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Thread: [Puto] One Piece Movie 2 720p

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    Default [Puto] One Piece Movie 2 720p

    Same deal as with movie 1. Tweaked up GoldenUmi’s script, which was in turned based on Kaizoku’s translation, and put that on a Blu-ray rip. The “Jango’s Dance Carnival” extra is included as a separate file, too.

    Audio is a direct stream copy of the JP Blu-ray’s Dolby TrueHD track — if you don’t get any audio, update your codecs.

    Download (Megaupload): Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Extra

    Movie 3′s coming real soon now (only a few days), too… I’m looking into hopefully doing all of the movies up to and including 7 (for 8, buy the US Blu-ray; for 9 and 10, get Yibis’ releases).

    And no, I won’t do 1080p rips. These transfers aren’t worth it.

    Release page here.

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    Default Re: [Puto] One Piece Movie 2 720p

    i'm looking for the other movie 3-7!

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    Default Re: [Puto] One Piece Movie 2 720p

    Awesome, this is easily one of my favorite movies. Thanks!

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    Movie 4 will take a while since nobody did any transcript of it, meaning I’ll have to time it and transcribe it myself.

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