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Thread: General Zelda thread

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    The only one to activate it's environmental protection, to be clear.

    Most armors have each piece offering "+1 <environment resist>", and the areas only need 2 for cold, heat and fire, in order to leave you one slot to min-max or the sand/snow boots, or to stealth, or the kokor mask or whatever, and then the set bonus being an "<element> proof", while the Female Gerudo set having no individual bonus, but the set giving you the heat resist, (can't remember if it's +1 or +2).
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    Woah, seriously? I completed the game 100% and I never realised I only needed two of each set.
    I'd probably still use all three pieces anyway because using only 2 feels "off" to me.
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    I recently used my overabundance of Platinum Points on mynintendo to get Spirit Tracks cheap on the Wii U. I remember having to quit playing it on the DS because that ridiculously stupid pipe playing thing was so badly controlled due to the microphone being a piece of crap, and I thought the Wii U pad and TV might be a better way to make it work. Sure enough, I can't even get past the very first pipe playing challenge. Is there any advice anyone can give regarding this? It renders the game damn near unplayable.

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