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Thread: Look, it's time for the AP Awards.

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    Default Look, it's time for the AP Awards.

    The year 2013 came and went faster than most of us could even see. Now that we're slowly waking up to a new year, it's once again time for the other event everyone loves. Get ready to fill some ballots, the AP Awards are here again. And I am partly stealing Ubiq's thunder.

    As usual, the rules for this year are as follows:

    01. No circlejerkery. We don't want members of our numerous forum cliques nominating other members of the same group every time. That's unsportsmanlike, and if it comes to our attention that categories are being fixed like that, we will decline those nominations and include someone else instead.
    02. One nomination per OPEN category. We will announce when categories open and close, so pay attention to that. If you nominate for more than just the open categories, we will ignore all your other nominations and only accept the relevant ones.
    03. No buying of votes. That is simply not allowed.
    04. People have the right to refuse a nomination of themselves or their works in any category. The Event Staff also maintains the right to withdraw nominations from consideration if deemed necessary. If you don't want to be nominated for something, contact the Event Staff and we'll take care of it as quickly as possible. Robby has also announced that he is ineligible for the Best Staff Member award this year, so don't bother nominating him.
    05. A bolded Open Category section means that nominations are only being accepted for that particular category. Nominations for categories that are not open will be duly ignored. Don't embarrass yourselves not reading these rules.
    06. Consistent or repeated ignoring or violating of these rules may lead to banning from this section and disqualification of all the nominations that member may have made.
    07. People who are currently banned are ineligible for nomination. As per forum tradition and as dictated by common sense, formerly banned members who have been allowed to return to the community are considered to be in Good Standing and are eligible. This still doesn't mean Zephos should win Pirate King every year.
    08. Don't disrupt threads if there is something you disagree with. If you have an issue with something, take it up with any of the people whose names have been listed at the bottom of this forum. Discussion and debate are allowed in the discussion thread, but everything deviating from rules of common courtesy will be dealt with.
    09. No asshattery. If you can't stand another member who is nominated for a specific category and that seems unfair to you, don't raise commotion. The Event Mods don't want to hear of petty squabbles between people who are all more than capable of settling their differences in private. No complaining about nominations is allowed.
    10. This isn't the general discussion thread, so keep it out of here. If you have questions about the rules, post them here. Anything else goes to the other thread.
    11. The Event Staff has the right to alter and add to this list of rules as it becomes necessary or in the case I have in my eagerness forgotten something important.
    12. The most important rule goes for all forum events: Be positive and have fun!
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    Default Re: Look, it's time for the AP Awards.

    Back to thhe grindsssstone.

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