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Thread: Iga is doing wtf Konami isn't doing (Bloodstained kickstarter)

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by Sakonosolo View Post
    I'm not understanding the problem with the game being made to make you shit your pants. How is that different from Silent Hill? It depends on how they do it.
    Because it was never about cheap scary moments, screamers etc. SH is not supposed to make you shit you pants. It's supposed to make you calmly turn the game off, curl under blanket and have nice little existential crisis.

    Still hyped though.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Making you shit your pants doesn't necessarily mean cheap scary moments and screamers.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Err yeah it does? Unless they mean "shitting your pants" as in "blowing your mind (I guess?)" which Silent Hill is more known for. And by how Kojima worded it, I'm going to say he's going for more "cheap scary moments/screamers" rather than it being profoundly disturbing.

    I mean I'm totally up for a horror by Kojima/Del Toro which sounds completely awesome but...no it's not going to be Silent Hill. They have to work miracles to get it to resemble anything LIKE the old school Silent Hill without Akira Yamaoka. And by the sound of Kojima's rhetoric, he sounds like he's missing the point of Silent Hill (NOT that there weren't any pants shitting moments, but...yeah that wasn't what Akira was going for in his games). For example, whenever Akira was interviewed, he often focused on what he intended to make "unsettling" from something that is fairly normal. But I hardly ever recalled him going on about his game being "SHIT YOUR PANTS SCARY". If anything, if he succeeded at his task at making something profoundly disturbing, it will inevitably be inherently "scary" regardless.

    THEN AGAIN, maybe Kojima isn't the best guy to interview for this game. I'm more curious what Del Toro has to say due his style of horror being MUCH closer to that of Silent Hill.
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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by MagiciteKefka View Post
    Wow... for some reason I actually missed you saying that. My bad.

    But I feel like it might have a plot reason for being plural. Maybe there will be more than one Silent Hill in the game? Multiple playable characters going through multiple versions of the town? Yes please.
    Hopefully. If it even sticks to the same style, which based on the discussion is unlikely...

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Welp, that just killed most of my interest in this game. Silent Hill was never about making you shit your pants. If they're doing this it may be a good horror game, but it'll be an even worse Silent Hill game than Homecoming... because it won't fucking be a Silent Hill game. This style of play is the CoD of horror games.

    Oh well, least we got The Evil Within... hopefully it turns out good.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Isn't Evil Within an action game with slight horror influence? I still think you should wait until the actual game is shown rather than going off a marketing teaser.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Nothing can be worse than Homecoming. Unless you try to make game worse on purpose, but even then it will still be better than Homecoming.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by Warp Predator View Post
    Nothing can be worse than Homecoming.
    Downpour was better than Homecoming?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by Warp Predator View Post
    Nothing can be worse than Homecoming. Unless you try to make game worse on purpose, but even then it will still be better than Homecoming.
    My argument is Homecoming is way more a Silent Hill game than what the statements from Kojima is stating this will ever be.
    Quote Originally Posted by Green_vs_Red View Post
    Downpour was better than Homecoming?
    Downpour was pretty good, so yes, it trumps Homecoming. The biggest flaws with Downpour was no Yamaoka and terrible enemy design.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by Buuhan1 View Post
    My argument is Homecoming is way more a Silent Hill game than what the statements from Kojima is stating this will ever be.

    Downpour was pretty good, so yes, it trumps Homecoming. The biggest flaws with Downpour was no Yamaoka and terrible enemy design.
    At least it has the chance to be a good game regardless. Homecoming is godawful game and horrible SH.

    Quote Originally Posted by Green_vs_Red View Post
    Downpour was better than Homecoming?
    By miles. It wasn't stellar, but for SH made by western studio it was surprisingly decent.

    The Room = SH2 > SH1 >> SH3 = Shattered Memories > Downpour >> Origins >>>>>>>>>>>>> Homecoming

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    You put 4 above all of them? Interesting, hadn't heard that before. Usually everyone goes 2.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    2 is very good, but I enjoy The Room plot, characters, atmosphere and "setting" a lot more. Even if it's connection to the previous parts is stretchy.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    I haven't played the games myself, just watched them all extensively over the years (gonna finally play them myself soon as I've forgotten most of the games except for major plot points of course). I think Silent Hill 3 seemed the best honestly.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Oh man I would love to play the good silent hill games, even though for the first three I kinda already know the big story points, but I just can't bring myself to play such horror games. Movies no matter how frightening or games like Resident Evil 4 or Dead Space, wich have more action elements, I'm okay with, because you don't controll the character yourself, but playing games like silent hill, amnesia, outlast no way.^^

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    I'm glad they're trying for something new.

    Not just another bland game. Or spinoff. Last I checked, they attempted to turn the franchise into something like Diablo.

    I ACTUALLY downloaded the teaser and was pretty impressed by it. It immersed me. It frightened me.

    I didn't exactly shit my pants... maybe that will come later, haha. Oh Kojima.

    The hook of the repeating hallway may sound cliche, but it was pretty effective for the escalation of the situation. Also great for something as bite sized as this. It has it's own self contained narrative.

    A repeating location that becomes familiar, but slightly different with each lap. A picture is gone one time, a light is out, or later red. The radio is playing, then it isn't. Then it seems like it's directly talking to the player.

    Oh look... a fridge hanging from the ceiling and violently shaking... with blood dripping from a corner, bathed in red lights. Nothing Silent Hill about that.. no sir.

    The ghost that jumpscares you is effective at raising the tension. I don't feel that the jumpscares were cheap. The narrative gives enough reason for her to be there. The only scare that felt "cheap" was when she appears behind you and "kills you", and you're sent to the beginning room. The only reason this was cheap to me is that it's not in game. It starts up via cutscene and there's a noticeable "skip to video" when it happens. It wasn't disguised well enough.

    But when you first turn the corner and just see her standing there, not moving... that was scary. When I just randomly decided to turn around on one of my laps and see her faintly standing at the end of the hallway, vibrating. That was scary. I could have easily missed it had I decided to keep going forward.

    And once she makes her presence known.. it provides the tension of "how far is this going to go?" You've been through this hallway about 4 times now and know what's around the corner, but you're afraid it might not be.

    The narrative of the family killing father, is very much like the series proper.

    And when you finally turn that corner... and it's completely different, the rug gets pulled from under you. Oh, the pictures are vibrating... nice...

    And then when it finally hits it's climax, you're back in the normal version of the hallway... bathed in normal tungsten lighting... except one thing the message that you had to create on the wall is still there:

    "I can hear them calling me from hell"

    And you can't leave...

    ... then your vision starts getting messed up and you fear the worst, you expect a final jumpscare.

    And then the screen fucks up, you see a bunch of code... and you're back at the beginning.

    CoD indeed. I'm sure the dudebros were scared out of their tap out shirts. But they went on a beer run and everything was better.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    By "CoD of horror" I meant the type of style popularized by Amnesia, you know... the style that practically every horror game follows now including P.T. It's no less horrifying, it just isn't Silent Hill.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Amnesia had very little jump scares though which seemed to be the point you were trying to make when talking about SHs, that it's going to be a bunch of jump scares.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Silent Hills. Hmm...

    I'm guessing this means more than one playable protagonist. Allowing us to play in multiple versions of the "Otherworld".


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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko135 View Post
    Last I checked, they attempted to turn the franchise into something like Diablo.
    Book of Memories....how low this series has fallen.

    But with a crazy fool like Kojima and the design mastery of Guillermo del Toro working together for this game....yeah, this sounds good.

    I played through this teaser and I was numb with dread during most of it. Starts you off in a dark, interrogation-like room that leads to a well-lit, if somewhat dilapidated, hallway. Locked door, swinging light. Picture of a woman torn out by the clock, one minute til midnight in military time. There's an announcer on the radio, chronicling a series of murders, none of which seem related outside of the fact that the killers were all fathers who murdered their families in terrible ways.

    You go through the door at the end of the hall...and you're back in the same hallway, but now things are just a little bit different. It's getting darker. You hear noises. The door at the end of the hallway is closed. You walk up to it, confused...and the locked bathroom door swings open. You investigate and the door locks behind you. There's a deformed fetus in the sink, pulsating. The door starts shaking, like someone is trying the handle. There are sounds, the fetus crying and something else. After a while, the door unlocks and you can progress down the hallway again, and the door is open for you.

    Next hallway. Things are darker. It's quiet. You turn the corner and you see this

    standing there, motionless.

    You stop. You feel yourself go cold. It doesn't move.

    You slowly walk forward, and the light above it goes out, leaving that section of the hallway shrouded in shadow. But the door is open at the end, and you have to walk through it to proceed.

    I love this shit.

    The helplessness, the subtle decay, the heavy ball of fear sitting in my stomach, dreading to turn the corner or look back because you know you're going to see something unspeakable sooner or later...a swinging refrigerator dripping blood, a face in the crack of a door, something pale and twitching crawling out of the bathtub behind you. The sanity-stretching repetitiveness of the hallway. Moving pictures, organic sounds. Something bloody and moving in a paper bag. Scrawled messages on the wall, shrouded in red light.

    This is horror ambience done right.

    This is the sort of fear and dread a player should feel when playing a Silent Hill game.

    I've been playing this series since SH1, over 15 years ago. It has been, and probably will continue to be, one of my most favorite horror series. But this series has fallen on some hard times over the years, and has churned out some seriously mediocre games. Team Silent is gone, doing different things. Akira Yamaoka is gone. The last couple of developers have only grabbed the skirt of what this series should be. So I'm glad we have a new team with some big names working on this, because it's become stagnant and needs something fresh to make it relevant again. And since this teaser is apparently more of a demonstration of the sort of atmosphere we can expect than actual gameplay, I'd say they know what they're doing when it comes to raising a chill.

    I think this could be really promising. And if it turns out to be a dud...well, that's nothing new for this franchise. But by god, I am hopeful.

    a mood come alive.

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    Default Re: Silent Hills

    I've always been a fan of the Silent Hill franchise. I'm looking forward to this one. I'm not going to compare it to the others, it looks like it's going to stand on its own . I will say that, I'm looking forward to what Mr. Del Toro brings to the table. He does good horror work that just might fit the franchise.
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