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Thread: Your favorite One Piece character

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    Only Trafalgar Law

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    I like Koby.

    He has barely appeared in the official manga, but he was the first character in the present time we meet other than Luffy.
    And his 0 to hero story seems like it would be as compelling to follow as Luffy's story. For his rank and power to be going up like it is, he must be having some fun adventures off-screen.
    I wish we got a whole lot more with him.
    It would help balance out the story between Luffy fighting for unbridled freedom and then a counter-balance about an emerging hero who is fighting to keep law and order in the world to save the people who just want to live peaceful lives.

    I also like Perona and Sabo as other characters whose full stories I might like to see.

    Out of the main crew, Sanji is probably my favorite, which makes me partial to his siblings too. I hope we haven't seen the last of Reju and the brothers. The fact that Yonji gave Sanji the raid suit maybe suggests that if any of Sanji's brothers can learn to be better, its likely to be the youngest. Plus, since Sanji has already beaten him one-on-one, there is nothing more Sanji has to gain through fighting him again.

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    Sanji now and forever followed by a close Zoro

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    1. Akainu
    2. Luffy
    3. Law
    4. Zoro
    5. Kizaru
    6. Sanji
    7. Aokiji
    8. Usopp
    9. Crocodile
    10. Kidd

    Akainu's home island! Beautiful, isn't it?

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    #1 Luffy #2 Zoro # 3 Usopp

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