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    Quote Originally Posted by vyse&homunculus View Post
    I feel like the manga has been intentionally doing that during the Onigashima raid - Oda has the characters mention what they have been up to as we drop into them mid-fight. Like how the fight has been going so far before the conclusion is reached. Maybe it's so he can keep the progression of the battle at a brisk pace.
    I think it's intentional on his part at this point to give the anime more stuff to show since it's always nipping at the heels of the manga.
    There have been cases (such as with what Sabo went through with the Revolutionary Army prior to his re-entering the story) where Oda has just flat-out said "There was a lot of detail I couldn't fit into the manga, but the anime expanded upon it a bit so if you want more detail, go check that" so there have definitely been cases where there has been "Oda-sanctioned" filler. Daddy the Father in Loguetown was another case. While the anime does not always make use of the opportunities Oda gives them, yeah Oda definitely does at times deliberately leave things vague for the anime to expand upon.

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    I really appreciate you going back and re-editing the old episodes with the new beautiful HD footage. It must seem like a hassle to redo episodes that you've already done, but the end result is wonderful.

    And hey, at least you've only got to do Baratie once.

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    Question. Which arcs are you planning to eventually re-do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dahaka. View Post
    Question. Which arcs are you planning to eventually re-do?
    I don't represent One Pace, but from my understanding they plan to eventually redo every arc that doesn't meet their current editing standards. Those standards being 1) 1080p video, Blu-Ray quality when possible 2) Dual-Audio, Japanese and English dub 3) Subtitles in multiple languages.
    That being said, episodes never have a release date, and there is no schedule or quota. Things just come out when they come out. And things like keeping up with Wano or finishing Arabasta are likely going to be higher priority than redoing arcs that have already been done.

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