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Thread: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    I only have around 50 gems, so I'm skipping this Sugo-Fest, I'll wait until I have more gems and there is a rate-boost for Wanda, Sandersonia or Madam Shyarly.
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    Default Re: one piece treasure cruise (7/11 Never Forget)

    I'm going all in with three multis. I'll keep my expectations low: I'll get at least one new unit already maxed and one legend, everything else is welcome. And if the legend is a dupe... what the hell, I'll buy Sabo's skull on Ray Shop.

    Free pulls: Crocus, Onigumo (new), Crocodile (new)

    Multi 1: 3D2Y Chopper(new), Tsuru(new), Wanda, Curiel, Killer, Bepo, Impact Usopp, Van Ogre(new), Onigumo(now evolved), LEGEND DOFLAMINGO (new). Extra: Inazuma

    Multi 2: Base Nami, new Kuma (new), Van Ogre, Iceburg, Pell, Hiruluk, Allie Perona (YESS, new), new Kuma (now evolved), Iceburg, Jimbei(QCK one, I think). Extra: new Moria(maxed but unevolved)

    Multi 3: X-Drake, Kohza, Vergo, base Chopper, Lafitte, Onigumo, Abdullah and Jeet, Anniversary Usopp(new), Bepo and Van Ogre. Legend extra: TIME-MOTHERF*CKING-SKIP LUFFY, YES.

    Perona and TS Luffy already made this Sugo great for me. With TS Luffy now I have all the current Free Spirit legends (with Sabo and PSY Law) and if I choose to go Gear 4 I also have Ray to support him. Perona... well, I'm a Perona collector XDD

    None of the dupe characters gave me skillups, TS Luffy got 3/8 and Doffy 3/11 out of manuals,and Luffy got one more skillup from 3 allmighty manuals. Time to use some meats and have fun with the new units
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