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    This section is for Viz's Shonen Jump Alpha project, and specifically the One Piece portion of it. Arlong Park encourages all eligible users to support Viz's attempt to legally produce an English version of One Piece in an online digital format. Our very own stephen does the translations, which we believe are as good as it gets. This product is only licensed for America, however. There are just a few quick ground rules regarding this section.

    Anything that SJA hasn't gotten to yet will be treated as a spoiler inside this section. There's a very wide area outside of this section to discuss those things, so doing so in here will not be treated lightly. Anyone who chooses not to read scanlations should be able to read this section without getting spoiled. The current delay is around 2-3 weeks.

    No New Threads
    You'll be able to post freely in this section, but posting new threads is disabled for the time being. If traffic or content demands it, then we'll consider adding more threads or turning thread creation back on. For now, though, the threads provided should be sufficient for the discussion we anticipate.
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    To support Viz hosting all Jump manga for FREE and day of release, Arlong Park will now support the official release.

    Official chapter discussions now start Sundays at Noon, EST.
    Please do not post threads when scan sites release their version, and just discuss those releases in the spoiler thread.

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