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    Chapter 157: Dark King.


    Vladmir: Impale!

    Vladmir summons several red stakes and send them flying at the three like a rain of spears.

    Alex: Johnny!

    Alex gets in front of Johnnathan and deflects some of the stakes with his scythe. Then he pulls back Johnnathan and retreats.

    Vladmir: Graaaah!

    Vladmir keeps launching stakes at them until Schneider shoots five arrows at once on his face and chest.

    Vladmir: Grrrrr!

    Schneider: Over here you shadow of a usurped king!

    He removes the arrows and summons a large stake and that he wields like a javelin and uses it in close combat against her. She tries to dodge the attacks by rolling around and shooting an arrow for blind spots.

    Schneider: Tch! To think this guy used to be my "king".

    Johnnathan: I don't remember you being the type to let a woman do all the work...outside of my mom, of course.

    Alex: She is a high-ranked Angel. She can take care of herself. But I still have a grudge with this guy. Haaa!

    He delivers a vertical swing with his schyte that sended a pressure wave, delivering a long-distance attack cutting his elbow.

    Vladmir: Graaaah!

    He gets Vladmir's attention and the two of them look at each other.

    Alex: Yo! Remember me?


    He then flies straight at Alex with his javelin like a joust and Alex clashes his weapon with it and manages to block it. Vladmir than procceds by flying in midair and summoning several other stakes around him and shooting everywhere making the three of them to hide inside the bastille.

    Vladmir: Highlandeeeer!

    Alex: Alright, he is pissed. So he will propably wouldn't escape from us....not that it is a good thing.

    Johnnathan: You guys know I am still alive, right?

    Schneider: You came here at your own, so stop complaining.

    Alex: Still, I think his Dark Magic is just what we needed to finally put him to a rest.

    Then various stakes pierce the walls and almost hit them.

    Alex: I don't think it is a good idea to stay here.

    Johnnathan: Urgh, damnit. Should have patched a box of cigarretes before coming here.

    Alex: Hold on, you've been smoking?! If your mother was alive, she would kill you before that straw stick. I can't even die without you starting to kill yourself later.

    Johnnathan: Henry was pretty much risking his life when you were alive.

    Alex: I was still tracking him you know.

    Johnnathan: If it makes you feel better, I started at sixteen.

    Then another rain of stakes almost hits them.

    Schneider: Can we leave that parental talk for later?!

    Johnnathan: Yeah, dad. Not the time for that.

    Alex: Fine.

    The three of them rushes to the stairs and climb to a upper floor while being attacked by several stakes piercing the walls.

    Johnnathan: How does he do that?

    Alex: He was a vampire. He has high sensory skills, specially as a Wraith.

    Johnnathan: By the way, can't any of you two fly?

    Schneider: These wings are more like decorations than anything else.

    Soon they reach the top floor of the Bastille and Vladmir breaks the wall and face them with a long stake javelin on his hand.

    Vladmir: Grrrrr!!!

    Johnnathan: Okay, we can't shake him off and take him by surprise. What is the plan?

    Alex: I have a plan. You and me go right at him and Schneider shoots him.

    Johnnathan:...Is that different from what we were doing?

    Vladmir: Graaaaah!

    He then attacks Johnnathen with his stake and parry him with his swords. Johnnathan then pushes back with his swords enchanted with darkness.

    Vladmir: Graaah....

    Vladmir then acts a bit hesitant.

    Alex: I guess your magic have some effect on him.

    Johnnathan: If that is the case, can you two keep him busy for a while.

    Alex:...Easy said it than done.

    Alex throws his scythe and Vladmir that deflects, but Alex jumps to his scythe and picks it again for an attack from above, slicing his torso diagonally.

    Vladmir: Grah!

    Vladmir then regenerates from his wound and starts swinging his javelin at him, but Schneider shoots and arrow right below his wrist making him stop.

    Johnnathan: Dad! Get out of the way!

    Alex then steps to the right and Johnnathan shoots a Red Spiral right at his chest leaving an entire hole on it.

    Vladmir: Gah!

    Alex: Nice one, son.

    Johnnathan:...I've been making a lot of hole lately.

    Vladmir: Graa....Graaa...

    Then Vladmir raises his left hand and lifts his index finger.

    Alex: Huh? That's....

    He then looks at Johnnathan and senses a lot of killing intent coming next to him.

    Alex: Johnnathan! Watch out!

    He pushes back Johnnathan and a large red spike appears from the floor impaling him.

    Alex: Uurgh! Not again!

    Schneider: Alex!

    Johnnathan: Dad!

    Alex: Worry not, son! Take more than this to take down an angel...Also it is not that bad when you do not lose good part of your guts...Hahahah..cough.

    Vladmir: Graaaaah!

    Vladmir then summons several stakes next to launch them at any time. Johnnathan then stands in front of his father.

    Alex: What are you doing, boy?

    Johnnathan: Just get out of there quickly.

    Alex: I will not die you retard son of mine! You on other hand....

    Johnnathan: No! I won't...I won't leave you behind again!

    Alex:....Stop acting cool and get ou-

    Vladmir then throws all of his stakes at them and Johnnathan tries to deflects with his swords, but some of the stakes pierces in some points of his body.

    Johnnathan: Gah!

    Schneider: Johnnathan!

    She tries to shoot arrows at Vladmir, but he throws his large Javelin at her and pierces her chest and attaches her into a wall. Vladmir then shoots several other stakes at her piercing her everywhere.

    Schneider: Uuuurgh....Sorry guys....

    Her body then disappears and her jar drops into the ground releasing souls.

    Johnnathan: W-What happened? Urgh...

    Johnnathan tries to remove the stakes out of his body.

    Alex: She...Went back to Lyssium....

    Vladmir then approaches slowly with another javelin on hand.

    Alex: Damnit...Johnnathan you have to get out of there and go somewhere safe...Then after that we regroup and....

    Vladmir: Graaaaah!

    Vladmir then gets ready to stab Johnnathan with his stake and Johnnathan looks at him, but for some reason time seemed to stop.

    Johnnathan: Hmm? What is this?

    "Oh man, what a development."

    For his surprise, he see his mother, Ruby Scarlet at his side just like that time in Taiyo.

    Ruby: You had to play hero again, don't you? Children aren't supossed to defend their parents you know.

    Johnnathan:...What is going on?

    Ruby: Take this as a...Near-Death Experience. Now how about we get straight to the point...have you ever noticed that why you can still use your magic so perfectly despite your shattered soul? And how are you alive in the Underworld?

    Johnnathan: Wasn't that because of the Skeleton Coins?

    Ruby: Nope. The coins just allows you to skip to the Underworld to the Living World. What made you feel alive is something else differently.

    Johnnathan: You are just fruit of my imagination, right? How do you know that.

    Ruby: Because just now you are just realizing that.

    Johnnathan: I think I get it. But, what do I do now?

    Ruby: I don't need to tell you. You have the answer already.

    She then disappears in a red fog.

    Johnnathan:....I see...

    Red smokes then are released from his eyes and he catches the javelin before he could impale him.

    Alex: What?

    Johnnathan: Alright...Let's settle this.

    He gets on his feet and gazes at Vladmir with red crimson eyes and pointy fangs.

    Johnnathan: Like vampires!

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    Chapter 158: Crimson Soul.

    Johnnathan: Hey, nice stick you got there. Can I have it?!

    He pocks the stake off his hand and impales on his face, procceding with a kick in the chin pushing him away.

    Alex: *whistle* Nice kick.

    Vladmir: Grrr.....Corvus.....Corvuuuus!

    Johnnathan:....I will take that as an insult.

    Vladmir: Graaaaaaah!

    He then summons another long stake and attacks him with two long weapons. Johnnathan dodges the first attacks.

    Johnnathan: Huh. We dual wield now? Well, I already faced two axes once so why not?

    The two then starts clashing their weapons until Johnnathan finds an opening jumping above him and slicing his head vertically.

    Johnnathan: How is that?

    Vladmir: Graaaah!

    He reacts by kicking Johnnathan away and tries to impale him with his two stakes, but he gets out of the ground at the last second.

    Johnnathan: What the? How did it-

    Alex: Hehehehe...Yeah. I did something similar once, but no matter how much you damage the head, that won't kill it as easily as if he was alive. Still, quite the feat kiddo.

    Johnnathan: Can't you do anything useful?

    Alex: No can do. I am stuck here. If you could help maybe?

    Johnnathan then dodges another stake coming from the floor.

    Johnnathan:...Can you give me some advice then?

    Vladmir then summons several stakes and shoots them at Johnnathan.

    Johnnathan: Uh-oh.

    He tries to block the ones flying at him and his father, but still gets hit. Vladmir then summons several others.

    Johnnathan: I so wanna say the H-word right now....

    Alex: Watch out boy!

    Vladmir then launches the stakes and Johnnathan focus his vision on the them. In a moment, the stakes seemed to fly slower at him when coming nearby.

    Johnnathan: ...I don't get it, but whatever...Red Onslaught!

    He then deflects most of the stakes, but one hits Alex's left eye.

    Johnnathan: Ah! Dad, you're okay?

    Alex: It's fine. I am already used to it.

    Johnnathan: On other hand...What did I done right now?

    Alex: Probably your instincts.

    Johnnathan: My what?

    Another stake flew at Johnnathan while he was talking to Alex, but he deflects without looking at it.

    Johnnathan:...See? Again.

    Alex: How many times you faced with a situation that risked your life?

    Johnnathan: Well....a lot actually.

    Alex: Well that explains.

    Johnnathan: What?

    Then Vladmir attacks Johnnathan with his stakes and ha struggles to parry with him. Meanhwile Alex tries to get free of the giant spike.

    Alex: You see...Uuurhgh....When you face a lot of situations that may kill you...your body starts to get used to it and...ouch...you reach the next step on this Killing Intent bullcrap. That is how I got in this mess in the first place.

    Vladmir: Graaaaah!

    Vladmir then impale his stakes on the floor and several giant spikes appears around the room and Johnnathan tries to dodge being impaled by them.

    Johnnathan: Woops! Nope! Nope! Extra Nope!

    Alex: That's right son. Dodge it right before it appears. Hehehe...

    Johnnathan: Urrgh....Hold on, I have an idea...Yo! Vladmir!

    Vladmir: Gruh?

    Johnnathan: I slept with your daughter when we were like ten!

    Vladmir: Grwaaaaat?!

    With a unknow surge of rage that even Vladmir himself didn't knew about it, he attacked Johnnathan with one of his stakes, but Johnnathan used the attack to shatter the spike impaling Alex by dodging out of the way releasing him.

    Alex:....Huh. I'm surprised that worked.

    Alex picked his scythe and delivered a swing strong enough to send Vladmir flying away.

    Johnnathan: You alright dad?

    Alex: I told you didn't I? A huge needle passing through the guts isn't gonna finish your old man...By the way, you just slept with her that night, right?

    Johnnathan: She bited me once.

    Suddenly Vladmir appeared from behind Alex ready to stab him from behind, but Johnnathan defended him at the last seconds.

    Johnnathan: Get off!

    The two of them starts to deliver rapid attacks at each other until Johnnathan jumps and let Alex to attack him, slicing through Vladmir's body.

    Vladmir: Gruh!

    Alex: Now Johnny! On my mark!

    Johnnathan: Right!

    The two of them slices Vladmir from the opposite sides, cutting his left arm in the process.

    Vladmir: Graaaaaah!

    Alex: Well look at that. Just like...27 years ago? I cut of his leg as well.

    Vladmir: Grwaaaaaa!

    He flies away making an entire hole in the ceiling and he stops in midair. With his right hand he gathers a load of magic energy forming a gigantic red stake several times bigger than the bastille they were inside. So big that Death could see it way back in Lyssium.

    Death:....The Bastill of the Damned Bards is far closer than I expected.

    Alex and Johnnathan just stands there watching the unavoidable doom above them.

    Alex:...Well son, I think you have enough time to get out of here and try again another time.

    Johnnathan:...Give me a break dad. If we keep like this I will never get my soul fixed.

    Alex: Come on. I have nothing to lose here. But you still have.

    Johnnathan: You know...Maybe it just the vampire inside me driving me crazy, but I feel like I can do it.

    Alex: You sounds like someone who is ready to die.

    Johnnathan: I wouldn't got in where I am now if I didn't risked it everything one time. I'm pretty sure my mother thought the same thing when she alone protected me and Henry 12 years ago. Don't you think?

    Alex looks at his son and notices a glimpse of Ruby at his side smiling at him.

    Alex:...She wouldn't forgive you if you die.

    Johnnathan: Don't worry. I made a promise. There is a woman that I need to return to....And so do you.

    Alex:...Heh. Bloody hell.

    Vladmir then points his arm at them and launches the giant stake.

    Alex: It is now or never!

    Johnnathan: Just fucking do it old man!

    Alex: Well said it!

    He delivers a swing with his scythe with Johnnathan on top of it and sends him flying straight at Vladmir.

    Johnnathan: A little more....A little mooore....Now!

    He does a flip that makes he lands on the stake and he then runs on top of it going closer to Vladmir. When he reaches the end he leaps towards him with his swords covered in a high dose of darkness.

    Johnnathan: Got you now, you sinisiter shameless needle thrower....Red Guilotine!

    Vladmir: Graaah....

    He gives a downward spiral attack that cuts Vladmir in half.

    Alex:...Nice job, son. Nice job.

    Alex watches it as the stake strikes the bastille and destroys it alongside a huge portion of the surrounding area.

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    Chapter 159: Cursed King.


    With a full swipe of his swords, Johnnathan cut Vladmir in half and he fell from the skies. Johnnathan then reverts back to normal without his eyes glowing red.

    Johnnathan:....Wait a second...I can't fly...Shit!

    Johnnathan then falls from the skies alongside Vladmir.

    Johnnathan: Crap Crap Crap!

    "I'm comiiiiing!"

    Out of nowhere, Griff appears and catches Johnnathan before he landed in the ground.

    Griff: And that's how it is done....Hey, aren't you that bag of living flesh that was alongside Alex?

    Johnnathan: Yep. I am his son.

    Griff: Son? He has a son? He never told me he had a son...Then again I never asked him. Say, you are alive right?

    Johnnathan: Yeah, I guess.

    Griff: Weird...Where is your father anyway?

    Johnnathan: Well...

    He looks at where was the bastille, but there was only a giant red spike on where it was.

    Johnnathan:...I hope that didn't hurted.

    Griff: Hey! Did you done this?

    He points at a fallen Vladmir on the ground and he seemed to be struggling with his upper body split in half.

    Vladmir: GrraaaAaaAhh....

    Johnnathan: Pretty much.

    Griff: You are pretty cool. If you wanna thank me for saving your life earlier then marry my daughter in the living world. Her name is Julia. She is a Hybrid just like me.

    Johnnathan:...She does not live in Wildlands by any chance does she?

    Griff: Eh? You met her? Was my father with her?

    Johnnathan: You mean Rey? Yeah, I had an adventure with him back there. Also, last time I saw her she was like eleven.

    Griff: Oh....Nevermind then.

    "It seems the job was a success."

    Azrael appears before them from nowhere.

    Azrael: I will be taking that.

    He summons a large skeleton hand that holds Vladmir. Then Death appears in front of Vladmir restrained by Azrael.

    Death: I waited 10 World Seven's Years for this moment.

    Vladmir then tries to bite her head.

    Death: How rude...

    She turns one of her fingers into a scythe blade and pokes into his face.

    Death: Boop.

    Vladmir: Graaaaaah!

    His body glows with green light and a green lightning is expelled from his mouth and eyes. Then after a while it was over.

    Johnnathan: What the fuck is going on?

    Death: Something similar to what you wish me to do.

    Johnnathan: Eew.

    Death: Anyway, let's move to my place shall we?

    She snaps her fingers and then suddenly are back to Death's main office. Except for Griff who got behind.

    Griff:....Welp. Lonely again.

    Back at Death's office, Vladmir is laying on the floor seemingly unconscious.

    Johnnathan:...I still need to process the things around here.

    "So you are alive after all."

    He hears his father from behind and he was there alongside Schneider.

    Johnnathan: Dad! You're back!

    Alex: Of course I am. What did you think happened to me? Died?

    Schneider: Congratulations Johnny! You beat Vladmir...What now?

    Johnnathan: Oh yeah. Can I have my three wishes or something?

    Then Vladmir gets up on his feet.

    Schneider: Aaaah! He is awake! Kill it....Re-Kill it!

    Vladmir: Gruuu....What the hell is going on here?

    Schneider: Aaaah! He is talking full setences now!

    Alex: That is enough reason to get scared?

    Vladmir then look at his hands and wings.

    Vladmir: What the? What is going on?! What is this form?! Where am I?! Who are you people?! And where is my shitstain of a son?!

    Death: You are dead. You are a Wraith. And it has been about 10 years.

    Vladmir:....I demand details on that.

    Death: Well....

    Death then explains all the notions that Vladmir needed to hear.

    Vladmir: I think I got it. But why am I still with this hideous appearance?

    Death: It has been too long since you became a wraith. I gave back your self-awareness, but your soul is now fully corrupted at this point.

    Vladmir: Well, I am dead anyway, so it's all it matters. So, those angels over there...they are the one that...Tch! Saved me?

    Alex: It has been a while, huh?

    Vladmir: Who are you?

    Alex: You don't remember? You pierced me int he guts with a giant spike years ago.

    Vladmir:...Highlander? The Red Demon? So you also met the mortal coil, huh?

    Alex: By the same guy that did it to you.

    Vladmir: Corvus...

    Alex: Anyway we didn't really saved you. It was my son, Johnnathan who somehow could enter here while alive that defeated you.

    Vladmir: Your son?

    Johnnathan: Er...Hi Mr.Dracul. Nice knowing you, hehe.

    Vladmir:...There is something on you that rubs me the wrong way...He is not human isn't it?

    Alex: Nah. He is a Hybrid. A red one...Have you heard of them?

    Vladmir: I heard rumours, but never paid that much attention. And why is he being too formal with me all of the sudden.

    Johnnathan: Well...I-

    Alex: He happens to be friends with your daughter.

    Johnnathan: D-Dad!

    Vladmir:...Which one?

    Alex: The younger one.

    Vladmir:....Bah! If I was still alive, you would be dead. At least it is better than walk alongside a filthy half-breed instead with my disgrace of a son.

    He then picks up a chair and sits looking exhausted.

    Vladmir:...My daughter...Evelyne. How is she doing it?

    Johnnathan: Oh! Uhh...She kinda was part of a pirate crew alongside his siblings and your son has been pretty much doing a far better work as a vampire leader, but if it makes you feel better she kinda left them and she is now with my crew...we are also pirates by the way.

    Vladmir:...At least she is not with him. Wagner and her might be the only ones in that group that are worthy. So what you're gonna do with me now Lady Death? Send to the rest of my kind? Go ahead. I guess it would fit.

    Death: Well, if you wanna do that go ahead, but it is not your only option.

    Vladmir: What do you mean?

    Death: Didn't you know? Those two over there turned into Angels in hope to bring back their loved ones.

    Alex: Yup. The more souls we get the more powerful she becomes.

    Vladmir: In other words, you want me to become one of your dogs?

    Death: Yes. Definetly. After all, I am mightier than you.

    Vladmir:...Alright. I suposse it is the price I have to pay as king of vampires. I shall do one last duty...to save my people.

    Death: That is the spirit. Since you are up to rescue every single one of your people, I shall give you a special angel title....Hmmm...How about Dracula?

    Vladmir: Call me whatever you want. I just care about freeing my people.

    Death: Very well then. I just wanna remind you that those two have been trying an eternity to just bring back one of them.

    Vladmir: So that girl too, huh?

    Schneider: H-Hello.

    Alex: One moment, please.

    Death: Yes, Alex?

    Alex then approaches Vladmir and stares at him to the eyes.

    Alex: The one who is gonna save Ruby is me. Get that you shameless failure of a sovereign? Even if you somehow manages to kill enough Phantasmas to bring all of them back before me, it will not be by your hands that she will come to my side.

    Schneider: Eep! Alex! What are y-


    Vladmir starts to laugh awkwardly.

    Vladmir: Ruby, eh? I can't believe you of all people would engage with a vampire. And one of Diamanta's favourites. Very well. You can keep her, you dried up sack of smoothie. Why would I care for a traitor anyway?

    Alex: You are just mad cause she is better than any of your mistress your oversized mosquito.

    The two then stares at each other like a mangoose and a snake.

    Death: Yes! That's it! That is the kind of rivalry that motivates angels to compete with each other and bring more sols to be saved. Keep going!

    Johnnathan: So huh....What about me? I did it the thing.

    Death: Oh yeah, before that let me ask you something. You see even if you were alive, the very own air of the Underworld would steal your strenght away, but still you fought like you were alive. Have you ever wonder why is that?

    Johnnathan:...At a moment I thought of the number of coins I used, but...That isn't the case, right?

    Death: Yes. There are 2 ways of going into the Underworld and returning back to the living world. Either using 26 coins or more...or covering your body with Dark Magic. Either way, you would be as fine as you would be alive.

    Johnnathan: Then...what exactly happened to me.

    Death: Lets just say before you came here...You got yourself a security measure.

    Johnnathan: Security...measure?

    Death: Well, not important right now. Now let's get down to bussiness.

    She turns her index finger into a scythe blade and stabs him in the chest.

    Johnnathan: Huh? It is...Not hurting...

    She then removes her finger and a red pulse glows in his chest.

    Johnnathan: What the?

    The pulse then spreads to his whole body and red glow appears around his body and disappears at the last second. His limiter then gets shattered to pieces.

    Johnnathan: My limiter...

    Death: You do not need that anymore. Actually it was most likely it won't work on you anymore. Right now, you can fully synchronize with your darkness. You are the first Hybrid to do achieve that by the way. Congratulations!

    Azrael picks a party pooper and covers him in confetti.

    Johnnathan:...Is that so?

    Death: Well, it is easy to keep track of a race that there are so few of them. Now...

    She snaps her fingers and a green vortex portal appears behind him.

    Death: It is time for you to go. Once you start to breath the living world air...you will feel like a entire new man.

    Johnnathan: Got it.

    Alex: You already going? Damn. I was hoping we could hang out. There is some cool places here in Lyssium you know.

    Johnnathan: Don't worry. I see you next century.

    Alex: Hah. You are one cocky kid alright.

    Vladmir: I wonder from who did he picked that?

    Alex:...Anyway, it was nice seeing you again Johnny. When you see your brother again, tell him that I don't harbor any hard feelings on him, okay?

    Vladmir: So he had two? Good grief.

    Schneider: And...if you see my daughter again...tell her that I thought of a name for her.

    Johnnathan: What name?

    Schneider:...Cleo. Cleo Schneider. That is her name.

    Johnnathan: Cleo...Nice name.

    Vladmir: Hmm....

    Vladmir then turns his back to Johnnathan;

    Vladmir: Hey kid.

    Johnnathan: Yeah?

    Vladmir: You see...I had 99 other siblings and we didn't get along at all. We all wanted each other dead actually.

    Alex: And here I thought I knew everything about you.

    Vladmir: Because of that I had trouble about having a family. In fact, I never saw my children as anything but tools. But...could you please tell Evelyne that I cared for her? She will probably won't believe it but I feel like it is something that should be told.

    Alex: Aaaw, look at that. The Vampire King and one of the 3 Dark Lords has feelings.

    Vladmir: Your funeral, Highlander.

    Johnnathan:...Alright. I think if it comes from me, she might actually listen.

    Vladmir: You think so?

    Johnnathan: Yeah, we are close...Too much close actually.

    Vladmir:...What do you mean by that?

    Johnnathan: Er...well, I think it is better to tell you now, but...I had sex with your daughter.

    Vladmir: Is that s-WHAT?!

    Johnnathan:...Twice even.

    Vladmir: Whaaaat?!

    Alex: Pffft! Hahahaha! You saying you wrecked up the vampire king's daughter right in front of her? Haha! You're the best kid!

    Vladmir then stares at Johnnathan with a way scarier face.

    Vladmir: Why did you do that, boy?!

    Johnnathan: H-Hold on! It wasn't for naughty intentions...In fact she was the one who made the first move anyway.

    Vladmir: What did you saaaaay?!

    He summons a giant stake and stabs in the floor.

    Vladmir: You saying me that she was acting like a dirty whore to you?!

    Johnnathan:...Well, technically yes, but the point is that we both enjoyed it and we are in love with each other and....let me tell you, she is really good at this so...be proud of her, hehe.

    Alex: Aaaahahahahahaha!

    Alex can't hold back and laughs hard while the rest of the people in the room struggles to hold their laughs.

    Vladmir:...Get. Out. Already.

    Johnnathan:....O-Okay.(I think I messed up here.-__-)

    He then jumps into the portal and disappears.

    Alex: So. Your girl and my boy. I guess we are basically family now, isn't it Vlad?

    Vladmir: I really don't like you.

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    Chapter 160: Black Snow.

    Salomeh entered in Vanilla's room concerned of her well-being. She saw her with her face buried in the pillow as usual.

    Salomeh: Vanilla....You have to get out now. That isn't your bed anymore.-_-

    Vanilla: Just five more minutes.

    Salomeh: *sigh* Just like the old days. Look, I am not mad that you were aboard a pirate ship, okay? A pirate ship lead by a golden-rank pirate captain, but that aside I am not disappointed at you. I know you are a good person.

    Vanilla: It was still a bad idea.

    Salomeh: Well, they did rescued from the Rogues as I heard it.

    Vanilla: Still...bad idea.

    Salomeh:...Oh boy. Hold on a second.

    She snaps her fingers and suddenly Edward was teleported right next to her.

    Edward: Huh?! Where am I? How did I get here?

    Salomeh: Look Vanilla! It is your little friend, er....what is your name again?

    Edward: Edward Howitz.

    Salomeh: Edward! Yeah! You know, the only human you got close with it? Why don't you...chat for a little bit?

    Vanilla: Whatever.

    Salomeh: That is not a yes...but it is not a no as well.

    She then picks up Edward by his collar and puts him in the same bed as Vanilla.

    Salomeh: Have fun you two...but I want you two out in five minutes.

    She closes the door and leave the two of them alone.

    Edward:....(Technically this is my first time in a girl's room alone.)

    Vanilla: Are you thinking about being alone with a woman?

    Edward: N-No! No...It just...that teacher of yours is pretty strong huh?

    Vanilla: Yeah, you get that when you have to deal with dozens of children.

    Edward: So...how are you doing?

    Vanilla: Awful, thank you very much.

    Edward: Hey, no mopping around will you?

    Vanilla: What are you even doing here?

    Edward:...I dunno. Your crazy teacher just dragged me here by force.

    Vanilla: If you don't have nothing to say then you can leave.

    Edward:...Say, wanna go back to the Gloria?

    Vanilla: No.

    Edward: Why?

    Vanilla: I don't wanna.

    Edward: But I wanna.

    Vanilla: I don't care. I have better things to do.

    Edward: Can't you do those things with us?

    Vanilla:...No one wants me there.

    Edward: Well, I do.


    Edward:...Heh. Sure. Why would my opinion matters anyway? I have less motive to be with them as you do.

    Vanilla: Then why are you tagging along?

    Edward: Because I know they like me. And in no other place a chump like me would be welcome it. At least you have this place.

    She then gets her face out of her pillow and sits next to Edward.

    Vanilla: You know what, Eddie? You are totally right.

    Edward: What do you mean?

    Vanilla: You are dead weight.

    Edward: Uuuurgh...

    Vanilla: I mean, that does not mean you're not useful. Ever since we met on Raven's ship you changed considerably.

    Edward: You think so?

    Vanilla: Yup. It is not everyone that can get cut by a Hated and survive to tell the tale you know.

    Edward: Oh come on. I was totally dead if it wasn't for Tenkai.

    Vanilla: And even so, I don't think things would be the same without you. You always had that...flavor.

    Edward: Flavor?

    Vanilla: Yeah. You see things were...interesting. In my opinion Johnnathan only needed West and Florencia at most when there was only five of us, but...I think only the three of them would be too much boring.

    Edward: That is talking big considering each one of them is very...unique.

    Vanilla: But when I think about it...everytime you were around things were never dull...okay, not too much dull but it was never tedious.

    Edward: That is just me showing off.

    Vanilla: Really? Well, I guess you didn't done it very well. After all....I was gazing another man entirely this whole time.

    Edward:....I am not really good with this, but I just wanna say that Johnnathan is just another man you find in your life...Okay, maybe he is not just another, but...Urrgh. Look, I don't wanna offend anyone, but this is something you have to talk to your parents.

    Vanilla:...Pfft. Hehehehe...

    She starts to slightly laugh.

    Edward: What?

    Vanilla: Sorry, it is just amusing. You see, overall you are not really special.

    Edward:...I know that.

    Vanilla: But...knowing you better I can see you are very kind and friendly. You always try to remain positive even though you got second thoughts. Always trying to find a solution to everything somehow. And...when I see you try so hard to become better and better...it cheer me up so greatly....*sigh* I really should have fallen to someone like you.

    Edward:...Pah. What are the chances?

    The two of them faces against each other with sad expressions on their faces, but unconsciously to them, their hands were approaching each other as then make contact, them grasp each other hands.

    "Ah! Sorry abou-"

    As they realize what happened they turn to each other and stares at each other eyes for a few moments with their hearts beating. As they look at each other with their faces close to one another they slowly gets closer. They close their eyes for a second and are closer to contact their lips.


    West appears alongside Evelyne before they could make contact with each other.

    Vanilla: W-Wh-What?!

    Edward: W-What happened?!

    Evelyne: Oh! Are we....interrupting something?

    West: No we are not! Nothing important happens between those two.

    Edward:...Hello misfortune, my old friend.

    Vanilla: Can't you guys at least knock?!

    Evelyne: I'm sorry, but...something terrible is about to happen outside.

    Vanilla: Terrible?

    In the middle of the streets, Aladdin and Heinrich were walking around eating fish n chips when Aladdin just stopped at stared at the snow falling of the sky.

    Heinrich: What is the matter?

    He picks a snowflake and a dark water comes from it.

    Aladdin:...Is this...Darkness?

    Suddenly every single citzen falls of to the ground unconscious.

    Heinrich:...Is this some sort of custom from around here?

    Aladdin: No. Someone cursed the snow....Hm?

    He then looks at the south.

    Aladdin: This presence...could it be...

    In the school building, Alpha and Omega were watching the skies becomong darker from the window of their room.

    Omega: Alpha...Is that...

    Alpha: Yeah....they are coming...

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    Chapter 161: Chaos.


    Not so far from Gel, Raven alongside Moonlight, Bilaf and Purple Haze were watching the city from afar with a black cloud above it with the falling black snow.

    Raven:...That is a really weird cloud.

    Moonlight: It is totally magic no doubt. What do you say, Haze?

    Haze eats a pear and ignores her.

    Moonlight:...Raven can we kill him?

    Raven: No.

    Moonlight: Bummer.

    Raven: Anyway, I think I will hold back for now. I do have an idea who is behind it and I wanna see how this scale.

    Bilaf: What about the Fairies, admiral? They sure will bring us a fight soon after it starts.

    Raven: I am already aware of that. I even brought a little...surprise for them. Hehehehe....

    Moonlight: You know what is better? It will be all Eve's doing.

    Raven: Speaking of which...If she is in there, then Johnny-boy might also be as well. Again we cross path with the Red Beast. Who would thought he would be mixed in such a mess.

    Haze then starts to drink a large milkshake.

    Bilaf:...Where did he got that?

    On the city's streets, Aladdin and Heinrich begins to check out the fallen citzens on the ground.

    Heinrich: So....Dark Magic?

    Aladdin: Obviously. But something feels off.

    Heinrich: Like?

    Aladdin: It does not feel like natural magic. It kinda looks like...artificial.

    Heinrich: Is it magic by it's own definition man-made?

    Aladdin: But this thing doesn't feel like it came from some living thing.

    He then notices a group of suspicious people from afar and picks Heinrich to hide in some alleyway. It was a group of black hooded people.

    Heinrich:...Those guys...We've seen them earlier.

    Aladdin: Is that so?

    Heinrich: Yeah. They have the same urge to kill as the last time.

    Aladdin: (So he can even sense hostility not directly at him?) I don't think they are Hybrids like us. Maybe it has some sort of trick or...It may not penetrate the school.

    Heinrich: Because?

    Aladdin: The school have a magic barrier that defends against all kind of magic from outside...So why even bother doing this?

    Heinrich: Maybe they don't want anyone to find out.

    Aladdin: Yeah. Definetly that. And that only means...Oh boy...

    Heinrich: What?

    Aladdin: They are gonna kill everyone.

    Meanwhile on Ronan's room, all of the members of the Red Beasts and Salomeh were gathered at last.

    Vanilla: Sooo...they said we got a big trouble or something.

    Ronan: Yes...Do you see how unusual is outside?

    He points at the window with the black snow falling it.

    West:...What is it?

    Ronan: I don't know. I never seen black snow before.

    Florencia: Whatever it is, it's magic. Dark magic to be exactly.

    Edward: Oh...Isn't like harmful to humans.

    Ronan: I think it would be enough to make humans pass out, but only those with low magic resistance.

    West: In other words, anyone that is not from GMA.

    Salomeh: How did you noticed that? It just started to snow black recently.

    Evelyne: Sensory is my speciality.

    She then summons a chain like a pendulum. The chain then starts to move it.

    Evelyne: I can use this to sense all sort of things. Right now, I sensing a huge concentration of mana.

    Florencia: It certainly has more range than me. What is it sensing it right now?

    Evelyne: Hmmm....Ah! There is something coming from inside the academy!

    Salomeh: What? Impossible! Where?!

    Evelyne: Somewhere....deep down here. Like very deep...about 10 to 20 meters underground or so.

    Ronan: That sounds like the catacombs to me.

    Edward: Catacombs? This place has catacombs? What kind of school have catacombs?

    West: Duuuh. This is a school. Every school has catacombs.

    Ronan: The schools in Blitzreigh do not have catacombs?

    Edward:...I was homeschooled.

    Evelyne: Wait...there is more...I sense two strong mana forces...they are nearly identical to each other. Almost like twins.

    Salomeh: Could it be....I'll be right there!

    She then teleports to the catacombs. Down there a few minutes earlier, Alpha and Omega were running through the hallways and stairs.

    Omega: Alpha...Are you sure about this?

    Alpha: We have no choice. If we stay here, they will kill everyone...

    "Who is gonna kill who?"

    Alpha: Gah!

    Petit appeared right in front of them.

    Omega: Petit...What are-

    Petit: I saw you running away suspiciously. Then I picked a shortcut because I know this school better than the Headmaster...except for that room in the attic, but that place gives me the creeps. So, what is going on?

    Alpha: Huh....Remember we talked about a secret organization wanting to destroy the world and we happened to be part of it? It is them.

    Petit: You wanna go back to them?

    Omega: N-no! You see, it is us that they want. If we escape, then will have no reason to attack the school.

    "Actually, my dear Omega..."

    A tip of a sword came literally from thin air and slashing the whole space making some sort of dimensional portal that made several hooded people appear with floating black weapons alongside them such as spears and axes.

    ???: We would destroy this whole place anyway. We can't afford to people know about us.

    Omega: G-Gaaaaaaah! Grand Master!

    Petit: Who are you?

    Grand Master: Not your bussiness.

    Omega then hides behind Petit.

    Petit:....Hold it right there.

    He extends his arm at the Order.

    Petit: Do you know who I am?

    Grand Master: Should I?

    Petit: You should. I am the top of my class.

    Alpha: Watch out, Gateau. These guys uses weapons made of Darkalloy. They can freely infuse Dark Magic into them.

    Petit: I heard about it.

    Grand Master: I am already sick of this. I'll be taking them back now.

    He then slowly walks towards them with Excalibur floating alongside him.

    Grand Master:...But first.

    With a move of his hand he sends Excalibur flying directly at Petit's left shoulder, stabbing him in the process.

    Petit: Aaaaaaah!

    Omega: Petit!

    Grand Master: Did you seriously think I wasn't aware of your invisible bombs...Jester.

    Petit:*cough*...Heh...So you know about me after all...

    Grand Master: I saw you on Circa you know. Too bad you ended up as a loser. Anyway, I think you are already familiar of what happens when Darkness touches other kinds of magic don't you?

    Petit: *pant*...Yeah...But I also know a large quantity can counter the effects of the Darkness....And that Lightning is the best to do it! Stun Granade!

    He claps his hand and a whole thunder bomb appears making a large flash blinding the enemy.

    Grand Master: Guh!

    Petit then rushes and grabs the two by their arms.

    Petit: Come on you two...I'll take you somewhere safe...

    Omega: But....your shoulder....

    Petit: No worse than that damn Lagomoth...

    Then three spears appears and block their ways.

    Petit: Urhh...

    Grand Master: You are dealing with more you can handle it boy...If you give us back these two we let you live...as our servant.

    Petit: Heh. Nice offer, but I that is not good for my curriculum.

    Grand Master:...Pity.

    He launch his sword again, but Alpha and Omega creates an electric shield that blocks it.

    Grand Master:...Stubborn brats.

    The other members launches their weapons and they slowly penetrates the shield.

    Alpha: Uuurgh...we're not gonna make it.

    Omega: Petit...Go away...

    Petit: I...I cannot! I can't let them take you like this!

    "I feel kind the same."

    Then a flock of black birds of lightning appears and attacks the hooded people.

    Grand Master: Argh! This is...Dark Magic?

    Petit: Huh? Who...What is this?

    In front of them, Aladdin appears through a glyph in the floor.

    Aladdin: As a former member of this institution I feel kind of outraged to see this kind of vandalism.

    Grand Master: A Hybrid?!

    Petit: What the? Who the fuck are you?


    He hits Petit's head with his staff.

    Petit: Ouch!

    Aladdin: Language.

    Grand Master: All-out-attack! Now!

    They launch their weapons, but Heinrich appears and deflect them all with his axe blade.

    Heinrich: Honestly, Darkalloy or not those are meele weapons. You are supossed to swing them with your arms.

    Hooded A: That man...The Black Demon.

    Hooded B: What is he doing here?

    Petit: T-The Black Demon?
    Omega: Wow...He looks pretty....I feel like a princess being saved by a knight in shining armor...
    Alpha: Not now, sis.
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    Chapter 162: Awkward Reunions.


    Aladdin: When I decided to come back here I was expecting a lot of things. But this is not one of them.

    Grand Master: I don't know who you are, but I since you got in the way I am afraid we have to eliminate you two as well.

    Aladdin: And how you pretend to do that?

    Grand Master: With our Darkalloy weapons.

    Aladdin: Those Darkalloy weapons?

    Grand Master: Yes....those weapons...that belong to us.

    Aladdin: I see, I see. Interesting approach, but neither of those weapons as impressive as it looks seems to be threatening enough. But that sword of yours is...unique. Where did you got it?

    Heinrich: Yo. Can I have it, Al?

    Grand Master: You are understimating us. Seal! Now!

    One of the hooded ones with a Darkalloy staff uses a spell that seal way their magic.

    Heinrich: Hm? I fell ticklish.


    Grand Master: So, I guess now-

    Aladdin then pass him dashing through and knocks out the staff user with 2 strikes of his own staff.

    Grand Master: !!!

    Heinrich: Bah.

    Omega: 0_o

    Alpha:....They teach how to do this kind of stuff in more advanced classes?

    Petit: I...I may have skipped that class.

    Aladdin: So what if you can seal our magic? Did you forget? We are half-vampire, bitch.

    Grand Master: Then it is better if we just do this the old-fashioned way.

    Then several laughing pumpkins appears and explodes into a firestorm.

    Grand Master: Guh!

    Aladdin:....It has been a while, hasn't it?

    Salomeh then stares at his back with a serious face.

    Alpha: P-Professor Dublin!

    Petit: Took long enough....*cough*

    Grand Master: The Witch of Gel....

    She then slowly walks towards Al and looks closely at his face.

    Salomeh:....You idiot!

    She slaps his face, but he seems unfazed.

    Heinrich: Wow! Never seen a woman slaps his face before.

    Omega: Does Professor Dublin knows him?

    Alpha: Seems likely.

    Petit: Anyway, never seen her like that.

    Salomeh: Why?! Why did you came back?!

    She starts to hit his elbow with her fist.

    Salomeh: You were expelled, your failure! Didn't you ever thought....That I didn't wanted to see you again after all this time!

    He then holds her wrist and stops her from hitting him.

    Aladdin:...Just like before, you are just as violent as you are pretty.


    Heinrich:....I don't get it. Was that a compliment or an insult?

    Grand Master:...That is sweet and all, but kill them at this instant!

    They launch their weapons at them, but Salomeh blocks them with more magic pumpkins still looking at Aladdin.

    Grand Master: It can counter the Darkalloy? Her magic is the real deal.

    Aladdin:...Seems like you are capable.

    He then goes next to Heinrich and the others.

    Aladdin: I'll be taking them. You take care of those clowns.

    "Who is he callig clowns?!"

    "Don't let them escape!"

    They attack, but Aladdin teleports all of them before they could strike.

    "Damnit! We have to go after them!"

    Salomeh: No.

    She summons a pumpkin on her left hand and a thundercloud on her right hand.

    Salomeh: Time for a special class!

    Meanwhile at the front hall of the school, Aladdin and the rest appears after being teleported from the catacombs.

    Petit: You teleported all of us out of there?

    Aladdin: Yeah. So?

    Petit: It is impressive, but...We have to go back!

    Aladdin: Don't worry about her. She can handle it.

    Omega: Are...Are you really a former student from here.

    Aladdin: That was a long time ago....Hmm...

    He notices something weird nearby and he heads outside where the main gate of the school is located. There he saw several mages down to the ground. Some unconscious and some of them almost dead.

    Petit: Those...Those are some of our spellcasters! Even teachers! Did they done that?

    Aladdin:...I don't know about "they"...but what about them?

    He points at a large figure in the center sitting in the floor with a giant hammer. It was Bilaf.

    Alpha: Ah! Is that a Rogue?!


    Bilaf:....That smell...Is that you Henry?

    Heinrich: Hey there..."Captain".

    Omega: Y-You know him?

    He then gets up and picks his hammer.

    Bilaf: Look at you, boy...You look so weak.

    Heinrich: Excuse me?

    Bilaf: Say that out loud. I can't hear you from down there. You look like a frail shrimp. How dare you wield my blade with that squish body of yours.

    Heinrich: And you look like a motherfucker that spits on sneakers.

    Aladdin: What the hell are you talking about it?

    Heinrich: Just take the kids and go. I'll deal with him. You figured out didn't you? He didn't came alone.

    Aladdin:...Just don't die.

    He snaps his fingers and teleports again.

    Heinrich: So...what does Raven wants this time.

    Bilaf: Not much. Just the sister your brother took away from him.

    Heinrich: Sisters....Never gonna understand them.

    Somewhere else, the Red Beasts alongside Ronan that was being carried in his wheelchair by West walks through the corridors with haste.

    Vanilla: Evelyne. What is the status?

    Evelyne: There are several strange focus around...and four very weird ones.

    Edward: What does that means?

    Evelyne:....Let's just focus on the students.

    On the way they find Honny and Cinna with a large group of scared young students.

    Honny: Ah! Vanilla! How are you?

    Vanilla: I'm...better. What is the situation?

    Cinna: We are taking the younger students one by one since we have been invaded. All the teachers went to the main gate.

    Ronan: Invaders you say? What about the students?

    Honny: On the Bell Towers. These are the last bunch.

    Vanillla: The Bell Towers...Is there anyone with them there?

    Cinna: The area is being protected by a magic field. But some our elites are with them.

    Vanilla: I hope nothing happens to them.

    Honny: But...we didn't find the twins or even Petit.

    Aladdin then appears right in front of them with the twins and Petit.

    Aladdin: Hi.

    "Aaaaah! An evil dark assassin!"

    The children panics a little.

    Edward: Aladdin? What are you doing here?

    Ronan: Hmm...Who is that? He looks a lot like a former student of mine.

    Aladdin: Did you gone senile now, old man?

    Ronan: Oh, if isn't little Ally? How are you doing boy?

    Aladdin: I've been better.

    Honny: Hmm....Aren't you the guy who used to hang out with Professor Frosty?

    Aladdin: Yeah, I was called like that actually.

    Cinna: Oh yeah. The weird guy who used to hang out with Vanilla's dad.

    Evelyne: Wait...Did you say Frosty?

    Vanillla: Hm? What about it?

    Evelyne: Well...

    Alpha: G-Guys! We can't loafing around here. There is a big Rogue down there!

    Florencia: A Rogue?

    Aladdin: Yeah...A Hated to be exactly.

    Honny: Damnit! This is worse than I thought.

    "It will be way worse, dear."

    They hear someone from behind them and they see Raven and Moonlight right in front of them. All of them except Ronan that was snoozing is terrified.

    "G-Gaaaaah! Rogues!"

    "And...Is that...Admiral Raven...Uuurgh..."

    Raven: Easy kids...easy.

    He lays his back on a wall and relax.

    Raven: We have no interest in brats, right sis?

    Moonlight: Yeah, whatever.

    Raven: But...It is better if you take them to safety. There is some suspicious group down there.

    Honny: Can...Can we?

    Raven: Suuuure. I will be after them when they graduate.

    Cinna: Huh. Just like a politician. Let's go you all.

    Petit: We will go with you...And I want some...*cough*...First-Aid.

    The two of them alongside Petit and the twins takes the other way and the rest confronts the two. Evelyne looks at his siblings a bit terrified while Raven looks at her indifferently and Moonlight plays with a dagger on her hand.

    Raven: Hey there, Eve. Long time no see.

    Moonlight: Have you been having fun with your new friends? Those new ones you took over your discarded family? I believe you sure had with the Red Beast these past few days.

    Evelyne: Can we please don't talk about that. I really didn't wanted things to go this way.

    Raven: And why did thing had gone this way?

    Evelyne: Raven...I really couldn't go on. I really wish that we could still be together like siblings, but....I had to do it. I wanted to live the life I always wanted for. Isn't what you always told us?

    Moonlight: Hmpf! And you think you are special just because of that?!

    Evelyne: N-No. I-

    Moonlight: Shut up, you spoiled brat! You have been full of yourself for too long your dirty whore!

    Her words stabs Evelyne's heart like a knife.

    Evelyne: S-Sister...Why are y-

    Moonlight: Why are you calling me sister?! You think you have the luxury to call us family?! Well, listen up your bitch! I. Never. Loved. You. I wish you were never born in the first place you filthy scum!

    Evelyne: W...What?

    She starts to cry because of the horrible words her sister told her.

    West: Oh my...

    Edward: Talk about a low blow.


    Evelyne: But....You always....Wanted to hang out with me.

    Moonlight: Oh, please. I just wanted the attention that was supossed to be mine!

    Evelyne: Huh?

    Moonlight: Remember everytime we went to dance in that stupid party house of yours? Have you ever noticed how they would look at us? All of the eyes were gazed at you...It has been like that ever since. I was the Crown Princess of the Vampires. I was supossed to be treated as the most prized royalty of us eight. But then you came...by the moment you were born everyone just wanted to pay attention to you. Even more than any of us. Raven, Noir, Chill....Neither of them had too much love as you. Even father smiled back at you one or two times...*sniff*

    Then Moonlight starts to cry.


    Moonlight: It was horrible...It was unfair...Like if everything was stolen from me...my very own life...my very own heart....you just came and took everything away...know what? Stays with your precious Beast. From now on there will be only one princess. The Raven Sisters are no more!

    Evelyne: Stop it! You are just mad because I left! You....you never felt like that!

    Florencia:....No Eve.

    Evelyne: Huh?

    Florencia: She is showing her true colours. Everything she said is true.


    She then gets on her knees and cries.

    Evelyne: I...I never knew it...I'm sorry.

    Moonlight: Sorry? I don't want your apologies! I want you to-

    Vanilla: Shut the hell up, you stinky whore!

    Vanilla stand in front of Evelyne.

    Evelyne: V-Vanilla?

    Raven: Oh. This girl got guts.

    Vanilla: Who do you think you are? Judging your sister because she wants to be more than what you are?

    Moonlight: Excuse me?!

    Vanilla: She merely followed her heart and decided to do what is good for her! So what if she received special treatment? She had that because she deserved it! An older sister would be proud of her and not harbor hate. You think she doesn't deserve be family with you....But it is you bastards that do not deserves a wonderful little sister like her!!!

    Moonlight: What?!

    Raven: Haaaaaaahahahaha!

    Edward: Woah. Go Vanilla....But we're still gonna die!

    Moonlight: That is it you're dea-

    Raven: Hold it!

    Raven blocks Moonlight's way with his arm.

    Raven:....Eve. Is that really your answer?

    Evelyne then looks up to Vanilla. She gives her a little smile and brings back her courage. She stands up and dry her tears.

    Evelyne: Yes. I will be with Johnnathan now.

    Raven: I see...Then from now on, we are family no longer.

    Raven snaps his fingers and a wall of red ice is created separating them from the rest.

    Edward: What? What is that...red ice?

    West: Where are they?

    Florencia: It seems they decided to block our way for some reason.

    Then a red mist appears in front of the ice and Purple Haze appears alongside Raven.

    Raven: Oh yeah, let me introduce you one of the Hated Six, Purple Haze.


    Vanilla: Another one of the Hated?!

    Evelyne:...Vanilla...I'm sorry.

    Vanilla: Huh?

    Ronan: Hmmm?

    Ronan then awakes and see the two vampires in front of him.

    Ronan:....You. Where have you been, boy?

    Aladdin: Hmm? You know him?

    Ronan: Yeah...You too.

    Aladdin: What?

    Haze then removes his hood and reveals a man with a short gray hair pointed up.

    Aladdin: W-What?! It can't be?!

    West: What is going on?

    Vanilla:....Eve...What is...

    Vanilla then gets in a state of shock and fright.

    Vanilla: What is going on?!

    Evelyne: It is what you are seeing. It is your father...Frosty Sundae....One of the Hated Six.
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    Chapter 163: Grudge.

    Raven: Hold on. Really? She is his daughter? What a small world we live.

    Aladdin: What the hell os going on here?

    Raven: Well, you see...when a vampire bites a human or in my case stab with my claw and the vampire likes him....

    Aladdin: I know how the fuck it works! I wanna know when and why.

    Raven: Meh. I dunno. Noir was the one who brought him to me. When I heard he could use Ice Magic I thought..."Why the hell not?"

    Vanilla: I finally found you...Father!

    She then runs to her father without hesitation.

    Aladdin: Vanilla! Stop!

    Haze forms a large red ice fist in his right arm and attacks Vanilla.

    Vanilla: Huh?!

    Evelyne then picks her with a chain and saves her for being crushed.

    Evelyne: Watch out. He is not your father anymore.


    Vanilla: Father....

    Raven: Well, I like to see family killing each other but I got more intersting things to do. Have fun.

    He turns into mist and goes deeper down of the academy.

    Ronan:...What a nice fellow.

    Aladdin: All of you, go to the main gate. I will deal with this guy.

    Vanilla: But...

    Aladdin: There is nothing to be done. Deal with it, child.


    The rest leaves with Ronan. Vanilla turns back his head one last time and sees her roguefied father with a sad expression on her face.

    Ronan: See you at the next week's Teacher's Meeting Frosty!

    Aladdin: Is that old man even seriously?

    He is attacked by a wave of red ice shards from the floor, but he blockes with flames covered in darkness.

    Aladdin: It is not melting....I see. Ice magic combined with the dark blood of the Rogues isn't it.

    Haze forms 2 fists of red ice and gets in a fighting stance.

    Aladdin: An Old Vampire would never be able do that. Good grief, and it had to be you of all people.

    Near the main gate, the group stops for a while to discuss the current situation.

    Edward: Okay, so...We have a cult of madmen below, 2 hateds up here and Raven and his sister around somewhere. Did I miss anything?

    Tenkai: We are lacking Johnnathan at the moment.

    Florencia: Yeah. Johnnathan as a berserk vampire would be great now.

    West: Hey old coot! You are like the best spellcaster around here! Can't you do anything?

    Ronan: I can do a lot of things. But don't expect this old coot to do anything for you. You are a healthy werewolf full of youth. Have some shame.

    West: I....Can't say you are wrong.

    Evelyne: Look guys. Sorry about this, but I am afraid I have to split.

    Tenkai: What do you mean?

    Evelyne: Weeell....Ah!

    Several daggers appears floating in midair and flies through Evelyne, but she deflects all of them with her chain.

    Edward: Woah! Woah! What was that?!

    Evelyne: I knew it. No wonder she could find me here.

    Tenkai: She?

    Evelyne: Moonlight. She is using her Sin.

    Vanilla: Sin?

    Florencia: It is an unique magic that any of the royals have that happens to be their ultimate trick.

    Evelyne: Yes. Mine is called Pleasure. It allows me to absorb blood through my chains.

    Ronan: Oho...Interesting.

    Evelyne: Moonlight's sin is called Grudge and it works using her eyes. The right eye can pinpoint any target that she harbors ill feelings and the left eye can shoots daggers just by seeing the target no matter where she is located.

    Edward: That is almost cheating.

    Vanilla: You saying that as long as you are here...She will know where you will be but also us in an extend.

    Evelyne: I'm afraid so...I can detect her so...I have to deal with it before it becomes a burden.

    Vanilla: But...your very own sister?

    Evelyne:...We aren't sisters anymore remember?

    Vanilla: Oh....I see.

    Tenkai: Then allow me to go with you. You will need assistance.

    Vanilla: You sure?

    Tenkai: Johnnathan-san wants to see you when he comes back from the afterlife. We can't disappoint him if something happens to you.

    Vanilla: Tenkai....Thank you. We shall leave now then. Good luck everyone.

    The two of them leaves the group and leaves through a nearby window.

    Vanilla:...Good luck, Eve.

    Ronan: Heeey....That window needed to be replaced anyway.

    Edward: Sooo...What is the plan?

    Florencia: Well...we call for backup.

    Meanwhile in the catacombs, Salomeh was fighting against a horde of members of the order alongside pumpkins and thunderclouds of her own creation. Salomeh ordered them like a whole platoon of soldiers. The pumpkins breathed fire and exploded while the thunderclouds released lightning bolts and sparks.

    Grand Master: So much power...Her mana is the real deal to fight with those spells. Those things...are familiars. Created by her own mana...No wonder she is the Witch. Everyone! Gather full power!

    Their weapons started to glow a purple light and they started to shoot beams and energy attacks in form of slashes at her. But she summons large pumpkins to act as shields and nullifies the attacks.

    Grand Master: Good grief...

    Salomeh: Tsk. I may have to actually try here...But if I do....

    "We got you!"

    Three members of the orders with axes tries to ambush her, but they are decimated by a slash attack coming from the shadows.

    Salomeh: Huh?!

    Grand Master: What? Who is there?!

    Then it appears in front of Salomeh, no other than Raven himself, greeting them with a sinister smile.

    Grand Master: It's...It's you....

    "The Dark Lord...."

    "The Fallen Prince..."

    "The Admiral of the Rogue Vampire Armada...."

    Salomeh: Raven...

    Raven:...The Order of the Black Knight isn't it? Can I have a minute of your time? Kekekeke....

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    Default Re: Hybrid

    Chapter 164: Legendary Sword.

    Salomeh: Admiral Raven....What are you doing here?

    He slowly turns his head around and looks at her with full open eyes and a straight smile.

    Raven:...You do not interest me.

    He then gives her a glare.

    Raven: Go away!

    Salomeh: Ah!

    She then teleports back to Ronan's office instantly, seemingly against her will.

    Salomeh:...I came back against my will? No. It was...

    She reminds of Raven's face.

    Salomeh: He forced me to retreat by fear. Like an wild animal. I heard the rumours about him but....I could feel the pressure. He is far worse than what they say.

    She looks down on the floor and gets frustrated.

    Salomeh: For me, The Witch to be pushed back from a fight like this...Such humilliation!

    She burst an inferno of anger around her that burns part of the office.

    Salomeh: Raven....I swear on my name that I will not let you get away with whatever you plotting! Even if it cost my life!

    Back at the Catacombs, Raven started to engage the members of the order with a gently conversation.

    Raven: Well, now that there is no one to eavesdrop, how about-


    A flying dark slash from Excalibur cuts Raven's whole arm. He then acts like nothing happened and casually picks his lost arm before it falls.

    Raven:...You mind? I was just starting a conversation.

    Grand Master: There is nothing we have interest coming from your mouth. And like everyone else, we want you dead.

    Raven: Bummer. No wonder you guys have to act in the dark since you all are a bunch of killjoys. I guess you isn't as talkative as you are in person....Lord Furst.

    Furst: Huh?!

    "He knows the Grand Master?!"

    "Impossible! How?!"

    Furst: How...Did you know?

    Raven: Now you wanna know what comes from my mouth, eh? Well, since I am in a good mood today, I'll tell you. You see, you all left a small hole on this secret society bussiness. A hole that showed pretty much everything.

    Furst: And what was that hole?


    He then teleports next to him and whispers on his ears.


    Furst:....Is...Is that so?

    "What? What? We wanna know too.

    Raven: Well, I can't blame you. Even I wouldn't noticed it.

    Furst: And why are you telling us this?

    Raven: Simple. You all are not that big of a deal, really? But that sword of yours is another different story. Excalibur, the sword of the Black Knight. His power actually scares me you see...Too bad you aren't using correctly.

    Furst: You know about Excalibur?

    Raven: Sure. All the vampires know...knew about it. In fact...

    He then picks the sword floating in the air.

    Raven: Why don't I just give everything you need about it?

    Furst: Hey! This is mine. Give it back!

    Raven:...With the Dark that vanishes turn into the Dark that creates....

    Excalibur then starts emmiting a dark aura.

    Raven: Make it so that the Body of Dark rises. Ashes to Ashes. Turn into the Iron. And the soul of the king revives. Braveheart!

    He stabs the sword into Furst's chest.

    Furst: Gwaaah!

    Furst then falls into the ground.

    "Grand Master-Gwwaaaa!!"

    From the shadows, Noir appears and kills the remaining members of the order alongside a group of female rogue vampires clad in robes.

    Noir:...Are you sure about that?

    Raven: I don't remember asking you to come.

    Noir: You did ask for reinforcements. I just came to deliver it.

    Raven:...Noir's Umbra Squad. Are you sure about that? They are your personal guards.

    Noir: I asked they and none of them objected.

    Raven: Of course...It was you. But are you sure you wanna leave now? It might be the last time you might see your precious little sister.

    Noir:....She and I are just strangers now. Besides someone have to look after Black. Also...That thing already passed the port.

    Raven: Excellent. Now, when will you come to play...Titania?

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