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Thread: Nominations and Candidates Thread

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    Default Nominations and Candidates Thread

    *This is not the Discussion or Rules Thread. Nominations only!*

    There, unlike the previous years, it's written in large, bold letters this time around. Let's see if people notice it any better than usually. Have fun, everyone, and please go read the rules unless you already have. It will make things run smoothly and save a lot of our time and energy.

    Nominations are only open for the bolded categories. The list of all categories is below. Only nominate candidates for categories that are currently open.

    Once opened, each category will remain open until the necessary number of candidates (10) is reached or, in the event of a category not reaching that many nominations, whenever an Event Mod decides to close them and open the next ones. Several categories, including especially the paired ones, will be opened simultaneously to speed things up.

    Eligible candidates for the Members of Threads/Post Awards are posts that were made on this board or members who were active within the previous year. When nominating a post or a thread, please provide a direct link if at all possible or as specific a description as you can manage if not. In the case of specific discussions that took place within a thread, link to the first pertinent page and tell which pages are in question. Nominees that take too long to find will be ignored and nominees that no longer exist are disqualified. Unless you can provide a screenshot.

    We have also done a bit of a clean-up with the tournament staff and removed some of the old categories that didn't ultimately seem very necessary. Don't be alerted if a category you're looking for isn't on the list. It's not a mistake, the category just simply isn't there this year.


    Closed Categories


    01 Best Thread
    1. Pokemon X & Y
    2. APRIL FOOLS 2013- Waffle Kerfluffle
    3. The URL ruse was a... distraction
    4. What do you think of the way women are portrayed in OP?
    5. The hardest thing that you had to do so far thread
    6. Kingdom
    7. Confession Session
    8. The Cute Thread
    9. What will happen to the Mera Mera no Mi?
    10. Random News Article Discussion
    02 Worst Thread
    1. What will happen to the Mera Mera no Mi?
    2. Winner of Block D Poll
    3. Next Strawhat Crewmate (Vol. 6)
    4. What do you think of the way women are portrayed in OP?
    5. One Piece Stories- Dealing With Trolls.
    6. Chapter 730: "3 Cards"
    7. The final return; I'm back, did you miss me?
    8. "I've made a huge mistake."
    9. Confession Session
    10. One Piece
    03 Best Debate
    1. Captain Coby vs the Catholic Church
    2. Doflamingo can beat Kuzan
    3. The mistake
    4. The issue of scanlations and spoilers
    04 The Best Chew-out
    1. No really, you are pretty much exactly like Hody Jones.
    2. Everyone vs. Davy Jones regarding religion and atheism.
    3. This kid just hauled in a marlin.
    4. Muscles are gross (on women)
    5. Congrats Optard, you've trolled yourself
    6. Robby's chewout on HiatusxHiatus
    05 Funniest Post
    1. SuperJews response to a 18 page long debate on how Violet's powers work.
    2. DoFlamingo paraphrased by glass
    3. Beka Did Act's triumphant return
    4. kouch_lee's slam on HiatusxHiatus
    5. The grand Namiface quiz
    6. CCC's Chapter 704 MangaStream parody script
    7. Pomst
    06 Best Moment on the Board
    1. The members of the HunterXHunter community changing their avatar-status to "on hiatus"
    2. The worst spoiler thread becomes the best by horsing around
    3. AP reacts to XBone reveal
    4. Naruto: Sims 2 Style (and the following reactions)
    5. JJBA thread slamfest of hilarious alternate universe character name puns
    6. The creation of Frank in the tournament discussion thread
    7. how do i become a SENIRO MEMBER
    07 Best Tournament Match
    1. Luffy vs. Jinbe
    2. Zeff vs. Laboon
    3. Bepo vs. Gatz
    4. Donquixote Doflamingo vs. Montblanc Noland
    5. Vergo vs. Crocus
    6. Morianks vs. Naboon
    7. Jinbe vs. Noland
    8. Doffy vs. Kuzan
    9. Moriah vs Kaku
    10. Caesar vs. Shakky
    08 Best Filler Match
    1. Dryish vs. Fujitora
    2. Knarf vs. Snarf
    3. Fujitora vs. Frank
    4. Fujitora vs. Secret Boss Character!
    5. Frank vs. knarF
    6. Alexander is a girl's best friend (Fullmetal Alchemist Preliminary)
    09 Best Campaign
    1. 200+ campaigns for everyone who voted for Jinbe
    2. Moria's Family Barbershop
    3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
    4. The Bepocalypse
    5. Flaming Attachan at work!
    6. Mette's red noses
    7. Add a Hat/Add a Whale
    8. Jinbe's path to the sun 2013
    9. Caesar Goes
    10. Owlfish campaigns
    10 Best Tournament Moment
    1. The creation of Frank
    2. Dryish is dead, long live Toraish
    3. Toraish Has to Break the Luffy vs. Jinbei Tie
    4. Closing Ceremonies
    5. Rayleigh voting for Noland
    6. The first ever Donflamingo invitionals.
    7. The Drawing of Ace v Akainu
    8. Gatz, Smiley & Hattori beating out Dragon & Mihawk.
    11 Most Memorable
    1. TheCrystalShip
    2. Panda Bear
    3. Kitsune Inferno
    4. Aohige_AP
    5. Thousand Lion-chan
    6. Toraish
    7. No Maam
    8. Holy Hell
    9. BekaDidAct
    10. Jabra
    11. Wolfwood
    12 Most Quotable
    1. Valiantt
    2. Wolfwood
    3. Urouge
    4. Cyan D. Funk
    5. kouch_lee
    6. Wagomu
    7. CCC
    8. Monkey King
    9. Gliblord
    10. King Cannon
    13 Most Articulate
    1. Purple Hermit
    2. Dryish
    3. The Daz
    4. No Maam
    5. Panda Bear
    6. Wolfwoof
    7. Gizmo
    8. Print Error
    9. tatermoog
    10. CCC
    14 Most Dedicated
    1. Toraish
    2. Lef
    3. Jabra
    4. Nex
    5. CCC
    6. CaptainAppleJack
    7. Smiley
    8. Roboblue
    9. Redon
    10. Warp Predator
    11. BekaDidAct
    15 Most Original
    1. zachri
    2. noob
    3. Holy Hell
    4. demonicpoodle
    5. Panda Bear
    6. what does Kitsune say?
    7. Print Error
    8. Noqanky
    9. Wagomu
    10. wolfwood
    16 Most One Piece Knowledgeable
    1. King Cannon
    2. Urouge
    3. Aohige_AP
    4. The Daz
    5. CCC
    6. Monkey King
    7. Stephen
    17 Most Profound
    1. Toraish
    2. The Daz
    3. Arei
    4. Foolio
    5. Purple Hermit
    6. kouch_lee
    7. Silverblade
    8. Panda Bear
    9. Darth Asthma
    10. Wolfwood
    18 Best New Member
    1. noob
    2. Epoida
    3. Print Error
    4. square
    5. Purple Hermit
    6. Carmilla
    7. Robzilla
    8. Ordinary
    9. Spam286
    10. Getsuya
    19 Favorite non-Robby Mod/Admin
    Forum Site Leaders

    20 Best Debater
    1. DarkFalcon
    2. Aaronrules380
    3. CCC
    4. Shadowgreed
    5. Robzilla
    6. The Daz
    7. Kishido
    8. Urouge
    9. Thousand Lion Chan
    10. kouch_lee
    21 Best Researcher
    1. Redon
    2. Galaxy 9000
    3. Monkey King
    4. Jojolion
    5. Aohige_AP
    6. CCC
    22 Funniest
    1. noob
    2. Jabra
    3. valiantt
    4. Ubiq
    5. Wagomu
    6. wolfwood
    7. Print Error
    8. TheCrystalShip
    9. Gliblord
    10. Holy Hell
    23 Friendliest
    1. Epoida
    2. Dryish
    3. MetaMario
    4. Print Error
    5. trappedolphin
    6. Chrissie
    7. CCC
    8. Sorikai33
    9. Smiley
    10. Silverblade
    11. Arei
    24 Smartest
    1. Monkey King
    2. Toraish
    3. Panda Bear
    4. TheCrystalShip
    5. The Daz
    6. Foolio
    7. Ubiq
    8. Shipmate
    9. Silverblade
    10. Print Error
    11. Darkfalcon
    25 Craziest
    1. Kitsune Inferno
    2. Zachri
    3. noob
    4. TheCrystalShip
    5. Sai-chan
    6. Prismeru
    7. Holy Hell
    8. Print Error
    9. Jabra
    10. Wagomu
    26 Best Artist
    1. noob
    2. Sai-chan
    3. indigo~ink
    4. zxcv11791
    5. CCC
    6. taboo
    7. Al!na James
    8. Hiroy
    9. Killax
    27 Best Writer
    1. Gliblord
    2. Kitsune Inferno
    3. Chesca
    4. Print Error
    28 Pirate King
    1. Foolio
    2. CCC
    3. wolfwood
    4. Dryish/Toraish
    5. No Maam
    6. Jabra
    7. Panda Bear
    8. RobbyBevard
    9. Silverblade
    10. maxterdexter
    29 Pirate Queen
    1. Miss Saturday
    2. Print Error
    3. TheCrystalShip
    4. Tropped Dalphan
    5. Sai-chan
    6. maggie
    7. Holy Hell
    8. Zachri
    9. taboo
    10. Epoida
    30 Best Fanart
    1. Sai-chan's Dressrosa banner & Icons
    2. CCC's Ornstien(Dark Souls) sculpt
    3. taboo's Meet Me Halfway
    4. Animated Pirate Alliance by zxcv11791
    5. Book Shonen's Princess in a Hole
    6. Shuhan vs Metamario over Rainbow Dash by Hiroy
    31 Best Avatar
    1. noob
    2. Wagomu
    3. MetaMario
    4. biceps2point0
    5. Kisoto
    6. Smiley
    7. Sander (artist: Nobodyman)
    8. Tabasco Boshi
    9. kouch_lee
    10. Print Error (artist: The Navigator)
    32 Best Signature
    1. Light Bro
    2. Jabra
    3. Silverblade
    4. Devil G
    5. Kishido (artist: Marcelle)
    6. Tabasco Boshi
    7. Hiroy
    8. Smiley
    9. Enzeru
    33 Best Chapter of One Piece
    1. 699 "Morning Paper''
    2. 700 "At His Own Pace"
    3. 701 "Adventure in the Country of Love, Passion, and Toys"
    4. 707 "B-Block"
    5. 708 "Colosseum of Knaves"
    6. 713 "Usoland"
    7. 719 "Open, Chinjao!"
    8. 720 "Prisoner Gladiators"
    9. 721 "Rebecca and Soldier-san"
    10. 726 "The Riku Family"
    11. 728 "The Tragic Ranks"
    12. 729 "Shichibukai Doflamingo vs. Shichibukai Law"
    13. 730 "Three Cards"
    14. 731 "Dressrosa SOP Strategy"
    34 Worst Chapter of One Piece
    1. 695 "Leave It To Us"
    2. 705 "Maynard the Pursuer"
    3. 712 "Violet"
    4. 713 "Usoland"
    5. 724 "Law's Plan"
    6. 727 "Ambushing Heroes"
    7. 730 "Three Cards"
    8. 732 "The Underground World"
    35 Best Episode of One Piece
    1. Episode 594 - ''Unite! The Luffy-Law Pirate Alliance!''
    2. Episode 607 - "A White Hot Battle - Luffy vs. Caesar".
    3. Episode 616 - "The Shocking Conclusion! Smoker vs. Vergo"
    36 Worst Episode of One Piece
    1. Episode 614 - '''I'll Protect My Friends!' Mocha's Desperate Escape''
    2. Episode 580 - "A Scorching-Hot Battle! Luffy vs. the Giant Dragon!"
    3. Episode 617 - "Caesar Defeated! The Strongest Grizzly Magnum"
    4. Episode 625 - ''Tension! Aokiji vs. Doflamingo''
    37 Naruto - Worst Moment
    1. Sasuke wants to be Hokage(Chapter 631)
    2. Sakura says that she might even be able to take the Hokage title after getting her ass saved by Sasuke and Naruto (Chapter 632)
    3. Rock Lee using Ninjutsu.
    4. Chakra actually came from some Tree of Knowledge/Eve symbolism thing (Chapter 646)
    5. Uchiha Love Cancer (Ch. 619)
    6. Sasuke's oh so sincere apology to Karin (Chpater 627)
    7. Obito getting talk no jutsued. We knew it was going to happen eventually, but still so terrible. (ch.654)
    8. Every member of the supporting cast sans Zombie Kages are offscreen, inactive and useless
    9. Worst fight choreography ever with mindless Obito (that realy didn't go anywere).(Chapter 639)
    10. Super Ninja Bird powered by Neji's will.
    38 Bleach - Worst Moment
    1. Komamura sacrifices his heart because of some Werewolf release curse thing.(Chapter 557)
    2. "By the way, I knew that the Shinigami would get their Bankai back which is okay because those things just inhibited my guys anyway so there was no real reason to stealing them!" (Chapter 554)
    3. Hollow pills. The perfect cure for those Bankai-stealing Quincies with no "Hollow antibodies".
    4. Did you like Zangetsu? Joke's on you, idiot!!
    5. Ichigo's Mom is a Quincy. We all saw it coming, but that doesn't make it any less dumb (Chapter 528)
    6. Unohana reveals her incomprehensible bankai, which does nothing and then dies. (527)
    7. Kyoraku giving away 'soul tickets', and making the afterlife a moot point and a joke. (ch.546)
    8. Kenpachi was right all along, AKA "I see the truth now! Zampakutou individuality is a lie! You're supposed to use your sword, not fight with it as a team, or ask it for help! (chapter 542)
    9. Snunsui has Kenpachi kill Unohana, cause they've already suffered causalties, so why not kill off some more? (chapter 523)
    10. Legendary Kubo poem nr. 62 - "Slumber is like the moon. Close and far at the same time...."
    39 Best Series
    1. Billy Bat
    2. Tower of God
    3. The Seven Deadly Sins
    4. One-Punch Man
    5. Shokugeki no Soma
    6. Kingdom
    7. Magi
    8. Assassination Classroom
    9. Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji)
    10. Silver Spoon
    11. A Bride's Story (Otoyomegatari)
    12. The Shape of Voice (Koe no Katachi)
    13. Black Lagoon
    14. Mob Psycho 100
    15. Dorohedoro
    16. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)
    17. Animal Land (Doubutsu no Kuni)
    18. Jojolion
    40 Worst Series
    1. Beelzebub
    2. Fairy Tail
    3. Bleach
    4. Naruto
    5. A Town Where You Live (Kimi no Iru Machi)
    6. Gantz
    7. Claymore
    8. Nisekoi
    9. Koisuru Edison
    41 Movie of the Year - Best
    1. Pacific Rim
    2. Gravity
    3. Kick-Ass 2
    4. 12 Years a Slave
    5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
    6. Inside Llewyn Davis
    7. Rush
    8. Nebraska
    9. Iron Man 3
    10. Wolf of Wall Street
    11. Star Trek - Into Darkness
    12. Dallas Buyers Club
    13. Lone Ranger
    14. American Hustle
    15. Machete Kills
    42 Movie of the Year - Worst
    1. After Earth
    2. Scary Movie 5
    3. Grown Ups 2
    4. Jack The Giant Slayer
    5. Man of Steel
    6. The Lone Ranger
    7. Hangover 3
    8. Only God Forgives
    9. Iron Man 3
    10. The Grandmaster
    43 Animated Film of the Year
    1. Wolf Children
    2. Monsters University
    3. Frozen
    4. The Croods
    5. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
    6. Gintama: The Movie: Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya
    7. Saint Young Men
    44 Television Show of the Year - Best
    1. Breaking Bad
    2. Game of Thrones
    3. Orange is the New Black
    4. Broadchurch
    5. Arrested Development
    6. The Blacklist
    7. Parks and Recreation
    8. Doctor Who
    9. House of Cards
    10. Psych
    45 Television Show of the Year - Worst
    1. Family Guy
    2. Big Bang Theory
    3. How I met your mother
    4. Dads
    5. Doctor Who
    6. Dexter
    7. 2 Broke Girls
    8. Community (Season 4)
    9. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo
    10. Annoying Orange
    46 Animated Show of the Year
    1. Archer
    2. Gravity Falls
    3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    4. Venture Brothers
    6. Legend of Korra Season 2
    7. Futurama
    8. Adventure Time
    9. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
    10. Bob's Burgers
    11. Phineas and Ferb
    12. Regular Show
    13. Rick and Morty
    14. Beware the Batman
    15. Space Battleship Yamato 2199
    47 Biggest News Story of the Year
    1. Edward Snowden exposes top secret NSA documents.
    2. United States Government shuts down
    3. Typhoon Haiyan hits the Philippines
    4. The new pope is awesome
    5. Chelsea Manning comes out as herself, after being sentenced to 35 years in a men's prison without access to hormone therapy
    6. #We Are Boston Strong: Dzhokhar Tsarnayev is captured alive
    48 Lamest News Story of the Year
    1. Miley Cyrus does things, trained seals in media spaz out
    2. U.K.'s vestigial organ gets a new member: Prince George Alexander Louis
    3. Beyonce's Publicist thinks he can order the internet around
    4. Ozzy Osborne on drugs; Sun to rise tomorrow.
    49 Console Game of the Year
    1. Pikmin 3
    2. Tomb Raider
    3. Super Mario 3D World
    4. Grand Theft Auto V
    5. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
    6. The Last of Us
    7. Batman: Arkham Origins
    8. Wonderful 101
    9. Rayman Legends
    50 Handheld Game of the Year
    1. Pokémon X/Y
    2. Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds
    3. Fire Emblem Awakening
    4. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
    5. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
    6. Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies
    7. Muramasa: Rebirth
    8. Rune Factory 4
    9. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
    10. Donkey Kong Country Returns
    51 PC Game of the Year
    1. Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs
    2. Civilization V: Brave New World
    3. Dota 2
    4. XCOM: Enemy Unknown
    5. Papers, Please
    6. Surgeon Simulator 2013
    7. Europa Universalis IV
    52 Best Video or Series of Videos
    1. A reason to celebrate: Bostonians sing National Anthem
    2. Zambies! PewDiePie Plays The Last of Us
    3. Vsauce
    4. Attack on Titan Theme Parodies
    5. Button's Adventures
    6. Dennis the Menace - Game Grumps
    7. Ylvis - The Fox (What does the Fox say?)
    8. Super Smash Wars: A Link to Hope
    9. Vinesauce plays Sims 3

    Impending Categories


    ?? Dryish or Toraish
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    We can start nominate now right?
    If not delete this post.
    Worst Thread: What will happen to the Mera Mera no Mi?
    Best Thread: This thread is not much active now but while it was it was realy great.
    Pokemon fusion generator.
    Though I'm sure there's better ones. :P

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Best Thread: Pokemon X & Y

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    Worst Thread: Winner of Block D Poll

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Worst thread:
    Next crewmate discussion

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    Best Thread: Pokemon X & Y

    Never mind...
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Best thread: The hardest thing that you had to do so far thread.
    When AP used to be good:


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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Best thread​: What will happen to the Mera Mera no mi?

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    Best Thread: Winner of Block D Poll
    Worst Thread: Pokemon X & Y
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    Best thread: Kingdom

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Best Thread: Confession Session

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Best Thread: The Cute Thread

    Worst Thread: Chapter 730: "3 Cards"


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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Okay folks, first of all, if a thread has already been nominated, it does NOT need to be nominated a second time.

    Second. I know that opinions will vary, and one man's trash is another's treasure. And that there ARE in fact occasions where a wonderful, rewarding entertaining thread full of discussion can ALSO be an awful terrible thread full of idiots or people constantly needing a chewing out, especially in threads that go for months and hundreds of pages, or the sheer awfulness of something can make it great (Like the Naruto threads) so "Best" and "Worst" aren't mutually exclusive. Sometimes a thread can be both.

    But I'm going to have to insist you guys think twice about nominating a thread that's already been nominated for it's opposite. Once is a thing, and yes, its quirky when a thing can be good and bad all at once. But when it keeps happening it starts to seem like you're nominating something *just* to be contrary.(And we suddenly get four opposite noms within three posts...)

    The staff needs to discuss it some before having an official decision on these opposite noms, since it hasn't been an issue in the past, and in some cases it makes sense for a thing to be in both categories, but we'll probably end up judging on a case by case basis if this turns into any sort of thing.

    There really should not be this much conflicting overlap this soon in such a broad category that encompasses the entire site.
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread


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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread

    Well since I can still nominate for a worst thread.
    Worst thread: I've made a huge mistake.

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