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Thread: Black Clover

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    I don't get how a second grimoire would make you stronger, though. Don't they just hold spells so to say? Yes, they're supposed to enhance the ability to use magic, but they don't increase your magic capacity/mana, right? Well, I guess we will find out next week. I hope it doesn't boil down to simply faster arrows.
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    Different magic altogether I guess. So he gets wind and another element. Cause he's totally the character that needs an advantage.

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    Well, if he got wind magic from Tetia, and he's about to get another magic, then maybe he gets Licht's magic. And Licht could generate swords but also reinforce his physical attributes.

    Idk, in this manga even a single new spell is sometimes enough to turn the tide. He could combine it with the rest of his arsenal.

    Would still prefer he gets more outside help, though.
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