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Thread: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Sleep is especially useful if you want to get the beat of the music easier

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    I've generally found all thief tools except perhaps the siren beetle to be fairly reliable. Just a matter of experimenting and seeing which one works with which enemy/boss


    Like how the reconstructed caribou is completely useless because wall staples immobilize it completely, and Mr. Passion and Oh-so-snake are affected by the smoke bomb which helps a lot.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Yeah, different enemies have different "resistances" to different status and even PSI. I remember finding this crazy in depth list of all enemy stats in the game once. Didn't save it but I remember certain enemies will ALWAYS be affected by certain things, or even outright immune to it.

    Mr. Passion will always cry for example.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Chapter 3 completed!

    Thought below. Spoilers abound.


    This is one of those chapters that really incenses my love for this game. And that's mostly because it's probably the most out there, random and unexpected chapter we get. And along with that, it's also probably also the chapter that most takes advantage of the fact that this is a video game in order to push forward the story and themes of the game. It's a chapter I probably would bring up any time that whole "this game is a work of art" discussion takes place.
    It just does it all fantastically. There's so many times in games that there's some bad guy or evil force that you have to fight because, grr, they're so evil, or "look at how this charicature of a villain will destroy THE WORLD if you do nothing!" or "This guy took away your love interest (probably female because of course it is), you must win her back!"
    but ... in the end of it all they're just plot devices. And a lot of them tired to boot.
    Now, this game, is pretty much using the same devices. They go and take Samba, Salsa's little girlfriend captive, because they're evil, and by this point in the game it should already be obvious that these pigmask dudes are indeed fucking up the world. But the game is not content with just showing you and telling you that.
    No, instead, this game goes out of its way to let you spend an hour or two REALLY hating these people. REALLY wanting to do something about it. And REALLY ... being completely, and fully unable to do anything about it. It's fucking brilliant.
    And the way they do it is sickening too. Because, for example, there's a TON of times where Asshole-supreme Fassad tells you how to do something, or just plain openly to DO something, and the game won't let you progress at all until you do. Deep down you develop those emotions of "you know what, fuck this guy, just ... FUCK HIM!" but ... you still have to say yes to what he tells you. You have to do the motions. You have to follow his orders or else you cannot move forward. And what's more, you need him in order to even fucking survive the desert. And that to me is one of the most balls-to-the-walls interesting relationships a game has developed with a villain character.
    And in that sense, I love Fassad as a villain. It's a character that you can just hate completely, and his evil and twisted corruption is something you get to experience first-hand in an extremely immersive way. Chapter 1 already fucked with your emotions and leaves you a wimpering lump, but this chapter takes completely different emotions and runs with them. Frustration, anger, disgust, and then immense, immense hype and joy when those fuckers get their comeuppance. If you didn't care about the characters before, with this chapter it's hard to not care. It's hard to not hate the fuck out of Fassad, or silently admire and like the Tazmilians who didn't listen to his shit. And then later on it's hard to not like the fuck out of Kumatora, because hey, a LOT of people in Tazmily noticed there was something wrong. Richie, Nichol, Jonel, Lighter, ... a handful of people I talked to in Tazmily KNEW something was wrong. But you know who actually did something about it? Freaking Kumatora. Such a fucking awesome character. Am I biased? hell yes I am. But it's because of moments like these I'm super biased and love this character.
    Lucas is the other character that just completely runs with it. Before this there is no reason for anyone to root for Lucas aside from "d'aww" or pity or just the fact he's the first one you control and the one you know is the main character because of Smash Bros and promotion. But the end of this chapter, it's so fucking hard not to lose it and cheer. And that's the other thing too, this chapter brings even more insight into the whole Lucas and Claus comparison. Claus was strong, no doubt, but his strength, as well as Flint's, led to anger and revenge. The instinct of both Claus and Flint was to attack the situation, to be "stronger", Claus even saying he wants to be stronger, because he clearly wanted to cause damage to what caused HIM damage. Lucas, based on what we see in this chapter, did something completely different. He just goes and befriends and supports the Dragos who suffered just as much as he did from the events in Chapter 1. Can you imagine the strength of character that takes? To see something huge and monstrous kill your mom, possibly your brother too, and then go and befriend them because, FUCK, they were suffering just as much? It blows my mind.
    Lucas, you are a badass supreme, and I tip my non-existent hat to you. What a fucking badass.
    Then there's the other main thing about this chapter that just merits talking about, aside from the talking animals: the happy boxes.
    Well, actually, I don't think I want to talk about them. I mean, it's obvious what the game is doing. You have these people living a completely satisfactory life and in comes this dickhead to tell them they need more to be happy, using the recent miseries and fear that THEY created to terraform this "need" for happiness, and boom, suddenly people feel like they need objects to have happiness and satisfaction. It's not subtle at all, it's fucking clear as day what real life situation this is trying to allude to.
    But in all seriousness, some of the Tazmilians did earn my respect from things they said in this chapter. Reggie is a favorite of mine, and definitely more so now when he goes "happiness leaves when wanted." I like how the one black character, the one obviously representing a more african ethnicity in the village, is one of the characters with the most steadfast moral compasses. Doesn't really make it better that there's only really him (so far) and that he's so obviously stereotyped, but the fact he's treated with dignity and I feel positively towards the character makes me tolerate that situation.
    The other highlight for me was the McCartneys. Linda out there going on about how she liked the monkey dance but found Fassad's speech super creepy. And then Paul, my god, he got so many brownie points. When offered "happiness" he goes "I have all the happiness I need right next to me" (or something like that) while standing next to his wife. You go Paul! Linda is a lucky gal.
    I also marginally liked Dona more when she goes "Do you know how to say "monkey" in english? ... aaah, I gave the answer away!"
    Aside from these four I think that what completely takes over the chapter were the animals. All over, just ... so many fantastic fantastic lines and moments, from the absurdity of Wan Sum Dung and the fact you're collecting Dung for him (and then he accidentally rolls it into the water YOU'RE DRINKING FROM) all the way to every single animal in Tazmily. I have been recording these chapters for my reference, and it helps too because now I can directly reference the animal moments that made me laugh outloud. God bless them, so so awesome.
    - "The dung beetle diligently rolled its dung" xD
    - The mouse in Tazmily with his horror story. About how he left Nuts in the bakery and the next day they had ... BEEN TURNED INTO BREAD!
    - Another pig has started talking about a mother 3 secret. I only visited him that one time this chapter, don't think you really get another chance to visit it?
    - Pig: "Have you put on weight recently? I'm on a diet"
    - Pig: "You a bachelor? I'm a bachelor"
    - Cow: "Never fear. I'm not a carnivorous cow."
    - Cow: "Do you suppose a cow's cuteness is related to the deliciousness of its meat?"
    Oh, and not an animal, but I also love how one of the ghosts, who was previously "hungy", is "Tirsty" in this chapter, and there's another ghost who now believes in the "power of science," which is what the pigmasks constantly tell you used to trap the ghosts in the first place.
    Oh yea, and a small aside: I really like that, particularly being a Japanese game, the battle music expands completely into essentially hispanic tones and beats. I realize it's probably because of the fact that they have such varied and different beats, but still, it's refreshing.

    Do I have more to say? I probably did but I can't remember anymore, it always takes a long time to write these xD
    In any case, a great great chapter, from the moments where it fills me with anger to the moments at the end where I'm just overwhelmingly happy and satisfied with comeuppance. When I think of the potential of video games for story telling, THIS piece of work is what I think of. Cutscenes? Dialogue? Yea, it all helps, but it's a video game. It can use reading, and it can use movies, to tell stories and create emotions, but GAMEPLAY is the extra dimension video games get to explore. And this game, this chapter in particular, demonstrates this concept in a way few games even try to do. Truly fantastic work, and it's STILL just the foundation laying for the rest of the game. There is still so much more left to experience.

    Favorite save frog: This is a tough one. Ghost frog and Dizzy frog you have to save are phenomenal, but the one that just wins me over is the first one, who says this piece of gold:
    "Heya. I saw everything. Be strong. Endure it. I'm sure things will start to go your way someday."

    Favorite songs:
    Monkey's Love Song
    Monkey's Delivery Service (Is ... is this a pun of Kiki's delivery service? I sure fucking hope so!)
    BzZzT! Even in My Dreams
    Laugh! Be Happy!
    Something Strange is Going On

    I have no clue how I will choose just five favorite songs for some of the later chapters. Chapter 8 in particular will be such a difficult choice.

    And now to end it all with a sparrow-like ...
    " chirp chirp chirp-chirp!"
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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Going from Chapter 3 to 4 is really interesting (in a good way). About 15 minutes into Chapter 4.


    Starting Chapter 4 right away, you see a crater of sorts right next to your house, with no explanation given unless you talk to villagers. Introducing the lightning strikes like that is really effective in taking you by surprise. (Some would say it's "shocking"…) It's also pretty obvious that the lightning is not natural, and if I recall correctly, it strikes the people who haven't taken the Happy Boxes.

    I think this is the longest time I've seen a game take until it brings currency into play (DP).

    So I don't really know how this will play out in the long run just yet, but I can see what they're trying to do with the Happy Boxes, since the town's changed ever since Fassad introduced them, along with DP. I almost feel as if the game is making a statement that finding happiness in TVs (or material things in general) will not result in true happiness. On the surface, it doesn't look like Tazmily has been through a bad change, but when the chapter started out and showed how urban it became, I felt uncomfortable and sad. Probably because I know the village was a sweet humble place, and was just fine without Happy Boxes and DP, until Fassad had to come in and change all of that.

    but I do find it kinda funny that they choose to use TVs (Happy Boxes) as the item that helped lead to the change, considering that in life video games are often played on Televisions, and Mother 3's making a statement about Television/material things through a video game. I'm not calling it a flaw, but a funny piece of irony.

    I also really like how Lucas "the crybaby" chooses not to get a Happy Box. Or Flint, for that matter. The two characters who have experienced the most tragedy in the game so far, and they don't want any the the happy box business. And Fassad mentions to Lucas how he wishes he would just accept a Happy Box already. Fassad's trying to force "happiness" upon Lucas, but Lucas refuses and chooses to feel just the way he feels. Like being sad is ok.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Finished Chapter 3. Should I even say anything, seeing as how Noqanky already said pretty much everything that needs to be said, and more? Hmm......well, I will anyway.

    -As Noqanky said, this chapter really does give you the feeling of helplessness, both in that your character is constantly subjugated by the bad guy, and you yourself are really weak and have to rely on your oppressor to deal damage (granted, you wouldn't have to be in these fights if not for him in the first place).
    -Fassad's an asshole, and seeing him get his comeuppance at the end was most satisfying. Kinda goes without saying.
    -Unfortunately, I feel like I missed out a bit on this chapter as I didn't really go out of my way to talk to the villagers and just did what the game told me to. Maybe I just didn't think to do it or maybe I was just so afraid of stepping out of line and receiving Fassad's "punishment"
    -Despite everything, this was actually the easiest chapter for me so far, in that I didn't die even once.
    -A Cactus Dog? Hmm, reminds me of the Banana Gators.
    -The transit car was fun, but I felt kinda bad running over those little pillbugs.
    -I wasn't able to deliver the packages in the 22 minute time limit, but I guess it doesn't matter since it looked like Fassad changed the time limit anyway.
    -Salsa getting shocked towards the end was actually pretty funny (I knew they had to get one last shock in as he was destroying it).
    -The way the pig guys are subverting the village reminds me of a psychological/political thing I once heard how invading forces can influence and/or take over a country by creating a crisis or causing the public to believe they should be discontent for one reason or another. I guess it's true.

    Chapter 4, here we go!

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Regarding the time limit section in Chapter 3 ...


    You can never win it. I believe no matter how fast or slow you do it, Fassad says you took 25 minutes and then does the asshole thing.
    It's why I took my sweet sweet time and explored the village to talk to everyone.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Ok so, I've had some major life issues come up recently which is why I haven't been playing more of Mother 3 despite desiring to do it quite a bit.

    Luckily, I already started after beating 2 when we did it a few months ago, so I'm already on like Chapter 4 or 5 lol. So I have a leg up. Things are finally settling down on my end, so I WILL be playing Mother 3 more soon, definitely sometime this week, and I'm doing it on stream, so that's fun.

    Gonna jump on the bandwagon and give my impressions here of what I've played so far:
    (Warning, Spoilers for not only the first leg of Mother 3 but Mother 1 and 2/Earthbound as well)

    One thing that struck me right away about this game that is different from its two predecessors is that this game is MUCH more grounded and realistic when it comes to the emotional aspect of the characters.

    I know that seems odd, to call a game that has big Dinosaur monsters, Psychic powers, and Chimeras "Grounded" or "Realistic" but what I mean is in the characters' emotions and reactions to the fantastical and sometimes horrific things happening around them.

    For example, Mother 1 and 2 both have their casts of characters like Ninten, Ana, Lloyd, Teddy, Ness, Paula, Jeff, Poo etc and they all go on their journey, but one thing I've noticed is that almost all of them just kinda join up or become involved in the plot almost because they're required to. Like, in M2, Paula psychically reaches out to Jeff, a person she's never met before, and asks for help, and he just kinda blindly gets up and goes to help, becoming involved in the adventure. At no point does Jeff question it or have an establishing moment, it's just implied that he was compelled to answer her cry for help and that's where they leave it. Sorry, in reality if that happened, a real person may jump up to help but they'd question it a little. With the exception of Maybe Teddy from M1, all the rest of the main cast members are just kinda like "I joined because the plot needed me to" and then they just unquestioningly go along with the mission at hand.

    Mother 3 is different because right off the Bat, you have the main cast have serious personalities and letting the characters all speak and have personality, rather than being the silent protagonist is a big part of why. Right away I get that Lucas is the sheltered youth who is a bit of a scaredy cat, Claus is the overly sure overly brave and brash one, Clint is more cool-headed and straightforward, but he has his breaking point (More on this later), Duster isn't too bright but is very good at what he does and is severely underappreciated for it, Kumatora is a spunky and blunt tomboy.
    I get who all of these people are, and I get why they would want to help with what's going on, and the Jumping around of controllable character REALLY helps this. It lets Lucas run away and be the Scaredy cat, it lets Claus run off and be the brash one trying to do everything himself, it lets Clint take a moment away from the plot to take in everything that's happened to him. It lets these people act and feel like real people instead of just cogs in the plot's machine.

    Speaking of which, right in the opening salvos of this game, it does one thing that I've honestly not seen a game do this effectively before.
    HUGE spoiler for the end of Chapter 1, you've been double-warned now.

    Clint's wife, Lucas' and Claus' Mother Hinawa, dies very early into the game. Not only that, but Clint is told in a very VERY bad way ("Hey dude, I found this really cool sharp Drago Fang! we could make a weapon out of this!.... Oh, BTW, found it in your wife's chest, she's dead. Kthxbi") This causes Clint to have one of the most human, most realistic moments of Grief I've ever seen in a video game, and it's told entirely in actions, no words, with 16 bit GBA Graphics.

    Holy. Crap. This is good. This is emotional storytelling at it's finest, and it's LEAGUES above what any prior entry in the series has done. I legitimately find myself curious how each character's story is going to go, especially Lucas and Claus considering I'm already like 4-5 chapters into an 8 Chapter game, and I've barely played as either of them, especially when one is ostensibly the main character of this game.

    I'll give more thoughts as I go along, but suffice to say I'm a fan. As long as the storytelling and character stays this tight for the rest of the game, This'll probably earn a high position on my greatest games of all time list. I mean, it's possible a great game could fall flat and deliver a crappy ending, I hear that was an issue with Mass Effect 3 for example, but so far I've got nothing but love for this game.
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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Finished Chapter 4! Hoo boy is there a lot to talk about in this chapter.

    -Yay! I finally get to play as Lucas! And it's....three years later? ....What?!
    -So yeah, three years later and it looks like Fassad and the Pig Cult's subversion was a success after all. And, wow, it really is incredible the way the game changes this town that you've grown so used to over the last three chapters. Now everything is fancier and industrialized. Really, I just wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the town just to see how everything had changed. Really, it goes a long way towards making you resent the Pig Cult even more, seeing how much they've changed this quaint little town you loved so much (not to mention they've been destroying the homes of those who refuse to convert). Oh, and of course there's the only place in town that's not fancy; the old folks home, which is filthy and dilapidated (social commentary!)
    -So I try to go into the train tunnel and...Mr. T saves me?! "I pity the fool who runs around on the train tracks!"
    -I actually ended up exploring the forest, which is absolutely not where I was supposed to go, and it didn't take me long to realized how clearly outmatched. Still, I'm proud of myself for making it all the way to Alec's house (or at least where it used to be). Unfortunately, I couldn't make it back, so thank goodness I saved near the entrance of the forest. And hey, I managed to level up a bit.
    -So I go back to the train tunnel Mr. T gives me a map and lets me go?! ...."I pity the fool who questions the logic of Mr. T!"
    -Ah, Lucas finally gets PK powers and gets PK Music! (so glad I picked that as my favorite thing).
    -Decided not to press my luck and avoided the Cattlesnakes (awesome name btw) at the end of the train tracks. Hope that was the right choice.
    -Part time work? Hmm, well it was kind of tedious, but thankfully not difficult at all (there are so many games with screwy mechanics for the "Move this moving, or even motionless, thing").
    -Seeing Boney in human clothes is much more amusing than it should be. And that dialogue with the guards was superb.
    -What would a Mother game be without a big musical number. And hey, there's Duster!
    -Damn the attic was tough! I certainly got enough poisonings this time.
    -Not sure I really get the Rock-Paper-Scissors mini-game. I guess there was no way to lose it?
    -Party of Four! Whoo! Now things are really starting to come together.
    -Duster's farewell to his band was actually really touching and did something not many writers do with this kind of storyline. I mean, who's to say that one life is more valid than the other?
    -Oh yeah, and Kumatora. Hmm....maybe I missed something, but what was she doing these last 3 years and why was she working as a waitress?
    -Gently Weeping Guitar. Love it.
    -Muttshroom. Okay, whoever translated this game is a genius of puns.

    Great chapter. Glad to see things picking up now.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Finished Chapter 4 as well. I'm happy with the rate I'm working through it, and I hope I can finish by the end of the month.
    …Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I finished an RPG.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nobodyman View Post


    -Not sure I really get the Rock-Paper-Scissors mini-game. I guess there was no way to lose it?
    Yeah I don't think you can lose, but I felt that maybe it was setting up for a joke. You play the game with every member of the band, and they each say who they usually win/tie/loss against (because each of them stick to one move), and there you could logically figure out which move the band leader was going to do… except he tells you anyway. I took that as a gag about logic puzzles like that.

    I don't have much to say say for the rest of Ch. 4 that I finished. I leveled up Lucas and Boney near the Pork Factory with the Ostrelephant near the hot spring. Made the attic of Club Titiboo somewhat easy.

    LOL'd when Lucas and Boney were shoo'd away from the Club because Boney's a dog… and then they show up with Boney dressed as a person.

    Lucky's departure made me pretty sad, despite not seeing much of Duster's time as Lucky. It still meant a lot to him.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Chapter 5 Completed

    Another long chapter and a lot of stuff to talk about.

    -And we start by chasing down the Clayman. Hmm, why do I have a feeling the Claymen hold some dark secret?
    -So yeah, apparently this game is filled with a bunch of animals that escaped from Gaimon's island.
    -*sigh* Money. I miss when everything was free.
    -Dang, these enemies just keep getting tougher and tougher. Especially in the Thunder Tower.
    -Just like in Earthbound, managing your items continues to be a challenge. I always wind up with a bunch of stuff I don't need and/or give the items to the wrong people.
    -The Pig Army mistook me for one of their own? ....Wait...I think I see what's going on here. So does that mean...?!
    -BTW, the whole disguised as Pig Soldiers thing reminds me a lot of Star Wars. Lucas' outfit even looks like Obi-Wan's. I guess that was the intention?
    -The dialogue continues to be hilarious. Love that conversation amongst the Pigs about whether they hang up their helmets in the bathroom and one of them psyching you out by saying "No problems here."
    -Yay! I get to ride the Pork Bean again!
    -ARRRRGGGGHHH!!! I blew up my Pork Bean! WHHHYYYYYYYYYYY?!!!!!
    -Hey, I encountered a Bright Smile! Those are apparently pretty rare.
    -I cannot for the life of me ever get the hang of combo-ing. I think I actually did better with the volume off at one point.
    -Screw you Charge-up Robot. I had my timer on my phone going and I still couldn't get exactly 15 minutes after, like, 12 tries.
    -So let's see, I'll open up this Tower Map and WHOOOOOOAAA.......I got a long trip ahead of me.
    -King P. Hmm, I wonder who that could be.
    -Mr. Genetor was actually pretty easy (though he did KO Boney). Little Miss Marshmallow however...
    -Gotta give Mother 3 credit for making the tired old slip-on-a-banana-peel gag funny again.
    -Ah, there's the Rope Snake. And he's breaking the fourth wall. Love it.

    All in all, a real solid chapter. Pretty much an Invade-the-enemy-fortress chapter, and it was done well (and it's also funny considering that wasn't even their intention through most of it). Not a lot going on plot-wise, but hey, we got rid of that lightning thing that was destroying people's homes!

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    I'm about halfway through Chapter 7 now:

    Chapter 6:
    -Huh. Well that was....interesting.
    -Aww. Lucas' mother is still watching over him even from beyond the grave.

    Chapter 7:
    -A Dark Dragon? Seven Needles? Wait...what? Where did all this come from?
    -So the great mages in this game are transvestites. Yessir, that's Mother for ya.
    -In any other RPG, the search for the Seven Needles would take up the whole game. But here it's just this one (albeit long) chapter.
    -Time to go to the Chimera Lab and WOW! These chimeras are kicking my ass!
    -WOW! The Almost-Mecha Lion seriously kicked my ass! Really have to be better about using stat boosts.
    -Oh hey Salsa. Long time no see. And I see you've got your girlfriend too.
    -Okay, that Big Red Chimera scared the crap out of me. And the sound of it attacking the soldiers off screen, just....*shudders*
    -Seeing stuffed motionless versions of the Chimeras I've fought before is.....honestly, really unsettling.
    -And body organs and nervous systems in jars? Damn, this is gruesome.
    -Yay. I got Salsa back on my team and he's.....severely under-leveled.
    -Okay, you know what I really hate? When you get an item specifically for someone who's not even in your party. And then you see that person and think, "Okay, she's about to rejoin my party, so I'll just give it to this other guy who just rejoined my party and presumably will be with me for a while." But then it turns out that other party member actually is going to leave just as soon as that party member you wanted to give the item to rejoins your party. And then it turns out you can't give that item to them anymore, because the party member who just left TOOK ALL HIS STUFF WITH HIM! *sigh* Well, thankfully I saved right before Salsa left, so I managed to reorganize my inventory and only had to redo a few minutes of the game.
    -Ah, the return of the Mole Cricket. Love how we get all that buildup and then he just goes down so easily.
    -Mole Cricket Map. Boy, this game sure does love to troll you. Well, at least the maze is simple once you know how.
    -Oh my god. How did I only just now get the pun behind "Chilly Dog"?
    -Steel Mechorilla was thankfully much easier. Or at least more manageable.
    -Getting tossed through the air in a fridge. Lucas and co. own it. Sorry Indy.
    -LOL. I actually went ahead on foot without realizing you could ride the table. Thankfully I didn't go too far before I looked it up.
    -Yay! Mr. Saturns! I knew they couldn't forget them!
    -Oppressing them with scary machines?! How dare they?!
    -Ah! There you are Duster! And there's the Rope Snake too.
    -Two consecutive Troll Maps? Oh Mother 3, you spoil us!
    -Fire, Thunder, and Ice Pendants? Hmm...ah, gee. I don't know which ones I should buy! "Hmm, gee Nobodyman. You think maybe you should buy the Fire Pendants since, you know, YOU'RE ABOUT TO GO INTO A FRIGGIN' VOLCANO!" (No, seriously, I had to go up practically to the entrance of the volcano before I realized I should get Fire Pendants).
    -Wow. New Fassad SERIOUSLY kicked my ass! Like, I won by the skin of my teeth with only Lucas not fainted. But in my defense, there was no recovery point or even a save point before the boss (seriously, WTF Gomafu Volcano?)
    -Well, at least that's over with. And now I depart using a cage full of birds. Mr. Saturn, you are a genius.
    -C'mon Rope Snake. Hang in there, you can do it! No...NOOOOOOOOO!!!
    -No, Rope Snake! Don't go! I still love you! (plus, I need you to refight Mr. Passion)

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    I fell behind due to watching Rin play this game instead of playing it myself. Will see if I can condense it into the next few days and finish it before the month ends, or more accurately, before Splatoon takes over my time. @_@

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Ok, so as Neph just said, I played a LOT of the game and am now at the beginning of Chapter 7. Thoughts in the spoiler tag.

    Ok, so made some big leaps in the game now, beat Chapters 4-6 on my most recent playthrough, and my opinion of the game has only grown.

    First off, this one feels way better balanced than the prior two games. I got some flack when playing Mother 2/Earthbound because when I got to the Grateful Dead Valley, the game started kicking my ass. Like, bad. The difficulty spike in areas like that were bad, and my response to that which got me the flack was that I decided to grind to fix it.
    Of course, this is a bigger issue with Mother 1 due to the sudden difficulty spike come the purportedly untested Holy Loly Mountain. That one was a slog, and despite using the "Easy Ring" that Mato's translation hacked into the game to rebalance it, I still had to grind to beat that.

    Mother 3 however has yet to instill this feeling in me. Trust me, the game is still hard and has taken effort to beat, but I've never felt like it was unfair or that the difficulty has suddenly spiked rather than a gradual and natural build, and that makes for such a better experience.

    As for the story, it's still knocking it out of the park for me. The three year timeskip was a bit jarring, but not in a bad way. I had to explore and talk to folks to learn what happened to the village in order to pick up on the story changes, which was a nice touch IMO as it incentivized further exploration.

    I was surprised to find that Claus, Kumatora, and Duster were all still missing and had never been found in the interim, which created a lot of mystery and intreague. Chapter 4 and 5 continued to give us more info on Kumatora and Duster, in a few very heartwarming moments to be sure. I cried a few times.

    That being said, I'm also VERY glad we're finally playing as Lucas. He seems to me to be the most flawed character to start so I wanted to see more of him, and I wasn't disappointed. Lucas is great, and I really enjoy what it shows of his story and his emotions. Chapter 6 made me cry in that way.

    The new enemies that I'm running into are awesome and I find myself laughing hard at a lot of them. They're chimeras at this point, so they're usually two Animals slammed into one another or a heavily mechanized version of an animal, which comes for some really creative, somteimes silly designs. The Snake-Chicken (forget the name) that I ran into first is still my favorite... my god I laughed hard at that one.

    Which brings me to my last point, the humor. This game doesn't just kick me in the feels and make me cry, it's genuinely hysterical at times. The dialog with regards to boney and being a "Dog Like Dude" is so funny.

    Overall, still loving it, and can't wait to tackle the last two chapters!
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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Alright, I did it, I blitzed chapters 4-6. Well, as in I played them, I still took my time xD
    Onwards ... might as well combine the commentary, not as much to say as before because idk, I guess I feel more pressure for time and it's late xD


    Chapter 4 in particular has some very very interesting things I do want to talk about.
    Well, there's mainly the change in Tazmily, but like ... pfft, who won't talk about that? What I did notice more was how the relationships in the game don't seem as solid. Isaac, who seemed pretty down to Earth and cool in the beginning, informing Flint about being concerned about Hinawa, etc. ... now is this dude who posts a defense of Fassad in the bulletin board and outright aspires to be a Pigmask. Abbey and Abbot were so simple before and now they're completely absorbed in just getting and getting stuff (ha, funny, Isaac, Abbey and Abbot were three of the first happy box believers ... Biff was the fourth, but he's just at the factory being Biff, not much with him.) Paul and Linda are still cool but I found it interesting that Paul earlier said he has his happiness next to him (Linda) and after the timeskip I have yet to see them together again, since Linda is with the old folks at the home and when you visit paul he's just staring at this screen wondering when linda will come and take care of him. SO SAD.
    Richie also grew up to be a pretty cool girl, she asked me if she could join and then said she guesses she probably can't. I'm also really amused by Nana all the way west in Cerulean beach who talks for so long Lucas gets dizzy. Nice touch. And at least two of the pigs remain, one tanning and the other working at the factory, but they lack that oomph they had before. Stupid pigmasks.
    Oh, I also found out this time that Lighter continues being awesome! Their house is also Happy Box free and lightning-prone. I wish I could say the same of Fuel, he was so cool but now is one of the characters with the least personality, all he says is he wants to help around. For two chapters. While the people around him say different things. Wonder what the deal is with that ... maybe he's burnt out ... haha ... or could it be that Claus disappearing fucked him up? It is implied he was best friends with the twins.

    But anyway, I 'splored, almost got owned by a Yammonster, saved by Mr. T, all that awesome stuff. Chimeras are there now! I will probably mention my favorite chimeras as well! In chapter 4 it's easily the Cattlesnake given its sweet sweet theme music. The ostrelephant was notable but that thing can go fuck itself. But yea, the pigmasks have definitely done weird shit with the place in three years.

    But the factory, that's the main thing I felt I wanted to talk about whenever I saw it, on stream or playing it myself. First of all, the fact that it's structured to actually feel like boring work, like a chore you have to do. I like it, simple, and easy not to think about. But what strikes me more than anything is how the pigmask at the end is all "keep working, gain money, you're young after all" which is CHILLINGLY what the real world kind of says to us. We're put in this cyclical mentality of working in order to consume, and then continue to be fed this belief we need things to be happy so that we can spend what we earn from working for the people who are making the things that we are being fed .... it's all so blatantly fucked up in how this game depicts it. You even have people being all "can't wait to go to titiboo" and then after that part they want to go back to work for the overtime. Or they come back from work and just want to do nothing but sit in front of the happy box (e.g. consume) and then it's more of the same. WHY IS IT ALL SO FUCKED UP.

    But in any case, there was another bit of dialogue I was surprised to find this early and not have noted before ... spoilers for the entire game

    There is a pigmasks who outright says that there's a theory going around that they're not just digging for clay or w.e., but to reach an underground dragon. It's not a huge secret, we all know this, but it does make me wonder about the timing of the whole thing. We know the commander/masked man already exists by the time these events take place since the pigmask notes there's people higher in ranking to the fierce pork trooper and the next day lucas is mistaken for claus. However, it's not until AFTER the thunder tower events that they move forward with the plan of removing the needles.
    So I guess it just makes me wonder about the context of it all. What WAS Porky doing for three years? I was under the impression that he was just fucking around with things out of boredom, but then ... when did this factory come about? At what point did they figure "let's dig and try to find the dragon" and why is it so far apart from the moment they go "nevermind that, let's pull the needles"? Especially since I imagine locria was always aware of the needles. Perhaps they just had no way to find them?
    MMM, I'm overthinking this ...

    And that was the factory, I worked, sold a chicken to a vending machine, and then got to go to Titiboo, featuring some of the silliest dialogue in the game by far. But making Boney a definite stand-out character. I also love the gag where if you try to leave the concert hall random people come in with half-baked excuses to not let you out ("this isn't the bathroom!")
    DCMC is amazeballs. I mentioned this while the stream was going on, but if I can get them to be the band for my wedding, I will consider myself to have won at life. I found it interesting that someone said that every member in DCMC was rumoured to have no memory ... We know Duster's situation ... I wonder what it is for the others. Also, I find myself unable to have a favorite one in the band. From the top of my head I would say Shimmy Zmizz because of the mad keyboard solo he has with Lucky, but OJ is pretty cool and I like his moment with Lucas.
    That attic originally gave me a super hard time, but in this run, I guess because of exploring, I was much stronger and was able to do it immediately without having to go back and heal. I love the mice with the heavy, I think Cockney accent. And MY GOD, the music in this part, particularly the enemies.
    I will forever refer to the game now as Stone-Sheet-Clippers.
    And lastly, that last bit with Duster leaving is an example of why this game rocks and others rock less. It's such a human moment, and it puts DCMC not as just random side characters but people who genuinely gave Duster a home regardless of who he was, and the way that friendship is honored is fantastic. And it surprises too because up to this point the main heart of the game was in the plight of Lucas's family, and some side dose of rage over Salsa's plight ... but the fact even a small plot situation like Duster being in a band was given such humanity. I love it.

    Best frog: Magic Butterfrog. Yes, I love the frog in the car, and even have a shirt of it, but the magic butterfrog being so ashamed of its name is so silly that I have to give it the nod. I also really really like the bathroom frog because it comes out of nowhere.

    Favorite song:
    Holy porking giygas, there is NO WAY I'm going to pick just five songs for this chapter. Nope, I tried, while seeing this chapter TWICE, to rank them, but no, fuck it, too many. Not even gonna link them because I'm lazy:
    Both Tazmily themes we hear this chapter
    Intense guys (elder batty fight theme)
    Gently weepin' guitar's theme ... aww yea
    The attic's music
    The song that plays while you shower
    King P.'s Theme (DCMC)
    Club Titiboo's theme
    Bon Voyage, Amigo.

    Chapter 5

    Perhaps I'm burnt out overall because I have too much to say, and perhaps it's because I played it right after 4, but I think 5 is for me the weakest chapter. It feels more RPG-ey than any other and while others have this uniqueness to them this one is honestly kind of forgettable. I'm even not a fan as a whole of the transition from "we got the egg!!" to "oh, I guess we're at the tower now" ... felt forced and it was hard to care about that tower section as a whole because of it. At least until Dickhead Fassad appears and drive kicks back in of fucking that fucker up.
    The highway is also a somewhat boring area, ALTHOUGH they make up for it with some outrageous characters. The mice have such silly lines, and then you have the dingy gas station pub place with neckbeard and skinhead, and the hilarious hilarious line to the women's restroom while the asshole in the guy's restroom is just reading a book. And what I love the most: The Pork Bean troll. I have yet to see ANYONE playing this game for the first time who doesn't fuck up the Pork Bean, either by running out of battery on the bridge or (my case the first time I played it) exploding it. This time, my pork bean survived, but I still did a lot of walking anyway just to accumulate enough money to get the equipment I wanted.
    Enemy-wise there's also a lot of duds for me in this whole chapter, particularly the later parts (there's also some genius genius enemies I will talk about after). The wound-up Hog is probably one of my least favorite designs, I find the robots to be boring (very, earthbound-ey though, particularly the atomic ones) and the tower has some annoying bullshit in the form of the minor robot who looks boring and annoys more than anything. It's not tough, or strong, just ANNOYING. I don't find the whatever thing to be weird enough to be funny, just weird enough to help me not care. The batteries and nuts and lightning bits are also pretty meh.
    Ooooh, but then there's the enemies that make me want to stand up and clap. Rhinocerocket has the most amazingly hilarious sprite, design and name, and it comes with intense guys which is one of my favorite enemy themes. I love the rhinocerocket. Then there's the Parental Kangashark, which is another home run of a design for me, particularly because of the little joey (jaw-ey?) in its pouch. And then there's the mini-bosses, a forlorn junk heap (wtf) and the fierce pork trooper, twice, who introduces us to one of the most gloriously glorious songs in this game, a song that has been blessed by smash presence but sadly not in the same form that it has in this game (Unfounded revenge is soooooo much more epic in this game.) I especially love the fact that making the pork trooper useless with the DCMC pamphlet means I can just wail on him to one of my favorite songs from this game, landing 16-hit combos as much as possible.
    I also kind of like both of the side bosses. Lord Passion is a tiring fight but I like the bit about him having an extra question about his curls for you to piss him off. Also, goddamn, what a distant side-boss, but Oh-so-worthy. Also gave me time to see Tazmily again with duster this time, and found to my distress that almost everyone was talking about lucas being in a club. I did feel a bit of fuzz in my heart from visiting Wess with Duster in tow.
    And then Lil' Miss Marshmallow who I feel bad defeating because she seemed like a nice robot maid and all she wanted was to preserve that relic for her master. And MY GOD, that room was great. So much Mother/Mother 2 love in there.
    Trying to remember anything else I might be missing. Moles were funny but overall forgettable, not much into their bit in the story ... I like some of the dialogue from the pigmasks, like that one about the bathroom hook for the helmets, but for the most part talking to them is not as interesting over such an extended period ... oh yea, and I got the leo sweater again, but it seems so useless, I still can't bother with it even if it heals you.
    Oh, last bit to talk about is that I really like Kumatora's interactions with Duster. Before they barely knew each other and the game was too busy with Wess being mean to Duster. But this time, it was nice seeing her joking along with him and also being excited when he remembered his name. Also, I am disappointed that Boney didn't keep his dog-like dude attire.
    Oh oh, last bit, I swear ... rope snake is great, and one of the noble heroes of this story.

    Favorite frog: frog on a balloooooooooooooon. Also, I forgot to acknowledge the old frog that is also in chapter 4 (and 7) ... that is one dedicated shave frog.

    Favorite songs:
    pppffffft, I was tired before, I still am. No links
    Unfounded Revenge
    smashing song of praise
    that song that plays at the jukebox on the dingy gas station
    humoresque of a little dog
    intense guys ... which I mentioned before but it GOES SO WELL with Rhinocerocket

    So ... tired ... and sleepy

    Chapter 6


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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Hoo boy! It was a long one, but I finally finished Chapter 7!

    -Under the Sea. Under the s- Okay, no, we're not doin' that.
    -Wait, those things are.....MACHINES?! Or is there something gong on here that I'm not getting?
    -Seriously, underwater section was pretty fun. Don't know why, but I was expecting to get to some underwater city, after which I'd get some breathing device that lets me stay underwater indefinitely. Ah, but what would be the fund in that?
    -Missed out on the Awesome Crown the first time, but I was thankfully able to go back and get it after returning to Tazmily
    -Same with the Hermit Crab. Had no idea what to do with the shell.
    -Navy SQUEAL. Yes.
    -Rock Lobster. Yes! Yes! YES!
    -LOL. Didn't realize until about now that the Aloha Shirts and Rubber Capes have better resistance to fire and lightning. Guess I should've held on to them.
    -And we're on the island! And.....Mushrooms?! Didn't we do this in Earthbound?
    -Okay, the frog eaten by the snake was great.
    -Honestly, the whole Mushroom segment was great. And....really friggin' disturbing actually. Oh yeah, and I pretty much had to go back to that "hot spring" to see what I really bathed in (Ewwwwwww).
    -The Magypsy and Octopus hallucinations were the best though
    -Barrier Trio actually wasn't that bad, but FUCK those Unwelcome Gusts (guess they're name is pretty apropos)
    -Awright, time to leave and return to Tazmily and....EVERYONE'S GONE?! .....Oh....oh, this is just heart-wrenching. Even the music is slowed down.
    -Okay, we're at the mountain and...oh goody. More exploding tree. Well, I'll just throw everything I got at it called another enemy! And now it's exploding. And now I have to kill the bird..........oh game, you just love to make me hate you.
    -Negative Man. *sigh* Honestly, I feel kinda bad fighting this guy. Actually, I fought him twice, but didn't get any item drops.
    -Yay! The Franklin Badge!
    -Alright, final boss (of the chapter) time and.....I used up most of Lucas' PP fighting the Colonel. Hmm...would've been really great to use Lifeup Omega during the Masked Man battle (again, gee, I wonder who THAT could be?). Well, it took everything I had, but I actually did manage to beat him with everyone conscious.
    -Oh yeah, and I hate to say I really have been needing (and using) those Magypsy mementos. Hope I won't need them too badly in the last chapter.

    Anyway, really great chapter. Of course, it takes up about a third of the game and this is where we finally get the chance to really explore the world and there's plenty of exciting sights and twists and turns to be found. For a while, I was getting the feeling this was gonna be kind of a short game, but this chapter definitely added a lot more meat to it. It can be pretty relentless, especially if you really want to get to the end of the chapter, but that's part of the fun and you always have a general idea of how close you are to the end.

    Well, Final Chapter time! Finally time to get some answers! What is the Pork Army's ultimate goal? Why do they want to awaken the dragon? Why is Claus (oh c'mon, we all know it's him) working with them? What will happen when the 7th Needle is pulled? Will we ever see Flint again? Will Rope Snake make a comeback? Well, guess I'll play and find out!
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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    So uhhhhhh I'd say now's a good time to nominate for next month

    This is definitely Beyond Good and Evil's month.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3


    I hope I'm not overhyping it, but I really do think it's worth a play and, compared to a lot of the other games, it's short enough for people to make it through in the allotted time.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Time for Paper Mario​ to take the spot.

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    Default Re: Retro Game Party: HD + Remaster May - Mother 3

    Once again, I nominate Breath of Fire

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