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Thread: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

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    Default Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    It's out!


    alternative translation by Aohige:

    part 1

    Chapter 644: Zero

    Citizens: What is going on up there in the sky...!? Hody's true nature...!?

    Fukaboshi: The hatred in these men lack both experience and will!!
    They're hollow enemies with no substance!!

    Citizens: What is Prince Fukaboshi trying to tell us?
    Run!!! We can see the shadow of Noah in the sky already!

    Hody: Jahahahahahaha
    Shirahoshi: Hody-sama's appearance has become even more frightening!!
    Hody: Jahahahaha!
    .......hah.... hah....

    Hody's childhood flashback

    A Fishmen: Humans are... an inferior race..!
    Do not forget this Hody, their very existence is evil!!

    Citizen: Ever since the era of piracy has started, every day someone dies in Fishman Island!
    The humans rampage through the island and steal the young mermaids!!
    Our destiny is death.... Fishman Island is over!!

    Hody: .......

    Citizen: I heard someone blew up the human shop on the surface?
    Citizen: Yeah!! He died in the act... but took out 8 humans with him!
    The whole area is a disaster!! Many human blood has been shed!
    Celebrate the hero who killed those humans!! Don't forget his death!!
    A toast to the hero!! Bring more booze!!

    Hody: Serves you right, humans....
    Ikaros: The hero is so cool-much!!

    Citizen: Arlong sunk a human pirate ship!!
    Arlong: This is a holy war.... In the ancient times, these trash they call themselves humans envied the fishman race who were chosen by the heavens... and feared our very existence. They answered with discrimination!!
    The humans road the earth with no reserve like maggots, and using the only advantage they have, the fact they out number us, they drove us into the bottom of the ocean....
    Listen carefully!! Curse the humans....!!

    Hachi: Nyuu!! This human I know for a long time named Rayleigh is a weird one! He never looks at me weird, and..... Nyu? Hody?
    Hody: I don't like your stories, Hachi-san... makes me wanna puke

    Citizen: Human are afraid... afraid of the day of judgement that will surely come one day. The time of our revenge!!
    Do not forget your history! Imagine the agony of our dead!! Inherit their anguish!!

    EDIT: Oh, forgot to post the second part in Beka's awesomeness.

    part 2

    Citizen: A tragedy!!! The hero who freed the slaves... Tiger has been killed by the humans!!

    Zeo: Tiger was not the chosen hero....

    Citizen: Who are you? Please leave!!
    Zeo: I heard you donated blood to the human....
    Citizen: So what!? The human was dying in front of me.......

    Hody: The royalties of this kingdom is insane. They wish to forgive the humans

    Ikaros: Did you hear? Jinbe joined the Shichibukai-much!
    Hody: Only the Arlong Pirates maintain the respect of our race now...

    Citizen: Hey!! The main island is in chaos!! Queen Otohime has been shot by a human!
    See this!! This is what the humans are like!
    They don't even care about the Queen who has been so friendly to them!
    If the royalties do not show their pride and bring revenge on the humans, we will never trust this kingdom again!
    We don't need such a spineless nation!!

    Hody: Jahahahaha! The prime offender of the shameful idiots have been judged by the heavens!!
    Dosun: Anyone evil enough to forgive the humans deserved to die-dosun!!

    Hody: The time of revenge is now!! Finally, the heavens have chosen us and gven us the power!
    Daruma: This... isn't what I think it is!?
    Ikaros: This is the legendary....? -much!
    Dosun: How did you obtain this-dosun!?
    Hody: Can you mass-produce this, Zeo?
    Zeo: I will try.

    The Fishman District will unite in their distrust of the nation
    This is a Holy War!!! Prepare yourselves!! Prepare to lay down your lives to kill as many humans as possible!!
    We have been chosen!! To inherit the justice called REVENGE!!

    End of flashback
    last part

    Hody: Jahahahahaha!! Listen, vile inferior race...!! We pledge our lives to this vengeance!!

    Soldiers: Be careful!! Unlike the bubble protecting the island, this one goes through the ship! Surround Noah!! If it goes too far, it's pointless!

    They fire the bubble

    Fukaboshi: It was too late.... The Fishman District had lost contact with us, and a secluded, dark gathering of all the negativities of the Fishman Island...
    We let the deep hatred settle in the deep bottom of the sea... and pretended to be blind to it!!

    Citizens: Prince Fukaboshi...

    Fukaboshi: All we did was make the surface of the matter presentable!! And we told ourselves we were advancing!!

    Otohime (flashback): I know it's painful... but don't plant the hatred and anger of the humans to our children!!

    Fukaboshi: For these men, it was too late!!! They were the very existence our mother feared!!
    We should have fought within ourselves first...!! What killed our mother was the grudges of the Fishman Island itself!!
    Perhaps she realized this...!!

    Otohime (flashback): Regardless of who did this.... please, do not lose yourself in hatred, in my sake..

    Fukaboshi: But... somehwere deep down inside, I let myself hate the humans!!
    The agony of the dead is for the dead alone!! A grudge is nothing but an illusion created and raised by the living!!
    Because we still harbored a little hatred of humans still, we overlooked the grudge growing in the FIshman District... and let it grow to such level where we could not sustain it ourselves!!
    If we let this continue, the Fishman Island will destroy itself, overwhelmed in hatred of the humans!!
    Please... I beg of you, Straw Hat.....

    Luffy: !

    Fukaboshi: We don't need this past.... level it to zero..!!!
    Vanish the ghost that haunt us, and keep us from the sun!!!!!

    Soldier: Alright, we got the air in!

    Fukaboshi: At your hands!!! Bring Fishman Island back to zero!!

    Hody: Whatever, Fukaboshi.... the grudge of the fishman race is eternal!!!

    Luffy: Bro-hoshi!! If you're gonna let me do as I please.... then don't worry!!

    Citizens: Hey, they say the ones fighting Hody's gang at Gyoncord Plaza are the Straw Hat pirates!! And boss Jinbe is with them!

    Luffy: Ever since we stepped foot down on the plaza with Jinbe, we vowed to not anyone harm the Fishman Island!! Leave it all to me, Bro-hoshi
    We're friends afterall, right?

    Right minister: (We were doubting this human....!?)

    Citizen: I'm.... staying on ths island.
    Citizen: Me too!
    Citizen: Yeah, me too.
    Citizen: I'm not running away from this!

    Shirahoshi: Luffy-sama, the air has reached Noah!
    Luffy: Hey Weakhoshi!! Stay near me, I won't let you get hurt!
    Shirahoshi: y..yes!
    Luffy: I'm gonna end this quick!

    Hody: Nothing will end!! We have this drug given to us by the heavens!!
    Luffy: Gear 2 Armament!
    Gomu-Gomu no.....

    Hody: I'm gonna bite off your arm next and....

    Luffy: RED HAWK (Fire-fist Pistol) !!!!!!!!!

    Luffy's new move is written "Fire-fist Pistol" and read "Red Hawk"

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Yeah! Finally it's here *off to read*

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Give it to me baby Ah ha Ah ha

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    NICE! 16 characters!

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Yeah, finally!!!! First page!!!

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    omg chapter's out!! I was getting the shakes.

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    At long last!! New volume cover and this... Made my day!

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    at last the long awaited :D

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Hey it's that bird!

    Chapter's shaping up to be awesome so far!

    ..."RED HOOK"? Seriously?

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Wow, Oda is not being subtle at all, huh? http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/82338206/8

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    I was already sold with cover(hahaha Oda gives cover even to South bird),the chapter was perfect for me i got goosebumps.

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Dude is it just me or does it look like Luffy just pulled an Akainu on Hodi?

    Great chapter, I skimmed through it, been up too long waiting for it, time to go to bed and give it a thorough read later.

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    I loved that chapter, convincing. And that last panel is simply outstanding!

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    I really want to know the origin of why its called red hook!!!

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Quote Originally Posted by EeveeGoPewPew View Post
    I really want to know the origin of why its called red hook!!!
    according to Aohige it should be Red Hawk, not hook

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Did Luffy just pull an akainu?

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Quote Originally Posted by kouch_lee View Post
    I'm still at the cover page, but. . .

    North loves South and East loves West, yet. . .they can never see each other cause they're allways facing opposite!!

    One of many details that makes Oda unique.
    umm that's why they can see each other they just have to change positions not direction.

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    Default Re: Chapter 644: "To Zero"

    Quote Originally Posted by EeveeGoPewPew View Post
    I really want to know the origin of why its called red hook!!!
    T/N: Fire Fist Rifle - Written exactly like Ace's Hiken Fire Fist, last page

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