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Thread: Mangatraders down

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    Default Mangatraders down

    So, it seems mangatraders is pretty dead and will not come back, or at least not soon. It's a damn shame, because it was the only site with a big database from where to download free scanalated series. I'd like to know and share other ways to download series from the web. My main way to do was via mangatraders, and now I will have to use mangaupdates to look for the sites of the scalantors to see if there is a download link to the volumes of the favorites series. Which is a pain when you want to read a serie with many volumes, and you only find links to chapters.

    Another method would be using programs like this: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fmd/

    Instruction for that program:
    Extract the file wherever you want , double click
    FMD to open the program , Go to Options , then go to Mangasites , click on English and check the box next to, for instance, Batoto . Then click on the Mangasites ( Top Left ) , click on Batoto (for the example). Update the list and search the series you want. Click on it and download the ones you want to read .
    But this program doesn't work for Mac, and I' looking for a good program for Mac, so if anyone can help me with it, that would be very much appreciated.

    Does anyone knows about other methods?
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    Default Re: Mangatraders down

    I've used DomDomSoft for downloading batches before from sites like Batoto, but I haven't tried their Mac workaround yet. Tell me how it goes.

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    Default Re: Mangatraders down

    There is an IRC channel where people who ripped off the entire database before it got shot down discuss establishing a substitute...it should take a while, but the data is not lost.
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    Default Re: Mangatraders down

    Quote Originally Posted by Luxor View Post
    I've used DomDomSoft for downloading batches before from sites like Batoto, but I haven't tried their Mac workaround yet. Tell me how it goes.


    Thanks a lot. I'll try it ;-)

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    Default Re: Mangatraders down

    besides domdomsoft, I've also used mangaripper.
    nonetheless, I really hope mangatraders comes back :c

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    Default Re: Mangatraders down

    I didn't know people were going there for there manga fix.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ubiq View Post
    I've often wondered about that myself; seems like being supported by people who only want you there so the world can end in fire (with you going to Hell in the process) would be somewhat off-putting
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    Unhappy Re: Mangatraders down

    It was a pretty useful site. Some of the stuff on there was quite rare and wasn't archived elsewhere online.

    Also, chapters were commonly organized into volumes, which was a welcome saving grace when compared to sifting through multiple individual chapter downloads.

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    Default Re: Mangatraders down

    I've known about mangatraders for quite a while now but today I got an email from info at survela.center and even if they're not part of the hacker group (I have no idea, can't be bothered to find out) I guess my user info was taken too (although that's what's expected). Well, my pw there is extremly old and bad so it doesn't matter but I had a long list of manga series I was following that I guess is gone forever and that's quite poopy. Plus all those forum posts... mangatraders forum has been rather dead for a while but a few years back it was very active and I'll miss it. Hopefully they'll start a torrent site but it will never go back to what it once was.

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