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Thread: Nekomamushi vs. Whitebeard

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    Default Re: Nekomamushi vs. Whitebeard

    Sorry pops, but I'm rooting for the cat this year.
    Go, master Nekomamushi!

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    Default Re: Nekomamushi vs. Whitebeard

    Hmph. I wish more of you guys were loyal to old man.
    Besides, Neko is just a cat. Meow.

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    Default Re: Nekomamushi vs. Whitebeard

    Quote Originally Posted by Robby View Post
    I'm sure there's a specific reason for the bounty numbers.
    First appearances?

    I vote for master cat!
    Quote Originally Posted by Outerspec View Post
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    It makes no sense and you'll be dead before you're finished.

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    Default Re: Nekomamushi vs. Whitebeard

    Not like he needs it, but I am bored.

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    Default Re: Nekomamushi vs. Whitebeard

    Gotta vote Neko he is one of my favorite new characters
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