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Thread: Readmanga bribing manga scanlators

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    Default Readmanga bribing manga scanlators

    Holy shit.

    I'd definitely support banning the site from Arlong Park, because wow.

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    Trust us, we know. Bernie's the one posting AC chapters in the AC thread and Galaxy's the one who provides the RAWs and some other stuff, and that's probably part of the reason why RM doesn't use Mach 20's credit page whenever they rip their scans.

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    Ah, okay. Good to hear.

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    At the moment, I would certainly strongly, strongly discourage anyone from promoting readmanga links and scans. I'm on the fence as to say whether or not a full out ban would prevent people from finding and discussing shit scans anyway, but given the practices of readmanga, I would certainly say that the scans are not welcome here in general when scans such as Mach 20 come out almost as quickly (at most a day or two later) and with a much higher level of fidelity and accuracy that it doesn't make it worth the time to use RM
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