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Thread: Dungeon Meshi

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    There's definitely something shady going on, the griffin went straight for Senshi both times, and they way he reacted to the mention of a griffin makes things weirder.

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    Oh, also, I forgot, we got the name of the dungeon wizard elf person. Thistle.

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    Yeah it’s strange to see senshi behaving like that. What could have traumatized or friendly dwarf ?

    Sakonosolo we also learned dwarves have teleportation sickness :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pariston_hill View Post
    There's definitely something shady going on, the griffin went straight for Senshi both times, and they way he reacted to the mention of a griffin makes things weirder.
    Perhaps griffins go for the fleeing targets? Since Laius warned Senshi not to show the griffin his back.

    I do feel however that the payoff to that griffin thingy will be totally worth the two month wait.

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    Glad to see we'll find out more about Senshi, he's always been the heart of this story.

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    Immediate signature update

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    Chil has a FAMILY. Wtf.
    Also we just meet Senshi’s father. My bet is that he was killed by a griffin.

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    Dungeon Meshi just can't stop being amazing. Everything about the monster creation was great, especially when it just cut to them cutting it up to eat at the end. So Senshi was one of the first people to discover the dungeon, which is why he's been there longer than it's been open as a dungeon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kdom View Post
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    Not too shabby but this one took the cake for me


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    Bless the author for being able of keep giving chapters that are both funny and interesting at the same time, it´s honestly amazing.

    The reveal about Chilchack caught me off guard, I want to see his family really bad now. As for Senshi, even though it will be surely be something really sad, I am looking foward to his story (so far, seeing him beardless is amazing enough)

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    I was amazed when Chilchack gave the list of all of Senshi odd behaviour. The author really thought things well all along. And now we have the revelation he has a familly and nobody knows about it.
    Although I can understand they don’t know much about Senshi because he is new in the team. i thought they knew more about each others but it doesn’t seem to be the case. But i guess now they will really start to be firnds more than partners

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    Having only (finally!) gotten around to picking this up recently...

    I wish there was more Ryoko Kui to go around: having to wait on more Dungeon Meshi slays me! UGH!
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    A gift that keeps on giving.

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    A happy ending for a grim flashback

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    That was horrifiying until it wasn't. And that ending!
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    Great flashback. I expected them not to go the cannibalism route but wasn't sure how it would get around it. Things related to fae have interested me for a while so hopefully with the fairy ring in this chapter we might get some of that soon. I guess the next chapter will have everyone turned into some sort of monster. Laius' reaction especially is going to be funny.

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    Another great chapter of a great manga. That flashback had me hanging to my seat until the very end.
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    Stupid Sexy Senshi...

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    Man I can't follow all these callbacks. I really wonder how they're going to get out of this though. Maybe it'll be an excuse for for instance Senshi to learn magic, or Marcille being able to better control her magic to not use so much mana, or Laius learning how to be more conservative with his stamina since those things are causing some issues at the moment.

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