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Thread: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    I'm glad they lowered the difficulty of the TM bosses in Japan, but no way the TM reward Sanji is worth grinding so much. I just don't see a unit with a special that does so many things being used often when most new content includes nasty counters.

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    To the disliking of my girlfriend I grinded hard once we returned from holidays. My pulls were: TS Sanji, V1 Trebol, Legend Nami, Legend Franky, V1 Sabo. All dupes. ;)
    I find this TM quite fun which surprised me.

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    V1 Law

    I didn't have a dupe Hody so there's that. V1+ is already rainbowed and I have a dupe so he's just points. Marco would be in the same boat but I'll hang onto him long enough to see if his 6+ is a straight upgrade like Shirahoshi or some weird sidegrade.
    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    akainu v1 (wich is NEW, and yes was a red from a gold ticket)
    jimbei v1
    log luffy

    would gladly take a marco since I still don't have him

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    Im super addicted today because Ive got the day off and nothing to do and nobody is here to do stuff with. Also theres the double pirate experience on the summer girls meaning I always alternate between TM and summer girls with friend Jacks and the retry button. This has led to me gaining like 15 Plvls during this TM already and going for an absurdranking. Currently Im around rand 620 sitting on almost 24m points. Quite a lot considering I didnt pull for the new batch. Its all still going very smoothly on nav level 48 now. Super easy stuff. ^^
    Lets see how much more I can do. I wouldnt mind some lucking out like dropping down to 777 while sleeping. :D

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Okay Im stopping now to go to bed. almost 31m points and its impossible to crack the top 500. Wonder how far I will drop.

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    Pulled TS Nami and can finally build a team to farm Young Lin Lin (a bit late though:)
    New Legend has been Blackbeard (sounds fun to build a team around him but I really don’t dig his fighting animation).
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