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Thread: Pacific Rim (Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters)

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    Default Re: Pacific Rim (Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters)

    Quote Originally Posted by Nilitch View Post
    Exactly what I was gonna say, but still don't get why the first movie is any different from the Transformers/PowerRangers.
    It was actually fun and embracing its kaiju roots. Power Rangers and Transformers both seem ashamed of their source material.

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    Default Re: Pacific Rim (Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Starfish View Post
    Okay, so throughout the first movie they repeatedly hammered home the point that the kaiju were getting stronger, their attacks were getting more frequent, and that if they didn't act soon they'd quickly reach a point where there was no hope whatsoever of stopping them. The final battle was literally set up to be their last ever chance. All the Yaegers were destroyed in the battle, they narrowly closed the rift...

    But NAH, that was just the beginning! Now I'm just left with a few truckloads of questions, starting with: How exactly would they even survive the return of the kaiju after that? The assumption at the end of the first movie was that they were gone for good, and none of the Yaegers survived the battle, meaning the next time a kaiju would attack, it would be completely unexpected and they'd have nothing to defend themselves with.
    I'm guessing this is some years later and it looks like mankind developed new Yaegars for a different purpose, absent the humanity threatening Kaijuu, for purposes of warring against each other.

    So when the humanity threatening Kaijuu appear again there are plenty of Yaegars around.

    But that's just a guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robby View Post
    It was actually fun and embracing its kaiju roots. Power Rangers and Transformers both seem ashamed of their source material.
    I don't know about any other recent Power Rangers endeavor besides the recent American movie, but it was actually really good fun.

    Though it was more of a focus on the human characters than rangers in spandex fighting putty men, so that might not have been what everyone was expecting. I only watched Power Rangers in my childhood and there have been so many iterations, I don't know what exactly constitutes source material.
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    Default Re: Pacific Rim (Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters)

    Bay's Transformers manages to be ashamed of it's source material in spite of taking shit from every iteration of Transformers - making an incredibly surreal experience for those deeply familiar with the franchise, and an incredibly incoherent experience for everyone else.

    Power Rangers meanwhile had all the aesthetics of a Bay Transformer film but somehow pulled a good movie off in spite of that. The presence of actually likable characters may have helped.

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    Default Re: Pacific Rim (Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters)

    Saw Uprising tonight. Surprisingly had a lot of fun with it and I think it's about as good as the first film; it shares a lot of its strengths and especially weaknesses.

    No significant/specific spoilers below, but hiding them just in case.

    So yeah, first thing to know here is that the kaiju don't just automatically come back. I liked how it happened, although the catalyst for it becomes an afterthought toward the end.

    Also, while the first film's battles took place at night, this film has its slugfests in broad daylight. I thought that was a considerable improvement; the fights were a lot easier to follow this time around and the money shots looked better.

    While the characters again weren't really the main priority, I felt they got more focus than last movie, and to me it worked. It's a diverse cast with mostly pretty good depth, and features some pretty unexpected and brutal deaths.

    ^ That being said, though, I can't really disagree with the people saying that this film feels like it has a lighter tone than the previous one; it does. There are several instances where the Jaegers go through technical-ish difficulties usually for comedy and by the end I was growing rather wearisome of it. Usually in the first film Jaeger difficulties were serious stuff that the pilots would have to deal with through courage and resolve.

    While I'm not dissatisfied with the climax, there is a point closer to the middle of the film where it seems like the film is getting really ambitious, only for the problem to be dialed back considerably within 10 minutes. Had they stuck with the more ambitious plot the film could have easily become a mess, but I'd have still liked to see it and what we ended up with felt rather lackluster because of the dip in tension.

    Also, a big part of the climax involves a revelation about the Kaiju that doesn't really fit well with what happened in the first film at all, so that dragged down the climax as well. In addition, there's a really large sequel hook at the very end which makes this film feel more like a bridge and lose impact as a result (though I will admit, the concept they seem to be hinting at for the third movie is quite interesting and I'll definitely want to check it out)
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    Default Re: Pacific Rim (Giant Robots vs Giant Monsters)

    Not that I know anything just yet about Pacific Rim. It's still on my to-do list. But demanding people to describe characters to prove how shallow they are using a test to determine if they actually have a personality is like using a measuring cup to measure weight.

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