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    Hello, all.

    My Sandisk Micro 2 GB suddenly stopped working. It worked fine today at school, but when I came home and plugged it into my laptop, the light never came on and the computer didn't pick it up. I tried both USB ports. I tried my MP3, and it picked it up just fine. I tried it on my father's and my sister's laptop. Nothing.

    When my father was fiddling around it, he did get the light on for a few moments when the device was pressed down. But it doesn't seem to have a solid connection now, for some reason. I'm going to try the computers at school tomorrow, for some luck. Maybe the ports are sharper? If I manage to get it working, I'll transfer files over immediately.

    The reason why is that I have some important files on my USB, namely a lab due Thursday (it wasn't long so I could re-do it over in a hour or two), and a fanfic I was working on.....close to 100 pages......

    Any advice, Arlong Park? I really don't want to lose my files.

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    I think I remember having a similar issue before and it was because the flash drive was damaged in some way. Not sure how long you've had this one though but if you have to hold it in a certain position for it to be picked up something is probably bent or something like that. Not much you can do about it besides what you said, try to get the files off and buy another one.

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    Yeah, my brother pointed out the bend last night. (He's more computer savvy than my dad)

    But I did manage to play around with the device today to get the files I wanted. I saved the two I really cared about to another USB, emailed them to myself, and saved it to Google Drive.

    Now I'm a little wary about using plastic devices now, but I have two empty USBs and I'll make the habit of emailing stuff to myself more.

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