Couldn't believe my eyes when I searched for a thread and it came back blank. I am sure that by now most of you, if not all, have heard of it. It's a F2P cardgame released by Blizzard and after the introduction of Naxxramas as a single player adventure addition, it will soon get a whole new card set with a "goblins vs. gnomes" theme. This also being the reason for me to get back into playing it after I had ditched the game for a couple months in favor of Battlefield 3 on my Xbox. I am just curious who's playing the game, which classes and decks do you use and how you fare in the arena (I still stuck mayor balls in the latter, so advice is greatly appreciated by me). Tricks, strategies, rants, praise, everything in regards to Hearthstone is welcomed in this thread, so get on with a nice discussion :)

In case anyone wants to add me (or people in general) for practice games and what not, why not share your ingame name:
<---- "ShtinBridges"