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Thread: Chapter 386 "Unprecedented" Discussion

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    Default Chapter 386 "Unprecedented" Discussion

    LQ Links
    Kizuna @ 2ch - http://animerendan.com/op386.zip
    thanks roman zaenom.

    Sato - members.optushome.com.au/ssuda/new/
    ocean - http://raws.quonne.com/46/op386.zip
    ocean: http://ap.animemedia.org/showpost.ph...7&postcount=11
    ooshi: http://ap.animemedia.org/showpost.ph...4&postcount=55


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    Downloaded. Glad to see it isn't camera-phone quality as expected. Thanks a bunch.

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    There must be pages missing though... because it's way too short.

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    OMG! That contains come kick-ass Zoro and Sanji shots *___*
    But... yes Roman pointed out in the other thread... I think it's a bit short too... really, there are some missing pages?
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    Thanks but it has only 15 pages instead of normal 19.

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    Dunno if it┬┤s complete or not, but Spanda┬┤s face says it all XD
    Waiting for a signature that is worth to see...

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    would be nice to see spandam on the window and in the next picture luffy chrushin blueno through it
    but i think spanda will take robin and go right to marine hq

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    i dont see any page skip tho, probably because of the advertisement pages ? :P

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    It is skipping page... somewhere.

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    Wow, thank you very much for posting a scan. I didn't really understand too much of it (don't read Japanese) but I agree *Vivi* there were some nice shots of Sanji & Zoro. I'm sure more will be revealed soon.

    Is it just me or does the golden den den mushi remind you of Goldfinger where the women was encased in gold and suffocated to death? From the look of him, he's gotta be 24 caret.

    I found the shot with Spandam's finger hovering over the button quite disturbing. As this is the man that spills coffee on himself regularly, 10-1 he presses it by mistake at some point.

    The next shot was also sad with the number of chains on the wall for restraining prisoners. Poor Robin & Franky.

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    ----- 01
    Chapter 386 "Unprecedented"

    ----- 02
    Square: Eneas Lobby "Judiciary Tower"
    Dialog: On the other hand, Spandam is...!?

    Marine: Haa.
    Marine: Haa.

    Spandam: Look, Funkfleed.
    Fank: paooon
    Spandam: "Goden Den Den Mushi"...!!!
    Spandam: Like "Buster Call"'s authority...

    Spandam: only Marine Headquarter's captain ranked or above can possess this.
    Spandam: This is a rare spiecies...
    Spandam: In order to put Buster Call in action, I'm taking care of it for "Ao Kiji," but

    Spandam: Wait and see.
    Spandam: Once "Revival of Weapon" comes true,
    Spandam: I don't have to take care of this on behalf of captains
    Spandam: but possess this myself and controls the military at my will.

    ----- 03
    Spandam: The island will disappear just by this one button.
    Spandam: Wha ha ha ha... "Authority"... is like a "weapon" as well.

    Marine: Chief Spandam!!!
    Spandam: Whoaaaah!!! Holy smokes!!! What the heck!!? Knock the door, damnit!!!!
    Spandam: I almost pressed the button.

    Marine: I... I'm sorry. ... but this requires immediate attention...
    Marine: A phone call from Eneas Lobby main island through Den Den Mushi...!!

    Spandam: ...
    Spandam: Whaaat!? They could've called me directly to this room...
    Spandam: Hey!! The phone is off hook!!
    Spandam: Every time, every time... Who the heck did this!!?
    Spandam: --- Hrmmm? Did you just say it needs an immediate attention?
    Marine: Yes, sir!!

    ----- 04
    Spandam: Mmm fu fu...

    Franky: Spanda...!!
    Robin: ...

    Spandam: ... Wah ha ha ha.
    Spandam: Hey... Nico Robin.
    Spandam: There is an emergency report from Eneas Lobby main island...
    Spandam: I don't think that's

    /me falls asleep.

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    woaahhhh nami is very hot!!! zoro and sanji kicking ass!!!

    Heyyy Wake up ocean!!!!

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    Ahhh you left it off at the nice part! >=(


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    spandam finally got the real damage report XD

    nice chapter, thank you

    *waiting for ocean to wake up

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    thx for the 3/4[?] chapter
    Ocean, sleep now n wake up soon i hope.
    I liked the last page , bottom part:

    Spandam?: What THE!! What's happening on this island right now?!?!?

    Well something like that, leave the rest to ooshi or ocean to translate the rest

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    two weeks and still no sight of sogeking and the giants....

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    This chapter sure is short... But at least I'm glad that Spandam knows the truth!

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    uu Zoro's so cool<3 :laugh:

    and wow that's a Nice angle at nami on page 8 i think <3
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    u probably can find sogeking somewhere as a dot in the giants page :P

    anyway I have a hunch that Spandam always wanted to resurrect the ancient weapon for himself to control the world government

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    oh man the look on spandam's face is priceless XD. thanks for the chapter and the short translation.

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