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Thread: Animators Assemble!

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    Default Animators Assemble!

    So uh.. i kind of had an idea to make a thread of useful stuff for people who are interested in becoming animators, and maybe stir up a bit dialogue (or critique if you're looking for it)

    Your Career in Animation
    Directing Animation
    Animation Development
    Creating Animated Cartoons with Character

    Animators Survival Kit
    Drawn to Life 1
    Drawn to Life 2
    Illusion of Life

    Film Directing: Shot by Shot
    Directing the Story

    storyboard secrets
    Frederator Storyboards
    Storyboarding Tips

    11 second club
    Free Maya Rigs for you to use for practice

    Some youtube videos

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    Great idea. How about sticky-ing it?
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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    For those who want to learn 2d animation. Draw with jazza on youtube is probably the best free teacher/ tutorial maker around.
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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    I'm deeply sorry for missing this thread. This is incredible. Thanks, taboo!

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    Great thread. I've also got a ton of stuff to contribute, but I'm on my laptop right now, so only 1 link.

    Learning to draw interesting characters would go a mile faster if you understand how the human head works. And from what I've learned, and add on if you have other methods, but the loomis method is by far my favorite. It's easy to dumb down the style but still follow the 4 section rule for faces. Granted, you can break the rule as much as you want, but personally I like to keep it under the rule of sections when I draw. To explain it the best I like to follow ProkoTV's tutorials as he explains the loomis method in an entertaining and simple fashion.


    Here's an example of one of his videos.

    I'd also like to get into a discussion about schools, as I'm still trying to save up for Animation Mentor since SCAD fell through.

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    Sorry for answering the call so late, Taboo! I can recommend some additional books and websites.

    Character Animation Crash Course - Eric Goldberg
    Animation: From Script to Screen - Shamus Culhane (Some parts are quite dated, but it has some fantastic exercises on practicing rapid drawing for 2D animation)
    Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions - Tom Sito

    Charles Kenny - Animation Anomaly
    LoopdeLoop (Bimonthly animation challenge)

    The Animation Guild Interviews Interviews with Animation Professionals Old and New
    Guys With Pencils - The most feel good, upbeat animation podcast around!

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    Here are some more sites, Hiroy gave me the ctr+paint site, and it's helped a lot with painting.

    http://colorschemedesigner.com/ (my favorite color theory wheel to use)
    http://artists.pixelovely.com/practi...igure-drawing/ (taboo gave me this site, wonderful if you can't make it to a real life drawing studio. Even has a class mode of 6 hours!)
    http://www.thegnomonworkshop.com/ (I bought a few character animation dvds from them in the past, and from what I saw, they are fantastic. Some are a pretty penny, but a lot are worth it.)

    http://www.youtube.com/user/LucasMartell (Overall fantastic tutorials by this guy who made his own short film over the course of a few years. Even the video on render farming is great, something everyone should take a look into if you're going into 3d animation.)

    I highly recommend character well if you're just looking to draw and can't think of any characters to do. Or any character generator.

    Also, some movies and or special features to check out that are interesting. If you can get a hold of The Pixar Story it's a good watch. Also the behind the scenes for ANY of the Studio Ghibli movies, particularly the Spirited Away making of special feature shows just how bad crunch time can be. In fact, if you have all the dvds, just rip them all and put them on your hard drive as inspiration.
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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    That Character Well website and the Color Scheme Designer are really neat! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    For any one looking for inspiration for their animation tests: http://thirstyanimator.com/51-great-...ses-to-master/

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    One has recently (well late September) embarked on ones animation adventure (well university) soyiss... might end up posting some things here. Maybe.
    Not too lively in here which is a surprise... seems more of an 'advice on animation' thread than a 'discussing animating' thread...

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    One of the main things I see Ringling do which really looks fun is the Character Design Self Portrait for Animation. What they do is draw and paint up a character sheet of themselves in cartoon form in Junior year, then they model it up, texture, and rig it for animation with their own voice for a lip sync.

    Is anyone else interested in doing this together? Would really love to work on this assignment with other people.
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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    This will be of interest to some of you.

    Complicating things since 2009.

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    These group of artists from various companies; Blizzard, Naughty Dog, etc. have put together 2 ebooks that contain a bunch of information on 3d and 2d workflow. If you're getting into the 3d modeling portion of animation, check it out. It even talks about business stuff like freelancing and outsourcing.

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    https://secure.sonypictures.com/anim...eosubmissions/ new Zombie Rig from sony pictures!!! looks so cool!!

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    Not sure if I should have made a topic since it's only a kickstarter right now. But LeSean Thomas is working on getting a pilot for his graphic novel he's been working on for a billion years. Quite a few people are working on it, it seems. The reason I posted it here, is he has a lot of videos and information on how he got into the animation industry.

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    Default Re: Animators Assemble!

    Granted these are for major companies, not smaller companies. But you can get the idea that the salaries aren't as small as people tend to stereotype the industry with. My main point is, art isn't as cheap and poor as we all make it out to be. Sure there are hurdles and steps you have to climb to make it to this kind of salary. I know a lot of of us say we're not in art for the money, but in reality, we chose this career because we love it and we can make money doing it, so for me, I am in it for the money. By that I mean, I'm doing this and expect compensation for my services, I'm not doing it for some big cash in, but I am doing it to make money.

    But, with this, some people might be able to ease their burden knowing that with enough hard work and patience, a very good salary can be achieved.
    The same can be said with other genres of art, find what you want to do, and if you like it, chances are others will to. If something is good enough, people will pay money to see more of it. With things like patreon, kickstarter, and other crowd and solo funding sites, being an artist or writer or musician has never had this much resources to make a living.

    My main point in all of this is, don't get scared of the whole "starving artist" cliche, that happens to the best, and the worst of everyone. Save your money, keep your sanity, push forward. You'll eventually see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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