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  • Dadan Family

    20 10.93%
  • Princess Shirahoshi

    6 3.28%
  • Kokoro's Family

    3 1.64%
  • Dalton

    6 3.28%
  • Foxy Pirates

    9 4.92%
  • Sengoku

    20 10.93%
  • Fred, the Awesome Octopus Fishman

    27 14.75%
  • Kin'emon

    9 4.92%
  • Pekoms

    16 8.74%
  • Sanji Vinsmoke

    44 24.04%
  • Wadatsumi

    1 0.55%
  • Capone Bege

    13 7.10%
  • Brownbeard

    3 1.64%
  • Kozuki Momonosuke

    2 1.09%
  • Hody Jones

    1 0.55%
  • Saint Charloss

    3 1.64%
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Thread: Round 1, Match 9

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    Default Round 1, Match 9

    Dadan Family: Can anyone spare any scrapbooking supplies? I'm running low, and I must document all of Luffy's exploits.
    Kokoro Family: Ngagaga! That boy sure is leaving his mark in the world. I hope Franky is doing well, granny! *Nyaa!*
    Shirahoshi: I hope I get to see a real forest soon.
    Dalton: They might be artificial, but our Kingdom has sakura, Princess.
    Foxy Pirates: Fehfehfeh! When I win, you shall all join me! Wait, this isn't a Davy Back Fight?
    Kin'emon: Lord Momonosuke, I hope you are faring well in your task, that I do!
    Momo: I'm afraid I have yet to come to pachyterms with Zunisha, that I haven't.
    Pekoms: Shall I help you coax him out of his shell?
    Fred: *is still standing awesomely in the same spot, waiting for Jinbe*
    Capone: I hope you people don't think you can gang up on me.
    Sanji: Shut up, jerk. It's because of you that I had to leave the crew (mostly Nami and Robin) behind.
    Sengoku: So many rogues... You're all lucky I'm retired. Well, whatever! Who wants rice crackers?
    Wadatsumi: Oh, I could use something to go with my drink.
    Brownbeard: Uohohoho! I'm lucky I got arrested, because the Brownbeard Bus cannot carry 15 passengers. Or one giant one.
    Hody: Jahaha! I will crush all of these pathetic humans! Ow, my hip.
    Charloss: *still has not woken up after Luffy's beating*

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Let's do it, Sanji! You've got this!

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Man of the Year takes this one easy


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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    I'm not letting my boy Dalton down!

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    All aboard the Brownbeard Bus!*

    *The Brownbeard Bus can not actually carry all of you.

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Voted for Sengoku
    His scenes with Law and Roci during Dressrosa really made me appreciate the guy more, plus now he's like a second Garp. That's two whole garps!

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Dive into Round 2, Brownbeard & Kinemon!

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9


    please people, vote for sengoku and also kin'emon

    can't believe I missed him

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    While awaiting his inevitable return to manga, for those nonfamiliar with him, I present some introduction.

    (I know it's old and not mine, but damn, it's the best campaign in any tournament here)
    All hail Machvise-sama, Arlong Park Character Tournament 2016 Champion!

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Vote for the woman who raised two and a half monsters, and loved them all like they were her own flesh and blood. The best mother in One Piece: Curly Dadan.

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    I cannot decide on this one

    Gonna decide based on campaigns tomorrow

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    I'm scared to vote Sanji because no character I've voted for has moved on to the next round.

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Who is the legend who made Fred's campaign?

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    I'm too scared to vote. Too many good characters. Help.
    The face of a Straw Hat.

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Voting for the true honest Man that is Dalton.
    "Often I think about my many comrades fallen by my side. I heard their curses against the war and its authors, the revolt against their murder. And I, as a survivor, believe that I am inspired by their will to struggle, for the idea of peace and human fraternity."
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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Ooh this will be a tough one, dear Sengoku

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Fred gets my vote

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Shiro gets my vote

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    I can't believe I missed the first 6 matches. This tournament should be advertised more.

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    Default Re: Round 1, Match 9

    Without Kokoro and her family, the strawhats never get to ennies lobby, never cross the gap and without Chimney, luffy either never finds lucci or drowns after his rowboat gets wrecked. Not to mention all of the other strawhats drown if not for the Deus Ex Mermaid-Na

    Without the kokoro family robin is never saved.
    Chapter 437 Discussion after franky decides to join the Strawhats:
    So who think Usopp is inside that duffelbag?
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