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Thread: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    the vaccine vaccine fruit. you can transform parts of your body into a syringe to protect your friends from various stuff.
    by increasing the dosage you can also make your enemies sick.
    the big weakness is that people will blame you for autism, lowering your self esteem.
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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    The Block-Block fruit. A concrete Logia.

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    109 pages, TLDR. Forgive me if I use one already mentioned.

    Dial-Dial no Mi: Turns user into a living Dial, able to absorb multiple forms of energy and matter like light, heat, impact, sound waves/music and gas, store them (in the same sort of capacity that Caribou's storage worked), and then release them at will. Can only choose one type of thing to absorb at a time, but can store all types and release in any order at will.

    Memo-Memo no Mi: Can memorize, consciously or unconsciously, everything happening around them with instantaneous speed and accuracy in unlimited capacity. Works well for melee fighters so they can memorize their opponent's style instantly and counter it. Also makes one a perfect witness or spy. Or for learning foreign languages rapidly. ((Not anything like Pudding's DF ability.))

    Jinei-Jinsei no Mi: Bring life to any inanimate objects that resemble living beings. Not just abstract things like 'that cloud looks like a dog', but intentionally crafted things like statues or paintings, including reflections in mirrors or water (which will have attributes like being made of glass or liquid, but looking exactly as they do in their reflective forms). This would be the only non-Zoan DF that could be eaten by an inanimate object and still bring it to life.

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    * The Part-Part fruit

    Can part anything (like with Moses)

    Using hands or fingers or legs together and then parting them can separate anything (like the ocean, buildings, or people ect)

    Glad to be back and posting here after a while lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by KumaPaws376 View Post
    * The Part-Part fruit

    Can part anything (like with Moses)

    Using hands or fingers or legs together and then parting them can separate anything (like the ocean, buildings, or people ect)

    Glad to be back and posting here after a while lol
    Kinda turns everyone into Buggy. That's neat. I assume they don't die and it's more like Law's fruit?

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    : parpadeo: [CITA = Johnny B. Decente; 1674634] Yuki Yuki no Mi
    -Nombre: Snow Snow Fruit.
    -Tipo: Logia.
    -Capacidad: capaz de generar, controlar y convertirse en nieve.
    -Frostbite: cuando es usado por el comedor, la nieve del DF puede causar congelación intensa. Básicamente, piense que la absorción de humedad de Crocodile se encuentra con la congelación de Aokiji.
    -Capas resistentes: cuando la nieve se acumula en un solo lugar, es muy difícil, como quedar atrapado en una avalancha. Entonces, al hacer lo mismo con este DF, el usuario puede causar bastante daño.
    -Succión: cuando caminas en la nieve, hay una buena probabilidad de que tu pierna se caiga y experimentes algunos problemas para salir. Con esta habilidad, el usuario puede agarrar y soportar cosas, así como también puede atrapar a alguien para otro ataque.
    -Manipulación del agua: al igual que Cocodrilo es capaz de hacer cualquier terreno a su favor a través de sus poderes. así también puede el usuario con agua. Al inyectar sus poderes en el mar, puede convertir gran parte de este en un aguanieve y caminar y luchar contra él. Bastante práctico.
    -Permafrost: de manera similar al método de Crocodile anterior, también el usuario puede convertir el suelo en Permafrost. Sin embargo, debido a que aún permanece en cierta medida, no es tan poderoso.

    -Quién pronostico comerlo: el nuevo usuario de Logia de tokens entre los shichis. [/ CITA]

    OMG Esa es la fruta del diablo de Monet

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    wowowowoow that´s Corazon´s devil fruit
    Quote Originally Posted by Tigre_Bella View Post
    How aboutttttttt...

    Mute Mute Fruit?
    (I don't know too much about the types.)
    It enables the user to mute any person or thing.

    Not very creative but I tried. xP
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    OMG that´s like Ivankov devil fruit
    Quote Originally Posted by lucci85 View Post
    Oxi Oxi: Logia: You can manipulate oxygen and use its atoms to attack.
    All the abilities are: -Transformation into oxygen. -Invisibility (because of transformation) -Indipendence from breathing -Absorbtion of oxygen in other bodies -Pressured oxygen bullets (like Coup De Vent) -Oxidation (works with metals) -Hyper intelligence and strength
    Weaknesses: Fire completely nullifies its powers.

    Genu Genu: Paramecia: You can manipulate your own DNA and genes.
    Abilities: -Perfect camouflage (better than Bon Clay) -Hormone control -Sex change -Body transformation
    Limits: It needs a lot of concentration to find the right genes to modify, or it will cause serious genetic problems like diseases and mental disorder.

    Kime Kime: Epic Zoan: You can transform into a fire breathing chimera.
    Abilities: -Transformation in any animal species -Substitution of animal parts with others (for example, a tail for a full snake) -Detachable parts of the body
    Limits: It can't use more than one species per part (for example, impossibility to grow two snakes, but just one)
    Weaknesses: Random, depending on the animals used

    Hoshi Hoshi: Paramecia: Limitless will power gained, everything you want will instantly happen.
    Special ability: Makes the user ineffected by Haki because of extreme willpower.
    Limits:Every desire of damaging the opponent directly (for example, wanting about the enemy on fire) will damage the user too, by 50% damage (half the user's body will be on fire) -Desire to kill results in fainting.
    Weaknesses: Itself (it's always active)
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    • One of the big mom's sons has a devil fruit that allows him to bring out a genius by rubbing himself, but I must admit that your idea seems better to me.
    Quote Originally Posted by The One Piece Guy View Post
    Human - Human Fruit Model: Genie

    Also the user to become a genie
    3 forms

    1st is normal human form or whatever they are

    2nd half genie half human : The person grant wishes for themselves but not for others. They cant wish people dead, They cant wish for someone to fall in love with someone, They also cant wish a person to lose their devil fruit. The wishes can backfire on the person (For example) Say you wished that a rival's pirate crew will crash in the sea, well your wish might come true but thats because they crashed into your ship. (There are better examples just the first i came up with)

    3rd is full genie: In this form there wishes become more accurate and do not have nearly as many drawbacks. They may also grant wishes of others but can only grant 3 to that person. Same rules above but they also can not wish for more wishes. The drawback of this though is that in this form a genie lamp will appear under the user, and if someone were to get ahold of it they could trap the user inside of the lamp. So ideally you would want a trust worthy crew member to hold onto it if you were to transform into this form

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    Foru Foru No Mi - Paramecia

    Person,who eats this fruit can rule whole trees and plants.One Piece Universe has mysterious plants,for example Usopp'n's Island.Therefore,this devil fruit would be so strong if it was in the Universe.

    Like Hashirama's power.You can control moving trees,sharp thorns,cactuses and plants which would sleep enemies of user.It must be too strong fruit but it haven't endurance for flame and ice.

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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    Don't know enough to come up with a name for the fruit, but it allows the user to switch two other peoples' Devil Fruits with each other.

    Possibly, a beginner or less experienced user could only switch them temporarily and they would switch back on their own after a set amount of time, and a more experienced or awakened user could make it permanent, with only the user being capable of switching the fruits back to their original users (or upon being knocked out, as is the case with a few other fruit powers like Sugar's). The user can't switch their own fruit with a different fruit either temporarily or permanently.

    Some ways this fruit would be beneficial:
    -if you have two people that are unhappy with their powers and want to switch, you can give them powers they'd be happier with

    -in a combat situation, you can weaken your enemies by exchanging their fruits with one they're less familiar with and might not be able to use as well

    -if your allies are dealing with different situations that they'd handle better with a different fruit, but it's not feasible for them to go to the others' locations because they're busy fighting enemies or inside a death trap or behind restraints

    Some weaknesses, aside from the standard Devil Fruit weaknesses:
    -in a combat situation, swapping enemies' abilities might not always give you an advantage. It would mostly be useful against enemies who are overly reliant on their Devil Fruits and have nothing else going for them. If they still have skills outside of their fruit like a mastery of Haki or a weapon they're proficient in, you'll still have that to worry about. Swapping out your enemies' abilities also doesn't necessarily mean they won't be able to use their swapped fruits well. They could get a decent enough grasp of how it works if they're fast learners, or understand enough to make do from seeing their ally use it enough. Zoans and Logias are probably similar enough in functionality that swapping two of them won't be too much of a hindrance unless they're vastly different Zoan animals. It's mainly Paramecias that would struggle, since their abilities can be so different, or two enemies with different fruit types.

    -if this is a fruit where all of its effects are reset when the user is knocked out, and you're using it to give people abilities they like better, that could be annoying if you get knocked out a lot and they'd have to keep coming to you to get their powers switched again.
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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    I have thought of a fruit for a while now. Based on a crew I am creating in my head for funs

    Genko Genko no Mi I believe that would translate to the Language Fruit.

    Technically you will be able to communicate with anything and anyone. Furthermore you are able to take in text really fast as well so you are a beacon of knowledge. The owner also becomes really apt with martial arts fighting styles due to the fact that his awakening helps the user in reading bodylanguages and thus you are able to learn any kind of martial arts with ease.

    The latter was more of an awakening as well.
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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    One Piece fruit. It is a paramecia type. Location: Raftel.

    The power to use all of the devil's powers. It is the strongest fruit but limited to people with CoC and the will of D(evil). The eater unfortunately will die within a year and within that year they could obviously turn the world upside down. The only character in all of OP who can walk on the ocean floor unimpeded, the only character in all of OP for whom wealth becomes meaningless as they can produce all the jewels in the world without limitation, the only character who can become any and all of the logia simultaneously, the only character who can awaken the entire world and turn parts of it into zoan clones, and use all the abilities of the paramecia type in one body. The only DF that can potentially defeat the supreme authority in the world of OP.

    Enlightenment enlightenment fruit. It is a paramecia type. Location: Marijoa

    The DF confers the eater with the power to make their dream a reality. It is an overpowered DF, its only limit is the eater's creativity and mental strength. It is why Im is immortal and all-powerful. It is in the same tier as OP.
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    Default Re: Create Your Own Devil Fruit

    Shin Shin no Mi (New-New Fruit) - Allows you to restore any inanimate object back to brand new, untouched condition - sort of the opposite of Shinobu's fruit

    Roke Roke no Mi (Rocket-Rocket Fruit) - Allows you to generate rocket jets on your body. Has a variety of uses including flight, exponentially amplifying the speed of attacks, or burning objects with the flames.

    Kagu Kagu no Mi (Smell-Smell Fruit) - Amplifies your sense of smell by a hundredfold, and allows you to generate any scent that you've smelled before.

    Teki Teki no Mi (Adapt-Adapt Fruit) - Renders you immune from a harmful force after experiencing it once, e.g. becoming incapable of getting frostbite again after getting it once.


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