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Thread: E3 2014

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    Default E3 2014

    This year's E3 starts next week. Post your expectations, predictions, complaints, discussions, etc in here.

    Looking forward to TW3, maybe Dishonored 2, maybe some Doom 4 stuff, and of course new stuff that we don't know about yet. Also looking forward to seeing all the screwups that always happen at this thing that are always funny.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Personally, I almost look forward to the post E3 .gifs more than the showcase itself.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyan D. Funk View Post
    I wonder what this year's Microsoft Fuckup will be.
    "Xbox one will no longer be required to play xbox one games, you can all pull out your old 360's, its ok we listened and reversed it"
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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyan D. Funk View Post
    I wonder what this year's Microsoft Fuckup will be.
    I am appalled by your insinuation that there will only be a SINGLE fuckup.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Foolio View Post
    I am appalled by your insinuation that there will only be a SINGLE fuckup.
    I mean the tippy-top of the Fuckup Pile that will produce the most gifs.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Ubisoft will probably win this year again.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    They'll win it and then be outed again for using prerendered footage/early footage that is beyond what will actually be released just like with Watch Dogs because people can't catch onto a pattern.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Last Guardian or riot! To be honest though I have zero hype for E3 it's like what's going to top last year? That was a real show(I still laugh at that out of date sharing games clip from sony), I watched that with friends and chicken wings. I think this year it's going to be like maybe 5 interesting titles and the rest is shit that was more or less expected.

    I think the only thing that could get me amped is japanese devs understanding that they don't need to have AAA production, give us high res 2d sprite awesome stuff. Go for smaller investments that have a chance of high returns. Also it's been a while since we've heard from Igarashi.
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    Default Re: E3 2014

    WayForward said there'll be big news about Shantae and the Pirate's Curse at E3. I'm expecting a release date they'll fail to meet.
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    Default Re: E3 2014

    I'm hoping there will be videogames.
    Working thru some stuff. Dunno how long i will be here.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    I'll be catching the Sony conference live in a theater near me, luckily it's only fifteen minutes away. Other than Sony's offerings I'm really excited for more Smash news and whatever this mystery 3DS game is that warrants a specific 1&1/2 hour discussion.

    And of course every other unnanounced game that will be uveiled there. It's going to be a good week!

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Hoping for a new Bethesda announcement. Even with modding, my interest in the current Fallout and Elder Scrolls games has worn thin.

    As far as things already revealed, I'll be mostly looking forward to Civilization: Beyond Earth, Pokemon stuff, and Halo 5 (the last one just because I'm a fan of the lore, I've never owned an Xbox and therefore have never played a Halo game past Halo 2).

    And of course, hoping there will be some great stuff I won't be expecting.

    Edit: Oh yeah, more Mirror's Edge too.
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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Zelda U and X are at the top of my list of things I want to see. Oh and more smash brothers

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Zelda WiiU, Hyrule Warriors, Smash bros WiiU/3DS info, Fallout 4, Batman Arkham Knight, Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire footage and/or info, new Pokemon IP for 3DS and/or WiiU, Last Guardian, Rainbow 6 Patriot, Mirrors Edge 2 and X.

    These are just some of the games I hope and, for some, look forward to seeing more of at E3 2014. I could probably list more but can't think of anymore
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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Going to E3 again for the 5th time in a row and really excited for the Nintendo booth and the hopes to meet some designers and developers. I hope the swag is better this year unlike last year where I miss the chance to get a free 3ds xl.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    I'm just interested in some localization dates for now (like Persona Q and the American ver. of Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney). Devil Survivor 2 Break Record getting any sort of localization hint or just plain old acknowledgement from Atlus would be nice since it's been MIA for over a year now.

    I also expect to see lots and lots of Mario Kart 8-related gifs.
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    Default Re: E3 2014

    Gifs are dead. Make webms. Though Chrome's latest update messed some up and you can't embed them here yet.

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    Default Re: E3 2014

    To be serious for a moment, I am hoping for some Civilization: Beyond Earth info in addition to the obvious stuff.

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