Chapter 5: Escape from Stromboli! A Sinister Deal in the Shadows!

Shortly afterwards and not too far away, Jiminy Cricket’s still thinking of Pinocchio as Stromboli’s wagon train moved along the rainy streets.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, there he goes. Sitting in the lap of luxury, the world at his feet. Oh well, I can always say “I knew him when”. I’ll just go out of his life quietly.

As Jiminy sadly walked along the rainy street, he hears two women, Nami and Robin, calling out for Pinocchio, Usopp and Luffy.

Robin: Pinocchio! Where are you?

Nami: Luffy! Usopp! I promise I won’t bash your heads in if you come out.

Jiminy leaps over to the girls and lands on Robin’s shoulder, tapping on her neck to get her attention.

Robin: *notices Jiminy* Why Jiminy, there you are!

Nami: Ehh! *sees Jiminy* You! Where are those knuckleheads! And where’s Pinocchio?!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio’s gone off to be an actor and haven’t seen Luffy and Usopp, so they must’ve gone with him.

Nami: What do you mean he gone off to be an actor?!

Suddenly, they heard the sound of banging metal coming from a nearby trashcan. The trashcan was bouncing and popping around as if someone lit a bunch of firecrackers inside it. Nami carefully walks over to it and just as she was about to open it up, the lid burst clean off, striking Nami square in the face. Emerging from the trashcan was Luffy, who was not too happy about being in there in the first place.


Nami, having recovered from her sudden impact, slams Luffy across the head with the trashcan lid.

Nami: *sweetly* Ohh, Luffy….

Luffy: Eh?


With that, Nami begins walloping Luffy with the trashcan lid, with Robin and Jiminy watching.

Jiminy Cricket: Is she always this violent?

Robin: Only if you hit a wrong nerve, which is quite often.

Just then, Usopp emerges from the trashcan, recovering from his ‘incident’.

Robin: Usopp! *pulls Usopp from the trashcan* Care to explain how you got canned?

Usopp: *groans* My head…wait! Where’s Pinocchio?

Robin: Why?

Usopp: Pinocchio’s in trouble, that’s why!

Robin: In trouble? Nami, hold up!

Nami stops whopping Luffy, slamming the trashcan down so hard that his head pops right through it.

Nami: What?

Jiminy Cricket: What’s wrong with Pinocchio?

Usopp: Plenty! That creep Stromboli locked him in a birdcage.

Jiminy Cricket: Yeah?

Usopp: Yeah! He’s gonna use Pinocchio to make a lot of money for himself!

Nami: Wait! Money!? Who’s making money?

Usopp: Stromboli! He’s taking Pinocchio across the world; Paris, London, Monte Carlo, and “Constantinopolee”.

Jiminy Cricket: He is?

Usopp: And if that wasn’t enough, he said when Pinocchio gets too old, he’s gonna chop him into firewood!

Nami/Robin: He’ll what?!

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, is that so?

Nami: Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go get him! *to Luffy* Come on, Luffy!

Nami grabs the dazed Luffy, pulling his head out of the trashcan lid. They raced over to the wagon and went inside. Within the wagon, they saw Pinocchio in the birdcage, who was more than happy to see them.

Pinocchio: Guys! Gee, I’m glad to see ya!

Nami: Well, well, well. Here’s the famous actor!

Robin: More like a wooden bird in a gilded cage.

Pinocchio: Well, Stromboli was mad. He said he was…

Nami: You can save it, kid, we already know what’s going on.

Robin checks the lock to see if it could be removed.

Robin: hmm…this lock seems quite old. Usopp, did he use a key to lock this.

Usopp: No…I didn’t see him use one. He just threw Pinocchio in there and set the lock.

Robin: Jiminy, you think you can pick it.

Jiminy Cricket: I think so. *to Pinocchio* Now don’t you worry, son. I’ll have you outta here in no time at all. *he climbs onto the padlock* Why this is just as easy as rolling off a… umph!

Jiminy climbs into the keyhole and starts to work on the lock. We could hear clanking from inside, until Jiminy pops back out, hanging his hat and jacket.

Jiminy Cricket: Kinda rusty.

Jiminy goes back in and resumes working. The others waited patiently to see if he could break the lock.

Nami: Any luck, Jiminy?

Jiminy Cricket: Needs a little oil.

Jiminy's Echo: Needs a little oil… Needs a little oil…

Jiminy Cricket: That’s what I said.

Jiminy attempts to pry the spring lock open with his umbrella. The situation was tense, all was resting on Jiminy to free Pinocchio from the cage, until…KER-SPROING!!!

Jiminy Cricket: Woo-hoo-hoo!

The spring breaks, sending Jiminy flying right out of the lock. The others looked to see Jiminy hanging from the busted spring.

Jiminy Cricket: Must be one of the old models.

Nami looks inside the lock to see the damage.

Pinocchio: You mean you can’t open it?

Nami: Pretty much, without that spring, this lock’s not coming off ever.

Jiminy Cricket: Looks pretty hopeless. It’ll take a miracle to get us outta here.

Pinocchio: Gee.

Meanwhile Geppetto continues looking for Pinocchio in the pouring rain.

Geppetto: Pinocchio? Pinocchio!

Geppetto steps aside, allowing Stromboli and his wagon to pass on by.

Stromboli: Giddy up! (mumbling)

Geppetto: Pinocch---

Suddenly, a loud thunderclap drowns out Geppetto, he was so close to Pinocchio but he didn’t even know it. So, he ventured off elsewhere to search for his son in vain. Back inside the carriage, Pinocchio and the others were contemplating on how they got into this predicament.

Jiminy Cricket: A fine conscience I turned out to be.

Pinocchio: (crying) I should've listened to you, Jiminy.

Jiminy Cricket: No, it was my fault. I shouldn’t have walked out on you.

Usopp: No, Me and Luffy are much to blame for this. We should’ve talked Pinocchio out of it.

Nami: If anyone’s to blame it’s me. I shouldn’t have sent you two to do it.

Luffy: Hey!

Pinocchio: Guess I’ll never see my father again.

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, buck up, son. It could be worse. Be cheerful… *sadly* like me!

Pinocchio sheds a small tear, which falls on Jiminy with a splat.

Jiminy Cricket: Aw, take it easy son. *pulls out a handkerchief and gives it to Pinocchio* Come on, blow. Atta boy. *blows on handkerchief*

Robin: Well, look on the brightside…at least it stopped raining.

Robin points to the window, where the rainclouds have disappeared and in their place, was a starry night sky. Just then, one star was shining quite brightly and seemed to be moving towards them.

Robin: Funny, is that star moving closer?

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, it’s that star again!

Luffy: The lady!

Usopp: Who?

Jiminy Cricket: The Blue Fairy!

Nami/Robin: Blue Fairy?!

Luffy: Who else?

Pinocchio: What’ll she say? What’ll I tell her?

Jiminy Cricket: You might tell her the truth.

Nami: And what do we do?

Usopp: Uhh…hide!!!

The six desperately tried to find a hiding place before the Blue Fairy arrives. Nami, Usopp, Luffy and Robin overturned a table and hid behind it. Jiminy ducked into a birdseed holder, while Pinocchio, with no means of cover, crouches down in his cage. The Blue Fairy appears inside the wagon and sees Pinocchio, attempting to hide in the cage.

Blue Fairy: Why, Pinocchio!

Pinocchio: Uh… hello!

Blue Fairy: Sir Jiminy!

Jiminy Cricket: Well! Excuse me. This is a pleasant surprise! Ha-ha!

Blue Fairy: And Luffy!

The Blue Fairy eyes Luffy peeking over the table with Usopp, Nami and Robin.

Luffy: Ahh…hi ma’am.

Blue Fairy: And I see you brought some friends.

Usopp: Uhhhh…hi!

Robin: Don’t mind us.

Luffy: That’s Usopp, Nami and Robin, they’re part of my crew.

Usopp: Luffy, you never told us she was pretty.

Luffy: I didn’t think it mattered.

Blue Fairy: *back to Pinocchio* Pinocchio, why didn’t you go to school?

Pinocchio: School? Well I… (hesitates)

Jiminy Cricket: Go ahead, tell her.

Pinocchio: I was going to school ‘til I met somebody.

Blue Fairy: Met somebody?

Pinocchio: Yeah. Two big monsters!

Nami/Usopp: WHAT?!

Pinocchio: With big green eyes.

Suddenly his nose started to grow to about the same length as Usopp’s.

Pinocchio: Why I…

Blue Fairy: Monsters? Weren’t you afraid?

Pinocchio: No ma’am, but they tied me in a big sack.

Pinocchio’s nose grew again, this time with a few leaves and a flower bud appearing on the tip of his nose.

Blue Fairy: You don’t say! (Pinocchio nods) And where was Sir Jiminy or your friends?

Pinocchio: Uh? Jiminy?

Jiminy Cricket: Psst. Leave us outta this.

Pinocchio: They put them in another sack.

His nose grew much longer, producing more leaves and flower buds.

Blue Fairy: No!

Pinocchio: Yeah!

This time the flower buds blossomed.

Blue Fairy: How did you escape?

Pinocchio: I didn’t. They chopped me into firewood!

Now his nose is so long it resembles a tree branch complete with a bird nest and two birds!

Pinocchio: Oh, oh! Look! My nose! What’s happened?

Blue Fairy: Perhaps you haven’t been telling the truth, Pinocchio.

Jiminy Cricket/Usopp: Perhaps?

Nami: He’s been telling everything but the truth.

Pinocchio: Oh, but I have! Every single word!

The nose changes again, only for the leaves and flowers to wither and fall away, prompting the birds to leave their nest.

Pinocchio: Oh please help me! I’m awful sorry.

Blue Fairy: You see, Pinocchio, a lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.

Robin: Which in your case, it’s more literal. *Taps Pinocchio’s nose*

Jiminy Cricket: She’s right Pinoke, you better come clean.

Pinocchio: But I only said that, to make it sound fun.

Nami: Fun as it sounded, it’s still a lie. Even Usopp could come up with a believable lie than yours.

Usopp: Yeah, even I could’ve-HEY!

Pinocchio: I’ll never lie again, honest. I won’t.

Jiminy Cricket: Please Your Honor, uh, I mean… Miss Fairy. Give him another chance for my sake. Will ya? Huh?

Blue Fairy: I’ll forgive you this once, but remember; a boy who won’t be good might just as well be made of wood.

Pinocchio/Jiminy Cricket/Luffy/Usopp/Robin/Nami: We’ll be good, won’t we?

Blue Fairy: Very well, but this is the last time I can help you.

She touches Pinocchio’s nose with her wand and disappears in a flash of light. Pinocchio’s nose was back to its right length and the cage door was now wide open.

Pinocchio: Gee, look, guys! My nose!

Luffy: It’s back to normal.

Nami: Now if only Usopp’s nose could shirk like that.

Usopp: Hey! I got this from my mom so don’t make fun of it!

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, we’re free. Come on, Pinoke.

The gang heads out the door of the wagon, but not before Usopp gathered some discarded puppet parts and started to work on something.

Nami: Usopp? What are you doing?

Usopp: Paying Stromboli back for what he did to us. This won’t take but a moment.

After a couple of minutes, Usopp had created a fake version of Pinocchio. The clothes are all wrong, the arms and legs were mismatched in size and length and the head was more of a block shaped than a natural head.

Nami: What is that?

Jiminy Cricket: Is that supposed to be Pinoke?

Usopp: Well, it may not look like him but it was the best I could do.

Luffy: He looks funny.

Robin: What are you gonna do with it.

Usopp: If Stromboli wants a Pinocchio, then I say we give him one.

Usopp puts the fake Pinocchio into the cage and closes the door.

Usopp: Now we go.

The group quietly open the door and get off the wagon, while we hear Stromboli singing to himself about his future wealth.

Stromboli: I buy a new suit
And I swing-a the cane
I eat-a the best
And I drink-a champagne
I got no-strings on me

They hide a rock as the wagon train went by, Usopp and Luffy couldn’t help but chuckle about Usopp’s little trick.

Usopp: *chuckles* What I give to see the look on Stromboli’s face when he sees that fake in the cage.

Luffy: Yeah, that’ll surely fix him.

Jiminy Cricket: Toodle-ooo, Stromboli.

Pinocchio: *loudly* Goodbye Mr. Stromboli!

Jiminy Cricket: Shhh! Quiet! Let’s get outta here before something else happens.

And so, our heroes headed back to town, homeward bound for Geppetto’s. Meanwhile, in a shadier part of town, we find ourselves at the Red Lobster Inn, a local bar known for its unsavory repute. Inside said inn, Honest John and Gideon are relating their business with Stromboli to a portly old man known only as the Coachman. And they did, the trio smoked, drank some beer and Honest John was singing the reprise of Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee.

Honest John: Hi-diddle-dee-dee
and actor's life for me
a high silk hat and silver cane
a watch of gold with a diamond chain

and actor's life is gay
it's great to be a celebrity
an actor's life for me
Ha-ha-ha! And the dummy fell for it. Ha ha! Hook, line and sinker! Ho-ho-ha ha!

Gideon: *smoking a cigar, dunks a smoke ring into his beer like a donut* Hiccup!

Honest John: And he still thinks we’re his friends! Ha ha ha! And did Stromboli pay! Plenty!

Honest John drops a very small pouch, probably containing what sounded like couple of coins, unto the table. The coachman looks at it with some amusement that Honest John would pull such a stunt for so little profit.

Honest John: *wicked laugh* That shows you how low Honest John will stoop, eh Giddy?

Gideon: Hicc-lup! *his hiccup makes a mess of beer all around him*

Honest John: Now, Coachman, what’s your proposition?

Coachman: Well, how would you blokes like to make some real money?

The Coachman reaches into his coat and pulls out a large bag, dropping on the table. The bag opens to reveal its contents, about a hundred or so gold coins, more so than what Stromboli paid. Honest John’s eye lit up in amazement with the amount that the Coachman was offering.

Honest John: Well… and who do we have to, eh… *makes a slashing motion at his throat*

Coachman: No! Nothing like that. You see …

The Coachman stops and peers around to make sure he’s not been overheard. Honest John does the same thing,

Coachman: *whispering* I’m collecting stupid little boys.

Honest John: Stupid little boys?

Coachman: You know, the disobedient ones what play hooky from school.

Honest John: Ooh!

Coachman: And you see… *whispering*

Honest John: Yes…

The Coachman whispers more info into Honest John’s ear. Gideon, wanting in on the conversation, tried listen in through Honest John’s other ear.

Coachman: … and I takes ‘em to Pleasure Island.

Honest John: Ah, Pleasure Island. *eyes widen* Pleasure Island?! But the law, suppose they…

Coachman: No, no. There is no risk! They never come back…. as BOYS! *the Coachman gives off a devilish face and evilly laughs, frightening Honest John and Gideon into a cold sweat* Now, I’ve got a coach load leaving at midnight. We’ll met at the crossroads and no double crossing!

Honest John: No sir!

Coachman: Scout around. Any good prospects you find, bring ‘em to me.

Honest John: Yes chief.

Coachman: I’ll pay you well. I got plenty of gold.

Honest John: Yes, yes.

As the coachman tells his plan to Honest John and Gideon, on the other side of the inn and just within earshot of them, was what appeared to be a man drabbed on heavily ragged cloaks, dead drunk to the world. Unbeknownst to the trio of rouges, the supposedly drunk man’s head turns slightly to them and was in fact, listening to every word they said.

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Chapter 6: Fool Me Twice! Onward to Pleasure Island!

Later, our heroes have just finally arrived the town and on their way to Geppetto’s shop. Pinocchio, now a bit wiser from his little adventure, was now dead set on heading home.

Pinocchio: No sir, nothing can stop me. I’ll make good this time.

Jiminy Cricket: You’d better.

Usopp: After the day we had, I certainly hope you’d your lesson.

Pinocchio: I certainly did, Usopp.

Nami: And you’ll be good from now on right?

Pinocchio: I will, I’m going to school.

Robin: First thing in the morning tomorrow, though.

Pinocchio: You bet!

Jiminy Cricket: That’s the stuff, Pinoke.

Pinocchio: I’d rather be smart than be an actor.

Jiminy Cricket: Now you’re talkin’! Come on slowpoke, I’ll race ya home!

Luffy: Yeah! Come on, last one there’s a blockhead!

And so the gang starts running across town, however Luffy and others ran so fast that Pinocchio was in last and couldn’t keep up. Unfortunately, he is stopped in place, while still running by Honest John’s cane.

Honest John: Well, well Pinocchio. What’s your rush?

Pinocchio: I gotta beat Jiminy and the guys home. *sees Honest John* Oh hello.

Honest John went up to Pinocchio and jogged in place, while Gideon was holding the cane holding Pinocchio.

Honest John: Well, how is the great actor?

Pinocchio: I don’t want to be an actor. Stromboli was terrible!

Honest John: He was?

Pinocchio: Yes, he locked me in a bird cage.

Honest John: He did?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh, but I learned my lesson, I’m going---

Honest John: Oh you poor, poor boy. You must be a nervous wreck. That’s it! You are a nervous wreck. Ahem.

Honest John pulls out a pair of glasses, acting like a professional doctor.

Honest John: We must diagnose this case at once. *To Gideon* Quick, Doctor, your notebook.

Gideon, acting as the assistant, pulls out a notepad and pencil to record the ‘diagnosis’.

Honest John: Bless my soul. *checks Pinocchio's arm* Mmm! Mmm-Hmmm! *pulls out a chain, minus the watch* My, my, just as I thought. A slight touch of monetary complications with bucolic semi-lunar contraptions of the flying trapezes.

As Honest John address the ‘symptoms’, Gideon writes frantically in his notepad.

Honest John: (checks Pinocchio’s tongue) Mm-hmm! Say hippopotamus.

Pinocchio: Hi-ho-hotamus.

Honest John: I knew it! Compound transmission of the pandemonium with percussion and spasmodic frantic disintegration! Close your eyes. What do you see?

Pinocchio: Nothing.

Honest John: Open them. *holds a red polka-dot cloth in front of him* Now what do you see?

Pinocchio: Spots!

Honest John: Ha-ha! Now that heart. Ooo! My goodness!

We hear a beating sound, but it caused by Honest John, tapping his cane on some objects.

Honest John: A palpitating syncopation of the killer diller with a wicky wacky stomping of the floy joy!

Gideon starts dancing to the rhythm of the beat, until Honest John bops him in the head and takes the notepad.

Honest John: Quick Doctor, that report. *reads report* Oh! This makes it perfectly clear.

Well I’d wish he’d explain it to us sometime, cause all Gideon wrote down were a bunch of scribbles.

Honest John: My boy, you are allergic.

Pinocchio: Allergic?

Honest John: Yes! And there is only one cure for it. A vacation… to Pleasure Island!

Pinocchio: Pleasure Island?

Honest John: Yes. That happy land of carefree boys where every day is a holiday.

Pinocchio: But I can’t go, I---

Honest John: Why, of course, you can go. In fact, I’m giving you my ticket.

With a little sleight of hand, Honest John conjures up his ‘ticket’ for Pinocchio. The ticket was nothing more than a joker card, the ace of spades no less.

Honest John: Here.

Pinocchio: Thanks! But I’m---

Honest John: Oh tut-tut-tut-tut, I insist. Your health comes first. Come, the coach departs at midnight!
Hi-diddle dee dee
It’s Pleasure Isle for me
Where every day is holiday
And kids have nothing
To do but play…

Honest John and Gideon take Pinocchio by the arms and whisk him off to the coach bound for Pleasure Island. However, our fives friends were so far ahead they didn’t realize Pinocchio was missing until Usopp looks behind to find him gone.

Usopp: Hey! Wait a minute!

Usopp hits the brakes, causing the others to collide into him.

Nami: What’s the holdup?

Usopp: Where’s Pinocchio?

Jiminy Cricket: I thought he was…oh no!

Robin: You don’t think he’d go off again…

Usopp: At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Nami: Well, what are we standing around for? Come on!

The five ran back only to see Pinocchio long gone. The searched all over until they reached the crossroads just as Pinocchio joins a bunch of rowdy boys on a coach as it starts to leave.

Luffy: There he is!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio! Hey, come back!

Usopp: Quick, get on board!

They ran as hard as they can, desperately trying to reach the coach. Finally, they managed to grab onto the rear of the coach and rode along its under carriage for the whole trip. Sometime later, the coach had already departed from town as the boys shouted in delight for their destination: Pleasure Island! And of course, Pinocchio was sitting upfront with the Coachman and another boy, a wiseacre by the name of Lampwick. The Coachman cracked his whip at the donkeys that were pulling the coach along.

Coachman: *cracks whip* Giddy up!

Back in the undercarriage, the others were holding on while enduring the dust and rocks thrown up from the coach’s wheels.

Jiminy Cricket: Well folks, *coughs* here we go again.

Luffy: I wonder where this thing is going?

Robin: I guess we’ll know *coughs* when we get there.

Meanwhile, back in the front…

Lampwick: My name’s Lampwick. What’s yours?

Pinocchio: Pinocchio.

Lampwick: Ever been to Pleasure Island?

Pinocchio: Uh-uh, but Mr. Honest John gave me---

Lampwick: Me neither, but they say it’s a swell joint; no school, no cops. You can tear the joint apart and nobody says a word.

Pinocchio: Honest John gave me---

Lampwick: Loaf around, plenty to eat, plenty to drink. And it’s all free!

Pinocchio: Honest John---

Lampwick: Boy that’s the place. I can hardly wait!

Some time had passed until the coach went through a tunnel. On the other side was a small dock with a steamboat filled of more boys, ready to set sail. As the last of the boys boarded the ship, Luffy, Nami, Usopp, Robin and Jiminy sneak into the hold as the ship departs. About an hour or passed until the ship reaches a large island with a mountainous landscape and enters a cave-like entrance where a drawbridge and a large door awaits them. The moment the ship docks, the drawbridge comes down, the doors fling open and the boys are greeted with most fantastic view; a massive amusement park with carnival rides and attractions galore. The boys on the ship wasted no time as they all rushed to enjoy the island’s carnival rides and attractions galore, even Usopp and Luffy were entranced by the wonders. Fortunately, they managed to sneak past the Coachman as he was welcoming the other boys into the park. Several barkers call out to the boys to each of their attractions.

Luffy/Usopp: Woah!!!

Nami: This place is huge!

Robin: An entire amusement park built on this island…I wonder why no one ever mentions it before?

Food Barker: Right here, boys! Right here. Get your cake, pie, dill pickles and ice cream. Eat all you can. Be a glutton. Stuff yourselves. It’s all free, boys, it's all free. Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry!

Nami: All free huh? I’d sooner believe money to fall from the sky before I believe in that! *notices that Luffy is gone* Let me guess…

Usopp and Robin points to the food court, where Luffy is already stacking a large plie of food onto a single plate. Nami, Usopp and Jiminy smacked their heads in disgust while Robin just shrugged as Luffy come back over with his bounty in food.

Usopp: Well you certainly wasted no time, Luffy.

Luffy: Why not, I’m just helping myself to the food.

Nami: And you helped yourself to cleaning out half the buffet?!

Luffy: Well, he did say it was free.

Usopp: Leave it to Luffy to find a loophole when it comes to—

Suddenly we hear to sound of growling coming from Nami and Robin’s stomachs.

Usopp: Ugh…

Robin: Sorry, we didn’t have anything to eat since earlier tonight.

Luffy: You mean Sanji didn’t make dinner?

Nami: Of course, he did! It’s because we had to wait for you guys to come home before we could eat! *her stomach growls again*

Luffy: Well…did you guys to have some?

Nami: I wouldn’t care if you…wait…what?

Usopp: Am I hearing things…or did Luffy just offered food?

Robin: Luffy, are you feeling well?

Luffy: I’m fine...I just thought you guys want some food too before it was gone.


Jiminy Cricket: Excuse me, I don’t know what this is about and as much as I appreciate Luffy’s generosity, we still need to find Pinocchio!

Jiminy’s stomach soon growls too, having not eaten anything since this morning, and joined again by Nami, Robin and Usopp’s stomachs.

Nami: Okay…we eat first, then we split up to find Pinocchio and get off this island. Agreed?

The others nod in agreement and began to chow down on the food Luffy brought. Afterwards, once their stomachs were finally satisfied, they split into two groups; Luffy and Usopp went one way while Nami, Robin and Jiminy went the other. Elsewhere, there was tent with a big animatronic man with club, calling out to its attraction.

Big Animatronic Rough House Man: The Rough House, the Rough House. It’s the roughest toughest joint ya ever seen. Come in and pick a fight, boys.

A mob of boys rushes in to the Rough House, grabbing clubs as they went in to fight each other. Pinocchio with a pie and ice cream cone and Lampwick eating a chicken were passing by when they observe what was going on.

Lampwick: Oh boy, a scrap! *throws away chicken* Come on. Let’s go in and poke somebody in the nose.

Pinocchio: Why?

Lampwick: Just for the fun of it.

Pinocchio: *throws away pie and ice cream cone* Okay, Lampy.

Lampwick and Pinocchio went inside, with Pinocchio imitating Lampwick’s walk as they did. Just then, Luffy and Usopp walk by the Rough House, with Luffy eating what’s left of a large chicken leg.

Usopp: Pinocchio! Where are you?! Sheesh, I can’t believe we lost him. Any ideas on where to start, Luffy?

Luffy: *with chicken leg in mouth* Maybe his in of the attractions.

Usopp: Yeah, but there’s dozens of them and he could be in any of them by now. And even if we did search one, he could probably move to another one by now.

As Usopp was talking, Luffy notices a silhouette of Pinocchio fighting with a bunch of kids inside the Rough House.

Luffy: *points to the Rough House* You mean like in there?

Usopp: *sees Pinocchio’s silhouette* yeah, like in there…

Usopp does a double take and his eyes popped out at the sight.

Usopp: AHHHHH! Hang on, Pinoke I’m coming!

Usopp races into the Rough House to rescue Pinocchio, only to be greeted with many clubs to the head and gets swarmed by the boys.

Luffy: Hey!

Luffy drops the chicken leg and rushes in the save Usopp. On instinct, he ducks and he dodges, he swang and he swung, until the whole room was filled with a big ol’ dust cloud of a brawl. Pinocchio and Lampwick duck out of the scrap and headed off to another attraction. Minutes later, Luffy was on a mound of ko’d boys and was still fighting off the ones that were still standing. Eventually, Luffy misses a punch and the other boys dogpile on him, pinning him into the ground.

Luffy: I don’t have time to play anymore, so get off!

It was obvious the boys weren’t listen and even if they did, they didn’t care as more and more boys piled on, adding more weight onto Luffy.

Luffy: I said…GET OFF!!!!

And with that Luffy, unleashes a short blast of his Conqueror’s Haki, knocking out every single boy in the Rough House. Luffy dug himself out of the pile of boys and starting to look to see if Usopp was among the pile.

Luffy: Hey, Usopp! You in here? Usopp!

Luffy keeps searching until he spies a long nose protruding from the pile. Hoping it was Usopp’s, Luffy grabs the nose and pulls on in and out comes Usopp, passed out from Luffy’s Haki burst. But, the sudden tug on his nose was enough to wake him up.

Usopp: YEOOUCH!!!! What’s the big idea?!

Luffy: Sorry. Hey! Where’s Pinocchio?

Usopp: You don’t think…

It didn’t take them long to think that Pinocchio may have been caught in the haki and passed out. Usopp and Luffy frantically searched the pile to see if he was in there, but little did they know that Pinocchio was long gone. Meanwhile, Robin, Nami and Jiminy arrive in an area known as Tobacco Row. As you can bet, it was a smoker’s paradise with, cob pipes filled with cigarettes, piles of chewing tobacco and animatronic Indians throwing out dozens of cigars to the boys from refillable cigar boxes.

Tobacco Row Barker: Tobacco Row, Tobacco Row. Get your cigars, cigarettes and chewin’ tobacco. Come in and smoke your heads off! There’s nobody here to stop you!

Of course, the boys helped themselves to the all Tobacco Row had to offer, our trio was busy trying to find Pinocchio amid the immense crowd.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio? *coughs* Pinocchio!

Nami: I can’t believe they let these kids smoke this stuff. *cough* I may be used to Sanji’s, but this is too much.

Robin: I don’t know about you Nami, but there’s something phony about all this. The sooner we find Pinocchio the better.

In another part of the island was an attraction called; Model Home: Open for Destruction. As it was implied, we see a large and fancy model home that was ripe for being trashed.

Model Home Barker: Hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry, hurry! See the model home. It’s open for destruction and it’s all yours boys, it's all yours!

The kids here wasted no time tearing the home apart, knocking over potted plants, spatting paint everywhere, you know, classic acts of childish vandalism. And of course, Pinocchio and Lampwick were in on the destruction as well, with Pinocchio chopping a piano leg with an axe and Lampwick striking a match on the ruined Mona Lisa and lights a cigar he found.

Lampwick: What did I tell ya? Ain’t this a swell joint?

Pinocchio: Yeah! Being bad’s a lot of fun, ain’t it?

Lampwick: Yeah, uh-huh. Get a load of that strained-glass window.

Lampwick picks up a brick and with one hard throw, shatters a perfectly good stain-glass window into a million colored pieces. While all this was happening, the Coachman look on to make sure everyone was enjoying themselves, but a somewhat sinister aura came off him.

Coachman: All right now. Hop to it you blokes! (cracks whip) Come on! Come on! Shut the doors and lock ‘em tight.

He calls out to a bunch of shadow-like monsters at the entrance. These creatures were large in stature, had gorilla-like arms and a pair of yellow eyes. Following the Coachman’s orders, they pulled the large doors closed to make sure no one could leave.

Coachman: Now get below and get them crates ready. *to himself* Just like I always say; Give a bad boy enough rope and he’ll soon make a jackass of himself.

The Coachman laughed wickedly as the young boys enjoyed themselves, completely unaware of what horrible fate that Coachman has in store for them…

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Chapter 7: The Island’s Dark Secret… Escape From the Pranksters’ Paradise!

Sometime later, back on the mainland, we find Honest John and Gideon walking merrily along the empty street as if they owned it. In Honest John’s hand was a large sack of money earned from the Coachman.

Honest John: Well Giddy, today is most certainly our lucky day. This morning we came as paupers but tonight we walk as kings! *pats the bag of money* And they say that crime never pays, hey Giddy?

Gideon said nothing but shook his head in agreement.

Honest John: but you know, I can’t help but almost feel sorry for the wooden boy…

Gideon tilts in head in confusion.

Honest John: …almost! But at least he’ll make some contribution so society…as a beast of burden! Hahaha!

Gideon shakes his head in agreement and then hiccups.

Honest John: Come Giddy, the night awaits us and with it, our fortune!

Just as Honest John was about to go into another rendition of Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee, he bumps into something, causing him to drop his bag of gold to fall into the ground. Luckily for him the bag didn’t burst open, but he was quite annoying at being bumped.

Honest John: Watch where you’re going you—

Honest John looks to see who he bumped into, it was the robed drunk from the Red Lobster Inn earlier tonight. Of course, Honest John did not see him at the inn before and assumed he was just another wayward street bum. His staggering stance suggested that he had a little too much to drink.

Honest John: Ahh, look Giddy, a fellow vagabond!

Cloaked Man: *drunkenly* Sssay, mmister *hic* watch ere you are go-*burp*

Honest John: Seems our friend is bit tipsy tonight, hey Giddy.

Cloaked Man: *sees the bag* H-hey, whatssh in the b-*hic*-the ba-*hic*-ba-*hic*-what’s in there? *points to the bag*

Honest John: *hides the bag behind his back* Oh this! Well…ugh…this is just some…sweets for my dear old granny. She does enjoy treats and wanted me to make a midnight run for her. Right, Giddy.

Gideon nods in agreement while the Cloaked Man ponders with a stupidly drunken expression on his face.

Cloaked Man: …okay!

Honest John: Well I love to stay and chat the night away, but granny is expecting me so, ta-da! *walks away with Gideon*

Cloaked Man: Toodledy-loodledy…*normal voice* J. Worthington Foulfellow.

Honest John: Yes, yes, toodle—

Suddenly, he stops dead in his tracks when he heard that named called out. For you see, J. Worthington Foulfellow was Honest John’s real name, one he hasn’t went by in a long time.

Honest John: J. Worthington Foulfellow?! Why, no one’s called me by that name in years…in fact the only person to ever call me that was—

His eyes widened with the sudden realization of who the man was.

Honest John: YOU!!!

No sooner did he turn around to face the cloaked man, Honest John found himself staring down the barrel of a trumpet-shaped gun pointed directly at him!

Cloaked Man: Long time no see…I’m glad you still remember me after our last ‘encounter’ and I see you’ve been up to your old tricks again.

Honest John: Who me? Well, I was just a…wha-what I mean is…ugh…eh…goodbye!

Cloaked Man: Hold it!

Honest John tries to make a run for it, but the Cloaked Man manages to grab him by his cape. The sudden tug causes him to drop the bag, but this time it bursts open, spilling its gold coins all over the street. Honest John, seeing the coins scatter across the ground, gets down and frantically grabs as many as he could…until the Cloaked Man pinned his hand with his foot.

Cloaked Man: Sweets for your granny, eh? *picks up a coin* Unless these are chocolate coins, I think your ‘granny’ could chip her dentures on these…

Just then, Gideon crept up behind the Cloak Man, ready to bop him with his mallet. But the Cloaked Man senses this, ducks, grabs Gideon by his mallet and flings him into Honest John.

Cloaked Man: think I’d fall for that bit, especially after the last time. Now then…about this money…

Honest John: N-n-n-n-n-now listen! If you think that i—

Cloaked Man: Save it! I already know about your deal with the Coachman. And don’t ask me how I know, because I heard everything back at the Red Lobster Inn. All I want from you is where’s Pleasure Island?

Honest John: Pleasure Island?! Why would I know where that horrid place is? Ugh…ask Giddy, he’d know.

Gideon shakes his head yes but then shakes no, after realizing what he was agreeing on.

Cloaked Man: I’d sooner ask a blind man to lead me to King Midas’ Gold. But if you’re not willing to talk, I got other ways of making you.

Honest John: W-w-wait! You’re not gonna hurt me, are you?! I’m a physical coward and I can’t stand intense pain.

Cloaked Man: Who me? Heavens no, Foulfellow. I wouldn’t dream of doing such harm unto you over something like that.

Honest John: Really?

Cloaked Man: Of course not. That’s his job…

Honest John: Who…?

The Cloaked Man points down an alleyway which smoke begins to billow out, creating a foreboding fog around them. Emerging from the smoke was a muscular white-haired man, with two cigars in his mouth. He was also wearing sunglasses and has a scar that extends from his forehead to his right eye and tapers off to the side of his face. He wears military coat over his large thick white and blue specialist marine jacket which he keeps open, with greenish fur lining the neck, wrists and hem. Many cigars are strapped to the jacket, which bears the kanji for "justice" written on the back of it. He carries a jitte as his weapon. He also wears brown leather gloves, blue jeans with a brown belt and large military issue brown leather boots. This was the Vice Admiral of the Marines, Smoker the White Hunter. Honest John and Gideon both gulped as he approached, a fierce snarl was on his face.

Smoker: This is them?

Cloaked Man: Yep, they’re the ones I was telling you about.

Smoker walks right up the two, grabs them by their necks and pulls them up to his eye level.

Smoker: You two got some nerve! Conning some kid is one thing, but selling children out for money…that’s unforgivable! I got half a mind to skin you both alive and toss your hides into the worst prison imaginable. And unless we get a confession out of you and where this Pleasure Island is, that’s just what’s gonna happen!

Honest John and Gideon both when pale and began sweating bullets from Smoker’s threat. They got into trouble before, but never like this.

Cloaked Man: Hang on, Vice Admiral, as tempting as that is, I got a better idea…

Moments later, Honest John screaming for his life as he was being hung over a canal bridge by his tail, with Smoker holding on to it. Gideon was busy being pinned the Cloaked Man by his neck.

Honest John: AAAAHHH!!!! Please, don’t drop me!

Cloaked Man: Look at it this way, Foulfellow; at least you can finally clean up your act!

Honest John: I don’t know how to swim!

Smoker: Well, it’s not too late to start learning.

Honest John: Please, I’ll tell you anything! Just let me go!

Cloaked Man: You sure you wanna rephrase that?

Honest John: *looks down to the canal* EEHH!!! Wait! Don’t let me go! Don’t let me go!

Cloaked Man: Tell us what we want to know and we’ll hoist you back up!

Honest John: I-I can’t! He’ll harm me if I do.

Smoker: And you’ll drown if you don’t!

Honest John: Alright! Alright! It was the Coachman! He paid us to collect stupid little boys and he takes them to Pleasure Island!

Smoker: That’s all? It doesn’t make sense!

Cloaked Man: Pleasure Island is an illegal operation; the law prohibits ships from even going near that island.

Smoker: *to Honest John* So what happens to the kids when they come back?

Honest John: But that’s just it! He said they never come back as boys at all!

Smoker: What?!

Smoker lets go, causing Honest John to plummet, only to suddenly stop with his nose just inches from the water. Just then, he gets pulled all the way up until he realizes that he’s flying. But he soon notices that he’s caught in a cloud-like substance, and that substance was Smoker’s Smoke-Smoke Fruit as his arm was holding Honest John up in the air. Smoker then reels Honest John back until his nose was pressed into Smoker’s face.

Smoker: What you mean by that?!

Honest John: T-that’s what he told me…and that’s all I know! I swear!

Smoker: So, where’s the island?

Honest John: It’s 10 miles off the coast, north by northeast, you can’t miss it! Now please let me go!

Smoker’s arm reverts to normal and drops Honest John to the ground. The already spooked fox crawls towards the Cloaked Man, hiding behind his robes.

Cloaked Man: Well…you got your info, so now what will you do?

Smoker: What should’ve been done in the first place. Captain Tashigi!

Just then, a woman appears on command from a corner. She had dark brown eyes and wears her black hair between chin- and shoulder-length pinning back by a clip. She was seen wearing a floral button-down shirt, rectangular glasses with red frames, blue capris, dark pink gloves with a white trim, dark pink boots and a pink version of the standard Marine officers' coat. This is Smoker’s second-in-command; Captain Tashigi.

Tashigi: Sir?

Smoker: Order the men to get the ships ready to launch. We’re make for Pleasure Island tonight!

Tashigi: Sir, but the crew is still recovering from what we just experienced. We still don’t know how we got here let alone why…

Smoker: Does it matter!?

Tashigi: Ehh?

Smoker: Personally, I don’t know what the hell’s going on. One minute we were navigating through some weird fog in the open sea, the next thing we end up in this strange country. But I do know is this; if this Pleasure Island is allowed to operate while the authorities here do nothing to stop it, then I say its high time someone did. And that someone…is gonna be me! Tell the men we set sail now!

Tashigi: Yes sir!

Cloak Man: Nice little speech, all things considered, but what about these two? *points to Honest John and Gideon*

Smoker: Bring them along! Can’t have them skipping town, we’re not finished deciding their punishment.

Cloaked Man: Gladly!

The Cloaked Man grabs Honest John and Gideon by the scruff of their necks and drags them away with Smoker and Tashigi. But little did they know, that someone was observing the conservation in the shadows and then rushes off…to where we don’t know…

Meanwhile, back on Pleasure Island, the once lively amusement park was now in a state of ruin and disrepair. Most likely this caused by the boys’ constant rough-housing and disregard of common safety. As for the boys, there was not a soul to be seen or heard, save for Luffy, Usopp, Nami, Robin and Jiminy Cricket, who were still looking for Pinocchio.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio! Pinocchio? *whistle*

Luffy: Hey Pinocchio! Come on out!

Nami: Man, look at this place. It’s a total dump!

Usopp: Yeah. I can’t believe those boys caused all this damage in such a brief time. And the night’s not even over.

Robin: Speaking of the boys, has anyone noticed that it’s gotten quiet lately?

Luffy: Your right. This place feels like a graveyard. I wonder where they all went?

Usopp: Well, I don’t like the looks of this. Let’s find him and get out of here.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio! Hey, where are you?

As they continued the search for Pinocchio, he and Lampwick were busy playing in poolhall shaped like an 8-ball. Lampwick was having his turn, knocking the pool balls in with trick shots. Pinocchio was busy with a cigar while he was waiting his turn.

Pinocchio: Where do you suppose all the kids went to, Lampwick?

Lampwick: They’re around here, somewhere's. What do you care? You’re havin’ a good time, ain’t ya?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh, I sure am.

Lampwick: Oh boy! This is life, huh, Pinoky?

Pinocchio: Yeah! It sure is! *he puffs on his cigar*

Lampwick: Ah, you smoke like me grandmother! Come on, take a big drag, like this! *inhales deeply on his cigar*

Pinocchio: Okay Lampy!

He takes a really huge drag on his cigar, turning red in the face as he did. But then Pinocchio hics, forcing him to shallow the smoke and starts to turn purple. His eyes waters, his face turns a sickly pale green and he exhales a weak puff of smoke.

Lampwick: Hey, some fun, huh, kid? (Pinocchio nods nauseously) Okay, slats, your shot.

Pinocchio climbs onto the pool table and tries to aim at the 8-ball, the cigar still in his mouth. Because of being sick, everything looks warbly from his view, in fact he almost thought the 8-ball winked at him.

Lampwick: What’s the matter slats? Losing your grip?

Pinocchio tries again and just as he was about make his shot, the others arrive to see Pinocchio on the pool table, and what happened then…

Nami/Jiminy Cricket: PINOCCHIO!!!

The sudden shock of the yell causes Pinocchio to miss, falling face first and ripping the pool table lining.

Nami: So this is where we find ya! You had us worried sick you little blockhead!

Jiminy Cricket: How do you ever expect to be a real boy acting like this?! Look at yourself… smoking, playing pool! *kicks the 8-ball angrily* Oww! You’re comin’ right home with us, this minute!

Lampwick: Hey… who’s the beetle? *picks up Jiminy by his jacket*

Jiminy Cricket: Let go! Put me down! *muffled by his jacket* Uh, let me out!

Pinocchio: He’s my conscience! He tells me what’s right and wrong.

Lampwick: What? You mean to tell me you take orders from a grasshopper?

Jiminy Cricket: Grasshopper? Look here, you impudent young pup! It wouldn’t hurt you to take orders from your grasshop--- your conscience, if you have one. *stands on the 8-ball*

Lampwick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. Screwball in the corner pocket.

Lampwick hits a 9-ball at 8-ball sending Jiminy and the 8-ball into a pocket. Jiminy tumbles into the collection chamber, only to narrowly miss the 8-ball that was coming in. Lampwick was laughing at Jiminy, inciting some ire from the others.

Nami: Hey! What the big idea knocking Jiminy into the corner pocket?

Lampwick: *sees Nami and looks her over* Hey, who’s the broad?

Nami: Excuse me?!

Lampwick: How about you and I play a real game of pool, huh?

Nami: How about I whomp you upside the head instead!

Lampwick: A girl beating me up?! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

Nami loses her temper and was about to throttle Lampwick, until Luffy and Usopp desperately tried to hold her back. Jiminy himself has lost his own temper after climbing back up the pool table.

Jiminy Cricket: Why, why--- ya young hoodlum! I’ll knock your block off! *takes his jacket off and prepares to do battle* I’ll take you apart and put ya back together---

Pinocchio: Oh don’t hurt him, Jiminy. He’s my best friend.

Jiminy Cricket: Why, I’ll---

Jiminy Cricket/Nami: Your best friend?

Jiminy Cricket: And what am I? Just your conscience!

Nami: Okay. That settles it!

Pinocchio: But Jiminy? Nami?

Jiminy Cricket: *squishes his hat and wears his jacket backward, putting his foot down* You buttered your bread, now sleep in it!

He falls into a pool pocket again, and winds up on the floor; Nami picks him up as Lampwick laughs at him*

Nami: Ha ha ha! Go on, laugh. Make a jackass outta yourself. We’re through! This is the end!

Pinocchio: But Nami? Lampwick says a guy only lives once.

Jiminy Cricket: *with his grumpy look* Lampwick…. Hmph!

Lampwick: Come on, come on. Let ‘em go.

Lampwick gets some beer as Robin leaves after Nami and Jiminy, who were still fuming over what Pinocchio had said.

Jiminy Cricket: Lampwick…. Hmph! Lampwick! It’s burns me up. After all I tried to do for him. Who’s his conscience anyway? Me or that hoodlum, Lampwick?

Robin: Don’t you think you two are overacting this a bit.

Nami: ‘A bit’?! That blockhead would rather listen to some punk kid he just met over us!

Robin: But…

Nami: But nothing! If he wants to hang around with some hoodlum then he can stay a puppet for all I care! I, on the other hand, am taking the first boat off this rock.

Robin: What about Luffy and Usopp?

Nami: They can get their own ride, I’m too mad to care!

The trio finally reaches the front gates, Nami bangs on the door angrily for someone to open the door.

Nami: Open up that door! Open up! I wanna go home!

Just as Nami was about to knock on the door again, the sound of braying coming from the other side.

Nami/Robin/Jiminy Cricket: Huh?

Nami and Robin managed to pull open the heavy door open, just enough for them to squeeze through. What they saw on the other side was a puzzler if not a depressing one. Dozens upon dozens of donkeys packed to the brim in wooden crates, braying and crying something fierce. The crates were being loaded onto the same ship that brought our friends to the island by the Coachman’s henchmen as he was giving out orders. The trio hid behind a nearby rock as to not be discovered.

Coachman: Come on, you blokes, keep ‘em moving! Lively there now. We haven’t got all night.

Robin: Now this is interesting.

Nami: What the heck are those things?

Jiminy Cricket: And where’d all the donkeys come from?

Coachman: Come on, come on. Let’s have another. *one of his goons brings out a frightened donkey out toward him* And what's your name?

Donkey 1: Haw-hee!

Coachman: Okay, you’ll do! *rips the clothes of the donkey and boots him into a crate with five other donkeys* In you go! You boys’ll bring a nice price for Her Radiance! *cackles evilly* All right. Next! *another donkey is brought before him* And what might your name be?

Alexander: Alexander.

Coachman: Hmmm, so you can talk!

Alexander: Ye-Yes sir. I wanna go home to my mama!

Coachman: Take him back! He can still talk! *throws Alexander into a pen with six other donkeys*

Alexander: Please, please. I don't wanna be a donkey. Let me out of here!

Donkeys: *all protest in unison*

Coachman: *yelling* Quiet! *cracks whip* You boys have had your fun. Now, pay for it!

Robin/Nami/Jiminy Cricket: Boys?

Nami: You mean those donkeys were the boys from earlier?

Robin: So that’s why the island was so deserted, was because they were all turned into donkeys.

Nami: But that means…Luffy!

Robin: Usopp!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio!

The three rushes back through the door to warn the others, but at that moment in the pool hall…

Lampwick: Huh! To hear that beetle talk…*takes a swig of beer* you’d think somethin’ was gonna happen to us.

Suddenly a pair of ears emerge of Lampwick, although he does not notice it, but Pinocchio, Ussop and Luffy do. Pinocchio, thinking the beer had something to do with it, pushes it away from him.

Usopp: You shouldn’t bad mouth Jiminy! He was only doing his job as a conscience.

Lampwick: Conscience. Nah, phooey!

Then a tail pops out of his pants, prompting Pinocchio to throw away his cigar.

Lampwick: Where’s he get that stuff? ‘How do you ever expect to be a real boy?’ What’s he think I look like? *Now his head turns into a donkey one* A jackass?

Luffy: You sure do now!

Luffy and Pinocchio couldn’t help but laugh at Lampwick’s new face, that is until Pinocchio hee-haws and covers his mouth.

Lampwick: Hey, you laugh like a donkey. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-Hee-haw! Did that come outta me?

Usopp: You bet it did. *points to his face*

Lampwick checks his mouth, he feels a muzzle. Then he checks his face, which has fur on. Then he checks his ears, which he sees are now really long.

Lampwick: What the---? What’s going on?

Lampwick goes over to a nearby mirror and he got his answer; he really does look like a jackass. The very sight of it freaks Lampwick out as he begins to panic.

Lampwick: Yaaaaghhh! I’ve been double-crossed! Help! Help! Somebody, help! I’ve been framed! Help! Please, you gotta help me. Oh, be a pal. Call that beetle. Call those broads! Call anybody!

Sadly, either Pinocchio, Usopp or Luffy could think of or do anything to help as Lampwick begged. But they gasped in horror as Lampwick’s hands suddenly turn into hooves.

Lampwick: Mama?! Maaaaaamaaaaaaaa!

Lampwick’s cries for help faded away to a grunt as he slowly fell on all fours to the ground. And with that the transformation was complete, Lampwick had made a jackass out of himself. The other three could only watch as the former Lampwick started kicking and braying like crazy, trashing the pool hall like a wild animal.

Usopp: Welp, who didn’t see that coming?

Luffy: How can this get any worse?

Just then Pinocchio gains donkey ear and Usopp immediately notices.

Usopp: *points to Pinocchio* Like that!!!

Pinocchio: *sees his ears* Oh! What’s happened?

Back outside, Nami, Robin and Jiminy Cricket were running back to the pool hall as fast as they could.

Jiminy Cricket: I hope we’re not too late.

Pinocchio: What’ll I do?! *He has a tail too, grabs it, and gasps*

Usopp: EEEHHH!!!!!

By that time, the others arrive at the pool hall just in time.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio!

Pinocchio: Jiminy! Oh, guys help!

Jiminy Cricket: Pinoke, the kids, the boys, they’re all donkeys!

Nami: *to Pinocchio* Ah, you too!

Usopp: What do you mean ‘they’re all donkeys’?

Robin: We don’t know how, but all boys from earlier got turned into donkeys!

Luffy: How’d that happen?

Jiminy Cricket: No time, quick! Before he gets any worse…

Before anyone could even move, they hear a loud explosion from outside, rocking the pool hall.

Usopp: What was that?!

Just then the sound of two more explosions could be heard, the second one sounded very close.

Nami: Never mind that, what was that?

The group runs outside the pool hall only to see to source of the explosions, a number if cannonballs falling from the sky and blasting the amusement park into rubble. Already most of the attractions have been blown apart.

Jiminy Cricket: What’s all this?!

Usopp: Either somebody’s messing with the fireworks, or Pleasure Island’s getting bombed!

Nami: Yeah but by who?

Little did they know that the answer that question was coming from just outside the island. Several large ships anchored near the island have been firing cannonballs over into the island via artillery. Smoker, Tashigi and the Cloaked Man were watching as Smoker was overseeing the bombardment.

Cloaked Man: You think we spooked them enough? Any more and there won’t be anyone else left on it.

Tashigi: How are we supposed to get in? the whole island is covered in mountain range.

Cloaked Man: There should be a cavern over on the left side of the island, it’s the only way in or out of the island.

Smoker: hmm…all ships finish up your rounds and cease fire. Tashigi, ready the landing party, time to pay them a visit.

Tashigi: Yes, sir!

As the ships finished off their bombardment, our friends on the island were still busy evading the explosions for their dear lives. One of the explosions got too close and sent Usopp flying into pile of rubbish. As Usopp emerges cover in junk, Luffy couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

Nami: Seriously, Luffy?

Luffy: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-Hee-haw! *covers his mouth and a pair of donkey ears replace his own* AHHH!

Nami: See! Serves ya right.

Jiminy Cricket: Now’s not the time, we gotta get out of here.

Usopp: But how? The only way out is blocked.

Jimmy Cricket: Then we just make a swim for it.

Nami: Are you nuts?! Some of us can’t swim.

Robin: Then we’ll find a boat.

Nami: How are we gonna find a boat to floats us off the island in this mess?

Suddenly, an explosion strikes the ferris wheel, blowing off one of the gondolas and sending it crashing just inches in front of them.

Robin: How convenient.

Jiminy Cricket: Quick, let’s take it to the mountains, it’s the only way out!

The group picks up the gondola and head up to the mountains, and hopefully a way out. Meanwhile, the bombardment to not go noticed with the Coachman as the explosions rocked the cavern, causing rock to fall from the ceiling.

Coachman: What the blooming ‘ell is that?!

The Coachman got his answer as a large ship loaded with marine soldiers enters the cave, blocking the only way out. The soldiers were armed and ready for a rumble as they prepared to come shore.

Coachman: Where did they come from?!?! *to his henchmen* What are ya blokes waiting for?! Get ’em!

The Henchmen stopped what they were doing and rushed to the docks as the soldiers charged off the ship. Pretty soon the whole dock was crowded with the biggest brawl ya ever seen. While the henchmen were bigger and had more strength, they were outmatched in numbers. It wasn’t long till the henchmen got overwhelmed and the soldiers were winning. By this time, Smoker, Tashigi and the Cloaked Man arrived on the scene to see the fight going their way.

Smoker: Seize everyone in here! If they resist, then knock them out!

Soldiers: Yes sir!!

One of the henchman manages to get past the soldiers and charges directly at Smoker, but he turns into a puff of smoke, evades the Henchman, reforms and then knocks it out with his jitte.

Smoker: Humph…they aren’t even trying.

The Coachman was not too happy with how the fight is going and how his henchmen were losing badly.

Coachman: Ya blooming dolts!! Put your backs into it and drive ‘em out!

The Coachman readies his whip to ‘motivate’ his men, only to have shot right out of his hand. The shooter was the Cloaked Man, who was jump over the brawl on the docks and heading straight at him. The Coachman heads for the door in a panic, with the Cloaked Man not far behind him.

Cloaked Man: *to Smoker* You take care of the boys! The Coach Man’s mine!

Smoker: Don’t give me orders!

Sadly, the Cloaked Man was already long gone. Outside, the Coachman could only see his island attractions reduced to smoldering ruins and fire spreading all over. His park had worse damage before, but nothing of this magnitude. It wasn’t long until the Cloaked Man finally caught up with him.

Coachman: Well now…so you’re the bloke that brought ‘em ere…they said you’d be a pain in the arse, but I’d never thought you pull something like this.

Cloaked Man: The raid was their idea, all I did was lead them here. Either way, you’re finished.

Coachman: Fat chance of that! This ain’t the first time I had a bit of bad luck, but I’ll always spring back into business.

Cloaked Man: …not this time.

The Cloaked Man pulls out his gun, ready to fire, until an explosion knocks over some rubble separating the two. By the time the dust cleared, the Coachman had already vanished. As the Cloaked Man cursed under his breath and tried to find him, the Coachman reached the promontory on the other side of the island.

Coachman: Ha! Let ‘em try and find me, I know this island better than anyone else. I’ll be off and back on me feet in no—

Just then the Coachman bumped into something, causing him to fall to the ground.

Coachman: Watch where ya going ya bloomin’—

The Coachman stops as he looks to see what he bumped into, the what turns out to be a who and the who was actually three whos. The first was a tall figure clad in oni-themed armor resembling more of a fox than an actual oni. His armor showed signs of many battles as it had cuts, dents and cracks all over. But surprisingly enough, the figure didn’t seem to care about them. The second figure was a man clad in armor like the Oni-themed firgure, but his armor was styled like a medieval knight and had a somber motif to it. The third was the most human compared to his partners, apart from his long fingernails and sharp teeth; he wears a white half masque, hiding his eyes which appear as black slots, a white and violet bodysuit with a small dark violet cape. His hair is styled into the appearance of a traditional jester’s hat, and is multicolored blue, red, yellow and violet.

Coachman: Oh, it’s you lot. Where the bloody ‘ell were ya?! Them blokes is tearing me business apart like bulls in a china shop and you three ain’t doing nothing about it.

‘The Oni’: Actually…that’s what we’re are here for you, Coachman.

‘The Jester’: Oui, we regret to inform you that Her Radiance has decided to terminate our mutual agreement in trade and commerce.

Coachman: Eeh?

‘The Oni’: It means we’re cutting you out.

Coachman: Now wait just a bloomin’ minute! You can’t cut me out! We had a good setup, your boss and me. I collect all them brats, bring them here to be turned to donkeys, then sell them to ya for all that gold. And ya helped me in keeping this place open, heck ya even gave me that potion to turn them all into jackasses in a single night than having to wait five months for the curse to take effect. I gave you lots of business and never once asked questions.

‘The Jester’: We know, but sadly the workforce you’ve been providing us can no longer meet the requirements needed for our more recent projects…

‘The Oni’: …so it was more efficient to cut our losses rather than spend more for so little.

‘The Knight’: The bitterness of a severed contract! Oh, how it stings!

Coachman: Then what’s gonna happen ta me?! If you think ya gonna leave me to be plucked by the law, then ya’ll blimey!

‘The Oni’: We took that to consideration…and she decided that it would be best to leave no witnesses to tell of our operation.

Coachman: Wait just a tick! You ain’t planning on bumping me off, are ya?!

‘The Oni’: If by’ bumping you off’, you mean killing you…then sadly no.

‘The Knight’: Her Radiance wanted a more…subtle approach in settling this matter. I believe the correct term is poetic irony.

The Oni reached behind and pulled out a small bottle from his back. The bottle contained a sickly dark purple substance

Coachman: What’s that?

‘The Oni’: Oh, nothing much…just a concentrated version of the curse potion you’ve been using. Only this time, the transformation is instantaneous upon ingesting it.

Coachman: If you think I’m taking that, you’re out of your minds!

‘The Oni’: Oh, I’m afraid that’s a problem…you don’t have a choice!

The Oni snaps his fingers and the Jester and the Knight jump the Coachman, pinning him to the ground. The Coachman tried desperately to break free, but the they were too strong for him. The Jester forcefully opens the Coachman’s mouth as the Oni walk right up to him and uncorks the bottle.

‘The Oni’: Nothing personal……just business.

He then dumps the potion directly into the Coachman’s mouth, down to the last drop. The Jester made sure that he shallowed the concoction, causing him to choke in the process. The Jester and the Knight releases the Coachman, still in a coughing fit. Just then his head turns into a donkey’s and a tail emerges seconds later. As he looks in horror as his hands changes into hooves, the three figures departed into the shadows, leaving the Coachman to his fate.

Coachman: G-G-G-Get back here, you bastaaaa-Hee-haaaaaaaaaaw!

And in mere moments, the Coachman’s transformation was complete. And by the time the Cloaked Man finally arrived, he was too late; the Coachman was already a jackass, kicking and screaming something fierce.

Cloaked Man: Well, at least you got exactly want you deserved, in an ironic sense.

Cloaked Man walked away from the scene a bit cheated, but satisfied that the Coachman received a more fitting punishment. Back at the docks, the Coachman’s goons were beaten and rounded up, as the marine soldier began loading every donkey-filled crate onto the ship. Two of the marines were having a tough time loading one donkey who was failing like crazy onboard.

Tashigi: Leave no donkey behind, men! Smoker wants them all onboard before we set sail for the mainland, got it!

Soldiers: Yes ma’am!

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all, a small gondola was seen floating away from the island as its six passengers rowed all the way back to the mainland.

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Chapter 8: In Search of Geppetto! Journey at the Bottom of the Sea!

Hours later, back at the mainland, our heroes finally reached the shore in their makeshift boat. In the distance, a cloud of smoke could be seen emerging from the distant Pleasure Island. Exhausted from all the rowing, the group plops onto dry land with a thud.

Pinocchio: Jiminy? Guys? You all right?

Jiminy Cricket: Sure *coughs* I thought we’d never make it. Certainly feels good to be back on dry land.

Usopp: *exhuasted* I never thought…we’d actually get here.

Nami: That was the second worst night of my life.

Robin: Just be glad it’s finally over.

Jiminy Cricket: Come on, let’s get home.

Well it took them a bit, but without any distractions, the six arrived back in town. It was almost dawn when they finally reached Geppetto’s home safe and sound.

Pinocchio: Father, I’m home!

Jiminy Cricket: We’re home, Mr. Geppetto! Home again!

Luffy: Guys, we’re back! Open up!

Pinocchio: It’s me, Pinocchio! I’m home to stay *tries ringing the doorbell*

Jiminy Cricket: Here he is, Mr. Geppetto. Home at last! Hey, maybe they’re asleep.

Pinocchio: Father? Father, it’s me!

Jiminy goes over to the window to get a look inside.

Jiminy Cricket: Guys, come here! *the others come over to the window* Look! They ain’t here!

And he was right, inside the house there was no one around. Cobwebs formed in the corners and even the spot where Cleo’s fishbowl stood was now vacant.

Pinocchio: He--- he’s gone.

Nami: Sanji…Zoro...they’re all gone.

Jiminy Cricket: Yeah, and Figaro.

Pinocchio: And Cleo too.

Well this was quite the predicament, they came back only to find Geppetto and the others gone. While this was happening, back at the harbor, the marine ships have just arrived at the docks just as the sun began to rise. Onboard one of the ships were hundreds of crates filled with the boys turned donkeys. Smoker, Tashigi and the Cloaked Man were discussing on what to do with them.

Tashigi: Sir, are you glad we finally took down Pleasure Island?

Smoker: *blows some smoke* Sort of…at least that place is out of business for good. Shame I couldn’t cuff the guy who ran the joint.

Cloaked Man: I wouldn’t worry too much about that creep. Let’s just say that he got what he deserved and won’t be causing any more trouble for any one.

Tashigi: All said and done, but what are gonna do about the boys. We can’t just leave them as donkeys.

Smoker: Well how do you expect us to do that; wave a magic wand and go ‘hocus pocus’?

Cloaked Man: If I may, Vice Admiral, but I know of a more practical remedy.

Smoker: How so?

Cloaked Man: To the west of here is a farmhouse nestled in a small valley near a town called Collodi. Now near said farmhouse are two fields of cabbages; one green and one white. If I remember, eating the green cabbages turns the consumer into a donkey, but the white ones can change you back. Have each of the boys eat the white cabbages and they’ll be back to normal in no time, but only if they promise to behave and be good boys from now on. *turns to the donkeys* How about it boys? If you want to change back, you’ll all have to promise to be good boys. So, you all promise to be good, go to school and obey your mothers?

The donkeys all hee-hawed in agreement, it was definite that they had learned their lessons and wanted to be human again.

Cloaked Man: *to Smoker* It’s about a day’s walk from here, so they can all walk there. The exercise will do them some good. And be sure to pick some green cabbage for in case some decide to go bad again.

Smoker: *to soldiers* You heard them men, unload the crates and have them walk there. And make sure they all behave on the trip, it’s going to be a long walk.

Soldiers: Yes, sir!

The soldiers did as they were told, breaking open the crates and releasing the donkeys. The donkeys did not act wild and calmly walked off the ship, knowing that the key to being human again was but a walk away.

Smoker: Glad that’s settled…now about those two.

Smoker points to Honest John and Gideon, who were clamped in irons, awaiting whatever punishment was in store for them.

Honest John: Please, I beg you! We had nothing to do with the Coachman turning boys into donkeys. We were just doing a job…nothing more. I can’t survive in jail!

Smoker: Any ideas on what to do with them? As much as I want to, they’re too annoying to keep locked up in the brig.

Cloaked Man: Actually, I have a far better idea. Take their cuffs off.

Smoker/Tashigi: What?!

Cloaked Man: Trust me.

Smoker: Hmm…let them go.

The guards release Honest John and Gideon as the Cloaked Man walks up to them.

Honest John: Don’t hurt us! I bruise easily.

Cloaked Man: Oh, lighten up. You’re not gonna get walloped. I have instead a job proposal for you both.

Honest John: A-a proposal?

Cloaked Man: Tell me, you’ve ever heard of truant officers?

Honest John: Truant officers?

Cloaked Man: You know; they go around finding naughty children that still play hooky from school and bring them back to school.

Honest John: And what does that have to do with me?

Cloaked Man: Simple…you and Giddy there are gonna help do some honest work by rounding up all those hooky playing kids and bringing them back to school.

Honest John: HONEST WORK?!?! We can’t do honest work! I’d break out in hives. Ask Giddy, he’ll vouch for me!

Gideon nods in agreement.

Cloaked Man: Doubt that. I wouldn’t think of it as work. Think if it as doing a service.

Honest John: Service?

Cloaked Man: Yeah. You get to contribute to society as an active participant, perform an act of civic duty for the good of all.

Honest John: Huh?

Cloaked Man: You get to keep kids from being hooligans and put them back into school.

Honest John: Hmm…

Cloaked Man: Did I mention you get paid?

Honest John: Paid?!

Cloaked Man: Yeah. Truant officers get paid well nowadays. You might even make more than what the Coachman or Stromboli paid you.

Honest John: Hmm…and what exactly do Gideon and I have to do again.

Cloaked Man: Basically, you go looking for children missing from school and help convince them to go back.

Honest John: Convince them? How?

Cloaked Man: How?! You speak as if you don’t know! You’re Honest John, a thespian among con-artist, a fox like you could charm the robes of the Pope himself.

Honest John: I-I can?

Cloaked Man: Why yes! And with that personality, that profile, that physique… why! The children will be flocking back to school after a few sessions with you. And maybe you and Giddy there can learn a few things from school in the process.

Honest John ponders the offer a bit; the chance to do some good for once plus actually getting paid for it. But on the other hand, he would have to give up his con-artist days and do honest work from now on.

Honest John: …and what if we refused?

Cloaked Man: Ooh, you go to jail for the rest of your lives.

Honest John: ……good enough for me! *To Gideon* Come Giddy! There are little minds thirsty for knowledge, and it is up to us lead them there!

And with that Honest John and Gideon walk off the ship, humming ‘Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee’ as they departed into the streets to the nearest police station of enlist as truant officers. Smoker and Tashigi stared in awe at how quick they turned a new leaf.

Smoker: Huh? Didn’t see that happen so quick?

Tashigi: *to Cloaked Man* How did you do that?

Cloaked Man: What can I say? I have a way with words. And on that note, I’ll be leaving…*walks off the ship and onto the docks* Hope to see you two again soon.

Smoker and Tashigi just stood there speechless as he left but then resumed to unloading the transformed kids. Sometime later, the Cloaked Man was seen walking along the empty streets until he turned into a nearby alleyway. As he walked along the silent path, a blue light appears from behind him. The Cloaked Man stops, sensing that someone is behind him and gave a slight smile. The being that was behind him was the Blue Fairy herself.

Cloaked Man: Heh…if you’re here to congratulate me on shutting down Pleasure Island, there’s no need. I did that one for free cause since if the law couldn’t do anything, somebody had to.

Blue Fairy: What you have done was a good deed beyond measure. Thanks to you, those boys learned their lesson and have been granted a second chance.

Cloaked Man: Ah well, in the long run those boys will be much wiser in the future. And that’s good enough for me.

Blue Fairy: For someone who has done such virtuous deeds, you deserve to have your wish come true.

Cloaked Man: I appreciate the offer, but I’m afraid I’ll pass on that.

Blue Fairy: You wish for nothing in return? Don’t you have a wish you want to come true?

The Cloaked Man paused for a moment, to think over the Blue Fairy’s offer. Underneath his cloak, he clenches his fists in frustration over what he had to say, but then released them, giving a pausing sigh as he did.

Cloaked Man: I’m sorry. As much as I want to, I’m afraid not even you have the power to grant my wish.

Blue Fairy: Ohh…I see. Then perhaps you can help me with something.

Cloaked Man: Is it about Pinocchio and his friends? I heard they got off the island.

Blue Fairy: They did. I need you deliver a message to them. Since I cannot help them a second time…

Cloaked Man: You need someone act as your messenger…sure. I got nothing else to do here.

Blue Fairy: Thank you. *waves her hand and produces a scroll* Take this to Geppetto’s shop, you will find them there.

Cloaked Man: *takes scroll* You got it! *walks away* See ya around mam.

Blue Fairy: Farewell! And I hope your dreams come true.

The Cloaked Man said nothing but waved back, as the Blue Fairy disappears into starlight. Back at Geppetto’s, Pinocchio, Jiminy and the other were siting on the stoop wondering what became of Geppetto and the others.

Pinocchio: Maybe something awful happened to them.

Jiminy Cricket: Don’t worry son. They probably haven’t gone far.

At that moment, the Cloaked Man arrives from around the corner and approaches them in a causal way.

Cloaked Man: Well, if it isn’t my favorite band of mischief makers. Had a rough night I see?

Luffy: Well if it isn’t Mr. cloak guy! Beat it would ya, we had enough problems tonight already.

Cloaked Man: Well forgive me if I inquired, but judging from your condition *points to Luffy’s ears* it would seem you all got into some trouble.

Nami: It was Pinocchio’s fault! It he had just listened to Jiminy…

Cloaked Man: Now, now, now, that’s no longer important…since the damage wasn’t too severe. *to Pinocchio* So kid, did you enjoy your time at Pleasure Island?

Pinocchio: Yeah, it was fun! Except when all the scary stuff happened.

Cloaked Man: And do you know why it happened?

Pinocchio: Hmm…because we almost turned into donkeys?

Cloaked Man: And why…?

Pinocchio: Umm…

Nami: It’s because to you made a jackass of yourself.

Pinocchio: You mean, just because I had a little fun?

Cloaked Man: If you consider drinking, smoking, picking fights and destroying property fun, then yes. This was the temptation that Jiminy was talking about. It may seem good and fun at first, but sooner or later we all must pay the price for our misdeeds. And it seems you almost did too.

Jiminy Cricket: He’s right, Pinoke. That’s what I was telling ya.

Pinocchio: Well I learned my lesson this time. From now on I’ll listen to my conscience before I get tempted by something.

Cloaked Man: Good to know. *looks around* Seems the rest of your party is gone.

Robin: So is Geppetto, and we don’t even know where they gone.

Cloaked Man: Well, it just so happens, a little birdie gave me this scroll. *pulls out scroll from his robes* and I think it may give you guys a clue.

Luffy: Really?! A clue!

Usopp: Well don’t just stand there! Read it to us!

The Cloaked Man unfurls the scroll and starts to read what was on written on it. The others looked with anticipation.

Cloaked Man: Huh? Well this is interesting.

Luffy/Usopp/Nami: What? What!?

Cloaked Man: It’s about Geppetto and the others.

Pinocchio: Father? Where are they?

Cloaked Man: It says that they heard that you’d might be on Pleasure Island, so they chartered a boat to look for you. But without a decent navigator they got lost and were shallowed by a whale.

Pinocchio: Swallowed by a whale?

Luffy/Usopp: A whale?!

Cloaked Man: Yeah, a-a-whale by the name of Monstro.

Nami: I don’t believe it; those guys come looking for us and they end up get eaten by a whale.

Cloaked Man: But wait! They’re still alive!

Pinocchio: Alive! Where?

Cloaked Man: *reading* They’re inside the whale at the bottom of the sea.

Pinocchio: Bottom of the sea?

Cloaked Man: Yeah and from the sound of it, that whale’s probably far away from here by now.

Jiminy Cricket: Uh-huh. *sees Pinocchio* Hey, where you going?

Pinocchio: I’m going to find him.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinoke, are you crazy?

Nami: Don’t you realize they’re in a whale?

Pinocchio: I’ve gotta go to him. It’s my fault they’re out there.

Usopp: Pinocchio, wait up!

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, Pinoke, wait! Listen, here, son!

The others soon give chase, following Pinocchio all the way out of town. And by the time the sun came up, they reached a cliffside over the sea. Pinocchio picks up a heavy rock and starts tying his tail around it.

Jiminy Cricket: This Monstro I’ve heard of him. He’s a whale of a whale! He swallows whole ships alive. *hold the knot down* Tie it good and tight now. And besides, it’s dangerous, why I…

Pinocchio: Bye, Jiminy. Bye, guys.

Jiminy Cricket: Goodbye?

Nami: Now wait just a ding blasted minute! If you think we went through all that last night just to leave you to go after Monstro on your own, then your wooden head must be hollow!

Pinocchio: But Nami, they never would’ve been eaten by Monstro if I just came home. I’m going to go find them.

Cloaked Man: I admire your bravery kid, but it’s a big ocean and that whale could be anywhere. Plus it is dangerous to go alone.

Luffy: Then we’re going too! Our friends are in that whale!

Robin: Not to put a damper on this, but I should remind you all that Luffy and myself can’t swim.

Usopp: Wait a sec.

Usopp takes out his bag and starts sifting through it, until he finds what like was looking for; a small pink coral.

Usopp: Ta-da!

Nami: Is that?

Usopp: Yep! Bubbly Coral! Now we can travel in the ocean without fear of drowning.

Robin: That’s one way of putting it.

Usopp presses the tip of the coral and produce four large bubble, one for him, Luffy, Nami and Robin.

Robin: So, mister Cricket, do you plan to stay here or are you joining us?

Jiminy Cricket: Stay? I may be live bait down there, but I’m with ya. Come on…*pinches his nose* let’s go. LOOK OUT BELOOOOOOW!

With that, the five grab onto Pinocchio, take a step over the cliff together and fall straight into the sea. The Cloaked Man waves them goodbye as they hit the water, falling downward into the water as the local critters scattered upon their approach.

Jiminy Cricket: Gangway, down there.

The group finally hits the bottom and let me tell you, it was like stepping into a whole new world. The coral looked like trees, anemones and sea plants as far as the eye could see. Pinocchio couldn’t believe how vast the seafloor was.

Pinocchio: Gee... what a big place!

Luffy: Woah! Cool!

As the others were getting their ‘sea legs’, Jiminy was having a tough time staying on the sea floor as he weights lighter than the others.

Robin: Well, Geppetto and the others are not gonna find themselves.

Pinocchio: Come on, Jiminy!

Jiminy Cricket: Alright. Soon as I take on some ballast. *pushes a curious fish away* One side, sister.

Jiminy grabs a small pebble and puts it into his hat as ballast.

Jiminy Cricket: *to fish* Well, so long.

Jiminy didn’t take one step when he got turned upside down. The rock in his hat was the source.

Jiminy Cricket: Put it in the wrong end.

Jiminy turns himself back right side up and prepares to put the rock rack into his pants, but the curious fish, who had no sense of privacy, wanted to look.

Jiminy Cricket: Hmph! No more privacy than a goldfish. *drops the rock into his pants* Ooh, chilly!

So, the gang continued to trek along the sea floor, determined to find Geppetto and the others.

Pinocchio: Father!

Luffy: Franky! Brook!

Usopp: Chopper! Zoro! Sanji!

As they continued, Jiminy was trying to catch up, with the curious fish close behind him.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, guys, wait for me!

He managed to climb onto Pinocchio’s rock and rode on it.

Pinocchio: Father!

Jiminy Cricket: Father! Wait, he ain't my father. Um… Mr. Geppetto!

Just then, the fish that was tailing Jiminy grabs his umbrella like a dog wanting to play, but Jiminy had no time for games.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, what the...Let go! Run along you little... squirt.

Of course, the fishes mother appears, and she wasn’t too happy with how Jiminy was talking to her kid.

Jiminy Cricket: What's the matter, can’t a fella… I was only...*falls over* We were only looking for Monstro.

The moment Monstro was mentioned, the momma fish and her baby bolted.

Jiminy Cricket: That got 'em.

Pinocchio: Father!

While they were busy searching, a menagerie of aquatic life was following them, ever curious about them.

Pinocchio: Father!

Robin quickly notices the mobile aquarium behind them and brings it to the group’s attention.

Robin: It would seem we have company.

Pinocchio: Oh. Hello.

Usopp: What do they want?

Robin: My guess is that they’re just curious.

Luffy: Hey, can you tell us where we can find Monstro? Will ya?

Frightened, the sea life darted far away from them in a fright.

Pinocchio: Gee. They're scared.

Nami: They must be if this Monstro is that terrifying.

Jiminy goes over to a clamshell, hoping to find any info about Monstro’s whereabouts.

Jiminy Cricket: Pardon me, Pearl. Are you acquainted with Monstro, the whale?

The clam reacts by shutting its shell up, with Jiminy inside and dug into the ground. It then spits out Jiminy in a bubble, with his hat in a separate bubble.

Jiminy Cricket: Whoa, hold it, there.

Jiminy Cricket grabs the hat with his umbrella, unintentionally popping his own bubble. He swims back to the others.

Pinocchio: Father!

As the group moves onward, Jiminy gets on Pinocchio’s rock, pushing away the sea critters that have latched onto the rock.

Jiminy Cricket: One side there, son. Come on, boys, break it up. Break it up, now.

The group ventures into a forest of kelp, thick as three-month-old pea soup and so tall you couldn’t like the top. As they waded through the kelp, they encounter a herd of seahorses, which latch onto Pinocchio’s tail and crowding around Jiminy.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, what the...Quit shovin', now. Don't... Take it easy. Take it easy, there.

The group stops to notice the seahorses, as playfully swim around Pinocchio. Jiminy manages to ride one like an actual horse, making sure not to fall off.

Jiminy Cricket: Steady there, Nellie. Go ahead, Pinoke. Ask them.

Pinocchio: Could any of you tell us where to find Monstro?

The seahorse panic and flee, causing the one Jiminy was riding to buck like mad, throwing him off.

Jiminy Cricket: Whoa! Whoa, Boy! Whoa, whoa! Hey! *gets knocked off* Uh, Sakes alive.

The group continues onward once more, eager to find the massive whale, while other sea life looked on as they traverse the ocean floor.

Pinocchio: Father! Father!

Luffy: Sanji! Chopper!

Jiminy Cricket: Mr. Geppetto!

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Chapter 9: High Sea Escape! The Giant Whale, Monstro!

Well, days had passed since Pinocchio and the others traverse along the seafloor, determined to find the rest of their friends. Elsewhere, in a graveyard of sunken ships, rests a massive sperm whale known as Monstro. Monstro was far bigger than one’s typical whale, about the size of an oil tanker. Inside the behemoth, it’s even bigger on the inside like a large cavern with a ribcage ceiling. Also within the whale’s mouth was a wrecked ship, most likely one of Monstro’s latest victims, half-wrecked on its bow. At the stern was Geppetto, Figaro and Sanji casting lines into the water, hoping to catch something if anything.

Geppetto: Not a bite for days. We can’t hold out much longer.

Sanji: Doesn’t seem like any fish would come up here. Considering where’d they end up. *over to the other side of the boat* Anything on your end?

He was calling out to Zoro, Franky, Brook and Chopper, who were fishing for whatever they can get on their end.

Franky: Nothing over here! It’s as empty as our own stomachs. Man, I could go for a giant tender steak. With mash potatoes, gravy and a big bottle of cola.

Chopper: *groans* Please Franky, don’t mention food.

Brook: I’m so hungry my stomach thinks my throat is cut.

Zoro: Brook, you don’t have either a stomach or a throat. And even if you did, you’re no worse off than the rest of us.

Geppetto: *sneezes* I never thought it would end this way, Sanji…starving to death…in the belly of a whale.

Sanji: If only we hadn’t loss our provisions when he got us, we would’ve lasted a bit longer…even if it delayed the inevitable… *to the others* And for the last time, we’re not eating Cleo!

Zoro, Franky, Brook: We know. We know.

Geppetto: My only regret…was I never found my Pinocchio again. *sigh* He was such a good boy.

Sanji: Yeah, he was…*pulls up his fishing line and sees nothing on the hook* Thought so. Not a single fish left. If this whale doesn’t wake up soon…I think this might be it.

Well it would seem that way for our friends, trapped inside a whale facing starvation. But this is not how it ends, for not too far from Monstro was a huge school of tuna swimming along the sea floor. The whale finally opens its eyes, seeing the tuna, then pretends to fall back to sleep, happily at his soon to be big meal. The tuna carelessly swam next to the whale when Monstro’s eye bursts open, frightening the fish. Realizing who the eye belongs to, the tuna frantically swam as fast as they could away from there. The massive beast lurches to life like a sleeping giant, pursuing the tuna at full speed. As his mouth opens, the helpless tuna was pulled inside his massive gullet. Our captive friends began to feel Monstro move, as he begins to feed.

Brook: What’s going on?

Zoro: Looks like the whale’s finally up.

Sanji: Guys, look!

Sanji points at the whale’s mouth, where a torrent of fish came gushing through.

Geppetto: Here they come! Tuna! Oh, Tuna fish!

Franky: It’s a miracle!

Chopper/Brook: Food! We can eat!

Sanji: Quick guys, grab the rods!

Everyone races to the starboard side and started to cast their lines, grabbing as many fish as they could. Geppetto catches the first one and flings it into a holding bin.

Geppetto: Here’s a big one!

Zoro: Here’s one more! *tosses fish into bin*

Sanji: Chopper! Figaro! Keep the fish in there!

Chopper: Got it!

Chopper and Figaro rushed over to the bin, making sure each of fish stayed inside the bin. Back outside, the school of tuna swam right past Pinocchio’s group in a fright.

Luffy: What’s got into them?

Pinocchio: Hey! Wait a minute! Have you seen...

Suddenly, the group heard a loud roar from ahead; it was Monstro, chasing after the tuna while plowing through everything in his path.

Pinocchio: MONSTRO!!!

Nami/Usopp: THAT’S MONSTRO!?!?!?!

Luffy: HE’S HUGE!!!!

Robin: At risk of sounding out of character, but I suggest we might RUN!!!

And ran they did, bolting along with the fish, until Pinocchio’s ballast gets caught on a jagged coral.

Jiminy Cricket: Oh, we gotta get out of here!

Jiminy unties Pinocchio’s tail from the rock, freeing him just in time as the massive whale was getting closer. The group ran (swam actually) as fast as they could, trying desperately not to become whale chow for Monstro.

Jiminy Cricket: Come on, guys, don’t wait for me.

Back inside Monstro; Geppetto, Sanji and the others were still catching tons of fish amid the tossing of the waves.

Geppetto: Never saw so many!

Zoro: It must be a whole school of them.

Franky: School nothing! It’s a whole blasted college full of them!

The wrecked boat rocked as the whale’s mouth moved about, sending up waves of water and fish as if they were in the amidst of a storm.

Geppetto: Here's another one! Enough for weeks!

Sanji: At this rate, we’ll have enough food for months!

Brook: Here’s a big one! *catches a big fish and throws it into the bin*

Sanji: Make sure the fish stay in there, Chopper!

Chopper: We’re trying! But the bin’s getting too full!

And Chopper was right, the bin was already filled to the top with fish and Chopper and Figaro were having a hard time keeping them in there. One fish smacked Figaro with its tail and Figaro retaliates by smacking it back, only to miss and fall into the bin. Chopper manages to fish out Figaro from the bin.

Chopper: Quit goofing off, Figaro. We got work to do.

Back outside, Pinocchio and the other were still trying to outswim Monstro, who was gaining fast.

Luffy: Wait a sec! If the guys are in Monstro, then why are we running away from Monstro?

Usopp: Do you want to wind up as fish food?

Luffy: Good point!

Using the fish to pull away from Monstro, the group gets ahead of the fish and swims upward to the surface. All six leap out of the water and into the air, only to be caught in the whale’s mighty maw. Having his fill, the whale splashes onto the surface and rest there. However, one person did manage to, by some amazing feat of good luck, evade getting trapped by Monstro; Jiminy Cricket. Using his umbrella as a makeshift parachute, he hovers towards the whale’s jaws, determined to get in.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey, blubber mouth, open up! I gotta get in there!

Back inside, Geppetto and the others were catching the last of the fish.

Geppetto: It looks like the last of them.

Zoro: Better catch them all before they’re gone!

As they continue to restock on fish, Pinocchio and the others, having lost their bubbles to Monstro’s sudden chomp, were now at the mercy of the raging waters and fish. Seeing the guys casting their lines, and with some quick thinking, they grab onto a nearby fish and allowed themselves to be pull up onto the ship.

Franky: Here's a big one! Alley-oop!

Franky pulls on his line as hard as he could, reeling in the fish and Pinocchio’s group, and flings them into the bin.

Geppetto: Only a few left!

Sanji: We gotta work fast!

Pinocchio: Hey!

Brook: Here’s another one!

Pinocchio: Hey Father! *gets hit by a fish* Father!

Luffy: Hey Guys! Sanji!

Geppetto: Don’t bother us now, Pinocchio!

Sanji: Yeah, pipe down, Luffy! We’re trying to fish! *realizes* Wait a sec?! Luffy?

Geppetto: Pinocchio?

Pinocchio: Father!

Geppetto: Pinocchio! My son!

Geppetto rushes to hug his son, but mistakenly grabs a fish instead.

Pinocchio: Hey, Father! Here I am!

Geppetto: Huh? Oh, oh, yes! *throws away fish and hugs Pinocchio* Pinocchio! My boy. I'm so happy to see you!

Pinocchio: Me, too, Father.

Figaro leaps over the fishbin, onto Geppetto and goes to Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: Figaro! Oh, Figaro.

Brook: Luffy!

Chopper: Luffy!

Franky: Luffy!

The three rushes over to hug Luffy, glad that their captain has returned.

Usopp: Hey, what about us?

Chopper: *sees Usopp* Usopp!!! *jump over to hug him* I missed you!

Sanji: *sees Nami and Robin* Nami! Robin!

Sanji leaps over to embrace the girls but they duck out of the way and he falls into the fishbin.

Zoro: Took your sweet time, captain. To think we were trying to find you.

Cleo jump up and down in her bowl, happy to see Pinocchio and the others again.

Pinocchio: Cleo, oh, Cleo! You're here, too.

Geppetto: Yes. We all are together again. *Pinocchio sneezes* Oh, you are soaking wet.

Pinocchio: Yes, Father.

Geppetto: You mustn't catch cold.

Pinocchio: But we came to save you!

Geppetto: You shouldn't have come down here.

Pinocchio: But, Father...

Geppetto: But I'm awfully glad to see you. Let me take your hat.

Geppetto takes off Pinocchio’s hat, exposing the donkey ears. Geppetto and the other jump back from the sight of it.

Geppetto: Oh! Pinocchio!

Pinocchio: wh—wh—What’s the matter?

Geppetto: Those ears!

Luffy: Oh, the ears! That’s nothing. *takes off his hat, revealing his ears* I got ‘em too.

Chopper/Brook: EEHH?!

Pinocchio: Yeah, I got a tail to match too. *laughs but then brays*

Figaro jumps into Cleo’s bowl in a fright and the others nearly fell over in shock.

Geppetto: Pinocchio! What’s happened to you?

Pinocchio: Well, I... I... I...

Robin: I think you owe him the truth Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: The truth, oh uh…

Usopp: Start with school.

Pinocchio: Oh, well…

Geppetto: Yes, Pinocchio?

Pinocchio: I was going to school, when I met somebody.

Geppetto: Met who?

Nami: *to Usopp* If he says two big monsters again, so help me I’ll deck him.

Pinocchio: A Mr. Honest John.

Geppetto: Honest John?

Pinocchio: Yeah! And he told me to go to the theater to be an actor.

Geppetto: An Actor?

Pinocchio: And that’s when I met Stromboli.

Geppetto: Stromboli?

Pinocchio: Uh-huh. But he was real mean. He was gonna use me a wooden gold mine and locked me in a birdcage. And he said when I get too old, he was gonna chop me into firewood!

Geppetto: Gold mine?! Firewood?!

Geppetto looks to Nami and Robin if this was true, they shake their heads yes.

Geppetto: But how did you get out? And where were they *points to Luffy’s group*

Pinocchio: Oh, well, they tried to get me out, till the Blue Fairy came and freed me.

Geppetto: She did?

Pinocchio: So, after that we raced home till I met Honest John again, and he said that I was allergic.

Geppetto: Allergic, to what?

Pinocchio: Hmm…I don’t know. But he told that the only cure was to go to Pleasure Island.

Geppetto: Pleasure Island?!

Pinocchio: Yeah and it was fun at first, till I started to turn into a donkey. But we escaped…

Robin: And the rest was obvious, sir. When we got back and learned about how you were looking for us, we traveled along the sea floor in search of Monstro and well…here we are.

Pinocchio: I’m awful sorry for causing you to worry, and if I just gone school, none of this would have happened to you. I promise not to be tempted again…and I know you have the right to be mad…and…

Geppetto: Mad? *picks up Pinocchio and hugs him* I’m not mad Pinocchio. I’m only glad old Geppetto has his little woodenhead back. Nothing else matters.

Franky: *starts crying* Ahhh! So moving!

While the gang was having a moment, Jiminy Cricket was still trying to get inside Monstro and having no luck in doing so.

Jiminy Cricket: I gotta get in, my pals are in there. Open up, you big moose! Open up, I tell ya—

Just then Jiminy find him self under attack by a flock of seagulls, who were planning to make a snack out of him.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey! Cut it out!

Looking for cover, Jiminy leaps into a conveniently placed bottle in the water, gets inside and blocks the opening with his umbrella, keeping the pesky birds out.

Jiminy Cricket: Hey! Go on! Beat it, ya buzzards!

Back inside, Pinocchio was trying to convince Geppetto to escape from Monstro, a task he thinks cannot be done.

Sanji: Getting out? It’s easier said than done, Pinocchio.

Geppetto: We tried everything we could think of since we got stuck here.

Franky: We even built a getaway boat.

Franky points down the small boat moored to the wreck. It was a makeshift vessel built from spare scrap from the ship and big enough to fit a dozen people and two pets. Mounted on the aft was some form of apparatus that looked like a pedal-powered propeller.

Luffy: Did you try going through that way? *points to the back way into the stomach*

Zoro: Are you nuts?! We were lucky he doesn’t chew.

Pinocchio: A boat? That’s it! We’ll take the boat and when the whale his opens his mouth we’ll—

Sanji: Now just a minute, Pinocchio, it doesn’t work like that. Monstro only opens his mouth when he’s eating. Then everything comes in, but nothing goes out.

Pinocchio: Oh.

Geppetto: It's hopeless, Pinocchio. Come, we'll make a nice fire, and we'll cook some of the fish.

Pinocchio: A fire! That's it!

Geppetto: Yes, and then we'll all eat again.

Pinocchio: A great big fire! Lots of smoke!

Geppetto: Smoke? Oh, yeah, sure. A smoked fish will taste good.

Pinocchio rushes into the cabin, goes to the woodbin and grabs an armful and hands it to Geppetto.

Pinocchio: Quick...get some wood!

Pinocchio grabs a nearby chair and tosses onto a pile on the deck, breaking it into pieces.

Geppetto: Pinocchio, not the chair!

Pinocchio: Hurry, guys! More wood!

Brook: Oh, what will we sit on if we...

Pinocchio: We won't need it! We're getting out! Right now!

Pinocchio goes back inside, grabs a nearby lantern and throws it onto the pile, cause a big bonfire.

Geppetto: Getting out?

Zoro: Now?

Nami: But how?

Pinocchio: We'll make him sneeze!

Brook: Make him sneeze?

Geppetto: Ohh, that will make him mad!

Sanji: After what he did to us, I don’t care. Pass me that plank!

The group gathers more junk for the fire, causing to get bigger and create black smoke. Back outside, the smoke emerges from Monstro’s blowhole, causing the whale to stir from his nap. He sniffs a bit, sensing a burning smell coming from an unknown location. He opens his mouth and, to his surprise, smoke billows out from it. The smoke was so thick that Monstro begins to gear up for a sneeze. Jiminy Cricket sees an opening within the teeth and paddles in with his umbrella.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, it’s about time.

As Monstro prepares to sneeze, our friends are pushing the getaway boat up to the front of Monstro’s mouth, ready to make their escape.

Geppetto: It won’t work!

Pinocchio: Hurry, guys, climb aboard!

Franky: Are you kidding, we’ll never get past those teeth!

Pinocchio: Yes, we will.

Jiminy Cricket: *Looks at the boat* Hey, which way you goin'?! Wait for me!

Luffy: *Sees Jiminy* There you are, Jiminy, get up here. *Grabs Jiminy*

Pinocchio: Hang on! Here we go!

It was at that moment, Monstro lets loose a massive sneeze, blasting the boat clear out of his mouth and out into open water.

Jiminy Cricket: Gesundheit.

Monstro begins build up for another sneeze, pulling back the boat with each gasp.

Geppetto: We are going back!

Pinocchio: No, we'll make it! Faster! Faster!

The group paddle rapidly, but it proved fruitless as Monstro was pulling them as fast as they could paddle.

Geppetto: It's no use! We’re done for!

Just then, Monstro lets out another massive sneeze, sending the boat flying and this time well out of range.

Pinocchio: We made it!

Luffy: Woo-hoo!

Franky: Yeah! We’re finally out!

Monstro gears up for a third sneeze, but this time he starts thrashing bout the water, putting out the fire in his mouth. Usopp is the first to notice this.

Usopp: Guys, look! He’s put out the fire!

Geppetto: Now he is mad!

And he was right, Monstro was as mad as ever and he wasn’t gonna let someone light a fire in mouth and get away with it. He swims after the group in a mad fury.

Geppetto: I told you he’d be furious!

Franky: Well, we ain’t sunk yet. Zoro, Sanji, man the pedals.

Without so much as an argument, the two mount the pedal-like device.

Franky: NOW PEDAL!

Zoro and Sanji pedal at top speed, causing the propeller to start moving and jerks the boat into moving faster than ever.

Geppetto: Woah! *almost falls off*

Jiminy Cricket: Now we’re talking!

Franky: Yup! That’s one of my best works, a dual pedal spiral turbine propeller. I’d like to see that oversized minnow catch us now.

Thanks to the propeller, boat was keeping a large distance from Monstro, much to his annoyance. The chase lasts about 30 mins, as the group was still ahead of Monstro.

Luffy: Man, that whale’s determined!

Gepetto: He’s got to be running out of steam soon.

Nami: I hope so, cause we’re running out of leg power.

She points to Sanji, Zoro and Franky, who were worn out from taking turns powering the propeller. Now only Brook and Chopper are busy pedaling for their lives.

Nami: How you guys holding up?

Brook: *panting* I’d be sweating if I had sweat glands, much less have skin!

Chopper: *panting* We gotta be reaching land soon.

Usopp: *sees land on the horizon* Land ho! Land ho!

Nami: Where away?

Usopp: Straight ahead! About three miles!

Nami: You heard him guys, keep pedaling!

Finally having enough, Monstro submerges into the water, gaining more speed as he heads for the boat.

Geppetto: *sees Monstro missing* Hey, he’s gone!

Usopp: What?!

Pinochhio: Where’d he go?

Nami: He must’ve submerged. Check the water.

They look down into the water, hoping to catch Monstro before he could catch them first. Just then, Monstro bursts upward, knocking everyone off the ship as they rolled over the whale’s back. They managed to hit the water safely, Monstro began to make a sharp U-turn, making a huge wave as he did. He lets out a bellowing roar as he resumes another charge at the boat, just as Pinocchio, Geppetto and the others were getting back in it.

Pinocchio: He’s coming back. Hurry!

Zoro: That whale’s trying to kill us!

Nami: Paddle guys, paddle!

The group sails over a large wave just as Monstro lunges right over them.

Pinocchio: Let’s go back!

Usopp: Full reverse!

The gang moves the boat out of the way just as Monstro came crashing down into the water.

Geppetto: Look out!

Geppetto points to Monstro’s tail, which was about to come down right on top of them.

Franky: Oh no, you don’t! Coup de Vent!

Franky holds his left hand forward and releases a blast of compressed air form the palm of his hand. The sudden burst moves the boat out of the away just in time as the tail slams down.

Franky: That was too close.

Robin: He’s bent on taking us down no matter what.

Luffy: That’s it! I’m done playing! Fourth Gear!

Luffy leaps out of the boat, bites into his forearm and blows hard, transforming into muscular and most powerful form; Fourth Gear. Monstro remerges from the water, ready to crush the boat in one huge belly flop.

Luffy: Gum-Gum Kong Gun!!!

Luffy compresses his hand into him right arm and fires at Monstro, knocking the whale over to the side and away from the boat.

Usopp: Nice shot, Luffy!

Franky: It’s not over yet! Look!

Monstro resurfaces, recovering from the attack as he bellows out in anger.

Luffy: Guys, get to shore! I’ll take care of Monstro!

Sanji: You don’t have to tell us twice!

Monstro charges at the boat, but Luffy cuts the whale off, punching him square in the face. Monstro retaliates by swatting Luffy with his tail and then lunges to devour him. But Luffy quickly recovers and…

Luffy: Gum-Gum Rhino Schneider!!

…delivers a double flying kick, knocking Monstro back into the water.

Luffy: Dang, this whale’s as tough as Laboon, but this guy’s out for blood!

Monstro comes back with murder in his eyes and attacks Luffy. It was titanic battle, a rubbery David against a mighty Goliath, neither one refusing to back down in this epic showdown of strength and endurance. As the two clashed, the sea became rough with waves, making it difficult for the others to row to safety.

Nami: Row! Row!

Usopp: Row your boat!

Zoro/Sanji: Not funny!

Geppetto: Do you think Luffy will be alright?

Franky: Don’t worry. It’ll take a lot more than that tub of blubber to beat Luffy.

Monstro charges at Luffy, dives into the water and then jumps straight up into the air for a massive belly flop.

Luffy: That’s not gonna stop me! Gum-Gum Kong Organ Gun!!!

After compressing both fists into his arms, Luffy moves his arms horizontally in a rapid fashion before releasing a flurry of heavy punches. The attack manages to stall Monstro’s descent but wasn’t enough to keep him from falling. Luffy manages to evade as the whale dive back into the sea.

Usopp: Heads up!

Usopp points to Monstro’s tail as it was about to come crashing down, right on top them.

Brook/Chopper: Nyeh!!!

Brook and Chopper leaped off the pedals as Monstro’s tail slams down, smashing the aft end of the boat. The impact sends the boat upward and falls back down, with its aft end completely torn off. Luffy sees the boat and flies over to see if anyone was alright.

Luffy: Guys! What happened?!

Nami: That oversized minnow almost flatten us, that’s what happened!

Franky: Yeah, but he took out the propeller and whole backend, that lucky son of a-

Sanji: Wait a sec! Where’s Geppetto and Pinocchio?

Robin: You don’t think they fell overboard?

Usopp: Pinocchio! Pinocchio! Where are you?

Pinocchio emerges from the water near the boat, splashing about as he tries to stay afloat.

Usopp: Pinocchio! You ok?

Pinocchio: I’m ok! But where’s Father?

Chopper: There he is!

Chopper points to Geppetto, who was barely holding on to damaged remains of the propeller.

Geppetto: Pinocchio, swim for shore. Swim for shore.

Just then, Monstro remerges from the water and begins to charge at the boat. Pinocchio swims over to save his father as the Straw Hats try to deal with the now sinking boat.

Nami: Pinocchio, get back here!

Pinocchio: Hang on, Father!

Geppetto: Save... yourself.

Geppetto goes under for the last time, until Pinocchio manages to grab him, keeping his head above water as best he could.

Usopp: Monstro’s heading straight for us!

Zoro: And the ship’s taking on water!

Luffy grabs Pinocchio and Geppetto, placing them back into the boat.

Robin: So, what’s the plan now?

Nami: We head for shore.

Brook: But how, it’s all rocks and reef.

Usopp: Wait, there’s a small opening between that ridge, not even Monstro could fit in there.

Franky: And how do we get there? Monstro took out the propeller.

Nami: Then use Luffy. *to Luffy* Grab what’s left of the aft and push us to shore.

Luffy flies over and lifts the aft of the ship from the water, as Monstro lets out another roar.

Sanji: FLOOR IT, LUFFY!!!!

Luffy propels the boat forward towards the opening with Monstro closing in fast. They were about a mile or so to the opening when…

Chopper: We’re almost there!

Franky: Keep it up, Luffy!

Usopp: Nothing can stop us now!

Suddenly, Luffy shrinks back to his normal size and falls into the boat, completely exhausted.

Nami: Oh, come on!

Zoro: *Sees Monstro* No time for filler, grab an oar and start rowing!

The group each takes an oar and starting rowing for their lives, as Monstro gaining on them. They finally managed to reach the opening, but a wave came up, blocking the way. As the wave slowly ebbed away, Monstro leaped out of the water and straight at them. Panicking, the Straw Hats, paddled as fast as they could, desperately fighting the current coming out. Monstro makes one last roar as he dove at the boat, determined to destroy it and its crew. By sheer luck of the fates, the Straw Hats made it into the opening just as Monstro crashed into the rocks with a mighty KAA-BOOM! The impact creates a blast of water, destroying the boat and sending its crew flying in a surge of seawater. Luckily a manage to wind up on a shore without hitting any of the rocks or debris from the boat. The Straw Hat were recovering from the blast, completely drained from the almost becoming fish food.

Usopp: *panting* We…we made it.

Zoro: Is everyone alright?

Sanji: Well, aside that we almost got turned into fish food, escaped death by the skin if our teeth and are still breathing…yeah, we’re alright.

Franky: Where’s Geppetto?

Luffy: There!

They see Geppetto lying on the beach, completely worn out but still alive.

Geppetto: Pinocchio... save yourself. Don't mind me, son. Save yourself... Pinocchio.

Chopper rushes over to check on Geppetto’s health, he puts his hoofs on Geppetto’s wrist to check his pulse.

Chopper: He’s okay, he’s worn out.

Nami: But where Figaro and Cleo?

A large trunk washes up on shore aside them, Usopp opens it up to find Cleo and Figaro, safe and sound but little dazed from being rattled in the trunk.

Usopp: They’re in here!

Brook: I never fought we’d be out of that whale.

Zoro: And I don’t think he’ll causing any more trouble after ramming headfirst into the rocks.

Robin: Smart idea of yours with the fire, Pino- *notices Pinocchio missing* Hey, where’s Pinocchio?

Luffy: Didn’t he land with us.

Franky: I don’t think so.

Nami: He’s gotta be somewhere, let’s start searching.

The Straw Hats searched all over the cove, calling out Pinocchio’s name in the hopes that he would respond. Jiminy Cricket went over to another part of the shore to help in the search.

Jiminy Cricket: Pinocchio? Oh, Pinocchio! Pinocchi--*gasp*

Jiminy stopped in mid word as saw something that sent a chilling shock to his body. The Straw Hats, sensing something was wrong rush over to Jiminy and saw something that shook them to their cores; Pinocchio lying face down in the pool of water……motionless…and dead.

--- Update From New Post Merge ---

Epilogue: A Wish Comes True! Good Deeds Go Rewarded.

The long walk home felt more like a funeral march, as our heroes made their way back to town. By the time they got to Geppetto’s shop, night has already fallen. Pinocchio’s now lifeless body was placed on Geppetto’s bed as everyone mourns for him.

Geppetto: My boy...My brave little boy...

Nami: Even though *sniff* he caused a lot of trouble *sniff* he was still a good kid.

Franky: He was a good kid alright…*blows nose*…right to the end! *starts sobbing*

As everyone was mourning over Pinocchio, a familiar blue glow surrounds his lifeless body.

Blue Fairy: *voice* Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unselfish, and someday you will be a real boy. Awake, Pinocchio. Awake.

A shining light come over him, changing Pinocchio’s body from his puppet form. Seconds later, he begins to stir and get up from the bed to see everyone crying.

Pinocchio: Father! Whatcha cryin' for?

Geppetto: 'Cause... you're dead, Pinocchio.

Pinocchio: No! No, I'm not! Uhh…What’s dead?

Chopper: It means not being alive, not moving at all.

Pinocchio: Ohh. How did I die?

Usopp: When we are escaping from Monstro…*sniff*…we found you in pool of water and *blows nose* you weren’t moving!

Pinocchio: But I am not dead.

Geppetto: Yes, yes, you are. Now lie down...

Pinocchio: But, Father, I'm alive. See? And... And I'm... I'm...

Pinocchio waves hand to prove he’s alive, but he noticed something was off. His hand wasn’t made of wood nor was his arm. He puts his hands to his chest and for a moment he could feel a heartbeat…his heartbeat. Pinocchio wasn’t just alive…

Pinocchio: I'm real! I'm a real boy!

Geppetto, the Straw Hats and everyone looked up and saw the Pinocchio was alive, but not as the little wooden puppet, but a real live boy.

Robin: Pinocchio!

Chopper/Brook: He’s alive!

Geppetto: And you are a real boy!

Jiminy Cricket: Yea! Whoopie!

Geppetto: A real, live boy!

Figaro jumped for joy and was so happy that he leaped into Cleo’s fishbowl and kissed her on the lips.

Nami: But how is that even possible?!

Luffy: Who cares! He’s alive!

Nami: I think it does matter. If Pinocchio did come back to life, he would’ve come back as a puppet.

Robin: The Blue Fairy!

Chopper: Huh?

Robin: She said that if Pinocchio can prove to be brave, truthful and unselfish, he would become a real boy.

Zoro: But when did that happen?

Nami: Well…for one thing it was a brave thing to traverse the ocean floor to find Monstro.

Robin: And when you told everything that happened to Geppetto, that was very truthful.

Usopp: And you risked you own life to save to Geppetto, even at the cost of your own.

Robin: So, in a way, you proved yourself to be a real boy after all.

Luffy: Then that means Geppetto’s wish finally came true at last!

Geppetto: Haha! This calls for a celebration! Hit the clocks!

Chopper: Which ones?

Geppetto: All of them!

Usopp: Allow me!

Usopp slams his fist into the wall, causing all the clocks to go off.

Geppetto: Professor, lots of music!

Brook and Franky began turning on all the music boxes they could find, creating an atmosphere of joy and merriment. Everyone was dancing happily for Pinocchio’s revival and for becoming a real boy. Jiminy Cricket observe everyone having a wonderful time, what started as a dirge has now ended on a much happier note.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, this is practically where I came in.

As the party continued, Jiminy notices the Blue Fairy’s star in the night sky. Quietly, he slipped out the party via the window to thank her for all she’s done.

Jiminy Cricket: Thank you, milady. He deserved to be a real boy. And it sure was nice of you to--*a beam of light shines on Jiminy* Huh? Wha-- Uh-- Wh-- Wh--

Suddenly, a badge appears on Jiminy’s jacket. And it wasn’t just any badge, it was a 18k gold official conscience badge.

Jiminy Cricket: Well, I'll be! My, My! Solid gold, too. Oh, I think it's swell!

Not far from Geppetto’s, the Cloaked Man was in an alley, watching Jiminy receive his reward. A smile forms on his smile as he walks away, but not before addressing the audience.

Cloak Man: Now the way this story ends: Pinocchio goes being a real boy, going the school and having new adventures. Jiminy Cricket continues on as Pinocchio’s conscience, keeping him out of trouble and also helping him with school work now and then. Of course, while Pinocchio still remembers his lessons as a puppet, he still needs some help from time to time. Geppetto is as happy as ever now that his wish has come true and continues to make wonderful toys and things at his shop. Figaro and Cleo…are still Figaro and Cleo. Honest John and Gideon have turned over a new leaf, being full-fledged truant officers for the town. Of course, some habits are hard to break but thanks to them, truancy has dropped almost overnight and with school attendance at an all-time high. Lampwick, along with the rest of the boys, were back to normal. Although he is still a wise guy, he was much wiser now than he was before. As for the Coachman, he was never seen or heard of again, and Pleasure Island fell into complete obscurity. But they say if you listen closely, you could hear a sound of a donkey braying within the island. And for the Straws Hats…they said their goodbyes and where soon onto their next adventure. As to where their next adventure will take them…is another story for another time. But as we close out on this happy ending, let us remember this…

Jiminy Cricket: When your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme...

Backup Singers: When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true
You'll find your dreams come true