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Thread: CaptainAppleJack's AMVs

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    Default CaptainAppleJack's AMVs

    I figured it wouldn't make much sense to post new videos of mine in the "Post AMVs YOU made"-thread all the time, so I'll open my own thread now. ^.^

    I only seriously started making AMVs rather recently, starting with this one, which I made for a contest at an Austrian convention.

    Now I have moved on to making AMVs about OP characters that appeared during "From the Decks of the World". Until now I finished a video for Orange (Boodle & Shushu) as well as for Dalton.

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    Default Re: CaptainAppleJack's AMVs

    And now one of the most beloved characters of all One Piece: Disco!!

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    Default Re: CaptainAppleJack's AMVs

    Next up: Zeff.

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    Default Re: CaptainAppleJack's AMVs

    New video, although not a "From The Decks Of The World" part this time:

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