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Thread: One Piece digital-colored chapters by Shueisha v2

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    Default Re: One Piece digital-colored chapters by Shueisha v2

    I also convert files to a better quality-size ratio.

    In the previous example from Dincht, you can have PNG option (1130 Kb) vs JPG option (148 Kb). Damn, almost 8 times more size for the same res (780 x 1200).

    Let's hope to have some real HQ images (3000px or so) in the near future

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    Default Re: One Piece digital-colored chapters by Shueisha v2

    Quote Originally Posted by Dincht View Post
    Hiya Captain Halfbeard thanks for visiting my link, but iam already moving to www.dincht.site

    I believe that link refer to my old GDLP, you can read about GDLP here → http://www.dincht.site/idfl-gdlp-goo...ink-protector/

    It's kinda popular around Google Drive user here in Indonesia, atleast for some people who prefer download with Google Drive host. But incase you afraid to download it you can use your secondary or new Google Drive account.

    1. Yes raw mean Japanese.
    2. That's my old stuff if those file around or more than 200mb yes its Raw from various uploader here at arlonkpark since I download it long time ago.
    I just resize it using Photoshop so the quality quite similar
    Here for example:
    arlonkpark → https://i.imgur.com/ZpexbHT.png
    Dincht → https://i.imgur.com/7aYo4C1.jpg

    But if you hardcore fans of One Piece I recommended you download the HQ rather my converted file, try visit manga.madokami.ai
    3. I believe RamistaR download from my link, you can ask him later

    PS: If so many people want Japanese Raw version I can reupload it to other host since this week I am free.

    Hi Dincht, i try to enter in Madokami for RAW HQ (quality can be even better than on BookLive, where I buy the volumes).

    You do not know anyone who has an account on Madokami?

    Or if you can reupload the RAW HQ version, it will be very good!

    Thank you in advance

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    Default Re: One Piece digital-colored chapters by Shueisha v2

    RAWs from madokami are same res 780x1200.
    We do not have anything better than that in colour.

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    Default Re: One Piece digital-colored chapters by Shueisha v2

    Okay Nisemono, thanks to you for this confirmation!

    But, If someone could lend me a Madokami account, it will allow me not to buy all the books on BookLive, for my community fr.

    If you know someone with an account, that would be really nice

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