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  • Marshall D. Teach "Blackbeard"

    426 64.55%
  • Sakazuki "Akainu"

    39 5.91%
  • The Gorosei

    90 13.64%
  • Shanks "Red Hair

    15 2.27%
  • Charlotte LinLin "Big Mom"

    3 0.45%
  • Kaidou "The man of a thousand beasts"

    3 0.45%
  • Kong

    2 0.30%
  • Dragon

    7 1.06%
  • Seventh Shichibukai

    2 0.30%
  • Other

    73 11.06%
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Thread: Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

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    Default Re: Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

    The corrupted, lingering spirit of One Piece Jesus that's riding around in his ancestor, Blackbeard.

    Luffy = heroic Anti-Christ

    Blackbeard = villainous Messiah

    The "Jesus" of One Piece possibly being Joyboy.

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    Default Re: Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

    You know, being a D. and being interested in history, I hope BB will someday tell us the story of the void century (as a jawdroppin flashback, of course).
    As things are now at Wano, you can expect the final war to be an even bigger clusterf*ck.
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    Default Re: Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

    As far as the ''Pirate King'' goal is concerned, my guess is Blackbeard.

    But it's also possible that Luffy will continue to fight after finding One Piece, in that case their opponent will be the World Government forces no doubt, but then again, even if Luffy decides to take down the World Government, he would have tons of alies, and the main forces will be the Revolutionary army and Dragon. It's hard to figure out who will be Luffy's opponent from the World Government, because I don't think any of the Admirals can actually match with a Pirate King level opponent. 2 Admirals at the same maybe, or even 3 Admirals at the same time (if we follow E.Oda's depiction and Aokiji's words from the War of the Best).

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    Default Re: Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

    Seeing the old admirals together after Rocks all i can think about is wonder who those guys are related to. What convenient coinkydink connects those guys, was Akainu the childhood bully of Aokiji, did Purple guy and him go to the same kindergarten, did the yellow monkey sign up because his uncle Sengoku vouched for him. Can't wait for Oda to take hammer to those guyses past and make it a neat everyone knew everyone before

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    Default Re: Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

    The actually stand say me, we have four names.

    1, Blackbeard - he is the antagonist
    2. Imu - he is the Leader of the government
    3. Sakazuki - he killed Ace
    4. Rocks - when he is still alive than maybe he

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    Default Re: Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

    Personally, after we learned Rocks was:
    A. An evil D.
    B. Was Roger's hated rival
    C. Wanted to become King of the World by killing the Celestial Dragons
    D. Ruled Pirate Island and died around the same time Teach was born
    E. Teach named his flagship after him
    F. Even has the same damn maniacal evil grin

    I don't think Oda could make it any less obvious Teach is the true final villain, unless he shouted from the rooftops "BLACKBEARD IS THE BIG BAD, Y'ALL!".

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