's ship.)
    • Both MS and VIZ have Oven say that he thought they did throw Pound out to sea already (official version is "I could have sworn I tossed you into the sea!"), while JB has him say that he should have done so: "I should've thrown you out to sea!"
    • MS has Sanji silently say that he'll"save him" (as in, Pound), but in both JB and VIZ, says that he'll "save her" (as in, Chiffon). MS also has a speech bubble saying "Bobi!" after Oven punches Pound, whereas the corresponding words in both JB and VIZ make it more obvious that it's a sound effect from the punch. Also, Chiffon calls Pound a "huge-faced guy" in MS, but just a "big guy"/"enormous man" in JB and VIZ.
    • The scanlations both have the rest of the Firetank Pirates address and refer to Chiffon as "[the] madam", but in the official translation, just refer to her "the Godfather's wife" and address her as "ma'am".
    • After Oven gets shot in the face by Bege, the voice over the Transponder Snail in the MS version, after asking what happened, adds "Lady Chiffon!", but in JB instead yells "Master Oven!" and in VIZ, says "sir" (also addressing Oven).
    • After this, the JB version has Sanji say "How are you getting out? I'll accompany you, Bege!", while the VIZ version is closer to that of MS: "Nicely done! We're with you, Bege! What now?!"
    • Jimbei in MS tells the others to prepare "for incoming fire! We've just escaped! Can't let them get us!", in JB, he tells them to "ready the cannons! It's boring to just run away!", and in VIZ, it's closer to the JB version with "Prepare to fire cannons! We can't always be on the defensive!"
    • In MS, Carrot tells Chopper that there will be a full moon that night. However, both JB and VIZ simply have her wondering aloud if there will be one, which is a pretty big change in context.
    • One of the towns that reports in about seeing Luffy is translated to "Eatup Town" in MS, keeps its Japanese name of "Oshinma Town" in JB, and is translated as "Chockfull Town" in VIZ.
    887: Someone Somewhere is Wishing for Your Happiness
    • Jaimini's Box has Bege comment on the first page about Chiffon's capture, "If the cake needs to be transported by ship, I guess I'll have to be captured by Oven, eh, Chiffon?" However, VIZ's translation is closer to Mangastreams, in that he's instead simply observing how Chiffon got caught: "So Chiffon was trying to move the cake by ship, and ended up getting caught by Oven, eh?"
    • When Bege starts to beach (as JB puts it) the Nostra Castello, MS has someone shout "He's collided with us!", making it sound like they were talking about Bege running into another ship, but JB and VIZ both make it clear that he's simply running it aground, with the VIZ version saying "They're pushing up on land!"
    • The scanlations have Oven saying that he didn't know the amphibious craft trick was possible, but in the official translation, he just says that he "never heard about their ship having that gimmick", rather than he didn't know that it was possible in general.
    • MS has Chiffon call Bege's name out twice when she reunites with him and Pez, rather than calling both their names like in JB and VIZ.
    • The scanlations have Chiffon wonder if Pound is a pervert, but it's even harsher in the official version, where she instead says "Who is that...gross freak?" The scanlations also have Pound silently say "You look so happy", not indicating if he means Chiffon, Pez, or both, but the official instead says "They look so happy."
    • In JB, Chiffon tells Bege that she wants to leave on the southwestern side of the island, and the fleet ships are commanded to go to the southwestern side, too. In both of these instances in MS and VIZ, it's "southeast" instead.
    • After the Nostra Castello makes it off the island, MS has the crowd on the shift say that "now there aren't any battleships to chase after us", but JB and VIZ both instead just have them saying that ships wouldn't be able to catch them by now, with the VIZ version being "At this point, none of them can catch our paddle ship!" (MS very likely misread "paddle ship" as "battleships".)
    • When Sanji is commenting about salting the dead fish, in JB, he notes that the fish would taste better with some salt seasoning, but in MS and VIZ, he's saying that the salt that's in the ocean already would give them a great flavor, VIZ's version being "I bet the salt will really bring out their flavor".
    • The name of Oven's Boiling Seas Hell/Hot Sea Hell technique in the official translation is "Tropical Torment".
    • Oven for some reason refers to himself as Pound's "son-in-law" in MS, while correctly using "stepson" in JB and VIZ.
    • In MS, Pound wonders if Chiffon's had "rough days, and sad days", but it's more specific in JB and VIZ, where he wonders if she had hard times and was lonely now and then.
    • The sound effect as Oven attacks Pound is "thud" in JB, but "slash" in MS/"slice" in VIZ.
    888: Lion
    • The comments/descriptions for the cover story seem to imply slightly different things in each version; Mangastream says "I've decided to become a pirate", Jaimini's Box is "We started a pirate crew", and VIZ's version is "I guess we're pirates now."
    • Katakuri's first words to Luffy in MS ("Come now, don't let our reunion be such a violent one.") are also pretty different from both the JB version ("You've been acting quite erratic since you got back here.") and VIZ ("So you're back, and feistier than ever.")
    • In the panel where Nami redirects the cannonballs, MS has both bubbles there written as though she's speaking (and the two together say "My bad! The Straw Hats ran that way!"). JB and VIZ both correctly have the first bubble spoken by the cannonballs themselves, in which they politely ask Nami where the Straw Hats are, and the second bubble is her redirecting them.
    • MS has one of the siblings ask Perospero over the transponder snails why he called them out there after one little rat; in both JB and VIZ, they instead ask him why it's taking him so long to eliminate one little mouse/rat. Perospero then responds in MS that he's "tired of you lot and your role-playing games!", in JB he responds "You guys are so dramatic!", and in VIZ goes with "You just had to make a scene for your big entrance!"
    • The scanlations of the chapter originally referred to Carrot's transformation as Suron/Ceylon; however, now all three versions say "Sulong".
    889: Unfamiliar Mama
    • Perospero says in the Mangastream version "Let's just focus on getting Zeus and Prometheus over here!", but in both Jaimini's Box and VIZ, it's more like he's trying to summon them: "I'm trying to summon Zeus and Prometheus to us now!"
    • A very minor one, but in both scanlations, Bege wants to put poison or explosives in the cake; in the official translation, he wants to fill it with poison and explosives.
    • MS also has Bege say that Big Mom has regretted not doing away with someone when she had the chance. In both JB and VIZ, he's saying that they (JB)/Sanji (VIZ) will regret not getting rid of Big Mom when they/he had the chance.
    • When trying to get back to Big Mom, Prometheus says that he can sense Napoleon's "thought waves" in MS, "presence" in JB, and "signal" in VIZ.
    • The attack that's called "Genie Shredding" by both scanlations is "Genie Guillotine" in the official version.
    • In the scene where Big Mom has Napoleon change into a sword, there's a sound effect below that's different in each version: it says "Bang!" in JB, as though somebody shot something, but "Bah!" in MS and "Hup!" in VIZ.
    Volume 89 (Chapters 890-892)
    890: Big Mom on the Ship
    • All three versions use a different word to describe Big Mom's thinness: Mangastream uses "light", Jaimini's Box says "skinny", and VIZ says "nimble" (which actually has more of a different meaning than the other two).
    • The part in MS where Big Mom calls Jimbei a "pipsqueak" when she's accusing him of calling her son a liar is an MS-ism. There isn't anything like that in either JB or VIZ.
    • MS's translator's note for Cognac notes that the kanji for it reads "Emperor's Sword", while JB's TN explains that it's a variety of brandy named after a town of the same name in France. VIZ doesn't offer any translator's note for it at all. Furthermore, when Jimbei hardens his arms with Armament Haki, he calls this "Kairagi" in MS (with the translator's note explaining what that means), and "Shark Skin" in JB; the official version went closer to MS's, calling it Kairagi Glaze".
    • Big Mom swinging Cognac at Jimbei is given a different name in each version: "Shatter Sword" in MS, "Blade of Destruction" in JB, and "Mama Mash" in VIZ, once again giving the official translation something more different from the scanlations than they are from each other.
    • After Nami yells at Big Mom to stop [striking the ship], her reply is in MS is that if they want her to stop, "tell me where it is!"; JB has her answer "Why don't you teach me how to stop, then!" and JB has her say that if they want her to stop, "then you'd better 'fess up!"
    • After Jimbei drenches Big Mom/Zeus/Prometheus/Napoleon with water, the sound effects Prometheus makes when reacting to it are different in each version: he says "hot!" twice in MS, "achoo!" twice in JB, and "ow!" three times in VIZ.
    • After Zeus is forced to release his electricity onto Big Mom, MS says that he "got zapped", instead of the JB and VIZ versions that instead say he was "discharged". Also, when Brook is holding the unconscious Zeus, he notes in MS that "he says he doesn't have enough energy to go wild anymore", which doesn't really make sense because Zeus is still out of it here and isn't saying anything. Neither JB nor VIZ use this wording, with VIZ's version being "I don't suppose he has the feistiness to trouble us anymore."
    891: They Believe in Me
    • VIZ name of the chapter: "They Believe in Me".
    • In the MS version, Stussy says about the Tamate Box, "You took it from the Straw Hats, right?", but the VIZ version is "I hear that Tamate Box was a gift from Straw Hat Luffy, yes?"
    • In MS, the speech bubble when Flampe's snipers are aiming at Luffy--which says "And? How many have you hit?"--seems to come from Flampe herself. However, the official translation shows that it's still the sniper speaking: "...But for some reason..."
    • The official translation calls Flampe's "award" the "Best Sistress Award".
    • MS gives her name as "Flambe", but in VIZ it's "Flampe". She's also listed as the 36th daughter in MS, which I think is a correction from what it originally said (and which Oda recently confirmed), but still as the 33rd daughter in VIZ. Lastly, she's listed as "Special Forces" Captain in MS, but "Suicide Squad" Captain in VIZ.
    • In the scanlation, when Flampe is saying that Katakuri must always be perfect, she notes "I don't want anyone to lose their love for him!"; however, in the official version, she focuses on her own opinion rather than anyone else's: "Or I'll be very disappointed!"
    • Katakuri seems to be asking why Luffy's eyes won't die in MS ("Why won't they die?! Your blasted eyes!"), but it was probably trying to say what VIZ said ("Why doesn't the light go out in those eyes?!") and just worded it more awkwardly. Then, in the next panel, he says "I don't think you get it" to Luffy in MS, but "I don't understand" in VIZ.
    • And later, when Luffy says that he'll appear from the the mirror anyway (the VIZ phrasing), Katakuri states in MS "Weren't you even listening?", but in VIZ it's "You make it sound like this is bound to happen."
    • Sanji's and Luffy's parallel words have "they think" in the official translation: "They think I'll make the greatest cake ever and use it to stop Big Mom, because..."/"They think I'll beat you! And appear in the mirror, because..."/"They believe in me!"
    892: Threat Confirmed
    • VIZ name of the chapter is "Threat Confirmed".
    • In the MS version, after Pudding calls to Sanji and then adds "-san"/"dear", she also calls him "you idiot". Neither JB nor VIZ has this, where the closest it comes is the VIZ version telling her to "hurry the hell up".
    • When answering Brook's question about why the cake was on Bege's ship, the scanlations both have someone referring to "Big Mom" in the answer, naturally implying that the one replying to his question is Sanji. However, the official translation instead has the reply referring to her as "Mama", which seems to instead imply that Pudding is the one answering the question.
    • In MS, when Bege is talking via Transponder Snail to Perospero, he says "We'll give her this cake, and take real good care of 'er", which really sounds more like he's making a deadly euphemism. The JB version has him say "We'll let her eat the cake...and then we'll let her go", which instead just has him blatantly lying. VIZ seems like a bit of a mixture between the two, where he tells them "She'll eat her fill of cake, and we'll make sure she calms down."
    • The scanlations have Bege asking Chiffon if this is "enough" for her; the official translation has him asking "You sure you're okay with this, Chiffon?!"
    • The MS editor's note at the very end says "A painful blow!", while the JB one says "Deep regret!"

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Eyy, thanks for doing this!

    Also, Aladine is called a Fishman in the original Japanese, so it is likely a mistake on Oda's part.


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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Actually the Aladdin "fish-man" mistake appears to have been fixed in the Viz version.
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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    that's alot of effort, thank you. this will be useful as i noticed MS is getting worse with their scripts and dialogue.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by midod View Post
    Actually the Aladdin "fish-man" mistake appears to have been fixed in the Viz version.
    Yes, Stephen went back and changed it after it had went online initially

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    I have the Vizmanga sub, pretty happy with it to be honest. Being able to re-read it every Monday for My Hero and One Piece is worth it!

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Good thread and thanks for your efforts Bellisario.

    I remember way back in the day the only way to settle arguments was through Stephen's translations. It was like citing bible verses, lol. Sometimes I still think wow, our good ol' Stephen Paul is the official translator, what a time to be alive.
    Folks who read One Piece... Just better people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Eyy, thanks for doing this!

    Also, Aladine is called a Fishman in the original Japanese, so it is likely a mistake on Oda's part.
    He is called Aladdin don't go by mangastream's translations they only care about getting it out as soon as possible they have called him Aladdin before as well so it's stupid for them to call him Aladine even spell checker wants to correct the name when you type Aladine lol.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by sanji''s_dad View Post
    He is called Aladdin don't go by mangastream's translations they only care about getting it out as soon as possible they have called Aladdin before as well so it's stupid for them to call him Aladine even spell checker wants to correct the name when you type Aladine lol.
    It's literally written "ALADINE" in the art.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by sanji''s_dad View Post
    He is called Aladdin don't go by mangastream's translations they only care about getting it out as soon as possible they have called Aladdin before as well so it's stupid for them to call him Aladine even spell checker wants to correct the name when you type Aladine lol.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    So, what is the big difference between Aladine and Aladdin? I guess it is the same discussion as always: "Oda wrote it that way in latin letters and therefore it is correct..*cry*,"cry*, *cry*".

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by shadyagent View Post
    So, what is the big difference between Aladine and Aladdin? I guess it is the same discussion as always: "Oda wrote it that way in latin letters and therefore it is correct..*cry*,"cry*, *cry*".
    Oda doesn't know English and therefore figured that "Aradin" worked out into "Aladine" in English.

    See also: Shiliew, that point where Big Mom was Big Mam, arguably Urouge

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyan D. Funk View Post
    Oda doesn't know English and therefore figured that "Aradin" worked out into "Aladine" in English.

    See also: Shiliew, that point where Big Mom was Big Mam, arguably Urouge
    Thanks captain obvious. I guess you totally misread my reply

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by shadyagent View Post
    So, what is the big difference between Aladine and Aladdin? I guess it is the same discussion as always: "Oda wrote it that way in latin letters and therefore it is correct..*cry*,"cry*, *cry*".
    Well, he is the author...if we start saying that we know the names of his characters better than him, what's to stop us from saying we know the plot of his manga better than him and make shit up ourselves? I mean, I don't care whether you use Aladine or Aladdin, but you seem to have a lot of contempt for Oda's name spellings...


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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaido King of the Beasts View Post
    Well, he is the author...if we start saying that we know the names of his characters better than him, what's to stop us from saying we know the plot of his manga better than him and make shit up ourselves? I mean, I don't care whether you use Aladine or Aladdin, but you seem to have a lot of contempt for Oda's name spellings...
    What the fuck, it is the absolute opposite. If anything, I have contempt towards all the stupid One Piece Fans who make a fuss about the "supposed" correct spelling. I don´t care if Oda transcribes Gaburu or Gabull in latin letters.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Oda clearly has a better grasp of English than most manga authors, but he's far from perfect, and we know he's been inconsistent and slipped up in the past. Let's take a quote from Stephen in the Viz sub-forum for everyone here who missed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by stephen View Post
    Since you whined at me in PM, the above answers are accurate to the situation. Also Oda is not usually "really good with that," there are MANY examples of him not being straight with his spellings: Alabasta/Arabasta, Caesar Clown/Crown, Gaburu/Gabull, Donquijote/Donquixote, Rocinante/Rosinante - not to mention unreliable spellings from databooks typed up by other people.

    Something that slavish wiki-minded types need to understand is that there isn't some Platonic ideal Truth that exists inside Oda's head and is simply being imperfectly transcribed by the various media forms of OP. There is no word of God on this, it's just that Oda comes up with names in Japanese and occasionally decides he needs/wants to write a romanized version of them for effect. The reason that Oda and basically every other manga/anime artist is so inconsistent with English (or other European language) spellings is because our languages are extremely different and it's very hard to maintain a fundamental understanding of both. When you see mistakes or inconsistencies like that in the finished product, it's not that they don't care about mistakes, it's that there's almost no framework for detecting and understanding those discrepancies - because it's all for the sake of presenting an aesthetic context to their primary audience of Japanese readers who don't care or can't tell anyway.

    Those romanized elements are not included specifically for a foreign audience (why should he care? 99% of his readers are Japanese) and therefore a (good) translator needs to consider details in the context of insignificant figures - in other words, are you thinking too much about details that were never given much thought in the first place? Ultimately, although I know wiki editors will scream bloody murder over what I'm going to write here: the spellings that Oda provides are nothing more than a suggestion or evidence to lean one way or the other, but aren't enough to settle a matter 100% on their own. As Crossword said above, "a good translation should take thematics and intent into account, and make alterations as appropriate." That means that sometimes you might change a name (or, as in the case of Shiryu/Shiliew, ignore a spelling provided later on) for a variety of reasons. I don't care about the distinction between Jinbe and Jimbei, they're pronounced exactly the damn same. I went with Madam Sharley in Fishman Island because it added a "shark" element to a name that included "shari" (sushi rice) already, and I gladly ignored the horrendous looking "Shyari" and "Shyarly" spellings because my choice works better for the English audience and its sensibilities. I don't care that it's Shiryu instead of Shiliew, because the latter looks really weird to English speakers, as evidenced by the reactions in the fandom when that spelling popped up. Maybe if Oda had thrown that in there on his first appearance, we'd just go with it by default, but we're not necessarily going to stop the presses and change to a really weird spelling later on when the initial choice is perfectly valid and looks better to our audience. Everything in translation happens on a case-by-case basis. The only answer that is true 100% of the time is "it depends."
    I mean hell, if they were so important or something most of Oda's audience was reading, those big Latin letters wouldn't be so enormously obscured by the name in Japanese over the top of them, right? They're there for visual flair, not an easy translation.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Yeah, I understand Stephen's viewpoint pretty well - not only is it his responsibility to translate the manga into English, but he's also got to make the manga more accessible and sensible for English speakers to understand. Also he's got to maintain consistency, a la Zolo, so unlike Mangastream, the wiki, and the fans, he can't just change the name when Oda provides a spelling.


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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyan D. Funk View Post
    Oda doesn't know English and therefore figured that "Aradin" worked out into "Aladine" in English.

    See also: Shiliew, that point where Big Mom was Big Mam, arguably Urouge
    And here I was thinking he was making a pun on aladdin and sardine
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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    Translating names is complicated and really needs to happen on a case by case basis, and there's always gonna be issues of people's individual preferences as to what sounds better, looks better, is more accurate, captures the author's intent best. There's no absolute rule, even when there are Latin letters in the comic to work with. Even with names that are basic Japanese words that would translate into basic English words. Like, no one feels the need to make Nami, Kuro or Kuma into Wave, Black and Bear, they're simple enough not to feel out of place in One Piece's relatively westernised setting, and the meanings of the word don't have a lot of immediate bearing on the characters. But Inuarashi and Nekomusashi are in my opinion better off as Dogstorm (or Dogupine) and Catviper because they're extremely descriptive names that play off the characters' appearances. Or like how Sally Natokanette works better as Sally Isntoinette, because it's a joke on how she speaks that falls flat if you can't understand the name.

    That said, there are a few Japanese names left untouched even in the Viz releases that I feel could work better in English. Opinions incoming! Yarisugi of G-5 for example is another joke-on-the-personality name like Isntoinette that doesn't work at all for an English reader in its present state. CP9's Fukuro is part bag (hence the zipper) and part owl (a trait that's really subtle on appearance alone) and could probably have gotten both of those points across better if the name was translated to Satchowl or something, just off the top of my head. I also personally think the Marine Admirals' epithets should be in English, since the colour/animal combos are extremely telling of each one's powers and personality, and it's a shame to lose that in the translation. HOWEVER! You might also argue it's in line with the Marines' aesthetic to have them using Japanese words. Their signs, their buildings and their coats all have Japanese text, which is telling next to Oda's use of English writing in backgrounds in other places, not to mention having characters based on Japanese celebrities populating their upper ranks. It's complicated, and there's no right answer!

    All translation is interpretation and adaptation. You make changes to make a text functional in another language the same way you'd tweak it if you were adapting it from manga to anime, in order to make it function in the new format. There's no absolute gospel, as nice as it would be for us (and as much as it would help our mess of a wiki) to have one.

    This all said, Viz's One Piece releases are a super strong English version, and Stephen's clearly one of the best in the business at what he does. I don't want the fact that I sometimes think 'well I'd have written it like this' when looking at particular names and lines to be taken as criticism from me. Given the nature of translation as a process, there's no way Stephen and his predecessors could ever agree with all of the fanbase on everything. And hey, even Viz at its weakest is a hundred times more readable than any fan translation I've ever seen, and it's great this thread exists to give people who can't access it legitimately (due to the cost or due to regions) at least a glimpse of a professional translation to compare and contrast with the fan versions.

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    Default Re: VIZ/Mangastream Comparison Questions and Archive

    This is very useful. Thanks for the effort, Bellisario!

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