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Thread: Golden Kamuy

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    I love this manga but the CGI bear just outright killed the anime.

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    Second episode is a bit better, I was worried about the pacing but it seems they managed to fit 5 chapters in one episode without sacrificing too much. Iīm dissapointed at the facial expressions, however. Theyīre terrible. I donīt think they even attempted to adapt them

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    CG bears, lame facial expresions, whatīs next? A skinny hairless Tanigaki? A tsurumi without flamboyant body language? I donīt want to think about it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DestinyDogma View Post
    CG bears, lame facial expresions, whatīs next? A skinny hairless Tanigaki? A tsurumi without flamboyant body language? I donīt want to think about it...
    Or imagine them actually cutting all those... manly... scenes!

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    This seems like a Tokyo Ghoul situation. The source material is clearly very well written, but the anime is kind of average.

    The animation is kind of stiff and art sort of average, same goes for the direction. But it's also not horrible. I like Tokyo Ghoul's anime because I think it has good writing and some inspired decisions behind it. I'd agree it's worse than the manga, but I still like it.

    I get the same feeling out of Golden Kamuy. Cause the writing is really confident and really gives you the impression the writer has everything planned out. Again, I love the contrast between Sugimoto's war background and Asripa's connection to nature and how similar and how different they are. Such a good time period chosen for this type of story, too.

    A lot of effort and thought clearly went into researching this and then putting it together into the story. I want to see the endpoint just because of the confidence these first two episodes give off in terms of storytelling.

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    Koito has found his true calling.

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    This chapter was friggin hilarious. I wouldn't mind seeing Koito do stuff like this for the rest of the series. Let's see what Sugimoto can pull off with the Harasho in the end
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    Sometimes I feel bad for Tsukishima, but its hilarous seeing how done with everything he is. Its like the "Have you seen this girl" joke, it never gets old.

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    Koito vs Sugimoto, the showdown of the century.

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    Man, this story is wild. A wolf crippled a dude and now he wants revenge, a bear ripped some soldiers a new one and a dude bit off another dudes finger. All in one episode.

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    They didnt show the Face-off tho
    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey King View Post
    I want everyone to note, in about ten minutes of time, a Bosnian, a Saudi Arabian, an American, and a Brazilian all sat around millions of miles away from eachother discussing rubber pirate comic books from Japan.

    You've all had your 21st Century moment for the day, carry one.

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    Technically they did. They showed the face hanging off his skull, just didn't show the skull without the face like in the manga.
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    Award winning series. Finally it's due.

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