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Thread: Oda's Interviews

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    Default Oda's Interviews

    I would like to translate and compile Oda's interviews and trivias in this thread.
    The first post will be updated when new interesting information about Oda is revealed.

    "Basically I don't kill any characters because I wish the readers to feel satisfied after an arc ended." Asahi Evening Newspaper (26 November 1999)

    "I like to draw party scenes. So I don't want to draw anything that would ruin that atmosphere." MEN'S NON-NO (2009) [Translated by Greg]http://www.thegrandline.com/odanon.htm
    Oda was going to kill Ace within 1 year after his first appearance in 2000. Sound Recording (2012)

    Translated by skerllyfc on reddit from GHIBLI Magazine (2014) :
    People have become rather nagging about manga. They will look through the various inconsistencies or contradictions with a more fine tooth comb. He said that in the past Shonen Jump was read almost exclusively by kids but now adult also read jump so that may be one of the reasons for this "new" nagging. Now, Mangaka, in order to satisfy these older readers, have to make sure everything is correct and doesn't become inconsistent.
    When creating a story, making sure everything is connected or all the events have been properly foreshadowed of hinted; "rules" like these do not exist. He says that, as a challenge, he created a story where everything is consistent but normally you can freely create stories without having to do all of these.
    Oda had no intention that Shanks lost his arm, but after an editor told him that the story was not interesting enough, Oda decided to cut his arm off. ONE PIECE Grand Countdown 2 (2010)

    "When creating a protagonist, it is important not to make him too strong.
    For example, if Akainu became the protagonist, I could put an end to ONE PIECE within a year." Sound Recording (2012)

    In Sabaody, Oda didn't intend to introduce supernovas at first, but only 3 hours after the editor advised him to make the story more exciting, Oda wrote a new story in which supernovas appeared. ONE PIECE Grand Countdown 2 (2010)

    All editors of ONE PIECE know how it will end. ONE PIECE Newspaper Vol.3 (2012)

    Oda often cries while he is writing ONE PIECE.
    The most heartbreaking scene for him is this one. Jump Festa 2014 (2013)

    [Mirror in imgur]
    Oda is most interested in Blackbeard in real pirates. One Piece Blue (2002)

    Oda had no intention that strawhats would say goodbye to Going Merry, but he decided it since enemys' ships were getting stronger. Jump Festa 2014 (2013)

    Oda had planned that strawhats would say goodbye to Going Merry within 1 year after chapter 303 (Skypiea arc finished in chapter 302), but it ended up coming true after 3 years... ONE PIECE 10th Treasures (2007)

    Oda came up with this page right before the chapter was released. Jump Festa 2014 (2013)

    [Mirror in imgur]
    Usopp has been and will be the weakest in strawhats. ONE PIECE 10th Treasures (2007)

    "Readers can feel close to Usopp since he is not a strong crewmate." ONE PIECE 10th Treasures (2007)

    "Every strawhat can become protagonist." Comickers (1998)

    When Minoru Suzuki told Oda that Dressrosa arc was profound and interesting, Oda answered that a lot of ideas were coming into his mind one after another.

    The main target reader of ONE PIECE is 15-year-old male. SWITCH (November 2009)

    "Refreshing is the excuse for laziness." (Jump Festa 2015 (2014): a paper on the wall in Oda's workplace)

    Oda said to himself, "Do not escape from writing manga." ONE PIECE 10th Treasures (2007) - a paper on the wall in Oda's workplace-

    When Vivi appeared for the first time, Oda didn't have the intention of her being princess.
    She would have been just defeated by Straw Hats and made her exit.

    [Mirror in imgur]
    "I write ONE PIECE as dramatically as I can. If I had written a pure battle manga, it would have been easily defeated by Dragon Ball." ONE PIECE 10th Treasures (2007)

    "Friendship is one of the main themes of ONE PIECE." Weekly Shonen Jump issue 13 (2002)

    "A group is influenced by the waves of the times. After all, if people swarm together, it will bring birth to an unstoppable force... That is
    actually one big part of the theme. " One Piece Animation Logbook (2002) [Translation by Greg]http://www.thegrandline.com/creativetalk.html
    "I got enraged after watching the anime in which Ace was killed. I wonder why Ace had to be killed in that harsh way," Jump Festa 2011 (2010), Eternal Log (2012)

    "Does art tell you something? Does manga advocate something? As a matter of fact, I don't put any messages in the manga I draw. If I draw a story, the themes emerge all on their own. I do my utmost to find an answer in what I come up with, but each reader is entirely free to decide what he or she takes away from the story. So I don't send messages. But, hmm. It's not as if I don't have anything to say." Color Walk 2 (2003) , SWITCH (2009)
    "I get annoyed to hear people speaking ill of characters in ONE PIECE. For example, when they say ‘this villain is weak’, I can't help thinking that then I'll make him much stronger!" Color Walk 6 (2014)

    "Don't speak ill of Zoro." Niconico Live Broadcast (28 December 2011)

    Oda told game company's staffs that Luffy would defeat Crocodile by a "weather-related" move before the chapter was out. ONE PIECE 10th Treasures (2007)

    "It's fun to draw the wrinkles in the face." Inoue Takehiko Pia (2009)

    Oda was going to introduce fishmen in chapter 3, but editor rejected. - Manga no Chikara (2007)

    In the final scenes of ONE PIECE, there will be a pirate who appears with an eye patch. One Para (2007)

    "Middle-aged persons are strong in ONE PIECE. There are many cool middle-aged persons in the real world, but they are not always strong. I wish them to be strong in manga." Interview between Usuta and Oda (2008)

    "I hate the revival of dead in manga." Playboy (2007)

    Oda said that action movies these days depended too much on computer graphics and they should focus on human relationships rather than fight. Interview between Usuta and Oda (2008)

    "I love Western Films" Interview between Usuta and Oda (2008)

    "Two fighting against one isn't fair." Interview between Usuta and Oda (2008)

    "I wonder why war breaks out." Interview between Usuta and Oda (2008)

    "Luffy, Zoro, Nami, for now, the triggers/detonators are gathered ...." Color Walk 1 (2001)

    "Manga characters should be rich with emotions. It seems there are many people with no expression on the faces these days." Playboy (2007)

    Oda came up with Luffy's fighting style (gomu gomu ability) so that it made him look like joking around even when he was fighting seriously." Asahi Evening Newspaper (26 November 1999)

    "I'd like to draw strawhats relaxing on a deck rather than their fights." Comickers (1998)

    When Oda forgot Luffy's move, he searched it on ONE PIECE fan site. Weekly Shone Jump 36/37 issue (2006)

    Oda has been afraid of ONE PIECE boom. T(2012)

    "I keep in mind that I should include 3 times more fulfilling episodes in one chapter than normal manga." Manga Nou no Kitaekata (2010)

    "It is painful to write a story. On the other hand, I enjoy drawing." LIAR GAME/Invitation (2009)

    "If I let opinions of female readers sway me then it’s more than just losing my place in a boy’s comic magazine, there’d be no value in my existence as a boy’s comic author.."SWITCH (2009)[Translated by Greg http://www.thegrandline.com/odaswitchint.htm]
    "I don't care whatever readers complain in the middle stage of a story because I am confident of highlight scenes being interesting." Manga Omo! (2002)

    "Luffy attaches importance to action rather than words." Color Walk 5 (2010)

    There are at least 15 notebooks that include Oda's ideas about Dressrosa arc. Jump Festa 2015 (2014)

    "If I cut corners in work just because ONE PIECE has become popular, it would ruin everything." ONE PIECE Pia (2009)

    Oda wanted to create a Robot manga after he finishes ONE PIECE. One Piece Blue (2002), Interview between Usuta and Oda (2008)

    Oda wants to create a short story manga as Akira Toriyama did after he finishes ONE PIECE. Mangs no Chikara (2007)

    Oda and editor Isaka usually talked by telephone for 4-5 hours. The conversation lasted up to 15-16 hours... ONE PIECE Newspaper Vol.2

    SJ Alpha March 19 issue (2012)
    Q: The world of ONE PIECE has many different kinds of pirates with unique styles. How and when did you first think of the idea to write a manga about pirates?

    Oda: Ever since I was little, I liked pirates. As a child I really liked an anime series called Vicke the Little Viking. It was about a little kid who admires Vikings, and his dream is to become one of them when he grows up. As I did research on pirates for ONE PIECE, I realized that Vikings are a type of pirate. I feel that it's awesome to have friends on your team, just like in the Vicke series. It may not be the best comparison, but I feel like that series' spirit is carried on within my work.

    Q: If you could join any pirate crew in ONE PIECE (except for the Straw Hats), which one would you join and why?

    Oda: Hmm. Except the Straw Hats… I think it would be awesome to be in Buggy's crew. They seem to be very carefree, and it would be really fun because even the subordinates can make fun of the captain. But if I was really strong, I would want to be in the Blackbeard Pirates.

    Q: Your manga is famous for not only its incredible action, but its heartfelt moments as well (we've certainly cried some “manly tears” around the office). What is your secret for eliciting such powerful emotional responses from people?

    Oda: The thing is, I get bored easily. So if my manga was just about the action, or comedy, or tearjerking moments, more than anybody, I would get bored. So I change up the style of the series to keep up my motivation to draw the series. The real secret? I think of the plots and scenes when I'm tired. The only way that I can think of a new idea is to think about it a lot without sleeping or eating. That's the only way that I know, because humans can only come up with truly new ideas when they reach their limit. So every time I am done with my manuscript, I am completely exhausted.

    Q: It's no secret your manga sells like gangbusters and has even set records in Japan. Yet your manga hasn't strayed far from its roots. It's still as pure and honest as it was in the beginning. What is your secret for dealing with success

    Oda: To this day, I've never truly felt pressure about becoming successful. I always try to stay focused on making manga for just a single audience, because in most circumstances, you read manga by yourself. So whenever I draw manga, I have only one reader in my mind myself as a 15-year-old. I have no idea how other people would feel, so I turn back to the 15-year-old me to make a judgment on what is awesome or not. I always try to stay true to myself, and somehow it resonates with the kids who read my manga.

    Oda: I only have the ending of ONE PIECE in my mind, and nothing else. But knowing the end point, I weave the story and make story arcs that build up to it.

    Q: ONE PIECE has beautiful color spreads. What is your process when making them, and how long does it take?

    Oda: I've drawn a lot of color illustrations. Recently, it takes me more time to think about what to draw than to actually draw it. But if it's an incomplete idea, I would get bored while drawing. So until I find something that I really want to draw, I just think, sometimes the entire day. I feel like now it's harder to choose what to draw than when I started serializing ONE PIECE.

    Oda: I listen to music a lot when I am making manga. I enjoy every genre of music, whether it's Japanese or foreign. I create a playlist that is a soundtrack to a new story arc, and listen to it over and over again when I am working.

    Q: Digital manga, like Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha, is starting to take off in America. What are your thoughts on digital manga?

    Oda: I think digital is cool for manga as long as it doesn't interfere with the way it's intended to be enjoyed by the readers because the flow of panels and the use of spread images in ONE PIECE is unique compared to traditional manga. Otherwise, I've always imagined that the experience of reading digital manga is similar to reading books in print, and neither is better or worse.

    Q: Do you have any last comments for the U.S. fans that enjoy this series via SJ Alpha?

    Oda: When you are reading ONE PIECE, you might come across weird scenes that only Japanese readers can understand. But please bear with me, because I am trying to create a world that can be enjoyed by people everywhere.
    SJ: Who would you want for a brother or sister?
    Oda: Usopp might be the most fun to hang around with. I think we'd get along. US Shonen Jump August issue (2007)
    "There are adults that kill people while declaring, "This is a holy war!", or "This is justice!" And there are children that see that. One Piece will continue for quite some time. All the while praying for world peace."*

    [*This comment was Oda's response to the 2001 September 11th terrorist attacks on American civilians. The color spread that week was also in response to the event, hence the presence of doves and quote from The Beatles' song, "Come Together".Weekly Shonen Jump issue 44 (2001)[Translated by Greg] http://www.thegrandline.com/odatocLIVE.htm
    "The story's end hasn't changed once since the beginning. The problem is that I haven't been able to really digest all the things that are happening along the way toward the end." Inoue Takehiko Pia (2009) [Translated by gottsuiiyan]
    Question: ...Exactly how far ahead do you plan One Piece, and what is your story-planning technique?
    Oda: I only have the ending of One Piece in my mind, and nothing else. But knowing the end point, I weave the story and make story arcs that build up to it. English Shonen Jump
    "I just can’t help but draw a lot. The weekly format is set at 19 pages, but from the creator perspective I want to move the story along faster. I end up jamming as much as I can in there. There is also wanting to finish faster so I can relax." Inoue Takehiko Pia (2009) [Translated by gottsuiiyan]
    "The thing I want to do most in my comics is really not stories, it’s character models. I think like, “Is this style of person possible?” The time I spend doing all kinds of different designs is fun."

    Things like how muscular the body should be to go with a certain facial structure is something that, in the end, I pay no attention to, though (laughs). The times where I have created a certain character silhouette that no one’s ever seen before those moments make me the happiest. And, once I’ve created it, I want to use it as quickly as possible. I create episodes for just that reason... I do that over and over, so the story gets longer and longer." Inoue Takehiko Pia (2009) [Translated by gottsuiiyan]
    - And so One Piece was born and its popularity spread like wildfire but did you ever think it would be this big?

    Oda: Well of course I knew that if I drew pirate stuff it would be interesting but I never thought it would happen that fast. It instantly spread and flared up in popularity. But since many things in this world have a way of vanishing before you know it, it’s pretty scary when I think about it. MEN'S NON-NO (2009) [Translated by Greg]http://www.thegrandline.com/odanon.htm
    John Irons: What is Luffy's mother like? Was she beautiful? What happened to her? Did she die when Luffy was a baby?

    Oda: I think she's alive. I'm still thinking hard about this. [Laughs] But if she does appear in the story, then she'll be a very tough-looking woman. And strict. There's no way that she's a beautiful mother. She's got this typical middle-aged woman's permed hair. Speaking about families, I did a backstory for Nico Robin and her family. That was actually the first time for me to draw a mother in a character's memory. Up until that point, I'd never drawn a blood relation. In Chopper's case, he's called a son even though he's not blood-related. So I've put in a message there saying that you can still call someone who's not related by blood your family. American Shonen Jump (December 2009 )
    "The whole world will be thrown into turmoil in the final arc." Asahi Evening Newspaper (26 November 1999)

    Questioner: Many are looking forward to what happens next in One Piece could you give us a message for them?

    Oda:: One thing that keeps me motivated to keep drawing One Piece is that I want to draw the last chapter. The last chapter is amazing! I imagine a final chapter that will make Marinefold arc look like nothing!

    Questioner: Seriously?!

    Oda:: The Marinefold arc really felt like a side trip to me. I didn't expect it to be so popular. So I don't know how readers will take this one. But the thing I think is interesting will be in that last chapter. Until then I would like as many of the fans as possible to stick with me. Eternal Log (2012)
    Oda: Yes, I already decided on how it’s going to end. Should I tell you now?
    Sakura: …. Well, I want to know, but I probably shouldn’t. BUT, the One Piece, it’s not something like “the growth your heart went through”, right?
    Oda: Hahaha, no no, I won’t be pulling off some kind of Wizard of Oz thing like that. After having gone through an adventure like that, it wouldn’t be fair to not actually give them a reward. Omedetou (2014) [Translated by William]
    Interview in "Manga Nou no Kitaekata" (2010)

    Interview with Oda in English Weekly Shonen Jump conducted at Jump Festa 2016 (2015)

    Jump-Style Interviews (2015)
    - Oda: I practiced my drawing skill watching Disney's animation films such as "Peter Pan".

    - Oda: Disney's art style was awesome back in the day when they were producing handmade animations. I watched "Little Mermaid" frame by frame and drew all characters and face expressions that impressed me."

    - At first, Oda didn't intend to draw Senor Pink's past. Editor was moved when he heard the background of Senor in the meeting with Oda. His past is now popular among audience.

    - Before Oda started ONE PIECE, editor Kushima told him that none of his female characters are cute, which shocked Oda most. Oda couldn't sleep at that night.

    - Oda rarely takes a break holiday, but he meets his friends and manga teachers when Weekly Shonen Jump has double issues.



    - Oda usually sleeps at 2 (night) and wakes up at 5 (morning)...

    Oda spends 3 days on storyboards, 3 days on drawings, 1 day on other works (ex. making a new volume)

    [Mirror in imgur]
    Oda usually finishes drawing a storyboard of a chapter 17-19 days before the official release date. TV show "Real Scope" (19 March 2011)

    "I go to bed at 8 (morning) and wake up at 12 (noon)" China Times (2014) [Translated by rio poneglyph]

    In 2012, Oda usually went to bed at 2 (night) and woke up at 5 (morning). ONE PIECE Newspaper Vol.2 (2012)

    In 2001 (2002), Oda usually slept for 2 hours a day. It does not mean that he slept for 2 hours straight. It was an accumulation of 15 minutes' sleep... Tensai Pasokomijuku (2002)

    Oda went back to his home once a year. Instead, his daughters came to his workplace to stay overnight once a week. MEN'S NON-NO (2009).

    Oda earned more than 25 million US dollars in 2010 (2011). TV show "Bakanahurishite Kiitemita" (3 May 2012)

    Oda sometimes invites his friends to his house and holds a party. In Oda's house, there are a river, a life-sized giraffe model and a small train . Marie Tatsumi's blog (2014), TV show "Job Tune" (25 May 2013)
    Oda's house

    [Mirror in imgur]
    [How long will ONE PIECE last?]

    "If I wrote everything in my mind, it would take about 20 years to finish ONE PIECE." Manga Omo! (2002)

    "When I intend to finish an arc within 30 chapters, it ends up 90 chapters being necessary." Playboy (2007)

    "I'd like to finish ONE PIECE as soon as possible." SWITCH (2009)

    "ONE PIECE is 50% done." ONE PIECE Pia (2009), Sound Recording(2012)

    "I was going to finish ONE PIECE within 5 years.
    Every crew joins before Grand Line. (1- 1.5 year)
    Great adventure (3 years)
    Final arc (1 year)" Sound Recording (2012)

    "If I drew everything in my mind in Marineford arc, at least 50 pages would be necessary for each chapter." ONE PIECE Pia (2009)

    "ONE PIECE is at least 60% done. From now on, I'd like to restrain my desire to write many things. If I write what I want to, ONE PIECE will never come to an end." ONE PIECE newspaper Vol.4 (2012)

    Editor Onishi: ONE PIECE is 60-70% done and it will probably finish within 10 years.
    Interview with editor Onishi at ONE PIECE exhibition in Taiwan (2014)

    "I think I can keep drawing in next decade and we will get new nakama successively." China Times (2014)
    http://apforums.net/showthread.php?t=35030&page=28&p=3259430&viewfull= 1#post3259430

    An Interview with ‘One Piece’ Editor Suguru Sugita (2015)

    [Oda's workplace][Oda's Breaks]

    [1997] 0
    [1998] 0
    [1999] 0
    [2000] 0
    [2001] 1
    [2002] 2
    [2003] 3
    [2004] 3
    [2005] 4
    [2006] 3
    [2007] 4
    [2008] 4
    [2009] 6
    [2010] 8
    [2011] 5
    [2012] 6
    [2013] 9
    [2014] 9
    [2015] 9
    [2016] 8

    [How many chapters Oda produced per year?]

    [1997] 21
    [1998] 48
    [1999] 48
    [2000] 48
    [2001] 48
    [2002] 46
    [2003] 45
    [2004] 45
    [2005] 45
    [2006] 45
    [2007] 44
    [2008] 43
    [2009] 42
    [2010] 40
    [2011] 42
    [2012] 43
    [2013] 39
    [2014] 39
    [2015] 39

    [How many color spreads Oda has drawn?]

    [1997] 5   (chapter 1.7.12,16,17)
    [1998] 13  (chapter 22,25,28,32,38,41,44,49,52,56,61,64,69)
    [1999] 10  (chapter 70,79,82,86,94,100,103,107,111,117)
    [2000] 10  (chapter 128,133,137,140,144,147,152,156,160,165)
    [2001] 6   (chapter 175,186,194,198,201,213)
    [2002] 5   (chapter 221,226,241,246,254)
    [2003] 7   (chapter 260,269,274,284,287,293,304)
    [2004] 4   (chapter 310,317,327,334)
    [2005] 11  (chapter 352,357,364,369,373,377,379,383,387,391,394)
    [2006] 8   (chapter 401,405,410,415,422,426,431,439)
    [2007] 7   (chapter 446,449,454,457,464,471,483)
    [2008] 5   (chapter 489,503,507,520,526)
    [2009] 7   (chapter 532,537,540,547,553,566,567)
    [2010] 6   (chapter 578,582,588,595,598,604)
    [2011] 7   (chapter 609,612,618,622,628,634,642)
    [2012] 8   (chapter 651,660,664,676,685,691,692,693)
    [2013] 7   (chapter 699,703,707,710,717,724,726)
    [2014] 7  (chapter 733,741,745,750,756,764,771)
    [2015] 7    (chapter 775,779,784, 790, 796, 802, 809)
    [2016] 9  (chapter 817, 821, 824, 829, 832, 833, 835, 843, 848)

    [Helpful links about Oda's interviews]
    Oda's Weekly Comments [Translated by Greg]
    Comickers (1998) -A Story to Draw the Ultimate One Frame-
    Color Walk 1 (2001) [Fully translated by Greg]
    One Piece Animation Logbook (2002) [Fully translated by Greg]
    One Piece Blue (2002) [Fully translated by Greg]
    Manga Tengoku (2007) [Fully translated by Greg]
    ONE PIECE 10th Treasures (2007) [Translated by Greg]
    One Piece Authors Notes (2007) [Translated by kyoh]
    SWITCH (2009) [Fully translated by Greg]
    SWITCH (2009) [Fully translated by Greg]
    MEN'S NON-NO (2009) [Fully translated by Greg]
    Strong World Artbook(2009) [Fully translated by Greg]
    AERA (2009) [Fully translated by Greg]
    Inoue Takehiko Pia (2009) [Fully translated by gottsuiiyan]
    MEN'S NON-NO magazine: Oda x Kimura Interview (2011) [Translated by Greg]
    Eternal Log -One Piece Cross Talk- (2012)
    note: There are 3 versions of this interview between Oda and Yasutaka Nakata. Eternal Log, Sound Recording and MEN'S NON-NO.
    Oda's interview in Asahi Elementary School Newspaper (2012) [Fully translated by Franky-Aniki and Aohige_AP]
    GHIBLI Magazine (2014) [Translated by rio poneglyph]
    China Times (2014) [Fully translated by rio poneglyph]
    ONE PIECE Great Newspaper Issue 1 (2016) [Translated by sandman]
    interview between Oda and Masaya Tokuhiro in Color Walk 7 (2016)[Translated by sandman]
    Previous/current 6 editors' talk about Oda in a magazine called "TV Bros" (2016)[Translated by sandman]
    ONE PIECE Great Newspaper Vol.2 (2016)[Translated by sandman]
    TV show, pamphlet of Film Gold and the official guidebook "Backstage Pass", Volume 777, ONE PIECE Great Newspaper Vol.2. and Kinema Junpou 2016 summer edition (2016)[Translated by sandman]
    A fan meeting of Film Gold (2016)[Translated by sandman]
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    Wow, lots of stuff here.
    Yep, Oda's taking off around 1/5 of his otherwise-would-be-working weeks at this point
    That'd be about like taking january and february off every year at a normal job (just from his own breaks, some other weeks don't have him doing anything due to no issues of Jump coming out for other reasons... so that's at least another month)

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    16 characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandman View Post

    "If I was influenced by the opinion of female/girl readers, it would ruin my identity as a shonen mangaka." SWITCH (2009)
    ...This will not end well.

    Want to see the Colored Manga Chapters in English? Support Snir in his endeavor by DONATING: http://sniraharon.tumblr.com/

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    I think 15-year old male is quite specific.

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    SO. E. PIC.

    Thank you, sandman.

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    Wow!! O_O

    Thank you so much for all these, sandman!
    Go here for the project and here for the thread! (UPDATE 10/18/20)
    Go here or here (UPDATE 05/10/14)

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    Great work Sandman!

    Question regarding Vivi. So he decided to make her the princess of Arabasta only in the 7 chapters between chapter 103 (her first appearance) and chapter 110 where we find out she's royalty?

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    wow .. this is highly informational and gives me an insight on what goes through the amazing mind/brain of Oda ..

    Thanks a lot Sandman .. :)

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    Really good knowing about this.

    Thanks a lot Sandman.

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    Finally a thread worth reading.

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    Thanks a lot Sandman.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psycrow View Post
    Yep, Oda's taking off around 1/5 of his otherwise-would-be-working weeks at this point
    That'd be about like taking january and february off every year at a normal job (just from his own breaks, some other weeks don't have him doing anything due to no issues of Jump coming out for other reasons... so that's at least another month)
    That only works under the assumption that he stops working in the weeks he's not published.

    In Sabaody, Oda didn't intend to introduce supernovas at first, but only 3 hours after the editor advised him to make the stroy more exciting, Oda wrote a new story in which supernovas appeared. ONE PIECE Grand Countdown 2 (2010)
    I always wondered about this, was it Mr. Onishi that suggested this change? I might be mistaken but he was the editor around the end of Thriller Bark, right?

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    "I don't include any messages into my manga."
    In Chopper's case, he's called a son even though he's not blood-related. So I've put in a message there saying that you can still call someone who's not related by blood your family.
    I never understood the first quote. Like, I realize Oda's themes weren't nearly as heavy-handed back in 2003, but why is he acting like there are no messages? There clearly are...

    "Don't speak ill of Zoro."

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    Thank you so much for the information that helps you to know the author more, why he make the decisions he makes also how awsome he is coming up with ideas on a short notice and it work so well

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    sandman for nakama

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    Default Re: Oda's Interviews

    Wow, thanks! This is surely helpful :D

    "There is a trend that people who point out the inconsistency of a story are rated high, but I don't necessarily think a story must be written coherently." GHIBLI Magazine (2014)

    Yikes? I mean, there probably isn't such a thing as 100% consistency, but one should at least try?

    "I don't include any messages into my manga." Color Walk 2 (2003) , SWITCH (2009)
    "In Chopper's case, he's called a son even though he's not blood-related. So I've put in a message there saying that you can still call someone who's not related by blood your family."


    Editor Onishi: ONE PIECE is 60-70% done and it will probably finish within 10 years.
    Interview with editor Onishi at ONE PIECE exhibition in Taiwan (2014)
    Another 10 years. Around 450 chapters. Can he pack everything into those chapters?

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    Default Re: Oda's Interviews

    That's a great and informative compilation, but sadly I cannot take everything at face value, the guy seems to change his mind a lot and create things on the spot, there are things that even If I wanted to believe them I just can't.

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    Default Re: Oda's Interviews

    Cool compilation, excelent work, yours and greg's.

    The ones that were most interesting were:

    Luffy's mom: He clearly is talking about Dadan, not whomever Dragon knocked up. The dates kind of match up (around Impel Down), he also goes straight to Chopper/Hiruluk.
    That through battle alone he couldn't beat Dragon Ball
    That he likes to draw the crew relaxing (there is dire need for some breather chapters, as in with the crew, not whomever is relevant in the arc)
    That the editors know how it's going to end... ghhghhhhhh
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