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Thread: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

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    Default One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Mangapanda: http://www.mangapanda.com/one-piece/710
    Mangareader: http://www.mangareader.net/one-piece/710
    Mangastream: soon
    Mangarule: soon

    Aohige's translation:

    Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Bellamy, broken and on the stretcher tells Luffy how he's embarassed that he hasn't changed a bit
    Luffy comforts him that he has certainly changed
    Bellamy tells Luffy if anyone has changed, it's him (Luffy). With such immensely powerful haki, and even cheering him on.
    He tells him his pride is broken, but contrary to those words, is smiling.
    Bartolomeo overhears their conversation, with an astonished look at the mention of "Strawhat"

    Meanwhile Law's team... 45 min until the time for their exchange
    The bridge made of iron is nothing to the might of the Battle-fishes
    CC is worried, but Law says it's ok these these guys will handle them (points at Usopp)
    Usopp: Why don't YOU handle them, "Shichibukai!"

    The fishes attack from both sides at once, but Usopp takes one out, while Robin takes out the other.
    But since there's endless number of them, Law forces CC to fight. CC takes out one with his gas laser.
    Law is conserving his strength for later when they depart... he has to. They're going to face Doflamingo after all.

    Meanwhile, a massive net catches a Battle fish. Mysterious voices cheer for their great catch.
    Law's group can't see them, but hears their voices. The mysterious voices notices there are humans there, and quickly runs away leaving the fish.

    Law forces CC to become a balloon to carry them across the bridge.
    As they arrive to Green Bit, an island of strangely looking jungle full of twisted vegetation, they see a marine ship that's stuck in the jungle. It looks like it literally flew into it. Robin notices the scratches on it are fresh, it just recently got here...

    Robin suspects Law planned the arrival of the marines, although Law pretends not to know anything about it.
    *flashback to when he told Smoker where he's going*

    14 min till the promised time, as Law and CC stay at the beach, Usopp and Robin take a stroll in the jungle.
    They see marines yelling at the mysterious voices, demanding if they're Straw Hat crews.
    The voices ask if they are bad people or good people (childish voices), and tell them to hand over the weapons, which the marines refuse.
    The voices strip the marines naked instantly, taking their clothes and weapons
    Robin sees a shadow of them running off, and sprouts a field of hands (like a garden of flowers) and catch one.
    Robin sees him/her and says it's a dwarf!

    End of chapter

    CCC's translation:

    Chapter 710
    “To Green Bit”
    Page 3:
    Blurb: “In the aftermath of B-block…”
    Bellamy: “I… haven’t changed at all”
    “This is disgraceful…”
    Luffy: “No, you’re different Bellamy”
    Medic: “Move it! Outta the way!”
    Bellamy: “Hah… hah… You’re the one who’s changed”
    “Your “Haki” has exceeded all expectations…!! What’s more…”
    “You cheered for me…”
    Luffy: “Oh, that?”
    Bellamy: “My pride has been torn to shreds…!!!”
    Barto: “Eh…!? Strawhat…!!?”
    Page 4:
    Text: “45 Minutes Until The Transaction Time”
    “Caesar Exchange Team”
    Usopp: “Uwahhhh!!!”
    Fish sfx: *fugogo fugogo*
    “It’s here!!!”
    “Even this iron bridge can’t hold it back!!”
    Page 5:
    Robin: “Are we sure about whether these “fighting fish” are really fish…”
    Law: “...Or not”
    Usopp: “There’s no way you can call that thing a fish!”
    Caesar: “It’s a beast!!”
    “A monster!!!”
    Law: “Don’t worry. These guys will do something about it.”
    Usopp: “Why don’t you, “Shichibukai”!!?”
    Law: “…No, I can’t fight right now.”
    Usopp: “It’s coming!!!”
    “Special Green Star!!”
    “The other side too!!”
    “Two at once!! We’ll be crushed!!!”
    Robin: “Mille Fleur: Gigantesco Mano”
    Page 6:
    Usopp: “Boom Skull Grass!!!”
    Robin: “Spank!!!”
    Sfx: *bonnnnng*
    Law: “Well done”
    Usopp: “Thanks for nothing!!”
    Page 7:
    Usopp: “You thought that was it!!?”
    “There’s a whole school!!!”
    “Let’s just get out of here!! There’ll be no end if we stick around to fight!!”
    Law: “Nose-ya!!”
    “Take off Caesar’s cuffs!!”
    “We’ll make him fight too!!”
    Caesar: “What the!!?”
    Usopp: “If we do that, he’ll just fly away!!”
    Law: “He’ll do no such thing…”
    Sfx: *ba-dum ba-dum*
    Caesar: “Gyahh that’s my heart!!”
    “Bastard! Your death will not be a pleasant one!!”
    “How dare you use a genius scientist like this…!!!”
    Sfx: *Bugouuu!!!*
    Page 8:
    Usopp: “Ohh!! Just the sort of strength I’d expect from a criminal worth 300 million!!”
    Law: “Let’s get out of here!!!”
    Usopp: “Now why exactly can’t you fight!!?”
    Law: “Using my ability exhausts my stamina…!!”
    “The ideal use of my powers will be for the return trip”
    “I need to preserve all the energy I can!!!”
    “Our opponent is Doflamingo…!!!”
    Caesar: “That Law… is he really prepared to go up against Joker!?”
    Page 9:
    Usopp: “Oh crap!!”
    “The bridge is out!!!”
    “I can’t even see the other side from here!!”
    “And we’ve got fighting fish coming at us from the front!!!”
    “We can’t let them do any more damage!!!”
    Fish sfx (right): *Fuga!!*
    Spear sfx (left): *thunk thunk thunk*
    Robin: “It stopped…”
    Page 10:
    Someone: “Alright now, pull!!”
    “We got one we got one”
    “Today was a big success!!”
    “We’ll boost our stamina with some fighting fish stew!!”
    Robin: “Whose voices are those…?”
    Law: “Residents of the island…!?”
    Usopp: “I thought it was uninhabited!?”
    Caesar: “Gastanet!! Shurororo!!”
    “Zehh… zehh…”
    Usopp: “Hey, who’s over there!?”
    “We wanna cross this bridge!!”
    Someone: “It’s humans!!”
    “Hurry!! Let’s get out of here!!”
    Sfx: *drag*
    Page 11:
    Caesar: “Law you asshole! I won’t forget this!!”
    Law: “Take us to the island”
    Fish sfx: *fugogo*
    Caesar: “Stop fucking around!! Even supporting just three people…”
    “Takes a ton of gas energy!! And I’m your precious hostage!!”
    “Haa… haa…”
    “…Made it…”
    “Zehh… zehh…”
    Usopp: “The water’s full of ships, wrecked by those fish…”
    Robin: “Doesn’t look like anyone’s here yet…”
    Law: “The tracks from that fish being dragged end here…”
    “What was that before…!?”
    Usopp: “But… wow…”
    Page 12:
    Usopp: “What a insanely wild-looking forest!!!”
    Sfx: *caw caw*
    Text: “The Uninhabited Island North of Dressrosa: Green Bit”
    Page 13:
    Sfx: *caw*
    Caesar: “Hey!!! Joker!!”
    “It’s me!!! Come and make the trade for me!!!”
    Usopp: “This… this is Green Bit…”
    “What’s with these gigantic plants…”
    Sfx: *mraw mraw *
    *cheep cheep*
    “Over there is the “Southeast Beach” that we agreed on”
    “We’re set to hand you over at 3 o’clock”
    Page 14:
    Usopp: “Ah!! Look over there, on the opposite beach!!”
    Caesar: “That’s a Marine battleship, isn’t it…!!!”
    “It’s crammed into the island!!!”
    “At that angle, it didn’t just wash up from the beach!!”
    “How do you think it got like that!?”
    Robin: “The gashes in the plants are still fresh…”
    Usopp: “Eh!?...”
    “So this ship got here right before we did…”
    Page 15:
    Robin: “The hull isn’t nearly as damaged as it should be”
    Usopp: “You think it sailed right through that school of fighting fish…!?”
    Robin: “It’s only a matter of time before the Marines get here”
    Caesar: “Eh!!? Don’t tell me the details of this exchange were leaked!!”
    “Why haven’t I heard about this!?”
    Usopp: “Shhhh!!! You stupid scientist, keep it down!!!”
    Caesar: “Oi, I’ve got a bounty on me!!!”
    “My boss, Joker, quit the Shichibukai, so there are no laws to protect me now!!”
    “If you were to abandon me on a Marine-infested island while wearing these cuffs…”
    “No, don’t do it! Joker’s just a regular pirate now, isn’t he!!!”
    Robin: “…You’ve got a nasty look on your face.”
    Law: “It’s sheer coincidence.”
    “Why would I spur the Marines to action…?”
    Flashback Law: “I’m planning to head to Green Bit…”
    Page 16:
    Caesar: “This is no place to make the transaction!! Call it off!!!”
    Law: “I’ll also be viewed as an enemy of the Marines”
    “I did team up with the Strawhat Crew, after all…”
    Law: “We’ve got 15 minutes. …You two, I need you to back me up”
    “With your sniping and intelligence gathering…!! We don’t know who’s hiding in there”
    “If there’s something unusual in the forest, you need to notify me”
    Robin: “Okay. Understood…”
    Usopp: “Hold on now! We didn’t expect there to be Marines here!!”
    Caesar (bottom right of middle panel): “Don’t tell me you planned all this!!!”
    Text: “14 Minutes Until the Exchange: In Green Bit’s Forest”
    Usopp: “Ro...Robin!! This forest is dangerous!”
    “Wait! Don’t leave me alone!!”
    Robin: “Fufu… nice to know you’re so reliable, Usopp”
    Usopp: “Gah!! Not so loud!!”
    “I’m begging, don’t leave me!!”
    Robin sfx: *giggle*
    Page 17:
    Usopp: “Just slow down a bit…”
    Marine: “Who’s there!? Is that you, Strawhat crew!?”
    Usopp: “Gyahh we’re busted!!”
    Someone: “Nope!!”
    “I’m Leo!!”
    Marine: “Where are you…!? Who are you? Show yourself…!!”
    Usopp: “It’s the Marines!! …Who are they talking to!?”
    Robin: “Seems like they knew we were coming here”
    Leo: “Are you good people? Or bad people?”
    Marine: “We’re Marines! We protect people, so we’re definitely good guys!!”
    Leo: “Okay, then gimme those weapons!!”
    Page 18:
    Marines: “We’re not giving you anything!!”
    “We’ve got a mission here!!”
    “Show yourself!!!”
    Marines: “Gyahh!!”
    Usopp: “Eh… What’s going on!?”
    Marines: “Gyahh!!”
    Robin: “It’s too fast. I can’t see anything…”
    Marines: “Uwahhh”
    “We’ve been stripped bare!!”
    “What’s up with this forest!?”
    Page 19:
    Robin: “Mille Fleur”
    “Campo de Flores!!!”
    Black sfx: *gah!*
    Someone: “Wahh!!”
    “It’s got me!!”
    “Wahh! Help me”
    Usopp: “Eh!? Robin, what is it!!?”
    Robin: “I think…”
    “It’s a dwarf!!!”
    Blurb: “What’s this, now?”
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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Hype hype hype hype hype !!!!

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    YAYYYY :):):):):)
    - Those fish are massive, much much bigger than I thought
    - Great landscape on Greenbit love it already
    - Robin is an intelligent one isn't she, quickly works out that Law told the Marines to go to Green Bit.
    - It's good as people have said that Law has a weakness e.g his stamina otherwise his DF seems too OP
    - Does this mean that Fujitora is probably on Green Bit?
    - I wonder what the dwarves will look like. Hopefully something like the ones on LOTR or something
    - And also I reckon all of Ussop's stories will come true
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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    A chapter/ Dressdrossa is developing greatly! Green bit should remind Usopp his time skip. Oda’s pace is amazing!

    All the dudes getting naked, Oda confessed that it was an idea from Mishima

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    There's no chapter

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Chapter was special and wonderful
    The fact of doubt now Law Traitor straw hats

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    I expect that those who turned up in front of Robin and Usopp are jinn

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Love the color spread, Bart's reaction is interesting and the Green Bit stuff as well

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Is it Momo & Bepo on the cover page?

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Quote Originally Posted by Kishido View Post
    Love the color spread, Bart's reaction is interesting and the Green Bit stuff as well
    Are Bart's reaction mean he was scared or what
    I think he was worried because he wants to get a fruit of that person
    And straw hat spoiled upon it

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Lol mangapanda made Caesar Clown a 3 Billion Criminal hahahaha

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Can't say I'm dissapointed , pretty cool chapter indeed , and finally no stupid fighting anymore
    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsune Inferno View Post
    You are a treasure.

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Great Chapter.

    Oh hey, Law's full tattoo!

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Quote Originally Posted by Kishido View Post
    Where is the line in Mangapanda about Law having to store his power to fight later... LOL Can't see it
    It's page 8, isn't it?

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Green Bit looks awesome.

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    those at the end are the fairies for sure.
    God, mangapanda's translation really is awful

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Quote Originally Posted by Ping View Post
    It's page 8, isn't it?
    Yeah found it... Probably skipped it the first time... But thank you =)

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Robin is effing sexy right now.

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    Pretty good chapter, looking forward to seeing Oda's take on dwarves, I'm sure it'll be pretty wacky and out there... Happy to have One Piece back.

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    As far as I can see, Dwarves in One Piece might be the race that is good on high-speed moving.

    One dwarf for the SH crew please lol

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    Default Re: One Piece Chapter 710 "To Green Bit"

    So Law's ability slowly saps his strength and stamina away. Seems like a fair trade off considering the hax nature of his ability. Nice to see Oda finally apply a little balance to it and even nicer that that balance isn't simply "lolmusthavestrongerhaki".

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