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Thread: One Pace

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    Thanks for your hard work :)
    I hope next ep is realead quicker than this because 1 month wait is too killing </3
    ayway really great work! appreciated
    10 episodes to catch

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    Been a month with no new episodes... :( Hope the team is doing okay.

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    i am hungry for cake

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    @parappa: So you would like one piece of cake? :D (pun intended)

    But it is true,it has been a while since the last release.

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    Hi one pace team.

    It been a while since we got an whole cake episode. Has the project stoped for the time being?
    Hope everything is ok. As always thank you for your hard work and very excited for the upcoming episodes.

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    It's clear that everyone wants more, but let's not keep bugging them about it.

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    We've just been a little busy with school starting back up for most of us, and one of our two QCers is on a work trip. The weekly schedule was never really meant to be sustainable year round, so my apologies if false hope was given.

    In any case, Whole Cake Island 20 and 21 are both in the timing phase now, since me and Feeso were able to get around to fixing them up. Both episodes will release at around the same time, but there's no estimated release date available.

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    Thanks for the update and all your hard work

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    Happy to know more is coming thanks

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    Whole Cake Island 20 is out.


    One Pace - The One Piece anime without the filler and padding.
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    How are you this far into Whole Cake when the most recent soundtracks (Luffy vs Sanji, Luffy hunger strike spoiler, We Are remix etc) still aren't released?

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    Quote Originally Posted by galaxy 9000 View Post
    whole cake island 20 is out. https://onepace.net/?episode=347
    yeeeaaaaah booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooi

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    Nice job! *Patiently waiting for new episodes*

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