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  • Portgaz D Ace

    79 37.98%
  • Scratchmen Apoo

    94 45.19%
  • Capone Bege

    35 16.83%
  • Camel

    56 26.92%
  • Comil

    14 6.73%
  • Hatchan

    47 22.60%
  • Ideo

    44 21.15%
  • Trafalgar Law

    93 44.71%
  • Pandaman

    44 21.15%
  • Pica

    57 27.40%
  • Rebecca

    78 37.50%
  • Richie

    46 22.12%
  • Jaguar D Saul

    67 32.21%
  • Shakuyaku

    59 28.37%
  • Vergo

    71 34.13%
  • Roronoa Zoro

    109 52.40%
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Thread: First Round Match #10

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Quote Originally Posted by hosemisnuba View Post
    If you read my initial post, you would understand why I voted Law. I don't exactly like the character, I simply think that because he is presently receiving focus in the story line, he deserves to move to the next round. Ace, on the other hand, is not exactly relevant, and he is, like Law simply, a cool bad ass character. I must admit that my initial statement is not the true reason why I wish for Ace to fall. The real reason I'm bagging on Ace specifically is because he is, in my eyes preventing other picks from proceeding to the next round (So is Law [but he is relevant as I stated], so is Zoro (He's a Straw Hat. Of course he is going to pass the first round, regardless of campaigning). Essentially, I don't like the fact that the three fan girl baits in One Piece are forcing other likeable characters to compete for fourth this match. Of course, I'm being petty, so I suppose we should just stop this argument here.
    I did read your initial post but I posted in a hurry so my post wasn't as comprehensive as I wanted it to be. I agree, Law is important part of the plot atm, and Ace is in the past, but you can't deny the importance Ace had to the story. For me, characters are timeless. If they left an impact on me, I don't care if they are ever gonna appear again. Everyone has their opinion of course - I can see why you think the way you do. And no, you aren't really that petty. It's your opinion and I respect it.

    Besides, trust me, I'm disappointment too that these three were put in the same match. Zoro and Law being more relevant for the current arc they are the ones snatching the votes. Plus, although Ace has his solid fanbase, there are the haters too, although I think the worst era of Ace hate is over. Man, it was painful to be Ace fan around here during Marineford - and I'm not talking about a certain magma fist that killed my favourite character. I blame the anime.
    Apoo being more popular than I remembered/anticipated and Rebecca getting surprisingly many votes despite all the hate she gets are obviously forcing me to post stuff that I was hoping to use in round 1. Oh well...

    Luffy's through, as is Garp and Makino. Dadan and Sabo also made it. We shouldn't break this wonderful family apart! Let's get Ace to round one!
    ~Vote Ace~

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Love campaigns, voting for Apoo, Pica an Rebecca cause of them.
    Working thru some stuff. Dunno how long i will be here.

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Quote Originally Posted by Prismeru View Post
    Love campaigns, voting for Apoo, Pica an Rebecca cause of them.

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Quote Originally Posted by noob View Post
    ;3 It's like love, a nice campaign can do everything.
    Working thru some stuff. Dunno how long i will be here.

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Of course I'm voting Pica. A strong villain you can laugh at and take seriously? Take my vote.
    Everything's Eventual...

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Let's go Rebecca!

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Despite the stupid hate, Trafalgar got it.

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Will Rebecca catch up to Ace?

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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    dang rebecca just missed it :(
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    Default Re: First Round Match #10

    Poor Rebecca :(

    Now Supernova has to choose between two Supernovas. And he puts Apoo above Law, obviously :p

    Zoro, Law, Apoo and Ace proceed to the second round!

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